This Week In Sales: Role-playing Games For All!

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 4:31pm

It looks like everyone chose to release everything the week of January 24th – 30th. Okay, maybe not everything, but you’ll recognize a lot of names on this week’s top-20 software sales list. Naturally, some of these games fared better than others. Let’s take a look.


Mistwalker and Nintendo’s The Last Story led the new release charge at the #1 spot with 114,722 units sold in three days. The closest comparison we’d make is the PlayStation 3 version of Resonance of Fate — also an entirely new franchise — which debuted at 118,000 units back in Jan 2010.


Certainly not a bad number, but when you consider the talent associated with The Last Story, one would have hoped to see a bigger release. Thankfully, The Last Story’s debut numbers are a slight improvement over Nintendo’s last RPG, Xenoblade, which moved around 83,000 copies during its own launch. Next week’s numbers should give us a better idea of what to expect of the game.


At #2 was Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles 3 at 102,779 units. Something to note is that Valkyria 3 is exhibiting the best debut numbers in the series yet. The original Valkyria Chronicles opened at 77,000 units while Valkyria 2 debuted at 94,000 units.


Following Valkyria 3 were My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, Kenka Bancho 5 and A Certain Magical Index, all on the PSP. #5 saw the release of another high-profile role-playing game, Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins, published in Japan by Spike.


The next batch of new releases that caught our attention were Tsuku Monogatari and GalGun, at #12 and #13 respectively. Tsuku Monogatari, which is developed by Lux-Pain developer, Killaware, in particular seemed interesting to us, and we covered it on the day of its Japanese release.


Games that failed to crack the top-20 included: Mindjack, Scribblenauts and the Sly Cooper Collection. The top-20 software sales list for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. The Last Story 114,722 New Wii Nintendo
New 02. Valkyria Chronicles 3 102,779 New PSP Sega
New 03. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute Portable 88,493 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 04. Kenka Bancho 5 58,977 New PSP Spike
New 05. A Certain Magical Index 56,017 New PSP ASCII Media Works
New 06. Dragon Age: Origins 42,854 New PS3 Spike
02. 07. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd 33,338 4,128,278 PSP Capcom
New 08. Dream Club Zero 21,734 New 360 D3 Publisher
01. 09. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix 20,528 97,846 PSP Square Enix
03. 10. Donkey Kong Country Returns 19,214 773,893 Wii Nintendo
New 11. Dragon Age: Origins 14,000 New 360 Spike
New 12. Tsuku Monogatari 13,329 New PSP FuRyu
New 13. Galgun 12,419 New 360 Alchemist
09. 14. Wii Party 10,778 1,767,425 Wii Nintendo
New 15. Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu! 10,753 New PSP Namco Bandai
08. 16. Pokémon Black/White 10,654 5,050,638 DS Nintendo
07. 17. Inazuma Eleven 3: Challenge the World – The Ogre 10,437 388,350 DS Level 5
06. 18. Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer 8,814 459,967 DS Level 5
New 19. Monster Hunter Frontier Online (Season 10 Premium Pack) 8,055 New 360 Capcom
05. 20. AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol 7,916 359,859 PSP Namco Bandai


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

  • Happy Gamer

    can’t wait :)

  • cmurph666

    Hey, Valkyria Chronicles 3 is doing alright.

    Hopefully, that means a PS3 VC game again.

    • I’m not even going to hope for that anymore. Sega broke my heart twice already with this series.

    • I imagine that the next one would be for the NGP

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Why would that mean a PS3 VC game? If anything, this just confirms that moving to the PSP was a smart move for Sega. Not only have they sold more copies, they also saved a lot of money on development costs.

      The success of VC3 makes a PS3 VC game less likely, not more.

    • HarryHodd

      I don’t know. It only marginally outsold VC2 despite apparently being a much better game.

  • Wow You go Bioware! Dragon Age Origins is awesome, I hope our friends in JPN enjoy that game. I still need to work through it before Dragon Age II comes out.

  • Ereek

    My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute Portable

    Oh, Japan.

    • I thought the same thing lol. That sounds so odd on so many levels xD

      • Darkrise

        The anime was decent and manga was good. =P

    • SolidusSnake

      Yeah… I can’t really argue, but believe it or not the anime is not bad.

      • Yeah, i first thought it would suck (because of the name), but it ended up pretty good, specially because THE PERSON WHO MADE THAT ACTUALLY TOOK MORE THAN 10 MINUTES TO CREATE A MALE MAIN CHARACTER that is not a freaking generic noob with a harem around and actually has a personality, it was pretty funny and all the girls were interesting too.

        If it wasn’t because of how short the anime was, i could even compare it to tora dora in my level of likeness

        • alastor3


        • raymk

          Really now i may just take a look then. I’m actually ashamed of my self then judging a book by its cover(Name) is not me.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Tha anime had Kana Hanazawa nuff’ said.

    • holyPaladin

      Actually Oreimo is awesome :D

      I want to play the game

    • joesz

      Fear not child!
      For the sales of that game will be raised.

  • Nintendo only shipped around 120,000, and it only had 3 days. So I think in the end it’s off to a good start. Lets hope next week sales are around the same. If not then it does what most games other than 2D Mario, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest does. Around 300,000 lifetime if they are lucky.

    • Aha, this had slipped my mind! I’ve edited in the fact that it only had three days of sales…thanks for pointing that out. :)

    • malek86

      What do you mean? This got released on Thursday like pretty much every game in Japan, didnt it? I thought they always had three days of sales.

  • malek86

    Well, it’s not bad for LTS, but I expected 180.000 (admittedly I was being a bit on the optimistic side). However, I hear the first shipment was only 120.000 copies, so maybe Nintendo underestimated demand and it got sold out.

