Final Fantasy Type-0’s War Between Nations

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 8:29am

As you could probably tell from the game’s trailer, Final Fantasy Type-0 has a rather heavy focus on what seems to be a war. This is the result of an invasion by the Milites empire who invade the city of Rubrum in Suzaku.


Milites is a highly technologically-developed empire, while Rubrum appears to be more of a magically-dependant one. At the centre of Rubrum’s magic is the Peristylium Suzaku, which contains a crystal within it. Milites have managed to develop a weapon that renders this crystal powerless and puts Rubrum’s forces at a great disadvantage.


The Peristylium Suzaku also serves as a magic training academy, which the main cast of Final Fantasy Type-0 attend. There are twelve of these characters, each of them specializing in their own weapon, which you’ve probably guessed from the image above. In addition to these twelve are protagonists, Machina and Rem, who we mentioned in a previous report that also explains the game’s battles and multiplayer aspect.


The image above isn’t the only screenshot Square Enix have released of Type-0’s main cast. Back when the game was called Final Fantasy Agito XIII, we were treated to a similar shot of the Peristylium Suzaku students, dressed in robes:


Final Fantasy Type-0 is slated for a release this Summer on the PSP in Japan. While we don’t have a release date yet, we do know the come will come on two UMDs.

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  • NoElixirs

    This is by far my most anticipated FNC title. Magic isn’t traditionally thrown in with slight remarks; it’s serious business in Type-0.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Still can’t believe it’ll be out soon :D!!! Story sounds good too, nice serious and with political mindset like in XII and Suikoden games. No sappy love stories. lol Can’t wait for it.

    • 5 Bucks says there’ll be a sappy love subplot.

      • Zero_Destiny


        • Aoshi00

          If the main char is voiced by the VA who did Hope like I think he is, then there will be Luv stories :)

          But man, 2 UMDs.. that’s pretty exciting..

          • I think you may be right, it does sound like Kaji Yuki. At least I really hope it is. :) *Is a Kaji Yuki fangirl*

            Why do you think him being the seiyuu would mean Luv stories though?

          • Aoshi00

            Because many female fans think Kaji Yuuki is cute lol.. W/ 16 students or something and him being the lead, I just have that feeling they would try to please the female fans… I used to like male seiyuu who sound youthful (like Yamaguchi Kappei, Sasaki Nozumu), but now I like the ones w/ deeper voices, like Hope’s Eng voice which was “slightly” more manly :)

  • IceRomancer

    This is sounding better and better everytime I read somethin new, definetley want this game!

  • Darkrise

    I’m really looking forward to this, that last scene in the new trailer was just too jaw droppingly epic for words! And 2 UMD’s? That sounds like a long game which I enjoy. =P

    • PurpleDoom

      Given the extremely high-quality graphics for a PSP game, it might be audiovisual stuff taking up all that space. Hopefully you’re right, though, and it takes up 2 discs since it’s a long and expansive game.

  • “Rubrum have managed to develop a weapon that renders this crystal powerless and puts Rubrum’s forces at a great disadvantage.”

    Wait what? Shouldn’t it be Milites that develop the weapon?

    • NoElixirs

      That’s what I’m wondering as well.

    • You’re right! Fixed. :)

  • Still on my “games to buy” list~.

  • pridesin

    I really hope that this one has great story line. It seem that the setting is perfect for the complex and interesting story, just need to execute it right.

  • I love this era of Final Fantasy. All of the games seem to have profound excellent stories and of great koala tea. Its like they have litrally read my mind and are focusing on all of the aspects that I love in my games and are promising to deliver on fulfilling it! Its so awesome dude!!! I so can not wait!!!! Day 1 Baby Day 1!!1 Have they at least announced an official OST for it?!

    • *sigh* don’t speak as if you’ve experienced the other eras.

