Square Enix Suspend Final Fantasy XI And XIV Services Due To Earthquake

By Ishaan . March 14, 2011 . 11:33am

Following the recent earthquakes in the country, Japanese power companies have warned of power shortages and encouraged the people of Japan to help conserve power. Square Enix are doing their part by shutting down the servers and suspending the services for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV until further notice.


Square say that both games will be suspended for “at least a week,” and will provide an update once their respective services resume. As compensation, subscribers of Final Fantasy XI and its PlayOnline service will not be billed for the period of April.


The notice from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is as follows:


“A big earthquake occurred in the northern part of Japan at 2:46PM of March 11th 2011. Because TEPCO’s facilities have been seriously damaged, power shortage may occur. TEPCO appreciates customers’ cooperation in reducing electricity usage by avoiding using unnecessary lighting and electrical equipment.


“We are taking all measures to restore power, however, we expect extremely challenging situation in power supply for a while. We kindly ask our customers to cooperate with us in reducing usage of power.”

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  • It’s a shame then that many in the west are going to be moaning about this with a “so what” kind of atittude.

    • LastFootnote

      That’s a pretty cynical assumption, and most likely incorrect.

      • Well I wish my faith in human nature was as naive…I mean as high as yours. But this is down to experience of seeing how people react to news like this, including gamers. Also on Saturday I was chilling out with people and they said something along the lines of “well I don’t know what the fuss is, Japan is use to this”. Also Aunna’s comment backs up what I said.

        I would be glad to be proven wrong but it looks unlikely.

        • LastFootnote

          Well, I’m well aware that people like that exist. I just think they’re a vocal minority. I could easily be wrong.

      • Sadly… it is the truth, i’ve seen it with my own eyes.

        AND!! the worst part of it all, is that it doesn’t surprise me…

      • Happy Gamer

        I agree. I dunno about about forums and video games but everyone I met and know are sympathetic for this situation as well as class mates etc. Maybe some of you are assuming based on 14 yo immature (not finger pointing at the age itself) kids on the internet as a basis for your pessimism. Another good thing to note is that even if only 10% of people on the internet moan and groan, that is ALOT of people. so it may feel as you are seeing “ton” of people like this. Internet is an excellent source of information, not experience.

        Another important thing to note is that you can’t blame people for not sympathizing as “they should” especially when they have never had a difficult life style, earth quake experience, live in their parent’s basement and know the world through the internet. Or if they don’t know much about the situation etc.

        I’m very sure they would change their attitudes once they have suffered a tsunami and have their houses swept away.

    • When SE made the announcement, I was on FFXI. There were a few who were sympathetic, most were like “wtf!? who gives about Japan” or were making stupid comments about Japan should just be nuked now. A friend of mine is upset because it’s his Spring Break week. lol he had tons of stuff planned for me. XD

      • Guest

        sounds like a bunch of losers

        • I’m from the Asura server and according to people, Asura has the most haters and trolls than any others. Haha, so your comment might be true.

          • Oh man, Asura really that bad? I just started there last week…ugh…

          • That’s only from what I’ve heard. I’ve been on Asura for 2 (maybe 3) years now and it only got bad after the merge with the Pandy server last year. You’ll find a lot of competition between the people of both servers and a lot of spiteful comments exchanged by them all. But there’s still a good handful of people on the server, it’s really hard to find them tho.

            When XI’s back up, look me up~ I’m Felecca, a 90WHM, 90RDM, and a 77SCH. I’m rarely doing anything (even tho there’s a lot of stuff that I want to accomplish) during the day till my abyssea LS has events on Tuesday to Friday evenings.

      • And people were giving me a hard time on this site for saying that humans are generally stupid. Those people you encountered seem to back up my feelings.

    • Yui

      Totally agreed with you on that, man, until I read a few articles on other websites about the same thing, or with the delay for the Shuma + Jill DLC for MvC3 in Japan. Most people are being surprisingly level-headed about the whole thing, and it’s only the usual ultra-vocal minority of inconsiderate types that are bitching.

      So, I say, credit to 90% of people, because they’re the 90% of people it’s worth dying for. :D

  • So what D:

  • Lets just not forget that you are not entirely free from the earthquake hot zone too… So atleast have some empathy… And if you are kind enough please donate…


    Or go to Japan Red cross site.. Or any Red Cross website and do whatever you can to help them.. Thanks!

    • Ren

      I don’t want to sound like a hater, ignorant or a troll, but I’m completely free from the earthquake hot zone, actually, I’m pretty much free of all earthquakes hot zones being on eastern South America and all that.

      • Hurricanes then? I’m in the southeast of the US and we don’t have earthquakes, but we do have those…and they’re just as devastating sometimes…

        My heart goes out to the Japanese, especially considering how little help they will receive from our illegal usurper. :( We’ll fund Muslim mosques in countries that hate our guts, but we will scuff our foot in the ground and do nothing for our allies, and one of the few countries still that actually likes us…

        G freaking G…

        • Ren

          Nope, Brazil is pretty much nature rage free.

      • Yeah, i’ve only once felt like 3 seconds shaking, and it was no big deal, and my state is surrounded by mountains, pretty much like a valley, so we also have a nice climate protected by mountains.

        We do get some excess of raining from time to time but is nothing compared to other places…

  • ToSeektheChosen

    This depresses the hell out of me, a game is suspended for a week, big deal. There are bigger problems going on in Japan.

    • neo_firenze

      Nobody is saying that online games are more important than the problems facing Japan after the earthquake.

      It’s certainly a notable story though – FFXI’s servers have been up and running since 2002 without interruption other than for scheduled maintenance and version updates. Now they’re being taken down for at least a week, and Square-Enix is losing money because of it. That’s a good example of showing just how serious the problems are.

      You can still have sympathy and concern for the people of Japan while noting how the disaster is affecting the game industry.

  • Istillduno

    How come all the servers are in Japan anyway?

    Thought even some free to play RPGs have servers in multiple areas, so it seems a bit odd that an MMO from a big company that has a monthly charge doesn’t.

    Or do they have multiple servers, with this being just an announcement to the people in Japan that the Japanese servers are down?

    • Ive honestly been confused about this, why would companies only put their servers in one location. At least, last I checked, even companies in the US dont store all that servers in just one location of the company.

    • Final Fantasy XI was released in Japan a full two years before its North American debut, which would explain why all of the servers are based there.

      Servers also aren’t set up regionally. You have folks from all around the world playing together on each server, so I suppose it only made sense to make use of existing servers, rather than move/make new ones elsewhere.

      I imagine it’d just make things much easier to manage as well.

      • Istillduno

        That actualy suprises me, I figured that not having servers abroad would make it lag like hell for people accross the pond from Japan so servers would be neccesary in all regions selling it but maybe they got decent netcode to hide it or something.

        Perhaps rather than servers abroad they have some kinds of network bridges, I hear that works with home networking so maybe that works on a larger scale.

  • Metal Gear Online is also suspended.

  • MrRobbyM

    Damn, luck isn’t on XIV’s side at all.

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