This Week In Sales: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Prosecutes The Competition

By Ishaan . February 9, 2011 . 4:31pm

If there’s one thing the week of January 31st – February 6th demonstrates, it’s the power of a brand and marketing, with Ace Attorney Investigations 2 topping the sales chart for the week at 132,000 units.


Ace Attorney Investigations:


For the sake of comparison, Capcom’s previous DS adventure game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, debuted at a mere 24,000 units. The original Ace Attorney Investigations, however, sold a whopping 172,000 units in its first week.


In a recent Capcom media strategy report, the company revealed that it has been aggressively promoting the Ace Attorney franchise through various events in Japan, such as live plays, which have been attracting a broader, non-traditional audience (including women) to it.


As a result, sales of the original Ace Attorney Investigations were higher than expected, and character-based merchandise has been performing favourably as well. While Ace Attorney Investigations 2 debuted at lower figures than its predecessor, Capcom have recently stated that they plan to continue promoting the brand in the future as a mid-range franchise, along with Sengoku Basara.


Everything else:


Meanwhile, The Last Story dropped precipitously from #1 last week, all the way down to #7 this week, with a fraction of its first week sales. The same could be said for Valkyria Chronicles 3, down to #8 and facing more than its share of competition from other PSP games (six in the top-ten alone). Of all the games released last week, Kenka Bancho 5 appears to have had the best staying power, only dropping from #4 to #5.


The number of PSP games on the chart (twelve in total) is pretty astounding. As DS releases slow down and publishers move to the other viable portable platform, we’re seeing publishers like Namco Bandai put one PSP game out after another.


The top-20 sales chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 132,266 New DS Capcom
New 02. Macross Triangle Frontier 55,513 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 03. White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars 40,603 New PSP Sony
New 04. Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden 31,108 New PSP Namco Bandai
04. 05. Kenka Bancho 5 28,000 86,978 PSP Spike
07. 06. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd 27,861 4,156,138 PSP Capcom
01. 07. The Last Story 19,178 133,900 Wii Nintendo
02. 08. Valkyria Chronicles 3 17,927 120,705 PSP Sega
10. 09. Donkey Kong Country Returns 16,493 790,386 Wii Nintendo
03. 10. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute Portable 11,721 100,214 PSP Namco Bandai
16. 11. Pokémon Black/White 10,795 5,061,434 DS Nintendo
06. 12. Dragon Age: Origins 10,517 53,371 PS3 Spike
14. 13. Wii Party 9,678 1,777,102 Wii Nintendo
21. 14. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 9,301 162,901 PSP Konami
05. 15. A Certain Magical Index 8,863 64,880 PSP ASCII Media Works
08. 16. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix 8,430 106,276 PSP Square Enix
22. 17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 8,229 435,122 PS3 Konami
18. 18. Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer 7,595 467,561 DS Level 5
17. 19. Inazuma Eleven 3: Challenge the World – The Ogre 7,165 395,515 DS Level 5
New 20. Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Grammnad 2 5,564 New PSP Gust


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media-Create, with additional sales insights gathered from

  • Testsubject909

    Take that?

    HOLD IT!

    Why yes. Yes I do believe I will. On Day 1……

    And I’m not surprised about the sales going up so high for it. For one thing, the story’s got me curious and I’m anticipating what addition might be done in the franchise’s mechanics… And my brain’s been itching for another courtroom drama damnit!

    And I wonder if it’ll have multiple endings too, what with the choice Edgeworth is faced with…

    Can’t… wait…

    • mirumu

      I feel much the same way. Ace Attorney is one of the few series I’ll just buy without even knowing much about the game because all the others have been so enjoyable. Soooo looking forward to this.

  • malek86

    Not too encouraging about TLS. Although it was to be expected, almost all RPGs are frontloaded. I guess those talking about selling out and second shipment were too optimistic.

    Also sucks about Atelier Violet, I guess.

    • Yui

      I think I should also bring up the fact that WKC Portable has sold a fraction of what its predecessors did during their releases. WKC sold >200k, WKC2 sold >175k, and poor WKC Portable only hit >40k in its first week. That must suck. :(

  • Will the last story even hit 200k? But wow, Dragon Age Origins remains on the chart, truly that stands as a testament to its fantastic quality.

