A Reel Of Next Generation Portable Games

By Ishaan . February 1, 2011 . 9:34pm


The NGP packs quite a bit of hardware in it, so the fact that the games on the system — or at least the target renders of games on the system — look fantastic isn’t surprising in the least. The reel above shows off a few examples of games in development for the NGP with a title called Gravity Daze looking rather interesting in particular.

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  • Gravity Daze indeed looks interested, I hope to see more info on it.

  • Guest

    Gravity Daze looks amazing. Everything else I don’t give a damn about but Gravity Daze looks like it’s worth a purchase of an NGP. I know we didn’t see a lot but everything I saw just hit all the right buttons for me.

    On a side note, Sony wtf is with that HORRIBLE music. It sounds like something out of Sonic.

    • Barrit

      Haha I know, I think these type of videos just try to hard to aim for “youthful” sounding stuff I suppose. It makes me picture generic looking kids you see in TV commercials riding on roller coasters.

      • Guest

        Well they tried the “urban” and “cool” market in the US. That didn’t pay off.

        • Really? That seemed to be the market that embraced the device. Clearly you arent trying to say the DS sold to the urban and cool market when it is still being characterized as something little kids and their grandmas would play, like petz, and babyz…

          • He was referring to Marcus for the PSP *shudder* Kevin Butler he is not…

    • mirumu

      It’s sad that Sonic has fallen so far that the name can now be evoked as a curse of sorts. Totally justified here too.

      Speaking of Sonic, that Gravity Daze clip actually reminds me a little of back when Sonic was good. Definitely looks like something I’d be keen to play.

      • Guest

        Well the Advanced, Rush and Colors games were fun imo. I’m not a big fan of Sonic but I’ve had fun with the series. Luckily I didn’t grow up with it or play all the supposed horrible ones. =)

        Hmm doesn’t seem like Sonic to me. More like that new Yuji Naka game.

        • mirumu

          Well it’s probably closer to Nights than Sonic, but I do get that Yuji Naka vibe from it. Is it Rodea you are thinking of? I’ve yet to see gameplay, but I recall that sounded like an evolution of the ideas in Nights.

          • Guest

            Yea Rodea. Dude they released a gameplay trailer like a week or two ago. Check the 3DS stories. It’s pretty recent. It looks great.

          • mirumu

            Thanks, I just took a look at the trailer. Definitely looks like a lot of fun.

    • Dude where in the world is the vehemently dislike button?! Sony always picks the best music, you must not know great music when you hear it. It was utterly moving and fitting for the, as the press release stated, ultimate portable entertainment system.

      • I thought it was kinda bland at parts as well. Of course, that’s just my OPINION!

      • Darkrise

        You really love to over-exhaggerate don’t you?

      • thebanditking

        I have to agree with him on this one, I generally like the music Sony picks for its shows and montages.

    • Agreed, looks like the only fresh experience, not something that would be superior on PS3. Do we know who’s making it?

      • Guest

        Nah, we have no clue yet.

    • to me gravity daze looks like a bizarre platforming with a cool character design nothing that makes me wish for no games portable

  • Barrit

    Damn, I can’t wait for this! All I need to know whether it’s “Day 1 Baby!” or not is the price.

  • SolidusSnake

    mmhmm, Gravity Daze, Uncharted and Killzone are looking pretty good. Still hard to believe graphics like this are possible on a handheld. I’m still gonna wait till it has a good sized library of games to shell out the cash for it though.

  • Now let’s wait for people to call this a 3DS ripoff.

    lol nah, I like the innovative features. Though affiliating games with real landscapes can be a pain, especially the camera angles.

    • Guest

      Err I don’t think there is a single innovative feature here though. The only argument you can make for anything being innovative are the touch pads and that has to be proven. 3G might be the other case but I don’t think constant connectivity you have to pay for is innovative.

      I don’t dislike the NGP it’s just nothing about it is “innovative”. It’s a lot of proven methods put together.

      • I’ve been using the word too lightly anyway. Many ideas were all compiled into the NGP and hopefully it works for long periods of time.

        Now that I think about, this might turn into the First Day Syndrome, where a console is overpriced for having so many features, let a alone a 3G.

        • Guest


      • mirumu

        While I do largely agree with your point, I think the rear touch pad is unquestionably innovative. Only time well tell how useful it will be for games, but it’s a new and interesting idea and I think has potential to enable new kinds of gameplay.

        I also think there’s a bit to be said for putting a lot of proven methods together. The NGP isn’t breaking new ground like the 3D screen on the 3DS does, but it’s certainly covering every bit of existing ground. No one is going to look at the NGP like they did with the Wii and say “Nice motion control, shame about the graphics”.

