A Most Violent Reminder For Ninja Gaiden 3

By Ishaan . February 28, 2011 . 1:28pm


Last week, Team Ninja announced that Ninja Gaiden 3 would be playable at E3 2011. This week, Tecmo Koei have released a pre-E3 teaser for the game at the ongoing Game Developers Conference.


Ninja Gaiden 3 will be going the route that many other games have chosen to take lately, and will attempt to flesh out its leading ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, more than past games did.

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  • Guest

    Why must they resort to excessive gore?

    • Because they want the game to appeal to lame Dudebros…..

      • Even if that were the case, you say that like it is a bad thing. Dudebros are best bros.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Gore is not jut for bros. It’s also… for hos.

        But really, aside from the Japanese culture drenched Ninja Gaiden 2, are you not aware of Guro? Or less extremely, seen the likes of Elfin Liad, Hellsing, Berserk, Ninja Scroll etc or the live actions greats like Machine Girl, Ichi the Killer, Tetsuo the Iron Man, Evil Dead Trap, etc? (Great movies, btw)

      • I am so glad that I don’t have the slightest clue what a “dudebro” is. It sounds…vaguely douchey. Like someone who thinks Dane Cook is funny or something.

    • *sigh*

      Because they felt like it. Is it really THAT bad to have gore?

      • ToSeektheChosen

        No, it’s not a problem to have a gore in game, but they dedicated the whole goddam trailer to it.

    • malek86

      They have used gore since the first one, why change?

      Besides, cutting off limbs and heads in NG2 was satisfying.

    • Ninja Gaiden games have always been bloody dude. Play some Ninja Gaiden Black, and Ninja Gaiden 2 and you’ll see.

      I could barely play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, because there was almost zero blood. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t even play gory games. It’s almost a crime to remove every piece of blood and gore in a Ninja Gaiden game. It’s part of the experience. If it was toned down, that would’ve been alright, but downright removing the red to replace it with colorful gas? No thanks.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider
    • nyoron

      Did you see how much bitching there was about Sigma 2? I guess they’re trying to make up for it. Personally the mist didn’t bother me at all but whatever. If Ayane is playable again (and she god damn well better be) I wouldn’t mind if they kept the mist for her – she looks good in purple.

      • Exactly. I wasn’t bothered by the loss of blood in Sigma 2, but it was all I heard all over the net, so I’m sure Team Ninja don’t want to have to deal with that sort of whining this time.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    No more FABULOUS rainbows and magical unicorns spraying from severed limbs! I likes it.

    Yellow eyes? What have you been up to, Ryu-chan?

    (I feel sorry for the guy who’s on the receiving end of his sword.)

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yellow eyes can only mean one thing… Neko Transform! Think what you will about that.

      The guy who’s on the receiving end of his sword is not human. It’s Steak-chan. Ever since he was born he has awaited the day when he would grow up and become a fine…. many chunks of meat cubes. So be glad for him.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        See, this is why I missed you, Yusaku xD

        *shiver* Neko Ryu vs. Demonic Meat Cubes


        (don’t listen to us, Hayashi)

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Somehow someone will turn that into a Caramel Dansen video.

          On a non-related note check you your PSN msg box when you get the chance. ^_^

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I’m sorry! As soon as I manage turn it on, I will!

  • Ugh, if only they said they would release a playable demo on the PSN/XBL on E3…wait, this is coming to the PS3 right…(Sigma?)

    • Yes it will – Probably this time directly to PS360
      Itasucki this fucking M$ lover is gone and now they can make money with sold units and not only with the billions M$ gave them.

      • I never liked that guy…

        • Guest

          Only a Ninja…can kill a Ninja…

          • So, I guess it’s time to send Naseem from Ninja Theory to cut Itagaki’s throat with his angular hairstyle and then beat him to death with a Jack Skellington plushie.

          • Guest

            I was thinking more of a Shinobi vs Ninja Gaiden crossover

      • Nei_chan

        Of course, because every game developer that chooses not your console of choice is a f*cking fanboy.
        No he’s not.
        The fanboy is you. Those two games sold well enough on MS consoles to justify them being exclusives and even so, they were both ported to PS3 with tons od additional content so i don’t think you even have any right to call names a man that is responsible for creation of the (3D) series in the first place.
        And also both Sigmas sold less, so stop implying that only placing a game on PS3 can guarantee good sales.
        That being said, i hope it’s multiplatform this time, so when they decide to make some additional stuff both parties will be able to play it. Buying the same game two times is a pain.

        • You’re acting like Itagaki didn’t make some of the comments he made over the years. For example, his saying that if Ninja Gaiden II ended up on PS3, it’d be a “loss of face for everyone involved.”

          However, with that title he has that’s supposed to be coming out in 2013 or whatever, he’s going multiplatform, so MAYBE he has gotten over his weird Microsoft fetish. Or maybe he actually wants something he releases to sell in Japan again.