    We’ll see next week if that was true or not: JRPGs are usually very front-loaded. If the drop next week is small, it’s good news for them.

    • Still the biggest debut for a Mystwalker game, wonder if this one can spawn a sequel, hope NOA gets their act together and localizes it

      • malek86

        Well, I’d say LO could have sold so much more in Japan if it weren’t only for 360. But Sakaguchi apparently doesn’t want to work with Sony (or maybe it’s the other way around).

        • Yeah, heard about that, don’t remember why. Something to do with Sony’s ties with Squenix? Maybe that’s why he switched from 360 to Wii right after FF13 was announced for 360.

          • Skua

            It has nothing to do with Sony per se. Or even Square Enix. Before FFXIII was announced as a multiplatform game, Sakaguchi even expressed a desire for them to releases XBox360 games in order to expand the consumer base.

            The thing about Sakaguchi is that he’s just a contractor. He pitches concepts to publishers (Square Enix was one of the first companies he pitched his games to, BTW, but a deal never panned out), and it’s up to them to sign him on and select a platform.

            Initially, Microsoft signed Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey to generate some XBox hype in Japan. However, once that failed, they stopped caring and canceled plans for any other Mistwalker games (so no more XBox360 games).

            As for Nintendo, they signed A.S.H. and now The Last Story (in Japan, Wii casual gaming has been in steep decline, so Nintendo is scrambling to win traditional gamers back. If not for this trend, TLS may never have been financed).

          • Yeah, heard MS had a three game deal. Poor Cry-on :(

            Wonder what Mystwalker will do now – maybe stick with Nintendo? Would be interesting to see Sakaguchi helm the next Pokemon RPG.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Yeah that really disappointed me; I thought Mistwalker was a game company but in reality it’s just like an idea factory…It was the same when I learned that Enix never made anything either.

          • the basis for LO was supposedly done by MS then handed off to Sakaguchi.
            I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere, heh.

            [and the whole Sony fiasco had something to do with harder development as it was back then, right? not that it really matters much these days…]

          • Aoshi00

            I lament “Cry On” got scrapped too, we knew it was going to be epic.. it was basically the same team moving to Last Story though (Gooch/Uematsu/Fujisaka), I guess the Gooch did carry out his project somewhat.. let’s just hope he continues making good RPGs. Too bad Nintendo’s not interested in bringing ASH probably due to lackluster sales, I loved that game.

          • badmoogle

            Did they ever said why Cry On got cancelled?

          • Aoshi00

            I forgot why exactly, or if they gave a concrete reason, other than the project stopped midway and that it was a pity.. guess the Mistwalker games just weren’t selling as well as they expected and MS (or whoever funds it) thinks it’s not worth to invest in it anymore.. it’s kind of sad because even that’s good advertisement. I wouldn’t have gotten a 360 back then if not for Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey, and now I got like tons of games on it..

          • badmoogle

            *Answering to your answer*:)

            I know i’m going to sound like a fanboy to some but if Mistwalker had made a contract with Sony instead of MS we might have seen Cry On released,and not to mention that games like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon would have been much more successful.It was impossible for these games to sell enough no matter how good they were among an install fanbase that was primarily interested for shooters.At the same time you have the PS2 JRPG fanbase moving to PS3 and starving (at that time) for any JRPGs…Also Sony is much more open to “risky” projects (like Demon’s Souls for example) than Microsoft so this is another reason i believe we would have seen Cry On if Mistwalker had made a contract with Sony instead of MS.
            IMO this was kind of a “firework” attempt from MS to appeal to the JRPG target groups with a 3rd party studio of their own (something like the collaboration of Level 5 with Sony) but instead they preferred to follow the (easy) moneyhatting approach of just “buying” timed exclusives.
            The outcome of this is that many JRPG fans (including me) still haven’t bought a 360 nor do they see a reason why they should.I own all consoles and handhelds except a 360 because honestly i don’t think that 1-2 exclusive games that interest me are justifying a purchase.

          • Aoshi00

            argh, sry double post, I think my mouse is going bonkers :(…

          • Aoshi00

            I agree w/ pretty much everything that malek86 said.. to be honest I never really think about these things, if there are good games on a system, I’d just get it, I never over analyze or take sides whether is Nintendo, Sony, or MS who are better.. as long as there are good games I’m happy..

            A couple of killer apps are all it takes for me to want a system, and chances are once I have that system, other games would catch my interest later, so I think it’s important to just get a system into a home (like PS3 were sold even at a loss).. When I bought my PS3, there really was no games at that time until pretty much MGS4 came out, I had like FolkSoul and Heavenly Sword, blu-ray hasn’t even won the format war yet and they were expensive, so I didn’t even start to upgrade my movie library yet, PSN was barren back then I’m not sure if many got to experience it.. There was the lackluster Genji 2 and Lair got delayed.

            I bought a Jpn 360 at first primarily for Mistwalker RPGs (I got to play like Blue Dragon like a year before and Lost Odyssey 2 months ahead, they were worth it), but later I enjoyed Eternal Sonata, Operation Darkness, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, and other RPGs that weren’t ported to PS3 until later, they might not be perfect games, but I wanted to play them and enjoyed them. Of course I’ve gotten manyy imports as well, shmups, VNs, got into Gears of War too and other shooters (which is not my strong suit), and now Dream Club and GalGun, not to mention the XBLA titles, so I love my 360.. and Netflix was more convenient to watch (before the PS3 and Wii needed a disc for streaming).. so I ended up just playing most multiplatform games on the 360, I just get exclusives on the PS3 and mostly watch blu-rays on it, I have like maybe 60 blu-rays now.. so I don’t want to burden one system…

            But yea, I don’t mind even double dipping on a Jpn region system if there are a couple of imports that I like, I got a Jpn Wii just for Fragile, Another R, Disaster (oh and Clean Keeper lol, I like stupid games like that :), etc.. but later on there was Arc Rise Fantasia,Xenoblade, and now Last Story.. I got my Jpn PS2 for FFX and Xenosaga trilogy but later on I imported other stuffs… Like right now there are no reasons for me to get a 3DS other than Layton and Love Plus. I decided to cancel the US system and thinking of getting a Jpn one from Play-asia, there’s no point getting it if I can’t play the games I want.. they didn’t announce the price yet, I hope they would be reasonable, they usually are unlike other sellers who jack up the price. If it means paying $100-150 I could play Love Plus I would get it..

