Naruto Headed To Nintendo 3DS In March

By Ishaan . January 25, 2011 . 8:57am

Tomy’s side-scrolling Naruto action game, Naruto Shippuden: Nin-rittai Emake! Saikyou Ninkai Kessen, has a release date. Tomy are bringing the Ninja Council-inspired game to the 3DS on March 31st.


Japanese magazine, Shonen Jump, previously reported that Saikyou Ninkai Kessen makes use of certain 3D effects like allowing Naruto to leap out of the screen, although it’s mostly a side-scroller. The game also makes use of the 3DS touchscreen for special attacks.


Additionally, Tomy also confirm on the game’s website that Saikyou Ninkai Kessen will be a strictly singleplayer game. Saikyou Ninkai Kessen hasn’t been announced for a U.S. release, but lately, Atlus USA have been publishing Tomy’s Naruto titles in North America.

  • When I saw “March” I was like “Sweet, it’s going to be a European release title”. Should have known it talking about the Japanese release.

  • OMG Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!! Naruto zomg right on the brink of the Nintendo 3DS releases. Talk about awesome timing, now they just need to get to work on preparing a Naruto game for the phenomenal PSP2 and I will have a great and awesome Naruto year, which is starting off epically awesome here, with Shinobi Rumble soon and then Kizuna Drive!!! I just cant get enough of our favorite shinobi of the hidden leaf, gurk! This is awesome! Im so glad Siliconera is so awesome with bringing me consistent Naruto goodness for news, truly one of my favorite reasons for traversing the site! I cant wait to see the RASENGAN in 3DEEEE! lol

    • … I don’t know how to say this but… Did you not look at the text in the pictures clearly this time?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s Naruto dude, he’d just go MST3K screaming BELIEVE IT!!! at the top of his lungs every 30 seconds.

        It’s not as if in the original Japanese Naruto’s carrying a hot and torrid affair with Sakura while actually pining for Sasuke. Tsuna can just make things up as he goes along.

        • Ren

          I’ll only go back to read that mango once those two actually kiss… wait, scratch the ‘actually’ and put instead ‘again’. Naruto is worse than your average yaoi. Typo is intentional.

          • What you dont like it, Naruto and Sasuke are meant to be, the strongest and highest level of friendship possible to be achieved!!! Its simply, fantastic!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Konoha Village — the remaining bastion of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

          • Ren

            Oh, so friendship is how you americans are calling this nowdays. From where I from we would call it ‘tensão sexual não resolvida’ or ‘amor erotico’ or ‘amor sexual’ or most simply as ‘gay’, wich I doubt I need to translate for anyone it’s meaning. Do me a favor Trist, watch an anime called Junjou Romantica and then compare it to Naruto.

          • @Ren I saw that before

          • Ren

            @ Trist
            It explains a lot.

          • @ren i just saw it for the sake of it, it was just too much, not my type

      • He knows that it’s Japanese language and only for Japan currently, similar during the time of Accel 3 no doubt.

        Although I don’t see how he can be excited over every single thing that’s Naruto game related, to this extent of course. Either he’s a huge fan or he has a big wallet. O_o…

        • PersonaBull

          It’s both. Though, apparently he wants to wait on an xbox360 so he can get a PSP2 DAY 1 BABY!! DAY 1!!! So we may have seen some kind of limit to Tsuna’s infinite money.

          • Aoshi00

            Probably more like his blind loyalty to Sony/PS3/PSP though.. :)

        • alundra311

          Or he could just be trolling.

          • I dont own over 10 Naruto games, all the episodes of Naruto part 1 on iTunes, Naruto Shippuden on dvd, the movie released, a keychain, artbook, and manga for nothing. This is my favorite franchise of all time and I will always love these phenomenal games and series! I just cant get enough of it!

          • Ren

            I guess some people never grow up, be it for good or bad. At least you are proud about it.

    • This…actually sounds sarcastic! I mean knowing Tsuna (even for the short time i’ve been here) it’s probably pure excitement but dude you’ve somehow blurred the line between excitement and trolling. Well done good sir.

    • Haha! Before I clicked the link I KNEW there was going to be a post by you saying “DAY 1 BABY” with a fan boy rant after.

      I honestly don’t expect this game to be very good, but some Naruto games turn out good, like the GC fighting games did.

    • joesz

      You are truly indestructible.

      The street fighter theme”The Next Door – Indestructible” fits you well.