    • malek86

      Should make it eventually. Xenoblade managed to almost double its starting sales. It might depend on word of mouth though.

      And if it’s true that the second shipment was 70k, then it will at least sell that much, even if they have to slash the price for it (like for Ni no Kuni).

      • Tokyo Guy

        Was there a second shipment? There was an incorrect rumor going around the Internet that the game had sold out immediately, but it was totally false. It never sold out and copies have been plentiful everywhere.

        • malek86

          There wasn’t? Well, how much was the first shipment then? We should be able to at least know that much.

          I remember MC used to give sell-through percentages. What happened to that?

          • Actually, The Last Story did indeed receive a second shipment. Famitsu indicated that the The Last story’s first day sales were 75,490 and that it represented 59.8% of it’s first shipment. Based on this, it could be said that the TLS’s first shipment was around 125,000. Dengeki, also indirectly revealed that the TLS’s second shipment is around (at the very least) 40,000.

            Even though TLS wasn’t completely sold out, having a 90% sell through of it’s first shipment is essentially the same thing.

    • hystzen

      Dragon Age was released January 27, 2011 in Japan. It been out round rest world since november 09

  • ragnarok989

    Isn’t Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden a DS game?

  • Nice! love Ace Attorney series

  • Oh wow. That’s quite the drop for The Last Story.

  • Tokyo Guy

    A few things here.

    1. It’s great to see Gyakuten Kenji debut with higher sales than the original. I think the series as a whole is an entertaining, creative approach to a subject matter that most people wouldn’t ever think twice about. It’s a novel spin on the detective genre.

    Unfortunately, I can see the game sitting in bargain bins in another two weeks or so and hence have used self control in deciding to buy it. Sofmap in particular already has the game around 10% under the “MSRP”.

    2. The Last Story… While I admit the game is fun and has a lot of thought and effort put into it, honestly speaking there is nothing special about it that would in any way serve to move units. That is to say, the game lacks any real mainstream catch that would generate sales in the hundreds of thousands range, or dare I say, millions. I think it’s safe to say this game failed to perform outside its comfort zone. Those people who like Sakaguchi no doubt bought it, as did some who have a Wii and like RPGs. But in no way did it perform in a ground breaking fashion a la FF7 or anything like that.

    Nintendo vested a lot of its own money into this project and thus I think the company needs to take a good hard look at the situation on the whole. The Wii has the largest installed user base of all three major consoles and yet a new RPG performed this “poorly”.

    It is unfortunate on multiple levels because on the one hand it means they are less likely to do this again in the future, and on the other companies are less likely to release RPGs for Nintendo consoles. Not only that, but it even seems to suggest 3rd party companies shouldn’t bother with Nintendo’s home consoles at all. There is much more money to be made on the portables which have smaller budgets and potentially higher sales.

    I truly wonder what Sakaguchi was anticipating with this title. Maybe the sales are on target. But given the amount of time, money, energy, and recognition behind the project, I can’t help but think he is upset.

    • Well maybe Dragon Quest X will be a breakaway hit!

      • Zero_Destiny

        You mean Of course Dragon Quest X will sell more than any other Wii game has ever sold before.XD

        • Tokyo Guy

          I should hope that by the time Dragon Quest 10 releases the Wii will have been replaced. Like it or not, Nintendo really has to do something about the Wii’s archaic hardware and the fact that now most people have HDTVs.