        • malek86

          True. In a way, innovation can also be having many features at once for a low price. The only problem is, I don’t believe it will be cheap… but we’ll see.

          • mirumu

            Well to me even $250 is not cheap, and I’m sure the NGP will cost more than that. Really though it only has to be just cheap enough…below or on that tipping point where people don’t want to pay the price, but will anyway.

            I kind of feel that way about the 3DS price myself. It’s expensive, but I can afford it.

        • Guest

          Again, it has the potential to be innovative but it has to be proven. A lot of things sound good in theory but in practice they don’t turn out well.

          On the flip side the PSP tried to do to much and failed. Not with the hardware but with its features. I’m looking at NGP and thinking its a bit too much and not portable anymore.

          • mirumu

            Does something have to be successful to be considered innovative? I think SEGA for example came up with a lot of new innovations over the years, but they very rarely hit the mark with them. Personally I’m happy to call the 3DS screen innovative even though it’s as of yet unproven.

            I agree with you on the PSP. I think the PS3 also suffered from that “It does everything” style of marketing until Sony focused back on games. So far though I feel the NGP is being pushed simply as a really good gaming machine. I can’t see the feature overkill becoming a problem as long as they keep focused on the games. There’s no UMD/Blu-ray distraction this time either.

          • Guest

            Well I’m not basing it on success. It just has to work right and we don’t know if it does yet. I think everyone agrees what Sega did with online with PSO and other things was innovative at the time it just never caught on. So if some great stuff comes out of the touch pads and it feels natural and changes the way we play then sure it’s innovative but we just don’t know yet.

            Well it’s too early to tell how the NGP will be marketed but at the end of the day this is a dedicated gaming machine so when announced it has to be all about the games and hardware so of course so far it is being pushed as a gaming machine. I don’t have much faith in Sony pushing just games when this thing comes out though. I HOPE they do.

      • GodFist

        well wouldn’t dual analog count as innovation? It is the first of it’s kind on a handheld and will be miles better for gameplay than nubs on the psp or even 3DS for that matter

        and the trackpad is more ‘innovative’ when it comes to gameplay than 3d screen on the 3DS imo

        • Guest

          Dual analogs isn’t an innovation even if its on a portable. I’ve personally played the 3DS and its the best analog/nub I’ve ever used. I think you’ll need to use it before you can truly say that. I’d also add that besides Monster Hunter there is no game where I ever wanted dual analogs.

          • GodFist

            well going by that logic neither glassless 3D or touchscreen or anything is innovation, there were devices using them way before handhelds adopted them.

            I haven’t played the 3DS but I am pretty sure when it comes to certain games one nub just will not be enough, I have played the psp from the start so I can just imagine (but I’m certain the nub on the 3ds functions better, but still just one won’t be enough for certain types of games)..good example would be FPS, or even action adventure. Or even Fighters, I don’t want to ‘select’ moves on a handheld fighter, only Tekken has worked well on a handheld without dual analog/nubs in my personal experience.

            Compared to the competition I like the way Sony has approached this handheld, it had taken what was, made it perfect and added some new features such as trackpad. This leads to more possibilities in gameplay. I also think PS Suite is a form of innovation, now devs can make cross-platform games for phones and handhelds easier than before. These and track pad etc. are all in the hands of devs, let’s hope they make use of them.

            @Loveoo: I’ll add my reply to you here since I can’t quote your post. Dual analogs will change the way we play on handhelds.
            and no, FPS will benefit greatly from it BUT that’s not the only genre, like I said action adventure, Fighters, sports all can benefit from dual analogs. It IS a new addition to handheld gaming no matter how you cut it. It’s something fans wanted for so long, and for good reason. So no unless you have seen dual analogs/nubs on handheld gaming devices, it is new and adds to the gameplay.

            and btw tekken DR is considered by many to be as good or better than the console counterpart. That game works flawlessly on the psp. Can’t say the same for BlazeBlue CS which I thought suffered a lot due to lack of second nub or stick. Trust me, I’m a huge fan of portables and fighters, dual sticks will make a huge difference.
            @mirumu: yep exactly, and I think that’s the mindset sony is approaching the market this time with. If done well it can prove to be very beneficial (more games for NGP AND moneyz)

          • mirumu

            That’s an interesting point you make about the PS Suite. I work in a software development house myself, and if we could target a single API to reach multiple platforms the way the PS Suite appears to allow it would be very attractive to us.

          • Guest

            “there were devices using them way before handhelds adopted them.”

            Ugh, dude now you’re just pushing it. Analogs changed the way we played, touchscreen changed the we played. Dual Analogs won’t change the way we play because they’re already here.

