Pokémon Black/White Has Your Most Formidable Rival Yet

By Laura . February 9, 2011 . 10:28am

Welcome to a mini-chapter of our Pokémon Diary series, part of our in-depth coverage of Pokémon Black/White. This short entry deals with your encounter with N at the Dragon Spiral Tower. Spoilers ahoy!


Moving on from Sekka City, which we covered in Diary Entry #5, leads you to more trouble with Team Plasma almost immediately afterwards, and takes you into the Dragon Spiral Tower, which is a large spiral-shaped maze, similar to Ho-Oh’s Bell Tower from Pokémon Gold/Silver.


Dragon Spiral Tower was my first time meeting a Dragon type in the wild, in the form of Crimgan. Unfortunately, he’s too low-level to use effectively in battles at this point. The leveling trend in Pokémon Black/White seems to support using one team through the whole game; bringing in a new team member requires a lot of EXP Sharing and special training, and even then, the new Pokémon will probably never be at a sufficient enough level without grinding — something Pokémon Black has thus far managed to avoid.


The Dragon Spiral Tower is also home to the box cover Legendary from the “other” game (Black or White); in this case, Zekrom the black Dragon Legendary, who cuts quite an impressive figure. While his 3D model leaves something to be desired, Zekrom’s overworld sprite is huge and imposing enough on its own.


Here’s the catch, though. You can’t capture whichever of the two legendaries you encounter at this point. This is because, by the time you get to the top of the tower, N has already captured it. That’s right, your rival captures a flagship legendary Pokémon before you do.


N then challenges you to capture the remaining legendary, so that the two of you can have the ultimate showdown, and, thankfully, flies off on his new Pokémon’s back. A good thing for you, because his new pet is at least ten levels higher than your party.


With nothing more to do here, you’re forced to fly back to Resort Desert and explore the Ancient Ruins there. This is…what, the third dungeon in a row? The Ruins introduce sand traps, where you’ll get sucked down a level if you run for so much as a single step.


There’s more Team Plasma storyline here, so unfortunately I can’t delve too deeply into this section. Let’s just say that the plot is building and building! I’ve even met Adec, the Champion of Pokémon Black/White.


Once you’re done dealing with Team Plasma, it’s time to resume the journey. One badge and a Pokémon League to go!


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  • DARN!!! Where is the spoiler warning?!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      She’s put one up now, if there wasn’t one before. But since you are already here, I’ll let you personally know a bigger secret.

      Pikachu evolves into raichu!

      • It was always there. He’s just being his usual ignorant self.

  • Oh cool, that’s unexpected and gives a nice plot, I like how Black and White goes the more plotrelated and less grinding route, though kinda sad that the later Pokemons you capture can’t be as hardcore as your starters(most cool ones come in far late in the game).

  • Lies! D: Training low levels via de exp. Share is easy here and they can get pretty fast to your team levels, I start training a Kibago at this point, with a little backtracking it was able to fight on the elite-4 as an awesome ononokusu, which helped a lot there.

    • LastFootnote

      I’m a little surprised that both you and the author of the article aren’t using the English names yet.

      Crimgan = Druddigon
      Kibago = Axew
      Ononokusu = Haxorus

      Come to think of it, this is a really Dragon-centric discussion! :)

      • Well playing the game made me fond if the japanese games as I’m always reading thdm, only Axew is official, I hate mostof the localized names but will grow used to them sooner or later. I simply prefer the Originalnames as they are the ones I read everytime I play.

        • Pichi

          Serebii has been given the okay to show the whole list, so its official in a “hidden” way.

          This is why I wait for most Pokemon information closer to release. Easier to learn just one set of names.

          • But dont you feel that the element of surprise is taken away when you get all the official names and appearances of the Pokemon before playing the game?

          • Pichi

            Depends on what type of elements means most to you when it comes to surprises. Pokemon and their names aren’t high on my list. Its mainly the atmosphere, battles, gameplay features, etc.

          • It gives you a good look at which version fits you more(version exclusive Pokemon) if you don’t buy both.

          • Serebii IT’S NOT official, first. Second, I don’t care really, I liked the original names more, I’m playing it in Japanese and those are the ones I read everyday I turn on my DS. And I dunno ALL of them, As I haven’t spoiled myself on those that are still secret, I know about Genosect but haven’t looked at it and I hope to stay that way until it is revealed.

          • Pichi

            To be sure, have you only looked at the names official sources have announced only or did you look at the leak list in full?

            Personally, the names are pretty good overall. I feel some fans aren’t giving them a chance, especially when they don’t know the origin of the name/pun.

          • Only official sources, prefer a lot of originals over the localized one, Mijumaru for example, but well, might be because I played the Japanese game first, but maybe not, I still prefer Poochama over Piplup. :/

          • Pichi

            That’s understandable, especially if you been exposed for a long time or just know the language and easier to understand the Japanese puns. Or just preference, as you say.

            Didn’t like how some pokemon sites have romanji different from each other, thus making it difficult to understand some of the pokemon with very different interpretations. That’s why I manly just wait for English versions.

      • Well Ms. Laura said she doesn’t use the ENG names for the sake of consistency. I love Axew though,it sounds so cool and looks awesome.

      • “Hax”orus?

  • I’ve always been a fan of rivals in Pokemon games, and there are times when I’ll like them more than the trainers I’m playing as. But snatching a legendary in front of you, now that’s something.

  • What? No one beats Gary Oak as the most formidable rival because he’s the Gary effing Oak!

    • d19xx

      Gary Oak, you can’t ignore his girth.

  • Green was here
    BW Rival is a loser

  • Suicunesol

    Actually, I digress regarding leveling-up Pokemon late in the game. This game makes things much more convenient when leveling up low-level Pokemon due to a better EXP sharing system and the ability to get the Lucky Egg at a somewhat early point. Thus, some grinding is involved, but MUCH less than you’d think.

    • Heh, that’s cool to hear, I had a little fear that most endgame Pokemon would end up being useless, but it seems that is not the case phew~

  • cass_c

    ‘The leveling trend in Pokémon Black/White seems to support using one team through the whole game; bringing in a new team member requires a lot of EXP Sharing and special training, and even then, the new Pokémon will probably never be at a sufficient enough level without grinding — something Pokémon Black has thus far managed to avoid.’

    is it just me, or does that not make any sense?
    is there more or less of a grind in black/white compared to the older games? o-o

    • adam483t

      I’m with you too…it’s confusing.

    • Yesshua

      Translation: there is no grinding necessary if one carries a single team through the entire game (so far). There is considerable grinding necessary if one hopes to level more than a select handful of pokemon along the way.

      • cass_c

        okay, thanks for clarifying. :D
        the wording was really awful.

  • Someone leaked the English names of the Elite 4 members!


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