Nintendo 3DS Launches With 18 Titles In North America, 1st Party Games Cost $39.99

By Spencer . February 22, 2011 . 10:03am

i_27953Eighteen games will be available when the Nintendo 3DS arrives in stores on March 27. The launch day list, if you consider the 3DS software publishers are releasing in March, isn’t too different from Japan’s lineup. Nintendo will release three first party titles: all three versions of nintendogs + cats, submarine simulator Steel Diver, and Pilotwings Resort.


Here’s the full list:

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Electronic Arts
Madden NFL Football
The Sims 3

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Namco Bandai
Ridge Racer 3D

nintendogs + cats French Bulldog & New Friends version
nintendogs + cats Golden Retriever & New Friends version
nintendogs + cats Toy Poodle & New Friends version
Pilotwings Resort
Steel Diver

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Square Enix
Bust-a-Move Universe

Tecmo Koei
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

Asphalt 3D
Combats of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D


nintendogs + cats

i_27944 i_27945 i_27946 i_27947 i_27948 i_27949 i_27951 i_27952 i_27942 i_27943


Pilotwings Resort

i_27958 i_27959 i_27960 i_27961 i_27962 i_27963 i_27964 i_27965 i_27966 i_27967 i_27968 i_27957


Steel Diver

i_27978 i_27979 i_27980 i_27981 i_27970 i_27971 i_27972 i_27973 i_27974 i_27975 i_27976 i_27977

  • M’iau M’iaut

    We pretty much knew the score, but now that it is official, that’s an amazingly weak lineup. Nintendogs and maybe Sims will get the young female side, but there is not a larger audience driver there.

    • Exkaiser

      It’s pretty average for a launch lineup, honestly.

      • jarrodand

        It’s basically like PSP’s 2005 lineup imo, only with Nintendo games substituted for the SCE ones. Really, really similar though (Capcom fighter port, Musou conversion, Ridge Racer, etc).

        • BelmontHeir

          Except didn’t the PSP launch with Lumines – one of the most insanely addicting puzzle games of all time? I don’t think I see anything here that would grab me quite like that. :/

        • PSP had an awesome lineup. 26 games. I bought 3 of them. (Metal Gear Acid, which got me into the Metal Gear series, Untold Legends, and Twisted Metal Head on)
          It was also the first system to have online multiplayer day 1.
          It also had CD quality sound

          3DS only has 1 launch title I want (Steel Diver) and its nowhere as good as the 3 I bought for PSPs launch day

          • Exkaiser

            European, huh?

            In America, we got 16 games at the launch, but all three of the ones you mentioned were included.

            Had I gotten a PSP on launch day, I’d probably only get Darkstalkers and Metal Gear Acid. I suppose that’s better than the SSFIV I plan to pick up for the 3DS, but not majorly so.

    • Yep :/

      Looks like I’ll be waiting for a while for the better games to come out before getting it. Of course, the current lack of working shoulder buttons on my current system is another driving factor, so… gah… decisions…

    • Come on dude, more than just “young females” play the Sims…I have no clue why they would wait this late to pick up the Sims 3 when the consoles version provide tons of fun and the PC versions still get supported well

      (woot woot 11 years of Sims goodness, Ive been there since day 1 baby!!!!)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The older customers who play Sims are more found on the PC with its endless expansions and especially mods. Sims games and related ilk (My Sims, My Sims Kingdom) have found their audience in girls who are moving on from Imagine Babies or Imagine Deadly Creatures 4. Yes, it’s launch, but what set the DS aside was the amazing breadth of titles. Launch to me also refers to the ‘near-launch’ window of 2-6 weeks after, and honestly, that selection of games is little better. It’s not until the summer that the choices change a bit, and March to September is a huge window to fill if you’ve only got ‘wii sports resort in 3D’ and the like to keep folks happy.

