It’s A Monster Eat Monster World In UnchainBlades ReXX

By Spencer . February 16, 2011 . 11:32am

fang UnchainBlades ReXX, the Nintendo 3DS/PSP dungeon RPG in the works led by staff from Grandia and Lunar, takes place in a world of monsters created by the goddess Crunea. Out of all the monsters in the world, Fang the dragon emperor was the most powerful. However, his arrogant attitude angered Crunea who turned transformed him into a human, an effect that made Fang lose his powers. The theme of UnchainBlades ReXX is a "know your true strength RPG" and it seems like restoring Fang’s powers is a central point in the story.


Shining series artist pako created Fang. Each character in UnchainBlades ReXX is designed by a famous artist. Tiana, a creation by Dream C Club artist Haruyuki Morisawa, crosses path with Fang. The young phoenix princess is on a quest to be reborn. Niko is a naive tomboy and has nine-tails. Toshiyuki Kubooka known for his work on Lunar and The [email protected] drafted her. Lapis, a design from Sora no Otoshimono manga artist Suu Minazuki, is supposed to be a sexy older sister who has a fear of men. Like Medusa, she turns people into stone when she gazes at them.


Silvy is an honor student type who wears gothic clothes and a shinigami, or god of death. Despite her role she has a gentle side. Things that are Important to a Mage manga artist Kumichi Yoshizuki created Silvy. Hector a golem prince who fled the country before getting married is a character designed by Summon Night series artist Shinichiro Otsuka. Hexyz Force artist Sunaho Tobe made Marie, an expressionless and taciturn young girl. Deep down, Marie has a kind heart, but has difficulty expressing her emotions. Crunea, the goddess of the world, has a tendency to grant wishes to those that pass her trials. Kazushi Hagiwara known for his work on Bastard!! drafted her design.


You can see artwork for all of the lead characters in Famitsu’s article.


unchain2 unchain


Fang’s trial is to lead this group on young half-monsters through Titan, a living labyrinth with a miasma inside. UnchainBlades ReXX is presented like a first person dungeon crawler where you guide four people in a party. You have to fight monsters inside Titan, but you can also convert them into followers using the unchain system. Details about the system were not outlined.


UnchainBlades ReXX is slated for release on June 23 for PSP and Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Guest

    First-Person dungeon crawler….well there goes my excitement. I was hoping
    “dungeon RPG” was just gonna be another dumb misleading label on this game. I was wrong…

    • So… You were expenting them to trick us with that label? O-o?

      • Guest

        Japanese devs have labeled 3rd Birthday and Crystal Bearers as RPGs and Catherine as Action-Adventure. I don’t believe em anymore.

        • Lol, well that’s truth, i could only argue with Catherine because is something really new so it may be hard to say what exactly it is with the already existing categories, so i could understand they putting it on action adventure.
          But with dungeon RPGs so far there hasnt been any misleading, i think…

          • Guest

            I stopped following Catherine but it looked like a puzzle/platformer the last time I saw it.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Yet if not mistaken, it’s the foreign game community that has called Zelda an “RPG” all these years.

          • Zelda isnt an RPG? It sure looks like one

          • Guest

            I think that’s the minority though. Those people really wanna label it as an RPG. I dunno why. I know the majority of fans I talk to don’t call it an RPG. It’s an Action/Adventure game.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Same here…and I hate to say it but the sales for this game will probably be severely limited as a result. If these companies want to make money, they need to realize that niche-type products won’t do it (unless they can be played online a la Demon’s Soul).

      • Guest

        Well some companies survive with a niche. They just have to know how to balance a budget. Not every games needs a 1 million in sales to be a success.

  • Well I love Dungeon Crawlers so this is good news for me…xD

    Guess I’ll be having more options than just Etrian Odyssey for the 3DS

    if this comes stateside that is ._.

  • Sal

    “shikagami, or god of death.”

    Hm? I thought that “Shinigami” is the god of death?

    • Zero_Destiny

      The way it’s worded just means either [X translation] or [Y Translation]. Take your pick, there the same thing. Some people will call them differently though. A tomato tomahto thing.

      • Sal

        Oh, I see.

      • I dont know, it isnt that simple, i would really like to see the kanjis they used for “shikagami” (just saw the page, gonna answe to Zalok)

        EDIT: Im always freaking getting some random system error and i cant answer Zalok, i hate Disqus so much -.-. Anyhow
        The page certainly have the kanjis that are spelled as shinigami, the death kanji cant be spelled shika as far as i know, ive only seen shi/shini so far in my live, must had been a translation error siliconera did

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh you’re right I think it’s a spelling error. I just thought we we’re comparing Shinigami to God of Death. That’s a Tomato Tomahto thing. But Silicon Era wrote Shikgami, which I don’t think is a real thing. A Shikigami is like summon spirits (I’m broadly generalizing on purpose to save time) though but that has nothing to do with the God of Death. *Dumb, so dumb. :(* I screwed up. Sorry Zalok I think you just pointed out a spelling error and that’s it.