            The only system I only got a handful of games for was Xbox, it was bundled w/ Jet Set Radio 2, I got it mainly for Shenmue 2 and later Panzer Dragoon Orta… and Ninja Gaiden Black and maybe one or two other games, that’s pretty much it, that’s the system I got the least games for.. otherwise I ended up getting like tons of games on all the systems I own (even the DS and PSP, which I really don’t play w/ much in recent years because my eyes get tired easily from looking at a small screen.. but I did get a XL because there’s still some DS games I want to play, like Ni no Kuni, Gyakuten Kenji 2, etc).. But that’s how crazy I am.. I never really thought it would be a waste if I could just play that one game that I want.. I have like 2 Wiis, 2 PS3s, and 3 360’s now lol.. so I do understand why people want to stick w/ only one console I thought each has great games.. just not enough time to play them all..

          • malek86

            I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it might not have been such a good idea. At the time these games were being done (we’re thinking pretty much 2007), the PS3 was only out for some months and dead last in sales, thanks to Sony’s ridiculous pricing, and the number of people buying it just for BR movies was quite high too. And nevermind the whole programming difficulty issues. At the time, making games for the PS3 just didn’t seem that good an idea, even if these games on the 360 ended up not selling much, chances are that on the PS3 they might have actually sold less.

            Multiplatform would have probably been the right answer, so they could have built a fanbase on the PS3 while at the same time making some money off the larger 360 userbase. They did it wrong though (releasing most games on 360 first, then porting them to the PS3 a year later). Should have been multiplatform from the start. That, or they could have tried building a userbase on the Wii, but nobody never even tried.

        • Actually, I remember distinctly Sakaguchi saying the reason he didn’t want to make a PS3 game was that he hated Kutaragi. But since Sony wisely forced ol’ Ken to jump on his sword, Sakaguchi has no real excuse anymore.

          • He could say the PS3 is too complex to develop for.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Or too expensive, for that matter….which would actually be a justified reason, especially with the mass market being increasingly focused on portable systems.

  • PSP sells indeed.

  • Galgun failed to crack the top 10. Gaming is ruined :(

    • Aoshi00

      Lol, close though.. it’s good they’re giving some love to Dragon Age Origins. I just got my copy of Last Story tonight, a little peeved no pre-order bonus soundtrack and artbook.. argh… I just e-mailed NCSX, I hope they have some leftover to send to me..Can’t wait for Dream Club and GalGun as well, the demo on 360 in unlocked to silver/free now (I just thought the 4 rookie seiyuu are pretty cute), but I’ll just wait for the game. I ordered Tsuku Monogatari too just because of the good seiyuu cast and drama CD, I hope the game would be fun.

      • Darkrise

        I really wished Galgun had some miraculous localization announcement =( The demo was surprisingly good. Too bad they didn’t make this for ps3 as well, would’ve been able to import… Same to Dream Club. Why can’t we have more awsome games!

        • Aoshi00

          For some reason they only do PSP ports for all these 360 games, like Idolmaster, Dream Club, and Chaos Head Love ChuChu now..

          I loved the first Dream Club, and Zero should be even better. So you set up a Jpn Live acct to get the GalGun demo right. Go watch Inside Xbox and see Hikari’s demo if you want to see a girl play Dream Club, she’s smitten by Asuka’s cuteness :) Ignore the weird baldy comedian guest w/ the high voice lol..

          • Well, she isn’t the only girl who’s played Dream Club…
            Or Gal*gun for that matter in about-

            … Oh, sorry, I’ve said too much about that.

          • Aoshi00

            Guess you have a soft spot for this too :).. it’s priceless to see girls play this kind of game, the cuteness completely transcends gender boundaries. Hikari-chan is cute, the hostesses are cute, so it’s cuteness overload :) Sad thing is I couldn’t unlock the 2 secret chars in the first game and I don’t want to pay to unlock them.. This time Miho and Mari are unlockables.. I’m going to see if I want to get the “drunken voices” DLC for 80 MS points. Last Story vs. Dream Club, argh!So you’re getting Idolmaster 2 right? The first one’s mini-games were just too hard for me so I couldn’t get into it, oh the anime is coming too.. but the game would always be better.

          • Well, the first I didn’t play much of Dream Club, it’s one of those games I require a lot of work for, and I didn’t quite get the results I was hoping for from a project prespective.

            As for Gal*gun? Well, I’ve said too much, other than hopefully something interesting will be panning out in the next couple of days.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, Dream Club does take a lot of work, my first 2 playthrus I totally blew it, didn’t even get any good endings at all.. and then I had to go for a Jpn guide, there’s a lot of responses you need to get right to get the girls at the end, and most of the time the questions and answer choices are ambiguous.. to unlock the 2 girls you need to get almost every other achievement too.. it’s actually no cake walk..

            Have fun w/ GalGun, can’t wait either :) I’ll shoot at the teach lol..

          • Darkrise

            I’d love to get Chaos Head Love chuchu (kind of embarrasing title ^^) but the text is what holds me back, I suck at fully understanding visual novels in pure japanese. Need translation. =(

          • Aoshi00

            I know, I’ve always thought that’s a funny title :) I wonder if you need to play the first game to play ChuChu, that’s like the dating sim spinoff w/ the violence taken out right? The original Chaos;Head looks too violent for me.. I’m playing Steins;Gate bit by bit now.. There are so many visual novels on the 360, wonder if the Memories Off games are good.. Dream Club is the best, even knowing the language, I still go to a guide because it’s hard to get all the good answers to get a good ending..