        • If that was the case then why are they releasing Sims 3DS instead of “My Sims _____ ). (or even Sims Medieval)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Because it has the name Sims 3. Folks who know the main Sims series on the PC have never looked well on the console versions because they have cut so much from the game they love. They are not bad games, but even in 3D, Sims 3 on 3DS and PC are totally different experiences.

      • In fairness, most of your tastes are the taste of a “young female.” Vaan, Hope, Justin Bieber…

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Bet ya he voted for JB as MVP of that idiot basketball game. They shoulda had Rodman rather than Pippen in that game. Dennis would not have put up with that punk throwing the ball towards the hoop from midcourt!

    • Doesn’t look much different than most launch lineups IMO, though it does lack one game that you buy a system for. That being said, I think Super Street Fighter IV, Bust-a-Move Universe, LEGO Star Wars and Nintendo’s offerings are enough to keep the early adopters occupied.

    • sambuque

      I don’t think the lineup is really weak as there’s a little something for everyone, but imho it feels dated (outdated for some games??). 3D seems to be the only bullet point for the moment.

    • malek86

      Remember during E3, when Nintendo said the 3DS would have had the greatest launch line-up ever? It’s kinda funny in retrospect :P

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Well technically Nintendo was talking about games available during its’ launch “window” not its’ launch “day”.

      • Exkaiser

        These are just the day one games. Nintendo referred to the entire “launch window,” which I believe references the first month or perhaps two months from launch.

        • malek86

          Even so, when they have all those awesome games planned for launch window and boasting about it, well, it does feel a bit silly that not even one would be available for launch day. Kinda kills the excitement.

          • Exkaiser

            But it’s a pretty common practice, selling the system on games that aren’t going to come out on day one.

            Well, I’d assume. I haven’t really paid attention to any round of console launches other than this, but I am pretty certain it’s something that’s done every time.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          You’ve got to be pretty generous to put the next set of releases in the ‘launch window’. DOA is likely May, the port of Overclocked near July and Lautrec not until September. Hopefully one of the larger first party titles gets a late Spring date, but nothing is confirmed there yet.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Too true, my friend, too true. They’d be smart to have just delayed the launch until a stronger line-up could have been released.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      To be honest, I have a strong suspicion that the larger audience drivers are pre-built onto the system. But we will just have to see in a few weeks if that is the case.

  • Im still shocked that Steel Diver is a full on $39.99 game…surely it could go for $4.99 or less on the AppStore, Google/Android Marketplace, etc…

    None of the games actually convince me to get this day 1, or even for that matter, by the time E3 rolls around on June 7-9….

    • Ren

      Have you actually played it to know that? I might be deeper than you might be thinking. Besides, launch games tend to be short and full price, so you don’t have to whine about it. I’ll bet Wario Ware Touched was far shorter than Steel Diver.

      • But Wario Ware provided so much more gameplay mechanics than Steel Diver does, and it was quirky, weird, fun, and irresistible. Piloting a submarine through murky waters can only be but so fun; Im not the only one thinking that it is a questionable package for $39.99…unless most people view Ping Pals as a game that was of great value when it released nearly with the DS…then my view is just contrary to popular opinion.

        • You should make your own decisions, not listen to what the rest of the Internet is saying. The Internet is stupid and loves to whine. After all, there’s no shortage of people that say all Naruto games suck, are there? :p

          • :( but NUNS2 was a bit shallow compared to the first game. I miss my classes and ultimate jutsus how they used to be.

          • Come on and get out this thread now!!!!! Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was the most phenomenally epically awesome fighting game thus created ever and everyone knows it. The game was streamlined for maximum fun and maximum high climax action!!!!

          • alundra311

            @Tsuna: Wow. Aside from the screenshots and videos I’ve seen (never played Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2), you must have a different version. Now I want to play your version that has “maximum high climax action”. I would love to see some “maximum high climax action” with Ino or Kurenai. ;)

        • daizyujin

          I bought Ping Pals. Hands down the worst game purchase I have ever made, and I owned a Xavix at one time. I now use it as prop to hold up my TV since the stand is just slightly off on one side. Amazing how well it works for that. Seriously though, from what I have seen, Steel Diver looks decent, but it looks more akin to something you would find in the appstore than a full priced retail title. I think I will just wait for the inevitable price drop before I pick it up. Either that or a buy one get one sale.

