Imageepoch President Hopes To Cross 150,000 With Tale of the Last Promise

By Ishaan . February 17, 2011 . 3:16pm

“We can get close to 100,000. We can cross 100,000. We can even reach 150,000 copies!” Mikage exclaimed enthusiastically over Twitter earlier today, while talking about Imageepoch’s upcoming PSP RPG, Tale of the Last Promise.


However, beyond that figure, Mikage says, you encounter the wall of 200,000 with a “Zudon!” sound. Development and marketing costs escalate if you’re attempting to cross the 200,000 mark. He believes that 150,000 copies constitutes a small smash hit.


Imageepoch, for their part, are doing some smart cross-over promotions between Tale of the Last Promise and their other upcoming PSP title, Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Early copies of the former will come with a CD containing in-game video clips of the latter, along with the latest trailer and a glimpse of a special costume.


When Tale of the Last Promise releases in April, it will be Imageepoch’s very first self-published title. It’s easy to understand why Mikage is excited, especially considering he’s had a hands-on role in its development.

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  • Any word on western releases ?

    • If there was then I think maybe Mr. Ishaan would have indicated there being word of an western release in the article.

  • Im sure they will at least get more than 100k, mostly because of PSP’s fame :P, but i hope they can do better, yay for RPGS!!

    • Ren

      I first read that as ‘yaoi for RPGS!!’. On the same note, what should happen if you do a Last Promise with a guy in this game? I remember a kinda NSFW anime cutscene between Celes and the MCWichNameINeverRemembered in the first trailer which I think has to do with the so called Last Promise. Hmm, the idea that I can kill off any protagonist that annoys me and be able to affect the game story trhough it is just too temptating. Celes, you better not be one of those annoying female protagonists, or not even your great character design will save you from my iron grip of death!

      • malek86

        I have an idea. I could play through the game and kill all female characters in the party.

        When we finally save the world, me and my male companions can go back home and relax in front of the TV, watching football matches while gnawing beef jerky and guzzling a whole lot of beer, with no girls to tell us to stop burping.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Don’t forget the inappropriate scratching, delaying showering until the ‘next day’ and waiting for this month’s edition of Maxim!

        • What an awesome manly life that would be…;__;

        • Haha, it would be so cool if the game could change that much killing all the women that join your party xD (not that i approve it)

          Maybe if you kill all the guys, you can make your own harem, muahaha

          • Ren

            Is that any news? It was probably what every single creepy japanese panty sniffer otaku must have tought when they heard about the game. Not that I’m comparing you to one… altough you do love+…..

          • Lol, i like it, but that doesnt means i will think everyone will want to localize that game xD, im pretty realistic in that part >->

          • Ren

            Besides, can you imagine what fox news reaction to that would be? That would be their new Rapelay.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Now only if that could happen in Final Fantasy!!!!! XD

        • Ren

          Sorry Malek, this is japan we’re talking about, not western society. If anime and japanese games have taught me anything is that japanese men bond through homoerotic situations or fights to death or homoerotic fights to death. Besides, even if you kill all girls, the party testosterone level will still be lower than a nine year old. A female nine year old. Have you even looked at the character designs? Hell, I bet most of the male cast can pull tops and zettai ryouiki, Len could, and I adimire him for that and hope he’s the only one to ever try(Oh, wait, Akiba’STrip. That’s kind of a dead plea then). And with waists as slim as those I guess they never ever came close to anything with fat, which makes me sad for those poor malnourished bastards.

          Great, now I’m with the fat man Sailor Moon cosplayer image burned in my head.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I have to disagree with you. Japan’s got plenty of testosterone, you just need to know where to find it.
            GTO with Onizuka: []
            THE MANLY FIST OF THE NORTH STAR with Kenshiro: []
            &one of my new fav’s that just got an anime Beelzebub with Oga The manliest dad since Goku: [] and []
            Just to name a few. There’s tons more like Kamina from Gurren Lagann the ultimate in Manly Big Bro’s.