          • I was thinking of grabbing Dream C Club portable myself, but I figured putting the funds into the Xbox system would bring the sequel to my hands that much quicker!
            It’s kind of too bad if people thought Gal Gun was all a gimmick. From what I played it handles pretty well and gives a nice spin to the rail-gun genre. Now, the loading was a major issue since it was clocking at 30 seconds and kills the flow, but I read that the actual game cuts that down to about 7. Hey, it makes all the difference.
            I hope to get this game eventually, too. I even showed my Ecstasy Shot to Alchemist producer, Shigeru Nakagawa, seeing if he would consider making his “Japanese MOE Galaxy” idea a reality :P

          • Aoshi00

            Definitely invest in a Jpn 360 for shmups, VNs, and dating sims, one of the things I like about Dream Club is the really good graphics, much better than [email protected] I heard the port looks okay for the PSP, but it’s nothing special compared to console..

            Yep, I haven’t tried the demo yet, but I read on Amazon Jpn that the load times have been cut down dramatically from the demo to the final game. It’s nice they actually improved on that because usually the demo released this late makes you worry the final game is the game. lol, the Alchemist producer is definitely something, I’m doing my part to support his baka-ge, and the actresses of course :)

      • Tokyo Guy

        The bonus items were in very short supply so the chances of NCS even receiving a 1:2 ratio of them seems unlikely. I checked a number of stores last Thursday evening (when I went to get the game) and none of them had any left, but they all had stockpiles of the game itself.

        Don’t sweat it really. You know there will be the obligatory art book released, and there is already an OST pending release, though personally I think Uematsu totally dropped the ball here and thus I’m not planning to get the OST.

        • Aoshi00

          I see, I was going to ask you if you got the bonus w/ your copy. It’s okay, I just got it from someone on ebay for like $25, I just don’t want to miss out on it, it’s beefier than the Xenoblade bonus CD (which Play-Asia didn’t send me either, but I did get the full OST), unless NCSX tells me they could send me one (which I doubt it based on what you said). I wouldn’t blame them, just sucks I have to get it separately.. I would still get the Last Story OST though once it’s out, or the artbook as well if there is one, I love Fujisaka’s art especially here. I only played up to Chapter 3 now, really enjoyed everything so far and I quite like the music, as you know I’m a pretty big Uematsu fan (his LO and Anata wo Yurusanai music were really good).. I’m wondering if I should go to his concert in NY later.. a ticket for orchestra seat and to meet him is $175 though, to see the master live… if I do I would bring many CDs for him to sign or something..

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh you actually bought it separately? I guess you really wanted it if you were willing to spend money. I’ve realized that for me it’s more being able to get the bonus item (and therefore my annoyance when I don’t). But I never actually do anything with them. They just sit, unopened, in a box in the back of my apartment. So while I was going to buy another copy of the game from a private seller on Amazon Japan, I considered said box and realized there was no point (for me at least). But it does annoy me considering that I had to pay full price for the game but didn’t get the bonus whereas others did…
            That’s my fault for not buying the game earlier in the day I suppose.

            Do you like the OST? Really? I’ve found the soundtrack to be totally generic and uninspired. The only track that I like is one of the battle themes, which is partially used on the title screen when choosing to continue or start a new adventure.

            Did you ever get the soundtrack to Sakura Note BTW? That was quite a recording if you ask me, and suggested that Uematsu still has a lot of his old ability.

          • Aoshi00

            I did, at your recommendation, because Sakura Note didn’t get a separate soundtrack release :) I still haven’t finished that game yet actually, found it to be a bit repetitive going thru the same scenarios twice.

            Totally, I was a bit bumped out too, I figure I pre-ordered it a month ahead, oh well, there’s no guarantee w/ bonuses for us here, all I can do is to check w/ seller.. Well, you’re right in that most of the time the bonuses just sit there in mint condition, but for the good ones, I actually do go thru the artbook and comments from the artists/producers. I don’t know, like I said I just started the game, I like what I heard so far.. I think chances are I would like it, will see.. I think he’s very diverse and does many things from soundtrack to soundtrack.

            I was totally bumped out I didn’t get the FF13 episode i / artbook from my 360 Int’l ver, but YesAsia gave me half off on the game because they promised me in an e-mail and they blew it, so it made up for the money I spent hunting it down on ebay. I know, it wasn’t a good game, but the completist in me.. and that book was one of the reason I got the game..

            You getting Gyakuten Kenji 2 figure? I think that would be a worthy bonus. P-A has it now for $90. I like the CD samples on the site.. I just get the LE for the ones I really like though, because most of them are not worth it like you said.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Sorry I’m replying here because your other reply ran out of space or whatever.

            So did you end up liking the Sakura Note soundtrack? But then again if you played the game you heard it anyway, though it warrants the question as to how much you paid and if you thought the money was well spent.

            Kyakuten Kenji 2…to be honest with you I’m not going to buy it at all, or at least not for a while. You might recall the post on Siliconera last year about Zelda Spirit Tracks and Gyakuten Kenji 1, with the image of the bargain bin pricing. The game will be slashed to under 1500 yen after about 3-4 weeks or so. The LE sets are equally worthless: I bought the GK1 set from Capcom for whatever it cost (like $120 or so) and when I tried to sell it I got like $25.

            I really don’t know what changed, but maybe 5 years ago stores started pushing the bargain bin ideas. To this day I remember going to Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku back in 2003, and seeing a new copy of Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Gameboy, with a sticker price of 4,500 yen. It had sat there over 10 years simply because Yodobashi hadn’t dropped the price. Now however, even Yodobashi has bargain bin specials.

