A Certain Magical PSP Fighting Game Video

By Ishaan . January 29, 2011 . 1:31pm


ASCII Media Works, developers of Durarara!! 3-way Standoff, have a fighting game based on the A Certain Magical Index anime in development. We first reported this title back in December, but here’s a battle video to give you a better idea of how it plays.

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  • meh

    • SigmenddArthur

      EDIT: Aw. Disqus is messing up on me. :< Sorry!

    • goronyan

      you can say the same for misaka’s figma

  • Wow, that looks like a terrible game. While the whole “basing on a series” is admirable, not having the game itself there to back it up is just saddening.

  • evilmoogle

    The graphics looks great, but the gameplay is like medicore.
    It’s like the Shonen sunday VS game.

    • It looks more like Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Kizuna no Tag Battle / Kindan no Yami No Delta, which were quite interesting themselves.

      The other one I can relate to is Nanoha: Battle of Aces, which looks like this too, with similar slow gameplay

    • KyoyaHibari

      the Sunday X Magazine game is actually pretty fast-paced, i played like hours with my friends one night unlocking everybody through sheer guessing, and the game we got really good at it and the action seems alot faster when you can pull off the combos

  • SigmenddArthur

    Ouch… I was honestly having expectations for this one…but go figure… Another shoddy, cheaply made anime fighter.

    But…at least I noticed Acqua up in that roster! :3

  • SigmenddArthur

    Also, I could be wrong here, but this game doesn’t make any sense at all…

    Wouldn’t having Accelerator in here…I dunno, wouldn’t he break all the characters in like 2 seconds? Then break the UMD and PSP next?

    I mean, there are characters with story breaking powers, and then there’s Accelerator. Putting him in here, you might as well put Chuck Norris in a Street Fighter game next.

    • That is the point of anime based Fighting games, if not, i dotn know what would happen to dragonball games or naruto games, etc

      • SigmenddArthur

        I think you’re missing the point here…

        Even in-universe, even in this very series, Accelerator’s power is so broken that it’s outright impossible to have him be a playable character without downsizing him by at least 95%.

        In fact, that’s what I noticed about this game – all the characters are pointlessly downgraded. That’s one of the things that made Toaru no Majutsu no Index so fun to watch: To see all these crazy characters duke it out with abilities and powers that would completely obliterate the plot if they were anywhere else.

        But in here, it feels like I’m watching… It’s kind of like this: If Accelerator is a Playstation 3, then Accelerator in this game is a POPstation.

        If you don’t know what a POPstation is, get educated:

        This game kills the fun of what makes these characters so awesome.

        • I think you are asking more than what you can be given, when you get a anime based fighting game, you cant expect it to replicate all that we have seen in the anime, what is the point of having a game where one character is more overpowered than others? He just appears and bam, you lose?

          The main problem of fighting games is the balance, of course, there gotta be some sacrifices, hell, Touma here is pretty cool and fights a lot more than in the anime, you could say he has been upgraded, even little Misaka (she can only be used as support though).

          This is not the anime, this is a game, and there are a lot of factors that are included here that cant be in the anime, of course, there are a lot of factors that the anime have, and it cant be here…

          But opinions differ on people, ive played a lot of anime based games, and with this one, i actually think they did a good job putting most of the stuff every characters individually have in the game without unbalancing it, is not an easy task…

          • SigmenddArthur

            I’m sorry, but Dissidia’s existence proves your argument wrong…

            Just look at that game. It’s a hundred times more faster paced, flashier, over-the-top, yet arguably, FF characters are by miles wimpier compared to what’s supposed be in Index.

            I’m sorry, but dude, Dissidia did it, BlazBlue did it, and Melty Blood all did it, yet still maintained that balance which you’re talking about. They’re all insane and over the top, yet still very tightly-balanced games. They pulled it off.

            This game failed on all accounts, and it failed to deliver on what it needed to more than anything: flashiness, because honesty, when it comes to character fights, that’s all Index is about – who’s more over the top than who.

            I’m guessing you never read any bits of the novels? Accelerator VS. Kakine. Read it. Then you’ll see how mild One Piece/JoJo/Dragonball/Bleach/North Star really are.

            Like I said, I know my subject matters in all accounts here, and trust me when I say it…this game failed. It failed the test.

