Hi Bandai? This Is Lucifel. God Says Make An El Shaddai Figure

By Spencer . February 4, 2011 . 12:38am

lucifelLucifel, the time traveling archangel, paid a visit to Bandai’s offices with a message. "God says… make an El Shaddai figure." After a meeting, Bandai’s staff agreed on a unique Bandai and El Shaddai collaboration.


We can’t say for sure if God swayed the corporation or if they’re capitalizing on the El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metratron meme. Either way there will be El Shaddai figures in Japan. The figure(s?) will be revealed at the Tamashii Features vol. 2 event on February 11 in Akihabara and shown in Osaka as well as Taipei shortly afterwards.



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  • Kinda of knew eventually that God would get into the video game industry.

    • Aoshi00

      I pray to the same gaming god that Play-Asia could fulfill my Gyakuten Kenji 2 LE order for the Edgeworth figure (they’re closed for Chinese New Year this week…) that way he could stand tall w/ my Love Plus nendoroids :) Figure is a dangerous hobby to get into…

      • Closed? Weren’t they saying they were going to have a sale for CNY? Happy Chinese New Year btw!

        • They have no one to package their products because everyone’s cleaning their homes(well they did that already by now), and then they have to celebrate the New Year’s with their family for the first 3 days. I learned that last part the hard way.

          • Oh. And here I thought I read something about a big sale kicking off at the end of the week… Thanks for the update. ><

        • Aoshi00

          Happy New Year of the Rabbit to you too :)!

          Yea, I learned that from their update they’re closed for 3 days (CNY’s Jan 1-3, that’s the official practice in HK), but you’re right, a big sale is coming when they re-open on 2/7, they are looking to make people spend every cent of their hard earned red pocket money lol..


      • PrinceHeir

        damn it Aoshi-kun you also have tons of Love Plus Nendroids? i envy you alot X_X

        • Aoshi00

          It was a hard decision, flipping a coin, plucking flower petals, but cuteness triumphs at the end :).. I badgered the seller into selling me all 3 (Nene/Manaka/Rinko) for $109, so $36 per Nendoroid isn’t so bad compared to other ebay sellers which sold them for higher.. Amazon Jpn has some up for much cheaper, but those sellers don’t ship overseas :(… Now I just need to clear my desk so they would be staring at me w/ their sparkly saucer eyes all the time lol.

          BTW, good thing I was lucky to order it from P-A (they didn’t have it up until the release day and now it’s sold out), YesAsia’s Edgeworth price was way too high..

    • Wackoramaco87

      Guess he wanted to spread his Graces… hurrhurr (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    • Too bad for him, there’s someone out to eat him. And his other fellow gods at that.

  • Darkrise

    Wonder if that’s also the reason Namco decided to localize Graces F.

    • Dimentionalist

      Siliconera posters will always make snarky comments about Namco, it seems. Such a cursed destiny falls upon thee, o House of Pac-Man.

      • Can we stop posting about anything Tales related in news stories that have nothing to do with Tales. Because otherwise it will become an annoying meme (if not already).

        • Scallion

          Can we stop foaming over generic JRPGs just because they’re sort of culty and obscure? Just a suggestion.

          • PrinceHeir

            Can we stop with the clueless idiot’s who keep trolling like there’s no tomorrow? just a suggestion.

        • PrinceHeir

          i agree, it seems whenever the site mentions namco, some people would either bash them or bring out tales into more topics.

          just leave the Tales discussions for Tales “NEWS” please ^^

        • SolidusSnake

          It’ll take an act of God to get the Tales fanbase to stfu.

  • I’m not quite sure if i want a figure of a galactic fabulous man on my shelf..

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