  • joesz

    those scenes are delicious.raikage looks awesome!

  • Not interested in the source material, but I tend to like shounen anime games that aren’t fighting games or RPGs, as they are the last bastion for some traditional gameplay styles and not story heavy (e.g. One Piece Unlimited series, Shaman King games on GBA to name a few, I should also try the PS3 Naruto games).

  • I hope they didnt just copy and pasted everything related to gameplay they had made in the DS game kit maker into the 3DS one. And just put some new options in the new buttons.

    And put a– Insertf (“3D”) at the end.

    Done, new naruto game assured to sell lots and lots of copies

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Nah, looking at it you can tell it’s all new

      • Yeah, so far ive seen pretty new graphics, hope they release a gameplay video soon, there is where i will really question myself… WILL I BUY IT?! Tu ru ru ruuun.

        If it brings a cool new chapter where hinata or shikamaru plays an important role i will get it no matter how sucky it is though >8D

  • PersonaBull

    I think I’m just dying for a portable Odin Sphere. Any time I see an action side-scroller I end up wanting it, regardless of how good it could be :/

    • Aoshi00

      If Vanillaware is doing a 2D sidescroller on the 3DS I hope it’s not a port of Odin Sphere or Muramasa but a new game, it’s cool w/ the 3D effect but I don’t want to play the same game again, like Batman Arkham GotY (even though the plastic red/blue glasses are probably more tiring to wear).

      As good as some of the Naruto games look like UNS2, I wish they would do a sprite based one, every time I play BlazBlue I just think of how good Kenshin or Naruto would look instead of the kind of tried and true celshaded, don’t see it happening for the 3DS though since they want to take advantage of the 3D..

      • PersonaBull

        Well, first off I’ll say I definitely want to play the game again. But, I’d much rather Odin Sphere get its PS3 port instead. I didn’t mean a direct port of Odin Sphere for a portable console so much as a new, portable game with all the good stuff I loved from Odin Sphere and somewhat Muramasa (though, Muramasa was a little lacking, I felt). Games like this Naruto one simply bring up that feeling as if it could be what I want.

        But, alas, my experience with anime/movie-based games is pretty awful. I’m pretty biased against them, regardless of how much I hate the fanbase of the original version of the work. I’m willing to wait and see some gameplay before I dismiss the games, though. I did try out the demo for Bleach: Soul Ignition and UNS2, and I can definitely see how they’d be entertaining for plenty of people.

        Also, people like the smooth look that relates to the anime with celshaded graphics. That’s generally why it’s used more often than not. The “smoothness” gives people feelings of closeness to the original work that got them interested in the first place. Not that I have a personal preference, but it makes sense why we wont see many non-celshaded anime-based action/fighters.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, a HD collection on PS3 w/ smoother frame rate would be great, like Ico/Colossus since Odin Sphere was too much for the PS2. I wasn’t very good at that game though and only played a little, found it pretty hard, so I prefer Muramasa, I like beat ’em ups more, and the Jpn setting reminds me of Goemon, that game I got the several endings for..

          I generally don’t play much anime based games either, just too many mediocre ones, but now it’s mostly the yearly fighting games w/ more chars and not many RPGs anymore.. UNS2 was pretty fun, I like the presentation because it’s by far one of the best looking anime games I’ve seen, I wish CC2 would be given more anime titles to handle. I’m a life long Dragonball fan, but even the fighting games in recent years are just not for me.

          I just keep comparing the graphics of BlazBlue (2D sprites in HD) to the new Kenshin game on the PSP.. like Bang Shishigami’s abs reminds me of Sano’s abs lol.. the PSP game would be nostalgic for us fans, but still I’m kind of tired of the celshaded anime look, just been done too much, I prefer the look of the the 2D Bleach fighting game by Treasure on the DS, like the old Genesis YuYu Hakusho fighting games. I know 2D is not the most popular, but games like Muramasa and BlazBlue just look so good, I wish they would apply to anime fighting games more.. Like Kenshin, I’ve seen the celshaded done for Kyoto Rinne on PS2, or the Busou Renkin game, the PSP 2.5D game now just looks the same and not too exciting.. still I would get it just not what I’m hoping.. I don’t know if 2D sprite is even more expensive to make compared to 3D celshaded, I thought sprites would be even more faithful to the original anime..

  • GamerKT

    Goddammit, make a sexy 2D fighting game!

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