          • Nei_chan

            I don’t remember anything like this. But i feel like it must be out of context or misinterpreted because by the time NGII hit the shelves, NGI was already out on PS3 and not long after that NGS2 was announced so that kinda doesn’t make sense.
            And i doubt his new game will sell in Japan. I also doubt he values Japanese money more than western money, meh.

          • nyoron

            What did you think of the PS3 game Ninja Gaiden: Sigma? I’m told you won’t even sign copies of the game…?

            Itagaki: It was no good.

            Why’s that? I thought it was pretty good.

            Itagaki: All you need to do is play Ninja Gaiden II and then try and play Sigma afterwards and you’ll see why.

            Despite the fact that it’s on a ‘next-generation’ console there’s no evolution whatsoever. That was made not by me, but one of my sub-ordinates who basically tried to copy the success of Ninja Gaiden.

            Does that mean we’ll never see NGII on PS3?

            Itagaki: No because it’s a 360 exclusive.

            But Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden: Black were Xbox exclusives at the time…

            Itagaki: We’ve announced it as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but I don’t own Tecmo the company. But if that were to ever happen it would be a loss of face for everyone involved.


          • Nei_chan

            well. I could understand this reasoning. Announcing the game as an exclusive only for it to get port half year later is kinda loosing face a bit.
            Of course it’s a standard this gen.

          • @Nei_chan – So, you can see, it wasn’t taken out of context. He definitely gave the impression of having a 360 bias in that and several other interviews he did. No need to deny it. Nomura comes off as having a PS3 bias. People can like what they like. I’m glad for Nomura’s PS3 feelings, just as I’m sure 360 owners were glad for Itagaki’s feelings. No need to pretend they didn’t say it, though.

          • Nei_chan

            Where did i deny it or pretended he didn’t say that? I don’t pay attention to interviews unless i’m really interested so i didn’t even read it before. I just thought it’s stupid to assume he thinks porting NGII to pS3 would be a “loss of face” because his previous game already WAS ported. I also only heard that Nomura worships PS3 but never really seen any example.
            Also as i stated his “loss of face” could refer more to him stating a game will be exclusive if it’s not really gonna be. For example with Square enix. Don’t you have fanboys calling them traitors and liars when they did the same?
            also what you basically say is xbox owners should be happy when the developer is xbox fanboy and Ps3 owners when dev is ps3 fanboy? Wow, thats pathetic.
            Anyway the point is regardless of console he prefers his games are very good, so he should be respected as a developer and i hate pointless insults like this. also his games are available for ps3 users anyway so i dont understand the rant? the decision which platforms lies in 90% on the publisher anyway.

          • mikanko

            Itagaki had a bad working relationship with Sony during the PS2 era, and had a good working relationship with Microsoft because they gave him free reign to do what he wanted. Sony had several action titles and 3d fighting games on PS2 so they didn’t really need him and let him know it. It’s not hard to understand. Microsoft paid him to make his games exclusively for their system so he did, hence the saving face bit.

            Sony also toned down the gore in Sigma 2 (partly because of ram constraints) but also because they hoped a cero d rating would sell better. Something he probably wouldn’t have liked had he been handling the project, so his distaste for Sony isn’t completely unfounded from his point of view.

            Anything he’s said in interviews is obviously biased, and completely dismissing games made by Hayashi or any other Tecmo game not made by him is just the way he gave interviews. It’s the same way he constantly trashed Tekken, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta etc. He often said things for shock value, and in his leaving statements regarding the people remaining at Team Ninja he had only positive things to say. I don’t think it’s likely he’s all that sincere with his criticisms.

          • Why do you think it was Sony who toned down the gore in Sigma 2? Have you played any other Sony games? God of War 3? The Killzone titles? You’re acting like Sony are 1990’s Nintendo. It was Tecmo who wanted the Cero D rating, because otherwise, even if they did tone it down for Japan, it still would’ve been gory for America. Sony’s had toned down Japanese versions of games before. Heavy Rain’s Japanese version even cuts out the nudity. If it was Sony, it wouldn’t have effected the American version.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Itagaki says a lot of outrageous things. I wouldn’t take him too seriously. He’s so cocky and controversial but he probably doesn’t even remember most of what he says himself. Seems like a moment to moment, instinctual kind of guy. That doesn’t excuse him from insulting other developers though.

            Maybe he should be more like Suda or Nagoshi, both who seem to like making controversial and batshit insane games without being controversial and batshit insane themselves?

      • I’m surprised you could still post, you know

      • Hi there! We really, really, reeeeeally don’t like it when people insult other people (especially when those people are developers) around here. Don’t do it or we’ll be forced to drop a dinosaur on top of you.

        update: Hoho, what’s this? A repeat offender! (Just looked through your history) Yea, knock it off with the blatant zealotry and the insults or we’ll have to show you the door.

        • Wow?! Mr. Itasucki posts here?!

          • :/

          • Ren

            Gotta love your passive agressiveness. Remember me I never want to cross roads with you.