          • Sal

            It’s okay! At-least you tried to help.

    • You are right, it was a siliconera’s translation typo :P

    • Thanks for the correction everyone, it’s “shinigami” and not shikigami. I guess my subconscious wanted to play Castle of Shikigami again or something. Fixed!

    • Ren

      Shikagami? That means either Deer God or Dentist God. Hmm, I wonder how one would look like.

  • Omg dungeon crawler, this will be so hardcore, heheHEHEhEHEHE *drolls*

  • Whoever came up with that name deserves either a promotion, or swift termination. I can’t decide yet

  • Feynman

    On one hand, this game looks right up my alley, as I adore first-person dungeon crawls.

    On the OTHER hand, it has a really, really, really stupid name.

  • I can’t see how the name is bad, it sounds quite cool to me, not to mention how awesome the artwork is, and I love dungeon crawlers so this is still, DAY1 BABY!!DAY1!!!!

    • Zero_Destiny

      DAY 1, Primer día, Le premier jour, Erster Tag, Um dia, Den první, День первый, Dag een, Η πρώτη μέρα, יום אחד , Első nap, 하루, 第一天, or 初日!!!! Either way you put it, I’ll be there when it comes out baby or INFANS or Nawh I’m tired of listing things. XD

      • Haha, that’s the spirit, awesome game lets you learn every language in an instant! xD

      • Ren

        ‘Um dia’ means one day or a day(‘um’ is both the number one and the article ‘a’ in the singular, can mean both depending on the context), I think what you wanted was ‘Primeiro dia’ first day.

  • ShinGundam

    Grandia+Lunar+Shining= a quirky dungeon crawler.
    I can’t be the only one who facepalm’d over 9000 times.

    • Zeik56

      I don’t know why, this seems right up their alley.

    • I think there is more than meets the eyes though, so i’ll be waiting the next news, anyhow, i like dungeon crawlers so this is already good for me

    • Zero_Destiny

      Grandia+Lunar+Shinning+Elements ripped from Breath of Fire!!! XD Please tell me Fang can turn into a dragon during Combat even if it’s later in the game!!! XD Oh and all the other Manga Artist, this is like the best game ever, at least in looks. This game is EPIC

      • Joanna

        hah, I was thinking the same thing.

        main protag is a dragon, main female is half-bird, they have a tomboy cat girl….my where have I seen this before? xD

  • I don’t know how I can see this game and not to say: DAY ONE, BABY!!!!
    Ever since I read the title of the previous news about it, I just thought: even calling this game epic is probably going to be an understatement.
    Love this game already! ^o^

  • Zero_Destiny

    Not that I thought it would have the Grandia Battle system (But I wanted it too), but I’m sad now that I KNOW it doesn’t. :( But a game this EPIC won’t disappoint. I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE This will be the best first person Dungeon Crawler ever made!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Seems like itd be a waste to even get this on the 3DS knowing that (A) PSP version would probably be $29.99…and the 3DS version doesnt actually push the technology envelope beyond that which the PSP can do (based on these images), unless one really needs the depth perception in this sort of game, which looks unlikely.

    That being said, since I missed out on Class of Heroes and it seems to be the same genre but with more epically awesome elements, I will be there on day 1 for this if it comes to CONUS.

  • First person dungeon crawler? Hmm, I wonder if the battle system will have the same effect if you can’t really see everything. I dunno, EO was neat, but I’ve always felt that seeing your characters actually attacking made a huge difference. Anyway, the characters are interesting. I wonder what will become of them. :O

  • Story sounds interesting but it’s a first person dunegon crawler so I have resverations. Hopefully it will be as fun as Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

  • puchinri

    So it’s SMT meets Grandia and Lunar staff? I went from sold to day one. Or a day not far behind day one, at least.

  • Darkrise

    Holy… This has just about every type of character I like! And… Suu Minazuki! The artist of SnO taking part!? AWSOME!

  • PrinceHeir

    will check this for sure :D

  • Guest

    The main character looks like that Shining Force DS character

    • Shining Force Feather? That makes sense, as it is the same artist.

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Hope this one won’t be as hardcore as strange journey.

  • JustaGenericUser

    If it weren’t for the fact that one of the party members was male, I would have thought it was a harem RPG and you could choose to get with one of the girls.

    Can’t wait for gameplay info. I wonder what localization chances are.

    EDIT: Oh man. First-person AGAIN?!

  • That’s a lot of artists they hired for this game. How much budget did they have in mind?

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