            As for collecting in general, when I was in high school I used to get the LE sets and whatnot for games. But in college I started selling all of that stuff on eBay and for better-or-worse, I no longer have a collector’s mentality or interest.

          • Aoshi00

            I did like the Sakura Note OST, it was whimsical and lighthearted along the lines of FF9 (but in general I prefer his more serious stuff), I just spent $60 on that and got the bonus soundtrack. The game was okay, it was unique but I didn’t like the graphic style, the chars look kind of ugly which was what they went for I guess.. You kind of just read about the story for the most part.. it was kind of mundane.. but the soundtrack was what got me into getting it..

            I know what you mean, game prices sink like a rock in a matter of weeks, good games or bad.. there really isn’t much incentive to get it on release day anymore unless it’s a title you really can’t wait to play immediately. I think this time the figure is more worth it though in the long run, other collectible items are ultimately space waster and you just put them aside and never look at them again, but a figure could be cool decoration, and an Edgeworth one at that, it better be well made though. I only have a handful of figures ,so I only get the absolute must. I prefer the original trilogy, but Kenji games are okay if not great.. nice to see the old chars again.. still have a soft spot for the series. Oh, and other than the figure, there’s the CD, DVD w/ trailers, and a short manga too.. if you’re not getting the LE from Capcom, I think it’s still worth it to get the extended edition w/ the manga.

    • :(
      Bad move to launch the same day as Dream Club. Both games appeal to the same audience and it’s a pretty niche audience, probably cannibalized each other.

      • Aoshi00

        I dunno.. I think they would get both Dream Club and GalGun.. you might be right, at one point I thought of skipping GalGun because there’s alrdy Dream Club and Last Story (all released on 1/27) and then there’s Gyakuten Kenji 2 on 2/3 and Catherine early next month, so many games it’s killing my wallet, but I just thought what the hey, it’s too cute (the rookie seiyuu) and everyone said it’s actually a good shooter, so.. hope word of mouth would move more copies too.. I don’t know how niche Dream Club is, but the darn hostess are so cute :)

        • Darkrise

          Well considering Dream Club being popular in japan and with so many other titles that have been more highly anticipated there, I think it was a bad time to release Galgun. Maybe march would’ve seen better sales if it was released there.

          • Aoshi00

            I agree, w/ Dream Club being a heavy hitter, people might just dismiss GalGun as being gimmicky, while it’s actually a pretty good game itself..

            Actually it was not fair to GalGun because originally Dream Club was coming out on 12/30 but it was delayed a month for some reason..

          • Darkrise

            ahah~, I smell a conspiracy. >.> Nah just kidding but seriously, what’s up with that delay? Now if only someone would be man enough to localize Galgun then I for one will be happy for all of 2011 and possibly 2012. Especially with Tales of Graces F right around the corner ^.^

  • vadde939

    Good to see The Last Story doing reasonably well. Hopefully sales have some legs and won’t end up as front loaded as Xenoblade did.

  • DDanny

    Well, I’m glad for Dragon Age. New Vegas sold well there too right?

  • JustaGenericUser

    >13. Galgun 12,419

    Ouch. Either Japan didn’t like the game that much or it’s backlash from Microsoft censoring it.

    • malek86

      Nope, it’s pretty much what I expected. People have to remember that this is a super niche games on a super niche console (for Japan). For example, Cave games open to similar numbers, I believe.

      I don’t know how much Alchemist expected to sell, but I don’t think these numbers are too far off.

      Anyway, who knows if we might see a PS3 port eventually. Sounds like a no brainer.

      • Mildly amusing tidbit: If Famitsu’s sales numbers are around the same as Media Create’s, then Gal*Gun had a slightly better first week than Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu (just under 11k).

        …I really am hoping this makes it to PS3, with Move support.

      • considering they were disappointed by umineko on ps3, the thoughts were they were going to port that to the 360.

        and they said, as most say, the target audience was already on the 360. of course it’s rather difficult to say that considering that it seems every new game release is half of what it would have been a year ago…

        essentially, they’re all over the place. as long as they profit, then it’s all good :/.

    • Aoshi00

      Not sure what they censored, panties? It’s still Cero D/17+ and looks like naughty fun to me. If it gets ported to PS3, maybe it would be even more censored like Nier or NMH Paradise?

      • I’m not sure if much or anything at all were touched. Maybe they condensed the panties? They certainly didn’t remove them since there are plenty in the game from what I’ve seen in the demo…

        • Aoshi00

          Exactly, it really didn’t look to me they censored anything.. you could still shoot at the students and teachers alike, there’s swimsuit underwater school and maid outfit DLCs, what more could you ask for lol.. I’m relieved to hear everyone who’ve played the demo so far said it’s a good on rail shooter w/ a cute spin, plus the load times in the demo has been addressed.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder why Xenoblade did badly? hopefully we get the game on the west though :P

    congrats on The Last Story and Valkyria Chronicles 3 :)

    • Zero_Destiny

      We so need XenoBlade (I know you’d buy it lol) and the Last Story brought over here XD!!!!!

      • PrinceHeir

        yes Xenoblade and The Last Story Please :)

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I got your back. We’ll both buy those games.

          • PrinceHeir

            Hell Yeah :)

  • rock1644

    I hate how Valkyria has turned into a cliche anime series of games. I wish the games were on the PS3 so it could have it’s unique graphics again.

    • What you talking about? It is not turning into anything like that, it has anime because that is the only way they can easily makes events in the psp, as you probably know, it would be hard to move those 3D models (psp ones) in differenet events, the ps3 didnt had anime because they could do the scenes in 3D with more flexibility and more natural (even if most of the scenes are the squares with the 3D models’s faces talking -.-, so is almost the same), something that cant be done on the psp.