    • malek86

      That’s gonna be difficult. Remember when Reggie said low-price games were going to be the death of the industry?

      Although he probably had other reasons for saying it (obviously connected to how Nintendo used to sell Picross and Brain Training games for a full $30, when they can now be easily found for a pittance on smartphones), and although Iwata doesn’t seem to be of the same opinion (the DSiWare is clearly an attempt to enter that kind of market), I still don’t think we’re gonna see the Appstore approach from Nintendo too often.

      • Wow, how can Reggie say that we he has the WiiWare, DsiWare, and virtual console; its vital for making money off of old titles and easily cashing in on people willing to doubledip on say Bejeweled 2 and Sudoku. Unless the Wiiware and DSiWare games are selling so much more than Nintendos packaged games that their unit sales are going down!

        Well Imma be intrigued to see how they price their games in the gameboy VC.

        • malek86

          Probably the same as NES pricing. Maybe SNES pricing for the Color titles.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      If there’s nothing for you to DAY ONE BABEE, then there are problems with the lineup.

    • Icon

      Why? Reading impressions on the game, people say it’s amazing. The better question is why is Bust a Move 40 dollars?

      • Just because they say its amazing doesnt mean its worth any cost

        • What madness is this? Tsuna actually making…VALID points?! We’re losing our lovable mascot T~T

        • Icon

          I didn’t say it’s worth any cost. But I am DEFINITELY saying it’s worth more than a port of Street Fighter 4, an umpteenth re-hash of Bust A Move, some second rate games by Ubi-Soft and Namco and whatever else is being hastily hobbled together for the launch.

          • Worth more than Bust a Move Universe at $29.99?! Thats still too high for Steel Diver. I imagine sales for the game will agree and we will find that gamers, who vote with their dollars, will not pick up Steel Diver.

  • nyobzoo

    aaaaaand not getting a 3DS for awhile

    • kupomogli

      My thoughts exactly.

  • neo_firenze

    Other than seeing Dead or Alive Dimensions not making launch (Gamestop currently pegs it as a May release), no surprises.

    I’ll be picking up Pilotwings, Steel Diver, and Ridge Racer with my system. Possibly Bust-a-Move. And in the next few months, DOA, Cave Story 3D, Devil Survivor Overclock, Zelda, and Kid Icarus.

    Even as a huge fighting game fan, SSF4 doesn’t excite me at all due to the inherent control limitations. Crappy d-pad and 4 face buttons? No thanks, I’ll stick to my arcade stick and monitor combo.

  • If anyone DO get pilot wings, please do not play it in 3D as it’s really unplayable…when I played it anyway.

    • I’ve heard the exact opposite from many previews. Many people said the depth the 3D adds helps a lot with judging landing distances.

      • Seems that eurogamer got their hands on an early build then…(?) or maybe it’s my eye (don’t seem to have a problem with it)

  • I’ll be getting Pilot Wings and SSFIV. I want Steel Diver, but I’ll wait and see what people say about it.

  • I’d like to see what NGP has to offer and their price before I make a decision about a next-gen handheld.

    Not to mention that I got a DSi and a PSP-1000 for 40 and 50 bucks respectively used…so 200+ is out of the market unless something can REALLY appeal to me. The 3DS, in its current state, isn’t doing that for me.

  • kupomogli

    Pilot Wings doesn’t look that bad, but it doesn’t look like it’s worth $40.

    The fact that everything is $40 it makes me think that $40 is going to be the minimum MSRP for 3DS games. A lot of the games being released on launch seems like they’d be $29.99 titles if they were released on the DS. I’ll be waiting for a price drop of the 3DS and a bunch of games before picking it up.