    • Aoshi00

      It is sad, on one hand, you still have any game w/ the name FF or DQ on it guaranteeing sales in the millions, while Sakaguchi was actually the guy that created the franchise that S-E is milking to death right now, while all these projects he pours his heart and soul into aren’t really selling (and deserve to sell much more). Sales-wise, BD, LO, ASH (which bombed on the DS? even though I liked it a lot), and now Last Story, guess the guy just isn’t getting any break, hope he wouldn’t retire.. he should be the guy who needs to do a real FF w/ Uematsu anyway..I’ve played more Last Story in the last few days (~14 hours, after the trial), it’s quite fun, couldn’t help but imagine how much more enjoyable it would be if it has HD graphics like Lost Odyssey, and achievement like how fast you could finish a battle, meeting certain condition.. also I think the gameplay could benefit from force feedback to make it feel more exciting.. on a HD TV sometimes it’s kind of a blurry mess when the action gets crazy.. everything was pretty much what I expected of the game. The occasional pre-rendered FMVs are real nice, which Xenoblade doesn’t have, or need since its real time movies are pretty awesome.I went back to play a couple more hours of Xenoblade, still early though.. I agree w/ what you said before, the game looks freaking amazing (the boss battles and cutscenes get you pumped).. there’s almost like no loading screen at all for that huge world, wonder how they did it.. both games are good and different so you can’t really compare them other than being big Wii RPGs from two masters Takahashi and the Gooch.I haven’t gotten my copy of Gyakuten Kenji 2 yet, from the demo it feels pretty much like the first game, the chess pieces doesn’t seem like adding anything new other than a time limit when you press your witness, still not as exciting as the origianl triology.. wonder how important a role the female judge even plays.. they are pushing it though, w/ the drama CD and theme park.. if you like the arranged music CD you should still get the collector’s edition though, I’m sure you would have no prob getting it cheap later, they don’t seem that limited.

    • The main problem i see with the Last story is Story, and characters’s personalities… (specially main characters where is one of the most important part of a game)
      The only thing that attracts me is the battles, and in those kind of games i sometimes stop playing it at the middle or something. I mean, if the gameplay is epic and the story is even cooler, or at least different, new, man, it would make people talk and recommend it, im sure those are the kind of thing that makes people talk to others about X game, but if they just think the battles are pretty cool, but the story is pretty standard on the margins, they will just enjoy it, beat it, and go with the next one.

      I seriously cant see anything special from the story yet… I think one of the things that moved FF7 so much, was not only the new 3D style rpgs (or battles, i know a lot of friends that get bored with turn based battles, but they still said they liked FF7), was its crazy, great and unique story, +different and with strong personality characters.

      • Aoshi00

        I dunno, I’ve played for about 14 hours and like the chars and their personalities so far, no one’s annoying like FF13… they’re not that unique, but they’re very enjoyable and likable.. it feels like a traditional Sakaguchi RPG, Kanan is a bit like Dagger/Garnet too right? I think she’s cute. The star gazing tower scene was done quite beautifully. The attention to details I really appreciate.I actually do want to keep playing to find out where the story is going.. the little talks are funny. Manamia’s always going about how hungry she is and always thinks about nothing but food wherever she goes.. Elza and Kanan are a pretty good couple, the main char doesn’t sulk.. Quark is the big bro (I can see where the story is going w/ him), Yuris, Seiren, Jackal, and all the supporting cast are pretty interesting and fun. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, not sure if there would be more twists later, but I don’t see anything I dislike.. I like how they present the story, you get to know a little bit more about everyone as the story progresses. I actually want to play more, I can’t stand playing an hour or two on a weekday evening.. They actually didn’t go very deep w/ the chars in Xenoblade too, at least from the 18 hrs I’ve played, but that game overall felt more epic w/ its setting fighting the giant mechs, while the Last Story feels more personal to me.The only thing I kinda wish is it has better HD graphics, I’m not graphics whore, but the kind of real time gameplay would really benefit from better graphics since the battles could get pretty hectic and crowded, sometimes the SD blurry battles are a bit hard to see.

        Above all, I really like the voice acting, quite well done, again makes me wish the Jpn dub of Lost Odyssey had this kind of quality acting (but the Eng dub was good).. that would’ve made LO perfect..

        • hehe yeah, i guess it all depends on people’s point of view, for me the story is OK, but is not something like… i dunno…

          Wild Arms 2 for me, where i just had to keep on going, i couldnt stop!, to see wtf will happen to Ashley who has been possesed by a demon, how does the people around him deal with that, and how he tries to use that power for his purposes, a guy that they call a hero but they want him dead, a little mage girl behind the shadow of her big sister (And even fell in love with Ashely but that pair could never happen D:).