      • I played FFIIIDS and FFX, and FFXII; the FFXIII and beyond well lets just say that personally, they area the living embodiment of epicness in the RPG realm for me, its true.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Son, you haven’t seen nothing yet if that’s how little Final Fantasy you’ve touched. You’d skipped IV which is one of the best RPG’s ever and helped to define what makes a modern console RPG. Not only that but it gave birth to epic story telling (and has a great DS remake in 3D with voice acting so get on it). Then there’s VI which is where the series peaked and is one of the best RPGs ever made with a gripping storyline and around 14 or 15 main playable characters for your party. Then there’s VII which is many fan’s fav and is where all the tech starting to come into play with Final Fantasy. And IX which is a superb game that pays homage to the older Final Fantasies while still being original and it’s own game. If you want to REALLY call yourself a fan of Final Fantasy then you NEED to check out these games.

          • NoElixirs

            CT > VI, but that’s left for another discussion. It all comes down to the person playing it and how well they’ve managed to establish rapports.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Chrono is another great series but if I’ve listed all the great RPGs I’d be all day lol Just give him a run through the best Final Fantasies he’d missed out on. And on an unrelated note I know I’m in the minority but I actually liked Chross better than Trigger. weird I know but I can’t help it lol

        • PrinceHeir

          im sorry but Xenosaga beats them all :P

          KOS-MOS, Shion and Jin FTW ^^

          yes even better than xenogears

          *raises shield

          • Zero_Destiny

            Sorry but nothing can compete with Final Fantasy VI while maybe some Dragon Quest can lol Never played Saga and only got like 10 hrs into a copy of Gears I borrowed from a friend. Anxiously awaiting for Gears to come out on PSN though. Also I’ve always liked KOS-MOS lol. Don’t know why but played other games with her in it and loved her. Her design is great. As someone who played Saga how do you pronounce her name. I’ve heard it (Cos)(Mos) and I’ve heard it pronounced Cosmos so I’ve always been confused on it.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol were the opposite, never played FFVI heard good things about it(some say it’s the best 2D FF game ever)

            yup i want to play Xenogears too never played it but i prefer saga just because of the gameplay and graphics ^^

            me too :D

            i think from the english voice acting, it’s pronounced Cos-Mos or Kows-Mos.

            i think i’ll wait for a FFV and FFVI NGP game :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            You mean you’ll wait for there remakes on the 3DS!!! lol

          • PrinceHeir

            i don’t know. it seems both square is remaking games on both the DS and PSP(well in this case 3DS and NGP)

            so yeah i guess i’ll wait for the two :P

  • jotun_of_greed


    Valkyria Chronicles, SE style? lulz, can’t help with comparing the two. they do share similar concepts IMO

    except there will be summons, magics, and moar explosions, perhaps?

  • yea this looks like final fantasy is returning to greatness! As I have been disappointed with the series as of late, they lost the core foundation of the game. anyone hear anything else about the multiplayer? all I could find on it was this

    • How can you even say that when this game is much more of a departure of what was FF than XIII ever was. I can’t believe how people is all over this game when it doesn’t have anything that the previous FFs had except magic names and summons (and even summons are weird here again, Shiva on skates?). Now don’t get me wrong, the game looks awesome and super fun to play and so was XIII but for reason that wasn’t good enough.

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully we can play this on NGP too :P

    please put a Digital Version also ^^

    • Aoshi00

      Digital ver to play on NGP or 2 UMDs to collect, tough decision :(… I like the convenience of d/l copy, quiet, no spinning, can be played on Go w/ Dualshock 3 if I want, but for 3rd b-day, I still went w/ the shiny box.. also it’s easier to keep track of what game I have.. but you’re right, 5″ screen is a heck of a lot better than the smaller Go screen.. too bad Sony doesn’t allow us to convert a physical copy into digital ver.. that’s where the Go failed..

      • Would it help you make your decision if S-E released a limited edition of the game? :D (It totally would for me, I’m a sucker for anything LE. LOL.)

        • Aoshi00

          Their LE is too expensive though, like the FFIV & After PSP bundle.. limited too..

  • Agito (I can’t help referring to the game by its old name, I just think Type-0 sounds terrible, it’s going to take me awhile to get used to it) looks alot more serious than I thought it would be – somehow I thought that with the school setting it would be a “lighter” game. Though considering how FFXIII and Versus both have/seem to have pretty dark and heavy storylines, I suppose I should have realised the same would go for Agito.

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