Hudson Entertainment To Close At The End Of February

By Ishaan . February 9, 2011 . 12:09am

Earlier today, Hudson Entertainment brand manager, Morgan Haro, revealed in a blog post that the company will soon be no more.


While Hudson Soft, the main company branch in Japan will continue to operate, Hudson Entertainment, which was responsible for marketing and publishing Hudson games in the U.S. — the latest being Lost in Shadow for the Wii — is being shut down at the end of the month.


In a passionate blog post explaining some of the circumstances behind the termination, Haro revealed communication issues between the company’s Japanese and U.S. divisions. “There were countless opportunities our titles weren’t taking advantage of. Numerous trends to not only watch out for and adapt to, but possibly start as well,” he wrote.


He continued “It was only at the start of 2011 did an air of change come to that communication process. But it appears it was too late.” The entire blog post can be found at the link above, and it gives some very specific insight as to what led to the sad state of affairs at Hudson today.


Hudson is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konami who also have offices in the U.S., but none of the Hudson Entertainment staff are being offered jobs at their parent company, we heard from within the company. We wish them the very best of luck.

  • Sad to hear this, given how I love their Adventure Island and #Bomberman franchises.

    I sincerely hope that Konami, Hudson’s parent company, to bring in more Hudson games outside of Japan, just like how it does in Europe. This way, we westerners would get introduced to other franchises beyond Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania, to name a few.

  • neetloaf

    I friggin’ grew up with Bomberman and Mario Party, and I recently bought and enjoyed Lost in Shadow as well.

    Any company going under is always sad news for me, but Hudson always had a special place in my heart.


    • its not some much as they are going under, its that since konami already has a US division in the theres not much sense of having two offices that are owned by the main branch open and since Konami US is a bigger office/studio than Hudson US it makes sense that the smaller one closes, it sucks either way and i wish the best for those laid off

  • Apache_Chief

    All I can say is :'(

  • Tokyo Guy

    So… what is going on with that new PC Genjin game? Is it ever going to release? Granted the character design was, IMHO horrid, but as a fan of the original games, I’ve been waiting for years to play a new installment!

    As for the closing, I don’t think people should get too fatalistic. Hudson has always worked closely with Nintendo and thus it’s probable that said company will distribute its games in the future.

  • Leave it to Konami to destroy everything they touch

  • I honestly can’t remember the last Hudson game I played. I know I played a few during the NES days and then there was the Lords of Thunder port for Sega CD. Otherwise, I’m not aware of anything they did of note within the last ten years. That said, it is sad when this happens to anyone who isn’t Double Helix.

    • Guest

      Bobobo Bo Bobobo games
      Lost in Shadow

  • Zero_Destiny

    So does this mean I won’t be able to buy anymore Bonk games? :( That’s not cool. *sigh* I better go hunt down a copy of Lost in Shadows too since I’d imagine it could go out of print because of this.

    • PrinceHeir

      hopefully they let Hudson continue some of their IP’s

      i want a new Bloody Roar Konami :P

  • Guest

    Damn it! this sucks

  • badmoogle

    I’m just glad Hudson Soft will continue to operate.Maybe Konami will do a better job marketing their games in the west.
    Coincidentally today i finally received my copy of A Shadows Tale (Lost in Shadow.)Can’t wait to start playing it!

  • What the hell?!

    Hudson made some of the best generally overlooked games this generation as far as I’m concerned, and their western arm did a good job at as the brought so many of them to the west. Will Konami’s people be up to the job?

  • maxchain

    This is terrible. And now I’m worried for the Japanese branch. They say they’ll continue to coast along, but how long will they last doing that among all the big-name studios putting out big-name games nowadays?

  • What? That’s so sad, I’ve been playing Calling and it’s really good :/

  • darkfox1

    What what about BLOODY ROAR!!! i thought that they were gonna revamp the series but if there gonna close down who is gonna do it now?? NOOOO

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