Europe’s Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy Collector’s Pack Cracked Open

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 10:07am

When it comes to Square Enix PSP releases Europe always seems to get some kind of collector’s edition. Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy is no exception.




This collector’s pack opens up with artwork with the Cosmos and Chaos characters, special cover art for the PSP game, six lithograph prints of new Cosmos characters, a discount code for Final Fantasy on PSN, and a code to get two downloadable costumes. The Tifa outfit is a first print bonus in Japan. In the same region, the Squall costume is part of a Shonen Jump promotion. There’s a vanilla version of Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy which comes with none of the bonuses. The PSP fighting game lands in PAL territories on March 25.


Square Enix has not announced any details about the extra Tifa or Squall costumes for North America at this time.

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  • MisterDandylion

    I so wanna play as Cowgirl Tifa :3 hahaha

  • Actually fantastic bonuses with the Limited Edition, though I guess many will bemoan the fact that there’s no OST bundled in. I love the “six lithograph prints of new Cosmos characters” :D

    • PrinceHeir

      we need those bonuses and costumes :(

      off topic:

      oh and btw have any of you bought MVC3? i just got my copy as in right now from my local store, will play it later with my brother.

      sooo awesome :)

      • I want those Lithographs Thingys. So I can draw them. :3 The drawer in me demands it….
        And from it looks like the EU cover has the new characters drawn just like the First Dissidia Cover. O_O Why can’t the NA version be like that. If it’s reversible.. T_T (sits in corner)

        Off topic:
        I have MvC 3 as well. :3 Flashy ftw. Though I’m watching my older brother play it to “demo” the game since he doesn’t have it yet. He had used Ryu and murder Amaterasu before my eyes. T_T

    • Izludicus

      I think I’ll get over the lack of an OST, damn mini-cds don’t go in the disk drive anyhows.

      No doubt they’ll go up on the US PSN at some point though.

  • joesz

    This is what I call a “Goodasim”

  • badmoogle

    No art book or mini soundtrack?I think the CE of the first game was better.

  • Barrit

    Looks like I will have to buy 2 copies of the game. The UK Legacy edition for the bonuses and the US version to play with a couple people I know.

  • glemtvapen

    And the US gets screwed… again.

    Oh well.

  • Probably unrelated to the news at hand, but look at this:

    EDIT: Is that “Leon” from Kingdom Hearts I see in that DLC Voucher?

  • I’m really pleased to be getting the KH!Leon and new Tifa costumes ~ but I must admit I’m kind of a little sad it’s not Cloud’s KH costume.

    Fingers crossed for DLC.

  • karasuKumo

    I shall be getting this for the price of the regular edition MWAHAHAHAH!! It is good to see they are keeping it original instead of the usual artbook/sound-selection combo.

  • Yui

    Oh, SE. See, things like this are why I’m willing to love you so much, and never hold your mistakes against you, like an abusive spouse. You mix the perfect highs with some pretty shocking lows, but I don’t care. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. :D

    Especially for the prints. ;P

  • Orhyea~!! Lol.. I am excited now…But too bad we do not get soundtrack this time round.. Guess I have to save my money to import it.. XD

    But, I really want to know when we will be getting FFIV Complete…

  • Hey, SE, where’s our limited edition?
    No faaaaaaaaaaaaair.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Wow, that’s a nice LE. Well I’m going to get it sooner rather then later, I was so pleased when I got the Birth by Sleep one on day 1.

  • Guest

    So has Square-Enix NA ever explained why they refuse to release LE stuff like the European branch? This is getting kind of stupid. It’s great that folks in the UK get all this cool stuff, but I don’t see why the NA office can’t give us the same.

    Someone needs to go bug Sonia Im for an explanation.

  • 3DS, Ar Tonelico Qoga, and now this? I wonder how much of my money will be raped next month.

    £169.99 + £32.49 + £23.85 = £226.33 ;_;

    To be honest it depend because the voucher code I used for 3DS may cause that order to be canceled due to unlawful use of voucher for retail I’m preordering it for. Now back to the topic, I feel sad that Square Enix couldn’t think of any better collector’s edition than some printed card no one will look. I guess this is how Square Enix decide to draw it’s buyer into buying these Collector’s edition. Just remember I said that Final Fantasy IV PSP collector edition for europe will be some sort of post card (said something like this in previous square enix collectors related article). Zavvi only has the collector’s edition so I guess I have no choice but to buy this edition =/

    • Ephidel

      Actually, Zavvi has both the regular and Legacy editions listed… they’re just exactly the same price which makes choosing the Legacy edition that much easier ;)

      • well then the so called “legacy edition” is better. *sigh

      • Whoa, thanks for the tip about Zavvi! Was going to purchase this off Amazon but since the Zavvi one is cheaper I’m definitely getting it from there. :)

  • kupomogli

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind why the US almost never gets a Square Enix collector’s edition packaging?

  • Wait so basically this is the legacy edition?
    The bonuses are brilliant especially the lithographs..

  • I have to admit, you’re never going to hear me refusing a SE soundtrack/artbook, but hey, it’s the same price as the vanilla version on Zavvi and bonuses at no extra price is waayyy better than a kick in the teeth, right?

    Costumes and pretty images of Light-er, I mean everyone-to look at get a definite thumbs up from me. :)

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