          • Ren

            @ your last comment
            Homoeroticism makes the world go round! And you say like it is bad.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Ren OF COURSE How could I be so blind!!! I’ll never underestimate Yaoi again!!!! lol

          • Ren

            Hey, Japan does have testosterone, I never said the opposite. Hell, have you ever read a bara manga or watched Hard Gay? I was just saying the MAIN MALE CAST of Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari lacks it just from the chara design(they aren’t hyper bishie but bishie nonetheless, which is fun in itself, because bishie sounds a lot like bicha, which translates into twink or flamboyant gay from portuguese, altough it means line in european one). Of course, this still doesn’t change the part that japanese men bond through either homoerotic moments, fights or a mix of both.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol It’s just Zero_Destiny (who felt the need NO the responsibility to advertise his love for Dragon Quest VI XD!!!!!!!). I guess I misunderstood you. But I do like how you pointed out that Japan is MANLY only to bring the conversation back to Yaoi and homoerotic things lol The real funny thing to me is that Yaoi is pronounced the same way as Yahweh, the covenanted name of God in Judeo-Christian religion. It cracks me up to think that the God I pray to shares his name with homoerotic things from Japan meant for girls to fawn at. lol Some things can be funny.

      • Did you just say yaoi??? Lol.

        By the way, its weird… But I suddenly think of the Resonance of Fate trio and I can never let anyone of them die, if ever we had the choice to do so.. Leanne is so so adorable, Zephyr and Vashyron are funny and lovely at the same time.. What a family indeed… I’d cry if anything happens to them… lol..

        • Ren

          Yup. There’s no female MC so there’s no way to have sausageless yuri party. Altough if I could I would just hang the MC with a guy and the main female love interest with a girl. Why is there no game where I can do this? Why Japan? There are so many twisted things coming out of your entertainment indutries, why can’t you make something that appeal to both yaoi and yuri fans at the same time? Don’t make another Kanji Tatsumi, give us something real!end rant

          • puchinri

            I’m so sad that everyone and everything always appeals to the yaoi fans first. Can’t the yuri fans get some love!?
            But seriously, something that appeals to yuri and yaoi fans all at once would be amazing.
            (About killing all of the girls in the party: Can’t I kill all the guys and have a yuri harem instead? The guys are just flat-chested girls anyway, and I bet they’re less hot-blooded…)

  • malek86

    Why do so many RPGs have the words “last”, “final”, “end” or anything else like that?

    • Darkrise

      Not really, it’s just the more well known ones.

    • WonderSteve

      Because it could be the “final,” “last,” “end” game for the series/producer/director if you don’t buy it :P

    • Guest

      Because it’s “cool” “deep” or “epic”. I think this games has one of the worst titles ever. It’s just trying too damn hard.

      • Don’t forget “edgy”.

        I do enjoy Imageepoch’s games though, despite them being pretty average at best.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Oh I see, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Okay I’ve now have a name for that RPG I always wanted to make. The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION: New Quest Edition XII XD

      • Dude, Edition XII….I totally need that, then my collection of the TSFTotLHEatMSWfNbBP series is complete!!! XO

        • Zero_Destiny

          Nah, the only difference between edition I to XII is new DLC costumes and a prologue that nobody wants and ends up retconing all the good aspects of the original versions thus making the whole thing out into a lame cliche. The only reason to buy it is so you can brag about how it’s the definitive version (even though you’ll never use any of the new funcs). Beside the first 11 editions are out of print and are like $50,000 a pop. So don’t worry Edition XII isTHE BEST way to play The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION!!! But those 11 other versions are by far worth more. lol

          • Yeah, but in my chest beats the heart of passionate collector, so I have to have all of them! Though like you said I sure will stick to Edition XII to play with, I read reviews about it, damn, that thing is so hardcore everywhere I go I see full scores and that even though it’s just some little extras, I heard about a secret ending that wasn’t in one of the previous installments! Not to mention the super awesome bonuses!!! Ohhh now I’m even more pumped up for it! Stupid waiting for the shipment..>_<

