Ace Combat: Assault Horizon’s Over The Wing Camera Zooms In On Destruction

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 5:06pm


When producer Kazutoki Kono at Namco Bandai’s Ignite event he insisted Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is not Ace Combat 7, it’s a rebirth of the Ace Combat series. Kono wanted to change how players saw sky high firefights. In past titles, planes were far away so you couldn’t see the destruction. Kono also though players relied on missiles more than machineguns.


The Close-Range Assault system was designed to address both of these issues. Once you lock on to a target you can hit the two bumpers (presumably the top shoulder buttons on PS3). This changes the camera to an over the shoulder or, perhaps, an over the wing perspective so you can watch your machine guns tear apart an enemy plane.


If an enemy plane shakes you off, it will get behind you and retaliate with bullets. You can retaliate with a counter-maneuver, a move that Kono was nervous he wouldn’t be able to pull of while demoing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It’s an all-or-nothing quick time event where you have to press a button at the right time. Hit it and your plane will somersault behind the enemies in position to blast them with missiles. Miss and you’ll get shot down. Kono successfully pulled off the trick and blasted a squadron of jets with sidewinder missiles.


AH_Nov_SS_DFC_000 AH_Nov_SS_DFC_001 AH_Nov_SS_DFC_002 AH_Nov_SS_DFC_003 AH_Nov_SS_DFC_004


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is slated for release this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


ACAH_Feb_SS_019 ACAH_Feb_SS_020 ACAH_Feb_SS_004 ACAH_Feb_SS_006 ACAH_Feb_SS_007 ACAH_Feb_SS_009 ACAH_Feb_SS_010 ACAH_Feb_SS_014 ACAH_Feb_SS_015 ACAH_Feb_SS_017 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_009 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_011 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_012 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_013 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_014 AH_Nov_SS_DFH_001 AH_Nov_SS_DFH_006 AH_Nov_SS_DFH_007 AH_Nov_SS_DFR_001 AH_Nov_SS_DFR_002  AH_Nov_SS_DFR_004 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_000 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_003  AH_Nov_SS_DFA_006 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_008 AH_Nov_SS_DFA_004

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  • Tofuuu

    it looks great and all… but what if you like playing it from cockpit view…? =

    and NOOOOOO F*** THE QTES ><

  • Finally Ace Combat arrives on my glorious Playstation 3! You dont know how excited I am right now! Coming this year!!! These planes, the adrenaline, the suspense, the graphics, and the moves!!!! This game is going to be EPIC!!!! Sign me up for it! Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!!!! Woot woot!!!!!

    • alundra311

      Wow. You have so much money that aside from just buying lots of games on Day 1 Baby Day 1, you even paid a developer to make a game for your glorious Playstation 3.

  • DanteJones

    While I loved the how the battles were set up in the other Ace Combat series I think this is going to be a nice break from that. And besides, look at those screenshots! So pretty!

    The only thing I hope they keep (which they probably will, don’t see why not) is the radio chatter during the dogfights. Even if you can’t see it, its kinda nice to hear your NPC teammates calling off missile launches and cheering when they shoot a bogey down. :D

  • WonderSteve

    Hopefully the story is as good as AC5

    I was so motivated to finish off the last few missions of AC6.

  • Kai2591

    Hope the music is still epic

  • Two things Namco : don’t forget my PS3 Hori Flightstick and keep the japanese voices on the BR like AC5

  • That’s interesting. Maybe some people were getting weary of the last couple games, but I’ve always liked the progression of the missions in the AC games. It’s nice to see they’re tinkering around with it this time, though.

    Maybe if they do the [email protected] DLC again they’ll load them up in bundles this time…

  • Blacksofa

    Damage/Destruction porn.

  • So Namco…Where’s my Ace Combat HD collection -_-

    The way the quick time event was described could actually drag the game down unless there was a decent amount of time (see Lord of Arcana’s quick time events) and it didn’t occur a lot.

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