Konami’s Nintendo DS Golf Game Has Story And Character-Development

By Ishaan . February 22, 2011 . 11:02am

The 3DS is right around the corner, but publishers in Japan are still supporting the Nintendo DS to an extent. On March 17th, Konami will release Powerful Golf for the DS, produced by developers of their Power Pro baseball series.


Konami say that Powerful Golf has a unique “Success Mode,” with a story-centric focus and character development.


The comparison they make is to an adventure game. Content-wise, the game has over a hundred original golf courses, spanning seven regions of the world. There’s local multiplayer in Powerful Golf, too. You can tee off with four other players via local Wi-Fi multiplayer.


Here’s a trailer for the game:

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  • See, this is what Mario Golf out to have achieved, just like the version on the GBA.GBC and their Mario Tennis that was on the GBC.

    I hope this is good enough that they bring it to the NGP, as I love it when sports games try for great character development.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Why the NGP? Wouldn’t it make more sense to stay with your fanbase on go to the 3DS? Anyways it looks cool. :D

      • Because 3rd party companies shouldnt stick with making an exclusive game? Grow the fanbase and dont just limit it to one system, Konami is big enough to handle it.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Cause that’s worked wonders for the TALES series right? And all those Final Fantasy fans out there are SO happy that there collection of games are such a mesh-mash between a bunch of systems. They all just love the fact that they got Final Fantasy I-II on PSP Final Fantasy III on DS and Final Fantasy IV PSP.

          • Well when has the Tales series released a title on multiple consoles on the same day anywhere? I cant think of any. It worked well for other Namco Bandai titles (ie Naruto, DBZ, etc, much better than releasing the titles on one system).

            FF fans seem more happy that they were able to play FF13 on their 360, its not like it had terrible sales anywhere.

            I do not see what the difficulty there is in grasping the fact that third party companies are better off going multiplatform than sticking with only one system. Why else would Konami do MGS Rising on both PS3 and 360…

  • Sounds like something Camelot would make, expect great things

    • Yui

      Amen! If they can make it similar to Mario Power Tennis, I’m sold. :D

      • Code

        It’s kind of ironic, I still think Camelot’s best RPGs have been there Sports games opo;;

        • Yui

          You take that back! You take that back right now!!! >:(

          …But seriously, yeah. They do damn good sports RPGs. XD

          • Code

            rarr, sorry! I know I went there, but no refunds TwT~! To be fair they have made great sports RPG’s and should make some more opo;

          • Yui

            Oooh, buddy, in this store the only thing I’ll sell someone who insults Camelot’s non-sports titles is a fist to the face!!! You want a free sample?! :D
            (I totally agree on the sports RPG thing, though. No one knows how to mix sports and role-playing better than Camelot. Maybe they should handle all the Prince of Tennis stuff. XD)

        • Their Golden Sun games have been phenomenal, I do not know that which you are talking about.

  • Kunio_kun

    Pawa Puro Baseball games kick ass, I could care less about golf but this game will be a must buy!!!

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    The whole fantasy angle and the promise of a story mode reminds me of Super Swing Golf games (aka Pangya) for the Wii.

  • NetscapePizza

    very cute, I’d be tempted if I wasn’t playing pangya for the psp

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