          And all those characters and more gathered by a man whom we know nothing, creating a group called ARMS.

          And then with all the Anastasia stuff, and how DISC 1 ends, and and how Ashley seems to be connected to Anastasia because of her sword, a sword that nobody could take out of the ground it was thrusted in. But Ashley could do it, the second time he tried, after he was possesed by a demon (and he was in demon form).


          Or giving a more bigger example, persona 3, i remember i even talked about it alot to my little brother, and he isnt that much in games like i am. I think that game is a good example of the mouth to mouth power

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yeah, I have to agree with you. The characters are so horribly cliched, even for JRPGs. I had trouble accepting the idea that the same man who created Lost Odyssey could take such a step backwards and make this. I mean, LO had a very unorthodox story with a cast of very different characters, and then complimented that with the backstory about Kaim; in addition the female character was very strong. But TLS…first the total rehash of FFIX’s introduction which at least made me think the female lead would be stronger, but she is immediately reduced to a whining, powerless damsel in distress. Such a waste.

        And none of the other characters really seem to have a “deep connection”, so to speak. The game feels more like a bunch of random people who are together off-and-on for a few shared experiences. I mean, one of the characters basically isn’t in the game for like 8 hours, and then the story puts them back in. It feels like a faulted version of the story progression used in Final Fantasy 4.

        And I TOTALLY agree with the gameplay issue. I have stopped playing TLS because the only thing it had going for it (for me) was the gameplay, but I lost interest. I will probably go back later, but have no burning desire to see what happens. The story doesn’t interest me in the slightest; there isn’t any real depth to it, rather it seems to be very simplistic.

        Also, IMHO the gameplay is a total let down. Absolutely no system whatsoever. At least LO had the rings you could equip which, while very basic, was something. With TLS, it seems like the only thing Sakaguchi cared about was the clothing which, while a neat addition, leaves so much to be desired with the horribly limited diversity. (Seriously, why is it that almost every chest is the SAME 4 armor types, over and over?)

    • kylehyde

      Well I don’t think that this situation is only exclusive to Wii, I think that is more about franchises, like Aoshi said, if the game doesn’t have DQ, FF, MH or any stablished franchise in their names it will have problems to sell.

      I think that still is to early to say that the result would make upset Sakaguchi upset or said that it failed.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yes, that’s true. But at the same time, that was the point of having Nintendo market it, to get better exposure. If the game sells 200,000 copies at about 5,000 yen per copy, that’s a fair amount of money, but then again how much did the game cost to make?

        While I highly doubt Sakaguchi is interested in sales figures per se, he most likely is interested in the general reception. Strong sales and lots of praise mean that he can feel happy about his work and yet everything he said about the game prior to the release made it seem like he was trying to make the second coming of Final Fantasy. I think it’s fair to say he didn’t.

        Again I ask why he let the game fall on some levels. He is capable of better characters for example, yet the game reduces itself to clichés. The music, while by no means badt, doesn’t really have a memorable score as it’s more cinematic as opposed melodic. Design wise it looks fantastic but the antiquated hardware kindkind of kills the detail and polish.