      Im sure they will do 3D graphics again once they do the next VC for ps3.

  • Darkrise

    Galgun =(

    Rpg’s are rising in japan while it’s falling in NA… What a disappointment.

    • Hraesvelgr

      RPGs are “falling” in North America? Huh…

      • Darkrise

        Sort of. You know what I mean, ppl are more obsessed with fps and more rpgs being ignored.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Is this something new? That which you mention has been true of the North American gaming market from the beginning. You do realize that rpgs only became popular overseas when Final Fantasy 7 came out, right? Before that they were a very niche genre. It’s quite likely the market is receding, just as how the anime and Manga market has.

          • I can’t speak for USA sales, but as for the UK… My locale Game store is lucky to get more than three copies on release day for RPG’s – and more often than not all these are bought by the staff. :( That’s what happened with Persona 3 n 4 anyway.

        • Altritter

          JRPGs don’t do as badly here as a lot of people seem to assume. Most of the time when I actually look at the sales of a JRPG in America, it either gets close to or surpasses the Japanese sales. Granted, this usually still means they’re more popular in Japan if you take the population difference into account, but people seem to think that JRPGs besides Final Fantasy bomb in the west. They don’t. Not to mention sales of JRPGs would probably be a lot higher over here if companies bothered to advertise them.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I think it’s more a product of no other big games being released this past week. RPG sales have been decreasing here if not mistaken.

  • HarryHodd

    I don’t think the sales for the top two are that great. I expected more. VC3 looks much better then vc2 but it sold just marginally better.

  • Tokyo Guy

    A quick note to all those asking if The Last Story has sold out. It hasn’t. There was some incorrect information on one of the Japanese gaming sites that had indicated it sold out immediately however there are, and have been, many copies to be had at all stores, including those online.

    On a side note, the picture above from The Last Story is so beyond manipulated its astounding. Clearly these kinds of images are captured using an upscaling tool as they would have you believe the it looks like FF13. I was horribly disappointed when I started playing and discovered that Xenoblade looks so much better.

    I maintain that with the truly fantastic character design and impressive attention to detail, the game has been done an injustice by limiting itself to the Wii hardware… Mistwalker could have truly knocked the wind out of SquareEnix…

    • It is still an amazing game.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Would you care to elaborate on that statement by any chance? I’m curious what you find so amazing.

        This isn’t an attack on you, BTW, it’s my trying to understand why everyone has only positive things to say about TLS.

        • Well, perhaps my standards aren’t the best to judge the quality of games haha. I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing with what you said,I can certainly see it’s flaws (the fact that you only get like 5 armors, like you said, and the fact there’s maybe 3-5 different actual attacks, and that the main story (at least between Kanan and Elza. I much prefereed what was going on with the side characters like Seiren or Manamia or yuris) is, for the most part, pretty generic compared to what we KNOW Sakaguchi is capable of). I didn’t find the graphics all that bad. I’ve seen better, of course, but they certainly weren’t SO horrible that it took me out of the game or gave me any reason to complain. The characters were very expressive and, despite only knowing the “Yes” and “No” Kanji/katakana/whatever simply by memory (I cant draw them, but if I saw them I’d know), I was able to figure out what was going on, roughly of course, just based on what the characters were doing as opposed to what they were saying.

          It definitely has a lot of potential (both wasted and utilized) and, despite it’s flaws, it’s kept me entertained enough to enjoy going through it despite its flaws, which, in my eyes, makes it an amazing game.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh, it has kept me entertained as well less I would have stopped playing it. I guess we just consider things in different perspectives when it comes to making the overall evaluation. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the fact that you do agree there are shortcomings shows I’m not totally wrong for suggesting there are.

            The graphics as they are, aren’t overtly bad or anything. It’s just the “deception” so to speak. It’s funny though because when SquareEnix had that incident with the FFXIII screens for the 360 people were going nuts. I just feel that it’s misleading to suggest Mistwalker has somehow managed to push the envelope on the visuals and yet in reality, they haven’t even managed to achieve what others have already done.

            And I will admit that there is an element of disappointment simply because I was indeed expecting Lost Odyssey 2 in terms of story and characters and music.

    • Dude, lol, what? What FF13 did you play? FF13 looked leagues better than the image up top. But still, based on your previous comments on the game, the image has a huge disconnect with your personal experience. By horrible disappointed do you mean, the game looks bad as to what you were expecting or that it just looks bad; certainly it ranks in the top tier of good looking Wii games?

      • Tokyo Guy

        Hmm…I think you missed my point. I made the comparison to highlight the difference between what TLS “looks like” and what it really is.

        To summarize my thoughts on The Last Story in general:

        Positive: There was a lot of work done on the game and it shows. Lots of creativity, lots of detail. The character designs are fantastic, the dungeon designs are well laid out, the color-customization is a nice touch. The combat is fun in that it’s real-time and I like how you can turn off the auto-attack and mash the button yourself.

        Neutral: The story doesn’t interest me in the slightest, and quite frankly I expected something a bit more from Sakaguchi. Then again perhaps I have just been biased totally from Xenosaga/Xenogears in terms of depth and concept.

        Negative: It looks (IMHO) terrible, and the combat is overly simplistic and easy. The developers tried to implement an element of strategy, but you can win every single battle simply by relentless attacking. The fact that you have 5 lives that regenerate after every fight means you rarely see Game Over. The equipment system is horribly unbalanced such that you get the same 5 armors throughout the game, etc. The gameplay is horribly simplistic: no character customization whatsoever. It’s tantamount to Lost Odyssey yet at least that game let you learn skills from equipment.