    The system and games have to actually look like they’re worth the cost of admission, and the 3DS just doesn’t look like that right now.


    Only first party games are $40. My bad. Still a ripoff when these first party games look like they could be on the DS.

  • neetloaf

    This pretty much confirms that I won’t be getting the 3DS on day 1, as there really is no point with a launch line-up like that.

    I’m kind of glad honestly, as March is already crazy enough without including a new $249 system.

  • EvilAkito

    While 3DS has a ton of noteworthy games, the initial lineup is too weak to justify an immediate purchase. Street Fighter is pretty much the only game on there for me, and it’s not something that I need THAT badly.

    • daizyujin

      I feel the same way, and since I own SSFIV on PS3, it is kinda hard to justify paying the same price I paid for the PS3 game a year ago on a slimmed down port. I had hoped the system would ship with Dead or Alive as that is at least somewhat new.

      The thing I don’t really get about SSFIV 3D is that while it is in 3D and is portable, that is really all it brings new to the table. It still does not look as good and seriously, if you have the choice of playing it on a small screen or a 32″ HD TV, which would you pick? It isn’t like you can’t play online or oncouch multiplayer on the console versions. It seems to me to only really be a viable purchase to somebody who does not own a PS3 or 360.

  • jarrodand

    Bust-A-Move Universe is $29.99, not $39.99. According to retailer listings, there’s also $19.99 games coming up for the system, so it seems there is a bit of wiggle room for pricing.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I wasn’t aware Bust-A-Move was $29.99 so I updated the title since all of Nintendo’s first party titles are $39.99

  • Consider yourselves lucky as in Europe, standard price is expected to be around 60 euros for third parties and around 40 euros for Nintendo games… :(

  • BelmontHeir

    Fffff. I can’t believe I have this system pre-ordered and almost paid off and there’s not a SINGLE game I want to play on launch day. I mean, I even *like* Nintendogs but 1.) it looks like the game has made zero changes in its transition to the 3DS other than adding Mii support and being in 3-D, and 2.) I will feel like the biggest CHUMP of all time if I spend $310 + tax just to go home and play freakin’ Nintendogs on launch day.

    What to do? :( I’m close to canceling my pre-order.

    • Well are there any games releasing by the end of June that still interest you? If so, then why not keep the preorder and still get it on day 1? (for all we know, it could be hard to find between day 1 and end of launch window)

      • I totally agree – even if I don’t get any of the launch games I will still get the console since I know there will be games in the near future that I want. Although I’m getting more and more tempted by samurais and western strategy games.

        One of the UK retailers is letting people buy the console and trade it back in by mid April at a £7 loss if they decide not to keep it, and although I wouldn’t do it personally, it sounds like quite a good rental deal to me. ;)

  • I never intended really on getting a 3DS game at launch, as odd as that is– I was gonna use Black and White as my “launch” game for the system.

    However, looking at my financial forecast, I probably won’t be able to get it until July or so at this point– I’m not going to have enough, and I’m being dragged on a trip instead. Unless if I somehow make like $500 in a casino or something, I’m gonna have to cancel my pre-order once I get back home.

    Might be for the better. Gives NISAmerica time to get out Cave Story 3D.

  • budpikmin

    Am I the only one that’s excited about the prospect of a new Pilotwings? Nintendo fans have been asking for a new Pilotwings for years and when it finally comes along no one seems excited.

    I’m looking forward to playing Steel Diver and Pilotwings and I get the feeling that if Nintendo had released Mario or Zelda alongside them then they would be overlooked. Maybe Nintendo gave them the limelight as launch titles to try and strengthen the brands as I’m sure they will be the most picked up titles at launch.

    • Because it was already in some form in Wii Sports Resort. I think Ninty is giving Mario abreak…do we need a new mainline Mario game every year?

