A Look At Beacon Fires In New Dark Souls Screenshots

By Ishaan . March 4, 2011 . 12:30pm

Dark Souls is From Software’s spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls. Producer, Hidetaka Miyazaki, says the game’s combat is based on “tactical swordplay,” and that his goal is to “kill all players who think there is a safe zone in Dark Souls.”


Wait, scratch that. There are some safe zones in Dark Souls (pictured above), and these are the new feature that Miyazaki is most proud of. Dubbed “Beacon Fires,” these safe areas serve as recovery points that can be used to heal yourself, and to gather with other players. Miyazaki feels that Beacon Fires represent the few places of warmth in Dark Souls’ cold fantasy world.


Dark Souls is slated for release sometime this year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Namco sent a new batch of screenshots out for the game today, so take a look.


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  • Full price, day one… day off!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    This is looking SO good. They all look great, but the one with the wolf is pure beauty. How is it possible to design grotesque monsters that are so awesome and even beautiful (there, I said it) at the the same time?;_; I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I’m also kind of sad because I’ve probably seen more than a half of the bosses through screens… But that’s my fault.

    I need this game. Urgently.

    • Yui

      I, too, am looking forward to breaking controllers over and over again out of frustration. :D

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Let us cling together =D

        But then, the frustration gives way to victory and sweet satisfaction and it’s beautiful <3 Plus, we have lots and lots of eye candy to feast our eyes upon while we're busy dying!

        • Yui

          We can be all, like, “oh hey, look at all these little bastards repeatedly killing us” and then revel in the fact that we managed to take them out after god knows how long. It sounds like a lot of fun, yeah, and it definitely looks great! I’m just certain that I will probably end up reacting in the same way I did to Demon’s Souls. And by that, I mean I will punch my mother in the face. :D

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            At least they can brag about the game being a thousand hours long! It’s too bad that 985 of those are spent dying… Violently =P

            You would’ve killed your mother by now if you punched her everytime you died in DS xD

          • Yui

            Allow me to share a secret, good sir. Once I got so angry at the game I killed every NPC in the hub, then laid down a ton of fake messages in every level I had access to in order to lure other players to their demise. Demon’s Souls is corrupting, and though it’s a helluva lot of fun getting murdered over and over again by every mook in every area, if I’d spent a thousand hours playing the game I’d have exterminated the human race by now. :P

            Admittedly yes, she wasn’t well after that period of constant, raging violence, but she’s thankful I’ve finished up with Demon’s Souls and has vowed not to let me play Dark Souls while she’s in the house. >:D

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            HOLY SH-xD

            Message on the ground: “It’s safe here”
            “All right, let’s rest a bit and-”
            YOU DIED

            I feel sorry for the people that fell victim to your traps… (not really, it must’ve been fun xD)

            How did you like the swamps and the beautiful giant trolls? =P By far, the most infuriating area of the game…

          • Yui

            With the way DS worked, I don’t know if anyone ever fell for my traps. But I do recall, in the first proper world, leaving a message to the effect of “treasure through here!” leading into the area in which those two gigantic dragons slept, and making a few traps similar to your example. I was an utter, insufferable jerk in that game, and I felt good about it, regrettably. Though it was hilarious. XD

            I had more trouble in this one particular area, I can’t recall the name, where there were so many thin, rickety bridges that I kept falling off every time I got hit, or tried to do a charge attack. That place drove me mad. XD I will agree, though, the entire game looked beautiful! Besides a lot of the character models, anyway. :P

  • Ereek

    The giant spiky-dragon. . .thing looks amazing.

    • It’s a giant fly-trap with giant insect legs.

      • Ereek

        But with dragon wings.

        It’s really neat. I can’t wait to die to it.

        • Oooh… I see them now. That’s one of the strangest, yet impressive, chimera-types I’ve seen in a long time.

    • ElTopo

      Its a giant vagina.

      • Ereek

        If the vaginas you’ve seen look like that, I have to wonder where you’ve been looking and what happened to you afterward.

  • Medieval times? What, I thought we would have moved on from this time period by now, and where is the female character?

    Gloriously amazing looking fire!

    • ElTopo

      Huh? Moved on? To where? That was the whole theme, dark, medieval fantasy game.

      • Once youve played one Medieval game, youve played them all, they should have went to somewhere else, you know? Why cant it be a game taking place in an exotic and lavishly ornate rainforest?

    • KyoyaHibari

      Lol Tsuna do you have to unnecessarily candy-coat everything with unconventional adjectives in the situation to the most random things, its weird, btw, just because medieval has been done a million times doesn’t automatically make it crappy, I demand you get Demon’s Souls this very instant, greatest game I’ve ever played, and Dark Souls will probably take that spot with ease

      • Suprisingly, Ive never played Demon’s Souls, I chose to experience Medieval Times through the phenomenally epically awesome Dragon Age Origins. If Demon’s Souls is similar then I may try it.

        • KyoyaHibari

          Lol “phenominally epic” trust me Demon’s Souls is amazing, but extremly hard, if you are looking to get Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls will prepare you for the difficulty because it is also gratifyingly difficult in a sort of masochistic way

  • badmoogle

    I already have a feeling that the (huge) wolf creature will give me a really,really hard time…:s

  • Feynman

    I was going to say that I want this game a lot, but that would be wrong. Because I don’t *want* it, I *need* it.

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • PrinceHeir

    hurry up release date :P

    the screens are awesome, love the armors not to mention the monsters are sooooo huge O_O

    this and Catherine FTW :)

  • The more I see, the more I can’t wait for this game to batter me around :3

  • do i hear a gathering hall? with these Becon fire.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’ve never wanted to die so badly…
    I can’t wait again to fight a long side of ghosts of other players, fall into traps, and just be destroyed over and over again.
    Demon’s Souls was GOTY for me, and I got really into Siliconera then because of it =) I can’t wait for this game.

  • Hexen

    Oh Umbasaa… Day One

  • The producer of this game is crazy.
    I can practically hear pipe organ music when I read quotes from him.

  • eilegz

    again no mic or voice chat no buy… its one of those issue that they need to sort out.

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