        That it might rank in the top tier of Wii games sadly means nothing in this day and age. The Wii is irrelevant hardware-wise. I also find it a bit sad that Xenoblade, which released so much earlier than TLS, looks so much better.

        That said, I am not going to say The Last Story is a bad game by any means. It has a LOT of things going for it. I just feel it could have been so much more; it could have been the real Final Fantasy-killer that Sakaguchi no-doubt wanted to make as evidenced by the game’s title.

        Ultimately I think a large number of gamers will be biased by the fact that Sakaguchi made it and thus might overlook the game’s shortcomings. However I fully accept that any number of people might not care about many of the complaints I mentioned, and thus there is nothing wrong with their love of the game.

        • Aoshi00

          I dunno I haven’t played that much Xenoblade yet, I stopped at 16 hours (just got side tracked by other games before), but I like the graphics here, I mean it’s the Wii we’re talking about. I thought the in-game char models and cutscenes are better than those of Xenoblade. Xenoblade’s environment looks expansive but the chars are less detailed to me. I guess we have different tastes in visuals though since you didn’t like the graphics or designs in Nier either which I really loved as well. It was no FF13 in terms of graphics, but I like its look like that. When I was playing Xenoblade, all the time I thought if the chars could just look better and more like the drawings.. Well I haven’t played nearly enough Xenoblade and I just started Last Story, so far I really like both games.

          And no wonder some complain about the camera when playing w/ the remote nunchuck setup because it lacks the 2nd analog stick.. I bought the goldeneye classic pro just for this :)

          • Tokyo Guy

            Well as others pointed out, Xenoblade was so detailed as to being able to see individual blades of grass. With respect to the character models, with XB I definitely saw the approach being more anime-esque and thus the character models weren’t supposed to be so detailed. With this game however, it’s far more realistic and thus they need to be.

            Also I want to clarify that my complaint with the graphics here is an issue of resolution. Taken at face value, TLS looks great. The characters are indeed quite detailed, the environments are varied and also detailed. It’s just that they are too detailed such that the low resolution output makes them look a bit bad. Look at the screenshot at the start of this page and then look at the real game. The characters almost look cropped into the picture whereas in the real game, everything looks uniformly low-res.

            As for the camera, I have no problems with it as I have been using the Classic Controller from the very beginning. Personally I dislike the Wiimote and the inaccurate motion sensor hardware.

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you, that screenshot has better resolution than in-game, but hey it’s the Wii.. until Nintendo decides to make a Wii HD in god knows when.. I like the style though and the detailed environment and chars, and wasn’t expecting this to rival Lost Odyssey. Actually I’m playing the 360 ver of FF13 recently (since I never finished the game in Eng.), the compressed and lower res cutscenes really didn’t bother me that much, I mean it was more pixelated than blu-ray, but the in-game graphics really looks pretty much the same to me on a 46″, maybe just a tiny bit less smooth, but it’s really pretty darn close.. plus I prefer the 360 controller and changing the 3 discs is kind of fun and old school (k, I’ll stop talking about that horrible game now lol)

            I thought of using the remote because I thought there would be force feedback during battles, but I started w/ the classic pro knowing you don’t have a 2nd stick to control the camera. I rarely use the nunchuck setup if I could avoid it, but somehow I played it like that when I played Muramasa the demon blade, it works sometimes.

        • PrinceHeir

          i remember visiting a site when Xenoblade was just announced, it seems Xenosaga has better character models than Xenoblade but the open world makes up for it.

          i think the next Mistwalker game should be funded by Sony(just like other publishers that funded their games) OR they could team up with Monolith Soft and a make a one huge detailed game. think Xenosaga/Xenogears but with more open world, tons of customizations, and a deep and serious story. as long as the models are Xenosaga like it’s fine by me :D

          i would buy 3 copies of that game :)

          • Tokyo Guy

            That would be the new “Dream Team”; Mistwalker and Monolith Soft.

          • PrinceHeir

            *Mind Blowns


          • Zero_Destiny

            If they teamed up with Monolith Soft it would have to be on on a Nintendo Console. It would be cool to see another cross-game epic though. And with fully customizable mechs and the ability to traverse space and travel planets and make an impact on the lives of people on the planets. That would be so cool. I’d buy 3 copies of it too. XD We don’t get many of cross-epic games now-a-days. And if we do their on a portable like Trails in the Sky. I guess we got Mass Effect but it’s not really for me and from watching my brother play both games the stories don’t really gel into each other that well. Not dissing it and the story progress natural from one game to the next but it’s more like each game is it’s own Arc instead of just one long Arc. I personally want to see another full-blown Blue Dragon game. Not all these little portable side-games. The first Blue Dragon was really cool because it was pretty much Hironobu Sakaguchi doing Dragon Quest. So for me that was great :)

          • PrinceHeir

            yup it’s fine by me if it’s for the wii as long as they put the effort to it :)

  • holyPaladin

    Grats for Last Story and VC 3!
    Oreimo too :D

    Can’t wait to play them

  • So… When are we getting it?

  • “Certainly not a bad number, but when you consider the talent associated with The Last Story, one would have hoped to see a bigger release.”

    It’s impressive when you consider that the numbers only reflect it’s first three days of sales. So next week there is a good chance it could remain #1 unless it suffers huge sales drop after it’s first week.

    Valkyria Chronicles 3 should also do well because it’s situation is similar to The Last Story, only four days instead of three.

    GalGun…It’s on the Xbox 360, what do you expect?

  • Aoshi00

    I just played a bit more Last Story last night, the town was pretty big and filled w/ NPCs all doing their own daily routines so the world really feels alive, there are many people you could talk to for info. The animation is pretty detailed, the townspeople all have unique animation when you bump into them or slowly walk and brush against them like Assassin’s Creed, if you push them they get annoyed and yell at you lol. Like when Elza walks on the edge of a bridge, he would walk slow and balance himself, or in a tight place he would squeeze himself by pressing against the wall, other motion and facial expression are very life-life and natural too, I wonder if they use mo-cap for everything.. it looks actually even better than Lost Odyssey’s animation I think. I really had fun strolling around exploring it, picking up items, upgrading my weapons, etc..

