Frontier Aja Discusses Past, Future, And Your Koumajou Densetsu II Questions

By John . February 3, 2011 . 3:00pm


Last month, Siliconera covered the release of Frontier Aja’s Koumajou Densetsu II. Aja’s Yanagi agreed to an interview to discuss some of fans most asked questions: the progress of the game’s updates, future games, and the voice casting process.


Yanagi-san, what titles have you created in the past?


Yanagi, Director and Sound Designer: I have overseen all of Frontier Aja’s projects, which are Koumajou Densetsu and II, and our current project Bigbang Beat 2. I also worked on the sound for the games.


I am curious what kind of games doujin circles would create using the Xbox Kinect. What would you like to design?


Kinect is a unusually charming device. A new rhythm game immediately comes to mind. However, Japanese people seem to really like using game pads, and Frontier Aja’s staff is small. Therefore, we feel compelled to work on advancing games like Majou Densetsu and fighting games first.


Speaking of fighting games, can we have an update about Bigbang Beat 2?


After the next Koumajou Densetsu II update, we plan on updating Bigbang Beat 2. Since we only have five team members, we haven’t had time. Please wait a little longer!



Do indie and doujin developers work together?


Indie and doujin developers generally get along really well. They often gather for drinks, and several new projects are created that way.


Who handles Frontier Aja’s translations? Are more doujin games being translated nowadays?


We have our staff member Benj from France handle our translations. He lives in Japan and even works in the same space.


Many doujin games have yet to be translated. There are various hurdles to overcome in doing this, but the biggest hurdles seems to be that overseas users don’t know how to legally purchase doujin games. However, Frontier Aja’s games are for digital purchase.


When can we expect the Koumajou Densetsu II English and French patch?


We were anticipating a release soon. However, part of the data was a bit late in production, so the patch may arrive a little late.


< Note: There is a patch to version 1.02 available. Users must first update to 1.01 here. Then they can update to 1.02, which most notably adds the Phantasm stage. Users must clear the game once for the new stage to appear. An auto-update feature was also added. >


Koumajou Densetsu II’s voice acting is impressive! How did you recruit these voice actors?


A representative of mine works as a sound designer. Because of that, he knew of many companies and relied on these connections. I am a really big fan Shiina Hekiru and saw her in Magic Knight Rayearth.


character_yuyukoShiina Hekiru voices Yuyuko Saigyouji


You have many fans overseas. Where can they buy games, possibly outside of ecchi site


Unfortunately, the only English friendly sites for purchase are Palet Mail Service for air mail deliver and for digital download from (Only Koumajou 1 is at DLsite so far). It’s not general practice to offer digital downloads in Japan, so unfortunately we are restricted to using sites that sell ecchi material.


There is now a website to pay with Paypal. The site is in Japanese, but will soon have an English page. Please stay tuned to our blog’s purchase details.


Do you have any doujin friends you can introduce the world to?


We have many friends, but there is one in particular that sells Touhou games from the DLsite named False English Gentlemen Group (偽英国紳士団).


May we have a look at your office?


frontier ajas office“This is a really, really big face.”


Via Twitter, Yanagi responded about fans’ request to Koumajou Densetsu 3. While the company hasn’t decided much about the game yet, if domestic and international demands are strong, Yanagi thinks they will go ahead with a sequel. Voice your interests with the following email: [email protected]. Here’s a link for those who want to read the original Japanese interview text.

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  • jerry

    Great spritework, looks like Castlevania

    • Daniel Morandi

      Oh really?

      • jerry

        ya rry

  • PrinceHeir

    i really hope the doujin/indie scene in japan grows bigger.

    i want them their games on Digital site’s since they barely made it out in japan. just make a translation and viola :)

  • Daniel Morandi

    Great Intervew, I love Frontier Aja. Koumajou Desentsu II (Touhouvania in my dictionary) was really great. The next Koumajou will be based on Touhou 8 right? Bampai Akira (artist) is a genius, I love his gothic design, cannot wait for Mokou, Keine and Reisen. The soundtrack is outstanding.

    Im waiting for Bigbang Beat 2 if you really like this fighting game and their characters you should play Bigbang Age the eroge RPG because it has an english patch.

    • John_Polson_IGB

      Thanks! Yanagi was a pleasure to interview. I hope more Japanese doujin and indie developers open up seeing as how language isn’t a barrier.

      As for the next Koumajou, who knows? I feel the best kind of encouragement for a sequel these guys can receive is having their game purchased. I will update when the English DLsite lists the game for sale via digital download.

      • Daniel Morandi

        I didn’t know about the new update! thanks for those links. Awesome Extra Yukari!! The music rocks so hard in her battle.

  • Darkrise

    The detail done in the art is just… Amazing. I feel sort of bad for using my money ordering the BGS figure…

  • Milan Drenovac

    I wonder why they don’t contact steam to sell stuff considering Recentar was a goddamn super hit.

    • JustaGenericUser

      It’s because it’s a Touhou fangame and ZUN doesn’t want Touhou to go mainstream/commercial.

  •!/SplashdownTiger STiger

    They should all work with Valve to get their games on Steam. Just look at how well Recettear did!

    • Daniel Morandi

      I second this.

    • Garyuu

      I say their products should lie with Rockin Android. It’s a good start as far as doujin games go.

  • goronyan

    i want that Abe t-shirt! キミらもやらないか?
    Nice interview btw, altought i’m not used to play doujins games made from a doujin game @.@, Labyrinth of Touhou and Lion Heart games are my favourites

  • Hiryuu

    ‘While the company hasn’t decided much about the game yet, if domestic and international demands are strong, Yanagi thinks they will go ahead with a sequel.’

    See you for 3 next year. Lookin’ forward to Remi mode.

  • puchinri

    I was wondering why the images were looking so Touhou. I never heard of this, but I’m very interested. That was an interesting read too.

  • Gabriel May

    There does need to be a huge shift in getting Doujin games to be translated as there have been many times I’ve seen a game and think it looks interesting only to be disappointed that there is no english language available.

    I feel if more Doujin games get translated (and at a rapid pace) we could potentially be seeing indie games benefit hugely.

    Maybe a naive dream/thought but it sounds nice to me :)

    • Alex Sargeant

      More than that, although I definitely agree, it’d be great if indie/doujin developers would embrace digital distribution more.

      Besides the Gundemonium guys releasing a lot of their stuff as freeware PC games, it’s nowhere near as widespread as would benefit all.

  • VisualData

    I had a dream that I had trouble purchasing a manga to this because it was getting sold out. The art is that good

  • VisualData

    I happily forked over my forty-three dollars and had this imported over for my physical CD case and copy, despite the mixed reviews of the original, I enjoyed the overall design and idea of the first and highly anticipated the second over Christmas break. We can only cross our fingers that Aja’s Koumajou Densetsu III will explore the possibilities of beomcing a Metroidvani. Also , if the next setting is loosely based on Imperishable Night which takes on a much darker theme in itself, featuring team-swap multi-character system similar to Dawn of Sorrow & Portrait of Ruin will fit the team system of the original excellently. I would be willing to wait three years for the higher quality doujin games this company makes. I love VampireKiller’s art style and the creativity and desire to branch out to the western community. The soundtrack is top quality as well. Can we expect to see the first two incarnations (The first with a face and audio lift of course) ported to Xbox Live and PSN by a certain independent indie gaming direct company which recent poll’s highest demand is “An adventure game like Castlevania?” Only time will tell. It takes rare talent to appeal to Touhou and Castlevania fans and Hybrids alike, Three big cheers for Team Aja!

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