Make A Bigger Mario By Printing A Bigger Nintendo 3DS AR Card

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 10:05am

arcardSix AR cards (? mark block, Link, Mario, Kirby, Samus, and Pikmin) come with the Nintendo 3DS. View them with the 3DS’ camera to make the corresponding character appear on the screen.


Inside Games has been experimenting with the AR Cards and discovered if you print a larger Mario AR card you get a larger Mario. Cel-shaded Link and Kirby, however, are the same size even if you print a larger card.


Club Nintendo in Japan will soon offer a large AR Card as a premium item. Purchase this and you can take a photo with a life-size Mii.



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  • Exkaiser

    The world is not yet ready for lifesize Miis.

  • I smell some superiority complex around

    • Ren

      I smell overcompensation, which made me remember they need to make a buster sword or OLK AR Card, ‘cuz there’s no overcompensation like FF style.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Japan will pretty much overcompensate whenever they get the chance. BERSERK’s been doing it way before Cloud ever got the chance. XD

        • Ren

          Yeah, but the guy who draws BERSERK tends to enter hiatus because he prefers to take his time surfing Nico Nico than actually working on his job. He must have even less of a life than I had when I had depression, and that’s really sad. On another note, Guts is so fugly on the anime. He goes from decent to hot from far, far away in the manga, but he’s just pathetic on the anime. I would say that Japanese animation really fell, but it was never really that good to begin with, pricipally the late 90 ones…Well, there’s always Miyazaki at least.

          • Zero_Destiny

            •Well to judge the BERSERK anime’s animation is a little unfair since the studio didn’t even have the budget to finish the anime. (We only got 25 out of the planned 26 episodes T_T). I mean the whole thing was so incredibly cheap. It was more like a slide-show than animation. XD At least it had a great sound track though. Now the new all GC show is looking to be friggin’ gorgeous!!!! I want to get my hands on that baby. :D
            •Also I think there’s some real good 90’s animation. The 90’s gave us some awesome OVA’s. And we have some pretty good studios now-a-days too. When A-1 isn’t being lazy and cheap they’ve made some real nice looking anime like the newest Macross. :) Anyways the discussion on animation is best left for another thread. lol
            •Another [also] BERSERK definitely has had quite the run-time. Thinking about it the manga is only like four days younger than I am. lol Wow, to write a story for 20 years (even with hiatuses) is crazy. lol I kind of wish it’ll end soon though so we don’t end up with another series that doesn’t have an ending because the author dies. :(

          • Ren

            That’s a film, right?

            I meant more like few films and rare OVAs aside, anime normally has very little quality. I know the studios run on a budget that would make pretty much every western studio cringe, but it doesn’t change most anime now days aren’t very well animated. A lot of decent to great anime have very little animation, and the late 90 are the ones who I think suffered most of it, principally the ones in the transition to the moe and realistic shoujo we see nowdays.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Ren I’m not sure what the new show is. I really think it’s a film or an OVA too considering how awesome it looks. Some people have been saying it’s an anime though. I don’t know but whatever it is I can’t wait to see it. :)

  • I actually think that’s slightly terrifying…

  • OMG, like, augmented reality understands perspective?!?! You mean that if I walk away from something, making it appear to be smaller, the rendered object will appear to be smaller too? Mind-blowing! I can’t comprehend this!

  • Zero_Destiny

    Are they holding hands? I heard about the guy who married his Love Plus but I never thought I’d see a Mii and a Man in a relationship. XD Japan you never cease to impress me. lol I can’t wait to buy a 3DS so I can have a relationship with Miiself!!! lol

  • I wonder what technology is needed to make an AR card? Maybe all the game should come with one, it would make a nice extra.

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