Imageepoch President Debugging Tale of the Last Promise

By Ishaan . January 24, 2011 . 6:24pm

Imageepoch president, Ryoei Mikage, doesn’t get much sleep. Mikage spends anywhere between two and three hours every day, perusing game blogs and their comments to  get a better idea of how people view his company’s games. This usually happens at 4 AM, after Mikage gets home from work.


It sounds like poor Mikage will be getting even less sleep in the near future. He recently revealed in a Twitter post over the weekend that he’s been debugging PSP game, Tale of the Last Promise:


“Debugging Tale of the Last Promise.  It took a week, but it took over 50 hours so I’m about dead.  Plus, there are different characters and multiple endings, so clearing all the routes and viewing them once will take 400 hours…  It looks like I won’t be sleeping anymore from now on (tears)”


Mikage isn’t the only company president that debugs games. Mistwalker’s Hironobu Sakaguchi, who directed The Last Story, has revealed his debugging adventures in the past as well.

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  • Gotta appreciate him (and others) working so hard.

    • Darkrise

      400 hours… Ouch. He really is hardworking. All the more for us to show him overseas support by getting it localized, buying it, and playing the hell out of it! >=)

      • That’s just the epitome of game design, working sleepless hours to develop a single game. Imageepoch just needs a lotta fruits, muffins, coke, Red Bull, and a shitload of pizza.

        We gotta make sure our enjoyment makes it worth their work, same can be said for other games people wanna buy.

  • Ladius

    Thankfully NiSA has already signed a contract with ImageEpoch, TotLP’s localization chances are looking good :)

  • doubletaco

    If only all software executives would be so involved in their products.

  • Don’t you dare kill yourself, Mikage. You have more games to make. Go take a nap or something, we need guys like you to stay around as long as possible.

  • Well I guess to be president of a company one must experience their own companys games rather sitting and pushing paper all day. I must praise his dilligence and I must hope that this game does come out.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Wait doesn’t come out? So you don’t want it to released? That’s really a weird thing to say. lol
      edit: Thought it was a spelling error lol. Can’t wait for it to come out too.

      • Thanks for catching that mistake. This game is a Day 1 Baby, day 1 game dude!!!! Wolf and Cain!

    • Skua

      Mikage was a rabid JRPG fanboy before starting Image Epoch. Young guy too – he was still in his mid-teens when he played Final Fantasy VII, which sparked a passion for RPGs. I don’t think that’s your typical president.

      Basically, Mikage is a gamer (albeit with a wealthy background and a whack of cash at his disposal, which allowed him to get off the ground fast) who set out to realize his dream of running a game company. Nevertheless, some Japanese do criticize him for his misleading marketing tactics, as well as his tendency to brag and place himself on the pedestal of industry greats.

  • >Multiples routes
    >lot of ending
    >400 hours

    Mr. Mikage take all my money, It’s yours. Just bring the game over here and get some sleep.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Please Mikage-san take all my money too XD

  • Cool! Multiple endings <3

  • joesz

    I can totally understand him for trying his best to make his game an excellent one.
    Because I’ve been studying for my today’s exam since yesterday.I occasionally take 10~15 minutes off to check out Siliconera..etc

  • Dude is married to his career

  • Dude…get some rest. We want this game to succeed as much as you do but your lack of sleep is surely going to make you make a few mistakes…or drive you insane :(

  • Guest

    What’s the actual gameplay like?? I have yet to see an actual battle. Is it in 3rd person or 1st person?

  • That 400 hours better go into localization.

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