        I don’t think that TLS is a bad game by any means, but it’s not exceptional or even seminal. It doesn’t really stand out from any other recent game except for the fact that Sakaguchi has his name on it, at least not in my opinion.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m not sure what you mean by 2nd coming of Final Fantasy though. If you mean in terms of sales, a new IP could never sell millions on day 1 no questions asked, even a game as good as Xenoblade can’t. People see the name FF (same for DQ/MH), they don’t see Sakaguchi anymore even though he was the original creator, S-E has snatched that brand away from him. And all the games he did so far (BD, LO, ASH, LS) felt like they have more of the original FF spirit to me. The story is pretty good, how many hours have you played? I’ve played 2 more hrs tonight and got past the haunted house (we see a different side of Yuris :), reminds me of Lost Odyssey when Kaim went to save Sara. I think any game would have stock type chars if you look at it that way. It all comes down to if they feel human or enjoyable, the humors here and there are funny and cute I thought.. Elza is a pretty good and likable main chars in terms of JRPG. I guess I could only say that, to me, Last Story (or Xenoblade) alrdy is more fun than FF11, 12, 13, & 14 (the last decade) combined, so both Lost Odyssey and Last Story felt kind of like the real Final Fantasy to me, even if their sales could never be like S-E’s FFs now. I mean, just look at the title, Lost Odyssey, Last Story, people thought it’s lame like “Final” “Fantasy”, but sadly we all know no new IPs would sell like a brand that’s been established for 20 yrs. So it’s a bit hard to define whether it’s a Final Fantasy killer..I mean there are things that could make this game better, namely the graphics, since we’ve all been playing HD games for what 4-5 yrs now, so being on the Wii is a step back. It is what it is, a game made w/ good design except its budget is only a fraction of S-E’s numbered FF w/ Advent Children level cutscenes.Lost Odyssey was good, the turn based system was challenging, and of course it looks good on the 360. Story-wise, I would say it has the advantage of having 30+ novellas that let player explore the past of the immortals more, if you took those away, the main story would’ve felt a bit underwhelmed as well. So far I liked the narrative of Last Story so far, and there are enough things to do like exploring the town, talking to locals and doing sidequests.. the only complaint if it could be called that would be as you said, the game was limited by the dated hardware (Imagine Gears of War w/ Wii graphics, and Last Story’s gameplay is heavily influenced by Gears)Truth of the matter is, even w/ Nintendo’s advertising, I never expected Last Story to sell well, given the current state of RPG install base. of course I cheered for Sakaguchi because he has brought me so many enjoyable games while nobody made next gen games like Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey anymore, but the thing is no matter what system it’s on (360, DS, Wii), it ain’t selling like the million seller Final Fantasy, people always buy the “next one” just like every new iteration of Apple gadget. P.S. sry for keeping adding to my post… but look at Gyakuten Kenji, sure advertising helps, but the “Gyakuten” brand power also helps, because even though this sequel is not much different from the first, people see Edgeworth and remember they like Phoenix, they just have no problem buying it. Just like Final Fantasy, doesn’t matter who’s the char designer, who’s the composer, who’s the director, the brand has taken a life of its own.. and new IPs people just don’t rush out to buy it even if there’s good word of mouth.For me, I play Xenoblade because of the gameplay, but for Last Story, I do play for the story and chars, even though the gameplay is good as well (though no perfect). Xenoblade has the perfect real-time/turn based battle system though.I think the casting/acting in Last Story is excellent, while the Jpn dub of Lost Odyssey almost needs to be redubbed w/ real seiyuu, some performances were good, but it was not consistent.

      • ShinGundam

        I don’t think it has anything to do with DQ,FF, MH or whatever. The real problem is that the user base who play RPG games spread too much than before because we have more consoles than before.

  • endaround

    I would think Sega would be happy with how VC3 is selling. Not as happy as Namco Bandai must be with My Little Sister..Portable of course.

  • HarryHodd

    I said last week that the Last Story and VC3 sales are somewhat disappointing. This week confirms Last Story not having much of an impact at all and VC3 selling less on its second week than VC1 and VC2.

    • What are you talking about? VC3 is outselling VC1 week-on-week so far. It’s on track to do better than VC1 did (which isn’t surprising given how strong that brand is now).

  • Ghost Trick didn’t do very well? Ok, time to buy a copy.

  • Saraneth

    I notice that My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute is selling better than Pokemon Black/White.

    • Yui

      True! I guess it’s a testament to the fact that nothing lasts forever, not even the massive sales rush a Pokémon game pair will have. :D

      Now, Monster Hunter, that’s probably something different entirely. ;P

  • Yyyyyyeouch on Atelier Violet. I mean, it’s basically an enhanced reprinting of a 2003 game on the PSP, but good lord I imagine they hoped it’d push more than six thousand units in its opening week. That certainly doesn’t bode well for making a case for it overseas.

    Good to see VC3 doing well, though; it looks like that brand is pretty well-established at this point, and they sell more with every release. Let’s hope they don’t run it into the ground!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Yay, my namsake franchise still sells like hotcakes~

    And it really is awesome to see Ni no Kuni lasting this long. Perhaps The Last Story will have a similar fate if word of mouth is good?