    Love the story and chars so far, the characters are all very likable alrdy and I just played about two hours of it, the dialogue is funny and warm like the group is really close (there are not very well liked as mercenaries and aspire to gain higher status as the more respective knights, but this is a gig that puts food on the table and they only have each other). The voice acting is very well done for the main chars and even the NPCs, Miyano Mamoru (Yagami Light, King in Ouran High School) is really great as Elza in both the dramatic or comedic side and he has a tragic past, Seiren loves her alcohol and teases Elza saying he needs to be a “good man” can’t be just good looking, and Jackal is funny too by Fujiwara Keiji (he’s the Jpn voice of Gabriel in Lords of the Shadow and Reno in FF7 AC). There are some jokes here and there that just make you chuckle :) They talk alot all the time, again making everything feel alive.

    The music sounds beautiful, the battle and boss music is exciting, the town theme and main theme (later hummed by the main girl Kanan) are beautiful.. I kind of prefer Uematsu’s style to Shimomura, I think he’s warmer overall..

    The battles scenarios are fun, like the first boss you have to aim to find out its weakness first, which is to tell Yuris to use magic on its head, otherwise you can’t do enough damage, then later you just use gathering and drag it to the bridge and make it fall there by blowing up the bridge, reminds me of Gears of War’s first boss where you needed to lure the boss thru a series of entrances and out in the open so it could be fried by the satellite laser. And one scenario was Quark had Elza flank a group of lizards, you have an aerial view of the enemy placement to check out which ones you should take out first to give you an advantage, like you Elza to go around and use a wizard killer arrow to take out the healer first. I imagine there would be more different scenarios where you strategically plan out things before charging in (which Sakaguchi did a bit in ASH).. I like how you draw enemies’ attention from your party so Yuris can have enough time to charge his magic like the whole group is cooperating.

    I wish I could stay home and play this game all day… Xenoblade was good, but I prefer Last Story’s presentation more, felt like Xenoblade had too much boring fetch quests from townspeople like get x number of this and y number of that item (even though Xenosaga or Nier had those too, but I liked those)

    Lastly the package is really great, like Metroid Other M, there’s a outer sleeve you could slide out, the circle is the open part, revealing more box art, on the front it’s Kanan like we saw, on the back it’s Elza. But it’s a reversible cover, so you could flip it and make Elza on the front cover. The only disappointment was my copy wasn’t shipped w/ the bonus artbook/CD, and now I have to buy it separately :(… I hope this game would continue to sell well and not just in the opening week, the good word of mouth should help.

    • Pesmerga00

      Sounds Great! Seems like you are enjoying it. I love exploring and people watching in RPG’s (Radiata Stories town comes to mind). The character interaction also seems good. I really hope this gets localized along with XenoBlade.

      A few questions if you don’t mind. Is there anything close you can compare the game to? Is it 16:9 and Progressive Scan? I have been a bit disappointed in Wii games regarding this, quite a few have annoying black borders. Are the dungeons as explorable and detailed as the main town?

      Thanks Again!
      Now don’t go getting distracted by Dream Club and Galgun. :P

      • Aoshi00

        Town’s really enjoyable, time passes by too from morning to evening like Resonance of Fate or Radiata Stories.

        I’m not sure if it has progressive scan, it looks much better than FF12. I heard from reviews that you definitely should set it to 16:9 or the game wouldn’t look as good and is meant to play on widescreen. I’ve only seen one dungeon, it looks pretty detailed, above all the design is well thought out for the battles, and again the animation is great, the running, rolling off of your party member’s back, ducking under cover and dashing out of cover. I thought the texture for everything was more detailed than Xenoblade?

        lol, that’s a tall order.. Dream Club and GalGun not here yet, sry gotta head out, man so I wish to play hooky to play more LS today… looks like he’s done it again after Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and ASH.. Nintendo should definitely bring out both games and “advertise” them, real gems!

    • RupanIII

      thx for the impressions Aoshi :D I was watching a vid on youtube and I can see what you mean about the world feeling pretty alive. It was a scene in a tavern and there was all this lively carousing noise and music in the background, really draws you in, like you wanna go up to the barkeep and order a round haha. Glad the NPCs are engaging, I’m the type who runs around talking to every last person in RPGs lol

      • Aoshi00

        No problemo, glad to share :) Several hrs in now, loving every minute of it, the battles, the event scenes, the chars/voice acting, etc. I love the Uematsu music, very beautiful, some even reminds me of Fragile. Dang NCSX for missing the bonus even I pre-ordered like 2 months ago, I want to listen to the CD now :(.. The graphics look good for the Wii and all, but it would’ve been great if this is in HD and has trophies/achievement, I’m surprised this doesn’t have in-game awards like Xenoblade or Star Ocean 4.. playing SD on a HD TV still doesn’t look that great unfortunately.. Really good RPG though, like other said, I’m always looking forward to Mistwalker games like I did Square back then.In fact the voice acting is so good it was a pity Lost Odyssey didn’t use seiyuu, the Jpn actors just weren’t very up to par in LO (like Ghibli movies’ actors…) I never missed talking to NPCs too, here there are tons of them so it really makes the world feel alive.

  • nintendo should had sent more shipments to retailers, but as xenoblade, and baten kaitos grew in the next week to date i suppose TLS will too, i think its LTD numbers will be around 250K if it does not have legs

  • Roses4Aria

    I’ve watched some playthroughs of The Last Story and it’s looking pretty good. Here’s hoping it isn’t too long before they announce a western release. :)

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