Imageepoch Developing HD JRPG For Major Video Game Publisher

By Spencer . January 31, 2011 . 11:08am

imageImageepoch just got a green light to start developing a JRPG for an HD platform or possibly platforms. Ryoei Mikage, CEO of Imageepoch, tweeted he had a meeting with a major video game maker and showed the unnamed company a prototype.


The demo was approved and Imageepoch is now working on the title. Mikage said he wonders if the game will be a joint investment between the two parties.


This game is far from release, though. Mikage says Imageepoch’s HD JRPG won’t be ready until next year, probably during the fall or winter.


Before starting their "Imageepoch JRPG" label, Imageepoch worked as a third party developer. The studio created Arc Rise Fantasia for Marvelous, Sands of Destruction for Sega, and most recently Last Ranker f(pictured) or Capcom.

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  • Guest

    I thought they already have an HD JRPG for PSN in the works

    • godmars

      You’re probably thinking of the Black Rock Shooter for the PSP.

      That, or when they announced BRS, they went on to announce an unnamed PS3 game.

      • Guest

        No I’m talking about Chevalier Tactics

    • I thought that was just going to be that same browser based game they were working on?

  • There’s a Last Ranker F???

    • Must be a typo

      • Zero_Destiny

        It is a typo the “f” is for the word “for” which is why it says [Last Ranker f(pictured) or Capcom.] The “or” is the end of the word for.

  • Darkrise

    Well that’s certainly something, CONGRATZ IMAGEEPOCH!!! I hope they really do keep their word of bringing over “next gen” jrpg’s.d

  • There, now the people that were crying that they hate psp can be happy

  • Oh yeah I see my two favorite words this generation HD JRPG!!!! (screw technicalities, lololol). Anyway, this is utterly excited, I can not wait for 2012 will be the year of the JRPG on HD platforms and even the powerful handhelds…I wonder…is the NGP considered HD…

  • Yukito

    PS3 pleaaaaaase. >=(

  • HarryHodd

    Winter 2012? Really hope Image Epoch has something for HD gamers sooner than that.

  • BOF VI for Capcom. Multiplat with PS3 as lead SKU. Worldwide simultaneous release.


    • Yui

      Don’t be that guy. Come on. You have us in tears over here. ;_;

    • puchinri

      My heart breaks knowing how wonderful but unlikely that is.

    • alundra311

      We need more BOF. :)

      • TyeTheCzar

        Let’s just hope it’s not on the same level as ARF or SoD(hee hee, SoD). I feel like Mikage is currently all talk no walk.

  • Wasn’t their sega project supposed to be a HD RPG? meh, can’t wait until 2012

  • Guest

    Well…I just hope it uses the power of the systems. If its just gonna be slightly higher res game I’d rather it be on 3DS/NGP.

    Btw, how the hell do you pronounce imageepoch?

    • Yukito

      I pronounce it as “Image Epock”

      • SlashZaku

        Same. Didn’t even think there was another way to say it.

      • Guest

        That might be right…Epock or Epic…

    • i pronounce it imagee like from the ima”gi”ne but kinda longer, and the poch like like “pouch” like the sound of “hunch” but with a “p” and more “ou” imagepoch.

      poch poch poch

      • Guest

        eem-ah-jee-pouch? That sounds wrong…

        • Well, that is how i pronounce it, it sounds ok from a spanish native speaker point of view o.o our “ch” normally sounds that way, not like a “ck” sound

          Edit: I went and googeled it and the katakanas wikipedia had for imageepoch were these ones イメージエポック, so it would be imeejiepokku, (with the e, sounding like the e of p”e”t) ….imeejiepoku, ….imeejiepok… imeejiepock…

          • Guest

            Well I’m hispanic but spanish is like secondary to me so I wouldn’t look at it from the spanish angle.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I thought it was pronounced Image Epic? Like Epoch a measurement of time. I know for sure that, it’s pronounced “Epic”

      • Guest

        Yea I heard it pronounced like that on an episode of ATB but I’ve heard it pronounced differently in other podcasts. I’ve been deliberately mispronouncing it in my head but thought it was about time I get the official pronunciation. ImageEpic it is.

        • Zero_Destiny

          So I was right? Aha something I learned in science class way back when has paid off!!! lol

          • Guest

            Haha. I don’t know if you’re “right” but I choose to believe thats the correct way of saying it. =P

            Actually it might be “Epock”
            “Imējiepokku” epokku<—Epic? "Epock"?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Heh maybe if you speak it with a Japanese Accent.

  • Cloud_ST

    Man I would love to play that last ranker game,looks so nice.

  • Roanoke834

    Good news if it’s more like Arc Rise Fantasia. If it’s like Sands of Destruction though I’ll have to pass. I really enjoyed ARF even with the overhyped “terrible” voice acting whereas Sands of Destruction was a chore to go through. :/

  • jarrodand

    Probably something for Sega or Capcom given their past precedents. I can’t really see any of Japan’s other major publishers (Square Enix, Konami, Nintendo, SCE, Namco Bandai, Level 5) really bothering with IE.

    • SlashZaku

      I wouldn’t rule SCE out. When IE had their conference, SCEJ’s President was there but someone from SEGA was as well. So they may have been scouting.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay!!! ImageEpoch is quickly becoming one of the most interesting developers for me. First they gave me Arc Rise Fantasia (I know they have earlier games but I didn’t play them). A good game with an epic battle system :( and a terrible localization sadly. Then they promise to give us a Black Rock Shooter game. Yes that=win!!! And now an RPG on PS3/XBOX 360. Oh man how you spoil me ImageEpoch.

    • Guest

      They are really good. I wish more people would play Arc Rise Fantasia because it is really a good game. I never once had to script out a boss fight on a piece of paper using trial and error until I played that game. If their new HD RPG plays anything like Arc Rise I will be very excited when it is further in development.

      • ARF! Is one game that requires a port to the powerful consoles. I would have played it but the Wii seemed to just inhibit the experience.

        • Ereek

          I would say Ignition inhibited the experience far more than the Wii did.

          • JustaGenericUser


        • Zero_Destiny

          If you have a Wii and can handle a laughable almost Engrish dub you should check it out at least try it when it’s on the cheap. The graphics are pretty much PSP level and you seem fine with those. *sigh* Why do I even bother? This kid’s thick-headed.

          • Gestahl

            PSP picture looks very bad on a HDTV. Same goes to Wii.

        • Guest

          A reason it is on the Wii is because the Wii can handle what the makers intended. If you can ignore what Ignition did then you would be able to play a really great RPG. Zero_Destiny convinced me – I need to replay it while I wait for Qoga.

      • Zero_Destiny

        The boss fights were great!!! They made the game. I loved their difficulty. It was perfect and yes coming up with strategies to fight your bosses instead of button-mashing is something that’s sadly missed in games now a days. Good memories. Can’t wait to see what they’ll release next.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait to see what it is :)

  • Yuli’s face is perfect for that headline.

    It just screams “Oh. You don’t say?”

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