          • I do understand what you mean, and i know Accelerator is a god, but… Final fantasy has never been an anime, Blazblue has bever been an anime, Melty Blood has never been an anime. You dont really have much to compare the strengh between the characters there, since you only know them from the game (and Dissidia is a combination of many games characters so you cant say: Hey! Tidus is stronger than Zidane!” for sure)

            Have you ever played a naruto/bleach or dragonball game? (or any anime based fighting game?) Is always the same, you could easily pwn Freezer/Goku/Cell/Majin bu/Broly with Krilin, tenchinhan… Yamcha…

        • Oh, and btw, even if Accelerator is still powerful after that accident, he is still a lot weaker, when Accelerator fights in this game, he is is the weaked ver. (after that incident). So this Accelerator is not the one that pwned Misaka (even if he can still pwn her), so that may be another factor why he is weaker.

          And he lost here because the CPU is dumb

        • FHOIW

          If Accelerator is so broken, story-wise, I can only say one thing: Ryougi Shiki.
          One slash, KO. Neeeext.
          Ryougi Shiki in Actress Again should have been wearing bandages around her eyes like in movie 4.
          Wait, that would have been awesome…

  • Kris

    The visuals are good, but the game just doesn’t look fun. Maybe it’s just the person playing, but it looked really slow and dull…

    • It was the person playing -.-

      • MizuMikomi


        I have been playing ever since my copy arrived; I love fast and expensive shipping, and it is no where near as slow and dull as this video portrays it to be. From the looks of it this person was just hitting the same button over and over; with slight variations of course, but its still no where near as slow.

        Misaka is a lot better than that too, I should know since I hardly use anyone other than her.

        Also I love how the article says:
        “have a fighting game based on the A Certain Magical Index anime in development.

        When it just came out this week. Lol

        • Ladius

          Thanks for the hands-on, it’s sad to see how quickly a game can be judged as garbage when marketing and hype aren’t doing their magic.

          • MizuMikomi

            No problem, I am tired of the exact same thing.
            Its infuriating when I see people bash a game without even playing it beforehand, videos can only do so much and for this title, most of the current videos really don’t do it any justice. =/

          • Kris

            I’m really glad to hear that it was just the person in the vid. Since the computer seemed to be setting up semi-interesting combos and stuff, I figured as much. Your impressions are much appreciated, glad to hear that the PSP got another interesting little fighter!

  • The animations are quite smooth, and it’s pretty good looking, especially about the HEAT THE SOUL games. Unfortunately it also looks incredibly slow. Still, it has Misaka. So yeah, I probably have to get it.

    • SigmenddArthur

      That’s a really bad reason.

      I always figured one should get game for the sake of getting a good game and having good fun with it. Spending EIGHTY dollars on a shoddy product just cause one character’s in it…

      Ew, man. D: But, I’m sure a better game will come out eventually.

    • FHOIW

      It’s actually not slow at all, and it really depends on the characters. Characters such as Mugino and Acqua are slow, as Mugino’s a bit of a mid to long ranger and Acqua hits damn hard. But other characters like Orsola, Tsuchimikado and Accelerator move fast and hit fast.


    I’m actually playing this game right now, and it’s pretty cool. I agree, the gameplay is not the best, but it’s still very enjoyable. If you’re an ToAru fan, in my opinion, it’s a must play.

  • joesz

    Looks like this game was made through one night stand.
    Too bad I love the anime:)

  • neon6

    Is it getting an arcade release?

  • Hey guys, this video isnt a good example, the guy that was using misaka sucked, all he/she does is press square button, there are different attacks depending on where you have the analog stick pointing, but he barely play with that, and he just pressed triangle a couple of times (it also have tons of different attacks) and was getting pwned without moving around.

  • Based on observation, these guys should really take some points from the devs of Hitman Reborn: Kizuna Tag and Kindan no Yami because those games look and feel better compared to this gameplay video.

    From the looks of it, the delay between attacks is huge and the transition between an attack to the next another is even worse. It’s a punishing game.

  • Masengan

    The Tales of the World games should try to get this kind of cel shading, looks nice.

  • Dimentionalist

    Pretty graphics (I’m a sucker for cel-shading), but the fighting looks clunky and not very fun.

  • So, this game is already out right?
    I think it looks nice but I’ve never watched Index before (I’ll try to force myself to later hehe.)

    Would those who played it recommend it?

  • PrinceHeir

    looks awesome but i think 2D gameplay would have been better :P

  • Darkrise

    As a To Aru fan, I was really expecting this game to be great and everything but this video… I really don’t want to believe it but it doesn’t look fun. Graphics look nice but gameplay seems a little stiff.

  • NeoTechni

    That was amazing. Just needs unlockables ala Super Smash Bros.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Ouch. That finishing move had to hurt.

    Since the Raildex anime have been officially licensed, I wonder if we’ll see the games localized, too?

    Also, I wish they’d move their lips when they speak. That’s a pet peeve of mine in 3D games, especially current-gen ones.

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