          • Zero_Destiny

            People buying pretty much the same game from me with the only difference being very little change to it and adding some cheap pre-order extras to boost up the sale price. Muwahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!! Now I know I’m getting places in the gaming industry. *Stares at the Dragon Warrior I-IV on NES then looks at Dragon Warrior I&II and Dragon Warrior III on the GBC, and Dragon Quest IV on DS. Stares at the two versions of Final Fantasy I&II, the six different versions of Final Fantasy IV, two different versions of Final Fantasy V, three versions of Final Fantasy VI, and the two different versions of Final Fantasy IX and cries* CURSES I’M A VICTIM TOO AND YET I STILL CAN’T HELP IT!!!!!! *Checks to see if Final Fantasy IV PSP is out yet* lol

          • Hahaha, we’re all victims to the industry man, don’t fight against it, though what interests me more is…how in the hell can you look at all this at the same time?! o_o

            (Nice collection btw. :P)

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Yeah got all the Final Fantasies and now because of the recent release of DQVI I have all the Dragon Quest in ENGLISH (except that DARN V, can’t afford it). But I’ll get V someday. lol I even have DQVI on the Super Famicom but that was just for display purposes only. I’ve got some oldies too like Suikoden I on the PS1 and both LUNARs with all their bonuses as well. Been trying to hunt down all the Working Designs games that I can find and Suikoden II (DARN thing is even more expensive than Dragon Quest V).

          • kupomogli

            Go to my Ebay auction for a super rare sealed VGA 95 first print The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION: New Quest Edition XII. For. One hundred million dollars. Mwahahahahahahaha.

   PASSION-New Quest-Edition XII/320589323453?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item4aa49cdcbd

          • Zero_Destiny

            Curses!!! It’s been removed!!! You know what that means!!! eBay just can’t handle the awesomeness of The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION!!! New Quest Edition XII or as Raioh has pointed out TSFTotLHEatMSWfNbBP:NQeXII for short. XD

          • Zero_Destiny

            Looks like some lucky fellow out there snatched up a copy of The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION!!! edition I. Truly a lucky chap. That game goes for £4,815,162,342!!!! See this rare game here: []

      • Do not want. Will wait for Super Final Turbo HD International Edition. Damn publishers screwing me out of my money!

        • Zero_Destiny

          What if I threw in a limited edition figure and some DLC. I know you can’t resits!!!!

  • Darkrise

    I really hope they can reach their goal. This kind of guy is just rare in game companies nowadays. Especially when he’s willing to toil away 400+hours to test out one game with a lack of sleep. I’m also wondering when we’re going to get a NA release but since NISA chose BRS first, it’s probably coming a little later.

    • Huh? NISA hasn’t chosen or disclosed any Imageepoch titles for a US release yet.

      That said, I definitely respect Mikage-san for his passion. I hope I can work on his titles and help him reach those goals as well.

    • I only saw that NISA will work with Imageepoch, i never saw they choosed BRS first O-o

  • M’iau M’iaut

    And getting this over here will help with those numbers even more.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Mikage-san can have all my money. So NISA pick this up PLEASE!!!!!! Been very interested in ImageEpoch. They’re quickly becoming one of my new fav companies!!!!

    • Development and marketing costs escalate if you’re attempting to release it in the west.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        We already know they are setting up a western pipeline. This is their newest game and certainly their biggest title from a production standpoint. Patience grasshopper, it will come.

  • i can only speculate. if it’s good i’ll give it a “borrow” if its better than that i might consider buying it.

  • SlashZaku

    Gonna copy my Andriasang post:

    I guess it’s kind of nice to see some titles don’t need to sell 2-3 million to be considered successful but then again, that’s in reference to console games these gens. Some publishers (Capcom) think 2 million isn’t enough and want to ‘boost sales’ (DMC).

    I like the idea that a game can do less than 1 mill or even half that and still be considered ‘successful’ for the developer/publisher (easier to get over if you’re both) and secure itself future installments on that alone.

    Hell, Atlus makes it by with some low numbers on titles but they’re doing fine, between their own titles and localizations. I kind of figure there is a lot of management problems going on this gen to where 1 game can sink you. Really hoping budgeting gets under control (a reason many don’t want a new gen yet) so studios can worry less about ‘sales’ and more about just doing what they want (some ideas not getting green-lighted because they’re worried about mass appeal or viability in sales).

