A Message From Mega Man Legends 3’s Director

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 12:04pm

Masakazu Eguchi, director of Mega Man Legends 3, was recently subjected to one of his superiors’ opinions on the Legends 3 Project fan-collaboration effort Capcom have been carrying out these last few months.


“Staff blogs notwithstanding, there’s still a lot of distance between the Dev team and the Devroom users, and frankly, it’s boring,” the unnamed superior had told Eguchi. It turns out, Eguchi himself, too, feels this way.


From now on, Eguchi says, Capcom’s communication with fans will be less soft-spoken…less like an advertisement and more like the collaborative development process that it should be if they want to make an impact on fans and make them feel like they’re involved with the project.


“I’m sure we could get through this and have a decently fun time if I went on thinking of our Devroom users as “customers”, tip-toeing around so as not to be disliked,” Eguchi writes on the Legends 3 development blog. “But as this is a project in which all of us are developing the game together, that’s not going to be enough.”


Eguchi says he wants the fans and the development team to share in each others’ joys as well as griefs throughout the development process. He then reveals that on February 22nd, there will be a company meeting where the devteam will submit Legends 3 to undergo the greenlighting (approval) process at Capcom.

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  • godmars

    Wonder how they’d take suggestions for a PS3 version?

    Just asking…

    • Seeing as how it’s taken this long just to convince the company to go ahead with a portable version of a Legends game, I highly doubt they’re thinking about any sort of console at the moment.

      • godmars

        Then what about a PSP/NGP version, since the 3DS one will certainly require a touchscreen.

        Then again, the NGP will have one.

    • and real gamers play on 360 anyway. Ghetto posers are on PS3

      • godmars


      • neo_firenze

        Take it somewhere else. We don’t really do that system war garbage here on Siliconera…

        • Ren

          Yup, although feel free to come here to whine the games you like aren’t being released on the consoles. We all ended up doing it at some point.

      • I believe you’re on the wrong website, sir. Kotaku is that way.

  • Feynman

    Soooo… after (allegedly) being told the staff blogs sound too much like advertisements, the response is a long post that sounds exactly like a big advertisement? Way to go.

    I love the bit at the end about the “greenlighting” process. I smell a PR stunt.

    Granted the whole project is essentially a giant PR stunt. Still, my spidey sense is tingling.

    • Apollonis

      Telling us when they’re going to submit an initial build of the game is a PR stunt? I actually like the fan involvement so far, it tells me that they respect how much the series means to people that they’re willing to let them in on crafting some pieces of the world.

    • I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but the video games industry is a business first and entertainment second. So Capcom are indeed adverstising and perhaps doing a PR move in one fell swoop. But it’s also a way for the staff members, who actually are passionate about the fans, to reach out and get them involved as a way of saying thanks.

      So it’s a happy compromise the MML3 team have found.

      • JustaGenericUser

        “I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but the video games industry is a business first and entertainment first.”

        Good thing we don’t have no stinkin’ second-placers.

        • Oops >_< I was playing Grand Fantasia so I was somewhat not concentrating lol

      • Feynman

        Oh, I like some of the fan stuff they’ve done, like the heroine vote and the mecha design contest, but this blog post in particular just seems off. The whole post has a really rehearsed tone, which makes it sound like a glorified advert. This amuses me, because one of the first things the he says is in regards to how the staff was told to sound less phony, less like said advertisements.

  • how do i become a servbot? i wanna help!! >.<

    • I think all you need to do is become a Capcom Unity community member.

  • Honestly, I’ve never played a Megaman game before. I might not ever. But I keep up with anything related to this game, because it’s the first time I’ve seen a game so dedicated to it’s fans. I’ve always wondered what kind of game would come to be, if the fans were allowed to tamper with it. And here it is! Way to strengthen your loyal fanbase, Capcom.

  • Man… *Sees Amazon ad* So I could sell my Legends 2 for near $90 now. Yeek.

    • Apache_Chief

      Wow, you’re right. I wonder how much Misadventures of Tron Bonne would go for…

  • PrinceHeir

    as much as i love the legends revival what about Strider, Chaos Legion or Onimusha? hopefully capcom does something about those IP’s as well as God Hand and Killer 7 :P

    • neo_firenze

      Yoshinori Ono seems to agree that Onimusha is due for a return… http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/114/1148045p1.html

      I’d love to see that happen, I agree that it’s time.

      • Sadly, the only thing that stands in the way for a return of #Onimusha, specifically Samanosuke’s return, is royalty issues with Takeshi Kaneshiro.

        • z_merquise

          Not really. In the last Onimusha game, Dawn of Dreams, one of the main characters named Tenkai was actually Samanosuke and they didn’t use actor Takeshi Kaneshiro’s likeness for that. I think that won’t be an issue if they did revive Onimusha.

  • I want to play legend 2 first … if there any remake?

  • Long before Megaman Legends 3 got announced, I previously called 2018, being its release date; now, as long as Capcom is taking its time wisely, I can see winning it a major award.

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