      • budpikmin

        I don’t see reusing the island as such a bad thing. Pilotwings has never really had an established brand image so trying it in with Wii Sport Resort means a lot of people will give it a look when they might not have before.

        I think your right about giving Mario a break, I’m still having fun with Galaxy 2. I’d rather see a new F-Zero or Pikmin

  • Icon

    A new Nintendo system is launching and the only interesting games are by Nintendo? What else is new? This happens every… single… time. No wonder third parties feel somewhat out in the cold with Nintendo year in year out. Third parties probably just got their devkits last week. (sarcasm)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I agree that the launch lineup is nothing to write home about. That said, in spite of this, it still manages to be A LOT better than the one the DS had.

    Plus, there are at least three titles in the launch lineup that I find interesting:

    – Steel Diver seems promising. Frankly, I don’t ever recall there ever being a retail arcade submarine sim and it will certainly be interesting to see Nintendo’s take on it.

    – Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is interesting, since Capcom specifically adapted the game for the system instead of just dumping the console edition. Plus, it comes with all the characters, so you don’t need to deal with the DLC nonsense.

    – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars…yes, I am serious. I don’t think we have seen a Western turn-based tactics game in years. As a result, I am rather curious how this particular game will turn out.

    That said, none of the 3DS games I am really excited about (such as OoT 3D and Kid Icarus) are launch titles. Just as well, since I don’t plan to buy a 3DS until the region lock is broken. Infact, I might even buy a DSi XL and start working on a DS library before I decide to purchase 3DS.

    • daizyujin

      I disagree as I found Super Mario 64 DS to be a really fun game on my DS despite some of the control issues. While I might have complained about it in the past, having been gaming for a year on iOS has taught me that quite a bit is still possible without an analogue stick.

      That being said, I am not sure what you are talking about with SSFIV 3D. I thought it just had all the same characters that are in the PS3/360 versions. To my knowledge there is no DLC in terms of characters in the console versions, just costumes.

      • There are the Arcade Edition characters, that are all but confirmed to be DLC for the PS3/360 versions. However, they are NOT in the 3DS version, but Ono said he wouldn’t be adverse to making them DLC for the 3DS as well, so really his point about it having advantages over the HD versions doesn’t stand.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Yeah, I was wrong about SSF DLC. Thanks for the correction.

  • There goes my tax return

  • Damn it Professor Layton, you could have saved the day if you weren’t off learning English.

    Well, maybe Steel Driver will be a sleeper hit.

  • Zero_Destiny

    It may be sad and petty of me to say this but I’ll say it none the less. I’m glad the line-up isn’t OMG AMAZING!!! Too poor to buy a 3DS right away so it makes the wait more bearable knowing there’s nothing good on it. I have my fingers crossed that a red 3DS won’t take more than six months-a year to come out because when it does I’ll grab me one!!! ;) Anyways I already know I’ll buy the Megaten port since I didn’t play the original and Dr. Lautrec. Besides that I just want Zelda 3DS remake soon, and Kid Icarus, and I’ll be a happy customers. :)

  • vadde939

    It isn’t a great lineup but it isn’t terrible either. Pilotwings and Samurai Warriors should be enough to keep me satisfied until the more interesting games get released.

  • My god you people are so picky!
    All i can say that this line-up is much more promising that what we got on the DS launch
    The DS launch had it’s share of disappointments like bastardized-in-localization US version of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits for example, a port of RR64 (Ridge Racer DS), a small hand full of shovelware like The Urbz plus Super Mario 64 DS

    So what if DoA isn’t at launch, all that DoA basically an interactive way for males to wack their winkies (if you get the drift)

    plus there’s high possiblity that Ridge Racer 3D would be good since Namco is devloping it and thankfully not a port of the gawdly N64 port of the original

  • Joanna

    Not a bad lineup, but I won’t be getting it any time soon. I just took the plunge and got myself a PSP. ^^;;; I still have a few DS games I want to pick up as well, so I’m grateful the titles I am interested in are still a ways off.

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