    Someone over there replied that marketing titles also adds in heavily to the costs which is why niche titles/publishers/developers can do so well cause they’re working solely on the fanbase/word of mouth.

    • Yeah but how can they build a fan base if its a new series and if they only rely on word of mouth?

      • I don’t know what amount of time they expect to reach those numbers by, but their not expecting the game to reach those numbers by week 1. It would be impressive if it did though.

        • I think it can get it in week 1 or even 1.5, seemingly lots of RPGs on PSP had great debuts in JPN.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Why not I love ImageEpoch and I’m sure I’m not their only fan. I care more about the developer than the Brand any day of the week.

        • So how would you spread an Image Epoch game via word of mouth? By looking at the list of games the company has released, I cant really think of anyway to describe their games in a way to make them appealing to say my friends (but I did successfully spread Uncharted 2 via word of mouth ^_^ and BlackOps!)

          • Zero_Destiny

            Well yes that is an interesting point. I would probably just tell everyone about the DEVELOPER and how awesome their recent games have been and then tell them their newest game is [X] you should check it out. I’m not sure that would work for everyone though. But I think I could get a buddy or two on board. Maybe lend them some of the ImageEpoch games I have. I think they’ll be interested. Now that certainly isn’t BIG numbers but I like to think that ImageEpoch has a good fanbase and if every one of those fans gets just 1 buddy on board we should be pretty good. (Then again this is hopefully which is different from real). I know it’s kind of different since I’m going to use America as an example and we’re talkin’ about Japan but Disgaea and PERSONA were pretty much no-names in the US (no Final Fantasy that’s for sure) and pretty much through word of mouth these games have done very well in the US and NISA and Atlus are some of the biggest localization companies in the business now. So it’s not impossible I believe it’ll work out for the best.

    • vall03

      this makes me wonder how XSEED is going to survive with Sora no Kiseki….

  • Aoshi00

    This game sounds pretty solid from what I heard (unlike Sigma Harmonics or Tsukumonogatari where people were deceived by the art and seiyuu cast..).. perma death still is scary to me. 1 copy from me, not so much interested in BRS just yet..

    • Ahh, did you try Tsukumonogatari? I’m curious as to what it’s like…

      • Aoshi00

        I’m still waiting for my copy, but from the bulk of reviews I’ve read, it sounds like it’s average at best (by the people who could put up w/ it), and a crappy game at worst, and the main char is lousy and hard to relate to, and there’s not much romance element even though there’s many female chars.. Now I’m kinda scared to find out if it’s indeed a bad game.. They said compared to games like Tokyo Majin Gakuen or Tokyo Mono Hara Shi, both of which I haven’t played am not familiar w/, Tsukumonogatari is much worse.. and don’t expect that level..

        • Ouch… Honestly, I admire your bravery sometimes. I’m so selective with the stuff I buy because I’m really conscious about spending money. I think the last time I bought something I truly regretted was Force Unleashed on Wii… ><

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. the trailer and song totally got me.. I checked out the website, I thought the art, the premise, the system all sound good and it couldn’t be that bad.. actually I was worried about the whole thing about looking for words and piecing them together because it doesn’t sound awfully interesting.. there aren’t that many games that I truly regret buying, but for expensive imports, one is way too many.. For things like Steins;gate that has alrdy rec’d universal praise, that I was much more confident.. but sometimes I really need to be careful and wait a bit for reviews.. I think they’re reliable…

          • kupomogli

            Same here with Force Unleashed but on the PS3. Even with the prettier graphics Force Unleashed 2 was the same game. Saved $60 on another overhyped game.

          • I was tempted to look into FU2, but by that time, I’d sort of realized that I wasn’t super-interested in another Star Wars game. But yea, didn’t enjoy my experience with the first one in the least. I played it for about 45 minutes and the motion controls just weren’t connecting with me…

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully they achieve this so that they can localize this on the west :P

  • Guest

    Have they even shown any game play videos yet?

  • 150,000 is a good shot, especially if Imageepoch do soem good marketing. If they sell around 100k on their fiest week then I imagine they will do good numbers.

  • MisterDandylion

    You’ve gotta admire Mr. Mikage’s passion and enthusiasm…. I hopethis game succeeds :)

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