            Hmm, are you more of a yandere type?

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Use the (Gao Gao) stegosaurus up top!
          (Kidding, hope no one gets banned)

  • Testsubject909

    I don’t know about any of you guys but, personally… I’ve seen gorier and bloodier.

    After a long period of being accustomed to this, it’s almost rather tame, no?

    Seriously, all I’m seeing is “Bloody Screen! So Real.” followed by “Kyaaahhh he’s going to take off his mask!”

    But I already saw him without his mask, in the original 3 Ninja Gaiden games.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      It could mean is that:

      a.) It ISN’T Ryu
      b.) He’s terribly disfigured.
      c.) He’s even more dashingly bishy than he was before.

      • Testsubject909

        Third one seems to be the most plausible answer.

        Or… He’s actually a WOMAN!

    • Its a teaser trailer. They are saving the good stuff for later :D

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Ohboyohboyohboy *Clicks play* This is it?! Wow… The production value sure has gotten terrible. But it looks quite real… in a cheesy way. Oh wait it IS real. Live action? Huh? Unexpected… ALIENS?! NOOO!!! Waaaaait a minute…

    *glances at corner*
    “Sponser Message.”

    “Alien vs Ninja!”


    HA! Ha ha. Phew! Almost had a fatal heart attack. ha ha… *falls over*

    PS. What a tease. Actual trailer, that is. Looks like the old engine but with new art direction. Not enough to determine if want. Interest is piqued.

    • Kris

      I’m jealous, all I got was Fashion Police.

      • No9

        I got nothing =D

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Now *I’M* jealous.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Jealous?! Oh no. You really aren’t, I assure you.
        EDIT: I just saw a Fashion Police commercial. You are right after all.

  • Kris

    Anyone else think his arms look really vein-y?

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Yeah, he’s all messed up. And he’s going to remove his mask! Don’t go all Cthulhu on us, Ryu…

      I liked the fact that he was completely human. I hope Team Ninja doesn’t change that.

    • Must be his fiend blood kicking in.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Someone took a screenshot somewhere, and it looks like he’s wearing someone else’s skin. Gross.

  • its bloody… oh yea.. lol…

  • If I can’t shake the controller to jiggle Ryu’s ass, I really don’t care.

    • Ren

      Hooray for sex equality! But that poses a problem. It’s not that big, so if it jiggles, it will either be very creppy or augmented. There are other things they can make jiggle, but we won’t be able to see it anyway.

      • Oh ho ho~ ♥
        Perhaps it’ll make him flex his butt. ;D

        • Ren

          I prefer a button to do that.

  • Guest

    *Unmasks ninja mask to reveal………Westernized Caucasian steroid marine grunt face with military buzz cut*

  • Ryu stabbing towards the viewer implies that you are still his _______ and will buy the game when it comes out, which will cause you to remember that you are indeed a masochist.

  • alundra311

    • That episode!!!! Ive never laughed more in an anime episode than that!!! Best filler episode ever!

      • alundra311

        I agree. It’s the best filler episode ever.

      • Ren

        Actually, the first half of that one existed as a omake in the manga, so it’s not really filler in regard to the manga, only in regard to the storyline.

  • Boss/First-person kills? DO WANT!!! :D

    No seriously, if TN pulled a God of War 3 gimmick like that in this game, this experience will certainly be pleasant.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Isn’t this a bit early for pre-E3? When is E3 this year?

  • mikanko

    Hoping the first NG game without Itagaki is as good as the first 2. Predicting DoA5 to be announced sometime around the time this game actually comes out. Makes sense for Hayashi to do his first full blown sequel to an Itagaki game on the series he’s worked the most on, and I hope he succeeds.

  • cj_iwakura

    I wonder if that’s supposed to be Itagaki he’s disposing of.

  • vrakanox

    I’m stoked.

  • Lets analyse the trailer.

    So we have Ryu stabbing someone, who we can’t see since we’re sharing the unfortantue recipents view. Ryu seems to feel that one stab isn’t enough and is constantly butchering the guy. Afterwards he proceeds to take his mask off but we don’t get to see who the person is.

    There are two possible options to what we can gleam from this teaser trailer:

    1) The person being stabbed was sent to find out why Ryu has “changed” (look at his eyes and markings on his skin…Looks like he’s gone to the “dark side”) and to see if this was really Ryu and not some imposter. However, he was sussed out as a mole/spy and was gutted. Before he could see Ryu’s face he blacked out – hence why we didn’t get to see it.

    2) This is a game for the Kinect and if you preform poorly in missions, Ryu comes and says “you bring great shame to our clan” or something to that effect and stabs you several times, as a way of dying a dishonourable death. The game comes with the action vest to stimulate being stabbed. Rated 12+

  • Nothin’ more fun then being disemboweled by our favorite ninja.

  • PrinceHeir

    Ryu is back with a Vengeance :D

  • Guest

    Ninja Gaiden won’t be the same without Itagaki.

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