Instant Brain Takes Place In The Showbiz Of The Future

By Ishaan . February 21, 2011 . 4:11pm


Cave didn’t specify a platform for their upcoming adventure game, Instant Brain, when they announced it at their press event this past weekend, but we do know it’s coming to the Xbox 360 at the very least.


Instant Brain is an adventure game set in the showbiz of the near future. You play as lead character, Zenya Harataki, who has lost all memory of his life prior to six years ago. Hataraki is supposed to be a “legendary” media reporter, known for his phenomenal scoops.


Hataraki somehow gets involved in a conspiracy that is connected to his lost memories, and a dark incident from the past centred in the showbiz. To progress through the game, you use his instant camera — dubbed the “Exporger” – and take pictures that help you come closer to the truth.


Instant Brain is rated “A” by the CERO in Japan, which means they feel it’s suitable for all audiences. The game will release sometime this year.

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  • All audiences, huh? Are panty shots in this game?

    .. Anyway, I’ll wait to see if there are more tidbits on the story. :O

    • Aoshi00

      Cero A is a bit discouraging (thought it would be at least C to D).. though I don’t like Cero Z for gratuitous violence either like girls being hacked to pieces and all bloody for shock factor, they really put me off.. still very interested though w/ Akai Katana..

      • thats a silly thing to say…

        • Aoshi00

          What do you mean? W/ provocative design like this I don’t want the game to be too tame, it’s like if it’s rated E instead of PG-13 or R. Part of what made games like say Nier so cool was because it was a very mature game and dealt w/ the darker subjects.

          But for a VN, I don’t really like things like the Cero Z Chaos;Head either that is too bloody just for the sake of shock value, like Steins;gate was Cero C, had a lot mature contents but not disturbing.

          • thats still a very stupid thing to say. So in your case a come has to be over Cero A to be good??? What rubbish…

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, when a game is rated E, it avoids talking about many mature themes that’s not inappropriate for kids. Things could get watered down and censored and such. Doesn’t mean it can’t be good, but I don’t see why this game is Cero A/rated E. Would Nier turn out to be the game it was if it was rate E instead of M?

          • That is still a very bias comment

          • Aoshi00

            Again why, can you give reason? So you don’t think there’s a difference in the level of the content in terms of maturity for movies and games when they’re rated accordingly? When they are rated E, PG, PG-13, R, M, etc? Even independent movies deal w/ things that mainstream movies wouldn’t deal w/ because things are cut or censored for a broader audience to make it more commercial.

            I never said this game can’t be good, I said I was looking forward to this game, loved the voice cast and char design and I’m a big Cave fan, just wasn’t expecting a VN that seemingly deals w/ mature themes to be rated E/Cero A.

          • Kris

            People have opinions. Comments are biased. :p
            Aside from that, I definitely see where Aoshi’s coming from. I love me some E/CERO A rated games, but when I see a game that’s not only heavily story based, but has a mature concept and art direction, I want it to be rated a little higher. While rating isn’t always an indicator of a good storyline, can you imagine how neutered Shin Megami Tensei games would be if they were rated E? You’d lose practically everything that makes them interesting.

            The Nier point is actually a really good example. Nier’s storyline set itself apart from the Zeldas of the world by delving into issues of sexual identification, child murder, madness, and parental devotion. Those are the elements that contributed to it’s M/CERO D rating. If Nier was rated A, a lot of what made it so powerful would be lost. I’m all for higher ratings if they result in a stronger story.

          • since i cannot reply to your newest comment i will reply to your older one. You are completely changing the subject to Nier for some strage reason.. Just because it is given a ‘Cero A rating’ does not mean its for ‘kids’ Your cant just diss this game cuz its given that rating. If you ask me its a wise move and therefore more people can purchase and play the game. I can think of countless games with an ‘E’ Rating that are just as good as a game given a T or over rating….!

          • Aoshi00

            Nowhere did I say this game cannot be good just because it’s rated Cero A. I was just surprised by the rating when you have shmups like Deathsmiles (T) or Dodonpachi (Cero B) that only hint at certain mature things in passing but are only shooters. And this should be a story heavy visual novel that seems very mature to me, at least in terms of character design and setting. If you ask me I don’t think even the provocative design is for kids/everyone either, maybe they rate games there differently. Yes, sometimes in movies when it’s rated E, the avoid subjects like death because it’s not suitable for minors, if they do have those elements, it would have to be PG or PG-13, which would be Cero B or C. So I assume this game would be quite tame and its content being bound by its rating? Again, unless Cero A means anything goes in Japan.

            I never said this game won’t be good, you’re the one that keeps saying it, I said I was looking forward to this game and chances are I would import it. But logically I would expect a certain type of content to not be present in a game that is Cero A instead of the more mature ratings, after all, that’s what the rating is for, to tell the audience/viewer what contents they could prepare for.

            I did not say this game would be worse off, I said this game would be tamer as indicated by the rating.

          • look i am sorry if i annoyed you! I am only 16 and dont kno that much!! I understand that you cant put everything into a rated E game. (Death can be in it by the way) However i dont think it will effect this game at all. If there is no need to put in More as you call it ‘mature’ stuff in it it really doesnt matter. And by the way i do own Neir and its a very good game.

          • look i am sorry if i annoyed you! I am only 16 and dont kno that much!! I understand that you cant put everything into a rated E game. (Death can be in it by the way) However i dont think it will effect this game at all. If there is no need to put in More as you call it ‘mature’ stuff in it it really doesnt matter. And by the way i do own Neir and its a very good game.

          • Aoshi00

            No biggie.. so you got an adult buy Nier for you lol.. Well, it depends some deaths you do want it to be PG to have parent to explain to the child. I’m not sure what type of game this would be now.. at first w/ the camera and showbiz I was expecting something maybe like Perfect Blue (that was pretty disturbing take on idols), where some celebs get stalked and leads to catastrophes.. Hope it’s a cool detective game of some sort.. but I guess no naughty panty shots, even though the attire are revealing alrdy.. just surprised is all by the rating assigned to this game..

            BTW, I do watch family flicks like Pixar ones and others, huge fan of the CG and warm story, they’re just different types of story and contents..

          • Wooah wooah. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. I don’t think you annoyed Aoshi. Aoshi was just trying to explain ratings and its correlation with plot.

            Anyway, I don’t know enough of the storyline to know whether or not mature content would make a difference. I agree that a game isn’t just made by throwing in meaningless mature content. However, Nier had mature content done in a masterful way. As for Instant Brain, I could understand if people got the impression that this story would/should have mature content in it. Honestly, from the looks of it’s character designs, I would expected a multitude of panty shots. But it’s weird, because it’s not.

            So we’re all just going to have to sit tight, and see if the storyline can float without mature content.

            I hope I didn’t speak out of line.

          • Actually i bought Neir myself. Where i come from Neir is rated MA 15+ (15 years and over) By the way none of it is censored or anything.

  • PrinceHeir

    love the voice cast :D

    • dusk

      Me too! Noto Mamiko, Inoue Marina, Kugimiya Rie aaannndd… Hanazawa Kana! Man, am I glad I have a NSTC-J Xbox360.

      • PrinceHeir

        you forgot Akio Ohtsuka :P


  • Confirmed for no western release.

    (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻

  • Oh if only actual journalism involved hanging out with hot women and legal being able to use a gun.

  • This reminds me of Time Hollow a lot more now then when I first saw the video~

  • who is the character designer? felt a similarity with Iruma Kamiri’s arts.

    • 4shiki

      Congratulations, you guessed right! :)

      EDIT: wow, this guy got some, um, sweet stuff.

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