            Everyone screams FPS but that’s the only genre, and I doubt people who say this have played Moon, or Dementium for DS from what I’ve heard adapts FPS just fine to a touch screen and D-pad which I would assume can only become better with the circle pad. If you’re playing a fighter on a portable I don’t think Dual Analogs matter much because you ARE playing on a portable. You’re fine with it. The elitist will look down on portable fighters no matter what. Your “select moves” comment is moot because thats just optional, you still have the core control method of play.

          • Chaheezor

            Which fighters have you been playing?
            Every fighter I’ve played use ONE analog with an option to use a D-Pad.
            Granted the PS2 Dragon Ball Z fighters used the second analog as a substitute for buttons but that’s it. =/

            I’ll agree with you on the action/adventure and FPS point though, but I believe those are the only genres that’ll ultimately benefit from it.

      • SeventhEvening

        What makes something innovative? Not being done before?

        Well, the irony is that the 3DS only seems innovative to people who haven’t messed with Sharp’s Parallax barrier display. These displays are used in the new models of Range Rovers for their GPS system, and they’re on a few models of cellphones in Japan. Everyone acted like the 3D effect was voodoo or something, but it isn’t particularly surprising if you’ve seen one of those screens. The 3DS is a device assembled from proven methods to make something new.

        Pretty much anything in video games that is outside the realm of shaders and rendering strategies is not innovative and is built from established technologies. The wii is some of the first motion controls for a videogame, but it isn’t the first time a motion sensing device existed. Same with the move and the Kinect, motion tracking and accelerometers have been around for quite a while.

        If you want innovation in hardware, you’re out of luck in videogames. All of them are proven methods put together. The only thing that is important is how the methods are put together and how innovative (or more importantly, how fun) the software is.

    • Dude, great way to launch people into the portable console warz…

      • I don’t think I’d be the first one to a make a “portable” console war, let alone be part of one. :/ I don’t think a portable console war ever existed.

  • IceRomancer

    Assuming these are indeed realtime graphics this looks really impressive!
    And as everyone else mentioned Gravity daze looks really awesome, can’t wait to hear more about it.

    • They are real time graphics, you missed out on the Uncharted demo they showed?! Definitely utterly fantastic!

  • Kris

    It’s rather telling that the only currently demoed title (Uncharted) looks very aliased compared to the target renders… That said, seeing how the touchpads and cameras will work definitely intrigues me. I hope this thing is affordable…

    • Could you imagine that it was cheaper than the 3DS (no 3G ver.) That would be sooooo awesome xD, too awesome to be truth

    • They said it wont be $599, therefore it will surely be affordable. I know one thing, I so can not wait to get it.

  • DemonicX

    Gravity Daze looks very interesting. I’ll wait and see the price of the NGP though before I get hyped up.

  • If Gravity Daze is a launch title, this will be a Day 1 buy for me.


    I’d love to get my hands on Gravity Daze and a white NGP. GD has a vibe about it that makes me think it is/will be a series.

  • d19xx

    I wonder if the games are just too early in the development stage. But I noticed that the soldiers in Killzone doesn’t have any ground shadows. NGP games may look impressive at a glance, but I think the hardware is really not as powerful like everyone’s hyping about…

    • Its a working title still 9 months in advance of a late year release date dude, lol.

      • d19xx

        That’s what I said “I wonder if the games are just too early in the development stage”. It’s just that, there are obvious lighting effects in that video, but there are no casted shadows… =_=

  • nikoladurkan

    Am I the only one who looks at most of these games and think “too bad there on a handheld”? I had the same problem with the last PSP. Most of these games are not suited for portable because they are meant to be played for 1-2 hour at a time in order to get something out of them. So the only way to really enjoy them is to either play them while commuting longer distances (to work/school and so on) or while sitting at home and if you’re already sitting at home playing the game then I think that most of us would rather see the game on our TV rather than a 5 inch screen. Gravity Daze does look interesting though.

    • I dont think that logic makes much sense anymore. Think of movies and novels and how the landscape has changed. People are content with watching movies on the 5 inch screen just as well as they are content with watching them on a 10 inch screen. People play their handhelds at home as well, even though they have consoles. I think one should enjoy having experiences on both consoles and handhelds. Somethings just cant be done on a console in their current states, ie anything touch related.

      Many successful DS games are not those that you would play for 1-2 hours at a time. I surely never played Golden Sun DS for 1-2 hours at a time, and many other games. Lumines on PSP was born on the portable and fun on the console as well. And vice versa. And what about the audience of people that are portable only? Surely they deserve to have fantastic experiences, and countless remakes and ports of older games that were on consoles, surely while we could wish for them on consoles, doesnt one think they are still fantastic on the handhelds.