    • The thing is, I haven’t heard many people liking it.

      • HarryHodd

        I think Last Story tried to “Gears of War” itself too much and ended with a short, easy, brown game that falls outside what typically sells big numbers in Japan. It’s probably not going to have legs.

        • Aoshi00

          There’s actually quite much customization in chars’ attire. One thing you could do to make the outfits more colorful is to collect the materials to give to the dyer to get new palette. I like the look of the game, it just wasn’t in HD. I doubt it’s the color palette that make the game not sell though, Xenoblade was plently colorful, it didn’t sell a ton either.

      • Aoshi00

        Well, the overall reviews are positive on Amazon Jpn, the graphics look good for the Wii, the music is good, the chars/dialogue are likable and it has a good atmosphere, and the gameplay is pretty unique and fun, the boss fights are especially well thought out w/ some strategic element. Who have you heard that said didn’t like the game? I think I’m about half way in Last Story for the main quest, liking it quite much so far, not perfect I must admit (the camera angle could be better when the battles get hectic), but still very fun and enjoyable. To me it’s kind of like the old FFs.. It might not be game of the year, but still a good game, and not a bad game by any stretch.…Xenoblade was a universally liked game (it was indeed very very good and blew many RPGs out of the water), but it didn’t sell that much either.. So I don’t know if the sales number of an IP is an indication of the quality of a game, compared to safe bets that are the sequels in a famous franchise. The truth is as much as I cheer for the Gooch and that we would get a US localization, I really never thought this game would sell a lot even w/ Nintendo’s backing.

    • kylehyde

      I hope that too.

  • The Last Story… 19 178 copies… :( Come on japanese people ! WTF !? You don’t want Nintendo to release it overseas ???

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully The Last Story and Valkyria 3 sells more in the coming weeks.

    Ace Attorney FTW :P

    cannot wait for the crossover game with layton :)

  • ShinGundam

    Sakaguchi had a good run.
    Saraba tomoyo~

  • Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Grammnad 2…Ouch that’s one hell of a poor debut.

    Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer still hanging on. You go the cult classic train that said it could :D

    Ace Attorney Investigations 2. The first installment wasn’t great (the last chapter went on for way too long) but it had it’s moments and I am slightly excited for the sequel. Glad – but not surprised – to see it do very well. I expect it to hit a sudden drop.

    The Last Story. Well the magic has seemingly worn off and I guess we won’t be seeing it in the west unless Sakaguchi thinks it could sell well (and with a lack of RPG’s recently it could be a gamble worth taking).

    • Aoshi00

      I felt the same here, the last chapter for Investigations dragged on way too long which made me put down the game for several times before finishing it. I liked it because of the return of all the old chars from the trilogy compared to Apollo where they’re all gone. I tried the demo, 2 seems to be pretty much the same, I just hope the female judge plays an important role considering Investigation doesn’t have the trial part. The chess pieces are basically just time limit in how aggressive you press your witness/opponent. They kinda dragged the last chapter for the first Phoenix too, but at least that was an extra chapter added to the DS port and was more interesting. I still got Gyakuten Kenji 2 though since I liked the first game okay, and I wanted the arrange CD and DVD.

      I think Last Story would sell a bit more, but would have the same fate of Xenoblade, like any other IP that’s not the next installment in a famous franchise. It might not fare as well as Xenoblade, because Xenoblade at least has “Xeno-” in the title.. I hope LS would get localized one day, unlike ASH on the DS, I wouldn’t mind playing it in Eng. again.. hopefully I could finish it this weekend, or the next on President’s Day :)

      • At least with the “last” case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney it was constantly exciting and actually made a lot of sense. This was due to the characters and awesome music as well the tension being done well.

        Most of the characters in Investigations weren’t as exciting or came across flat. At least the last case had one good twist in it.

        I think the Xeno brand dosen’t carry as much weight as it use to in Europe. But with solid marketing that and the Last Story could do well.

  • there’s a mistake Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden is not a psp game, it’s a ds game

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