  • Eri

    Looking impressive. Like many others I’m curious about gravity daze :)

  • Tthis is actually the first time Ive seen video of the NGP. It truly is epically awesome; the ultimate in portable interactive entertainment. Look as it offers unparalleled interactive entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation. Im so glad that it has a high-performance CPU / GPU combined with OLED that enables rich, visually striking graphics never seen before on a portable entertainment system, for both games and other digital entertainment content.

    Just look at those games and the thrilling use of the back touch panel. It is great in action and provides for what I can see, endless possibilities. The games look stunningly awesome and the motion control is actually intuitive and fun! I can truly imagine Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider on this baby! Day 1 Baby!!!!! Day 1!!!!!

  • Some of these titles look cracking – Hot Shots Golf, Gravity Daze, Reality Kings (which looks like a fun quirky fighting game) and Little Big Planet (if they can include online functions this time) looks really fun. Hopefully these will be launch games :D

    • Hot Shots Gold does look amazing. I loved getting into it on the PSP and cant wait for this one. One of my favorite sports games ever. (Also wish they did bring an HSG Out of Bounds too though, I had many a good time with that game as well).

  • Yea, Gravity Daze caught my attention the first time I watch the trailer. But NGP really did have superb graphic.

    And geez.. Poor sony can never satisfy customers and I wonder why it rarely happen to other consoles. One thing people said there are no 2 analogue sticks,when they add in people say oh, so what? its not innovative. Then people go on with psp having not so good graphic and small screen, so they upgrade their processor and stuff and you said its going to be pricey or something… Lol.. There are just so many people who well, in my opinion wanted to be technically professional which is annoying. I apologize for the offense.

    Seriously, we had been too focus on innovation aspect, graphics, gameplay and stuff that we forget that maybe we should just relax and enjoy the game instead of complaining about these minor technical stuff..

    So I’d say, lets be grateful that Sony gives most of us what we wanted for so long. And put it a bit harshly, just cut the crap. It is not even easy to come up with these things. If you aren’t really innovative yourself, please appreciate things and try not to take things for granted. Or else no one is going to listen to us in the future and you know you are not giving up on games any time soon or try not to sabotage others whose hobby is gaming and would love their positive opinions to be heard!

    NGP is an awesome piece of device. You can say Sony is arrogant. Their price might not even come cheap. But, at least they listen to what most of us wants and we get it. And its effing mind blowing for a handheld. Period! And if you can’t it the first day just wait a little longer. Patience is a virtue that people are lacking these days… Young people.. Sigh..

    • Well some people will find any way to dog the system. They wanted two analogs, then when they get em they criticize it. They wanted better graphics then when they see it, they say its too much. They say they wanted games that try to live up to the name as a portable playstation…then they say the games should have stayed on the console. People will just never be happy and take the system for what it is.

      Innovation is seen in the eye of the beholder, and personally seeing the back touch panel in action and how intuitive it looks, and the front touch screen as well, was innovative in my books as Ive never encountered a touch pad on the back of a device before, lol.

      • Yes, I think the whole back touch panel is wicked. And i agree with you.. lol..

      • You’re absolutely right. People just love to bitch about stuff.

      • If they didn’t complain, they’d have nothing to say, right?

    • thebanditking

      I was blown away by the PSP when it launched and Sony floored me with the NGP reveal. I just can’t believe how close the device is to what I always wanted from a hand held. They seem to have learned from PSP’s design quirks/flaws and listened to the 5 years of feedback they got from consumers and devs. I can’t wait to get my hands on this system, I also hope Sony’s JP studios continue to make/publish new memorable IP’s like they did with Locorocco, Patapon and Patch Work Heroes on PSP.

  • Kai2591


  • Whoa Gravity Daze!! That is all that I need to say!

  • Lol at reality fighters haha, omg i want this so bad, god, FREAKING GOD

  • gravity daze looks like a mirror edge made in japan with a bit of the scenery from rodea tenku no kishi

  • “touch on the front is good, but on the back is much better” by SIDSTART

  • *GASP*
    A WHITE NGP!!! :O

  • Darkrise

    Hmm, looks good but too pricey for now I bet. Already have my wallet occupied for the next 6 months so I’ll hold off.

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll probably wait for more games. same as 3DS

  • thebanditking

    I am really excited for NGP, not for the obvious games like Uncharted or Resistance and Killzone (though I do want those games) but for the tons of control options this leaves devs with. Littel deviants looks interesting and Gravity Daze caught my eye during the reveal trailer, I really would love to see more of it. Rumor going around is it could be Suda/Grasshopper’s new game.

  • MarkMario

    I Need it NAO (And it would be even better if NGP had connectivity with the PS3).

  • i want this song! when i close my eyes all i see is this sweet vid clip.

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