Disgaea 4 Will Cost Less Than Ar Tonelico Qoga In North America

By Spencer . March 21, 2011 . 4:01am

disga4a Even though its far off as a summer release, it should be comforting to know that Disgaea 4 won’t deal critical damage to your wallet after March releases ravaged it. It’s actually costs less than NIS America’s most recent title, Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.


Just like Disgaea 3 before it, Disgaea 4 will retail for $49.99 at launch. That’s $10 less than Ar tonelico Qoga and Hyperdimension Neptunia, but both of those games came in oversized boxes with art book bundles.

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  • Nice! I’m glad about the 10$ reduction… but I wouldn’t mind paying 60 if it brought an art book =3

  • SolidusSnake

    You mean ya’ll got confirmation that there won’t be oversized box and artbook with D4? Artbook and box >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $10


    (Day 1 purchase anywayz)

    • Ereek

      I would say it’s more a sign that there will be a $59.99 Special edition on NISA’s online store.

      • SolidusSnake

        We’ll have to wait and see. So far as I know all Neptunia and AT3 releases came with the goodies. I will be more than happy to pay extra for Disgaea goodies if that is the case, of course. :3

        • If there will be one, it’s hopefully not NISA store only, I seem to can’t order from there(don’t ask me why). And yes like everyone else I would love to have a Disgaea artbook, soundtrack(like with Disgaea 2) and maybe if they feel generous a little awesome figurine or a big sized poster, for just $10 more! :D

  • Wow. Perhaps when it gets a European/PAL release it’ll also be cheaper. Here’s to hoping…

    • You better hope everyday because something like that will never happen.

      • Subsenix

        Just import the US Version

        € > US$…At the end it is cheaper because the Euro is pwning the US$

        • 49.99+delivery+possible custom charge if the retail loves to put in receipt. Might as well buy it when it release in the UK. I thank royal mail for starting to charge me customs :(

      • A man can dream, can’t he?

  • Methylene

    Hmm, while I don’t mind the reduction… REALLY don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind a limited edition with artbooks and whatnot, even if it costs more.

    Especially if it includes that Fuuka figurine.

  • Alexisonfire

    I’d pay $10 for an art book.

  • Eh Artbook usually aren;t that great so the price reduction is welcomed. But I do admit there should have been both options since others like the art books that comes with RPG’s.

  • I’m with everyone else here who says that while I’m happy to be spending $10 less, I don’t mind pay the extra, as I’ve started to get used to the cool little artbooks that come with NISA games.

  • Remember when Disgaea 3 come out in the NA region it was 49.99 it wasn’t more than that except for the 2 special bdl that come out on the former rosenqueen.com if I remember correctly it was the Delinquent and Honor Student where they have a random extra item and also the strategy guide came in both.

  • I cant wait until they unveil the super special awesome premium edition. I missed out on it for Disgaea 3 (but did nab the soundtrack for preordering at Gamestop I remember), so this time, I want to get all the goods on Day 1 Baby!

  • Shuryou

    10 dollar cheaper? That’s just a trick. You’ll probably spend that amount on DLC anyway.

    • defiance777

      thats true but at least we have the option u know

    • Oh my god! NISA are going to break into your house, put a gun to your head, and force you to go on the Playstation Store to download the DLC? I really hope you update your home security system and hope they don’t throw any prinnies at your door to get past it!

  • skyblaze

    But… but… I LIKE oversized boxes with art book bundles….

    • There’s likely to be an option similar to that, I’d imagine. I mean, since when have we released JUST a game?!

      • irzbos

        Aways nice to be frequented by NISA employees.

        P.S. I still have ur business card and it was fun seeing the prinny mobile in person (assuming ur Nick Doerr).

      • Since your here… any chance you can tell us the likelyhood of the figure set and nendroid making it to US?

        • This is not something I can’t comment on. Not because I’m keeping it secret, but I really don’t know what the marketing team has planned!

      • Ladius

        Just stopping by to tell you that your editing work in Neptunia was awesome, as always :) Keep up the good work, you are really able to add flavor to the jrpg scripts you work on !

  • Croix

    It was a gradual shift, but I am now so looking forward to getting back into Disgaea with this game after dropping out halfway through Disgaea 2.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I hope that means that NSA will go the XSEED route and make a LE and a normal edition. I like all the cool bonuses. I’m also kinda of expecting some sort of big bonus since it’s Disgaea we’re talking about.

  • irzbos

    I’m planning on getting this game despite not playing any of the previous ones, but i do have a question. I don’t care if i should play them because they are “good games” since i already have a big backlog of games, but I am wondering how much playing the previous games in the series assist the story of the one ur currently on? I know there are plenty o freturning characters from the previous games, but im not sure if you actually need to know anything about what they did in their games or not.

    • PurpleDoom

      From what I understand, you don’t really need knowledge of the previous games to understand the current one. As you said, there are a lot of returning characters, but there’s no overarching storyline.

    • Zero_Destiny

      You’re good. PurpleDoom is right. Disgaea doesn’t require you to play all the games or even play them in order. I started with 2 and then played 1. The games do have a lot of cameos and references that will go over your head and some jokes might not be as funny for you because it’s kinda like you had to be there to get it (and by there I mean the earlier games) but no prob starting at any game will do fine.

    • The only thing one will miss out on is the long running jokes which are usually just presented in the post game fortunately.

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    how long did it take for disgaea 3 to go down to $30-$20? I want this game asap, but I want to save a few dollars as well.

    • it took a little while. Longer than it takes their regular titles like Phantom Brave.

    • Waiting for it to go down in price is not really the best way to support NISA.

    • I thought it didnt even reach 29.99 until the last half of 2010

  • 50 dollar game and DLC comes out every week for it.

    Just you wait :P

  • Assumption: It’s $10 cheaper because Disgaea is a little bit more marketable to the non super-niche crowd and the higher sales means they don’t need to squeeze out that extra bit from the very small group that buys stuff like Ar Tonelico.

  • Christian Wright

    good deal! nisa is doing a good job of taking care of its fans!

  • neo_firenze

    I wouldn’t assume this is entirely altruistic. I completely expect that, like Disgaea 3, we will be absolutely flooded with paid DLC to make up the price difference and then some. They might just be trying to avoid the inevitable backlash from releasing a full priced game AND a ton of paid DLC. And we know NIS strongly believes in DLC.

    Not that it’s necessarily a bad business model – gets the base game in more people’s hands by starting out at a lower price for entry, potentially hooking new fans. And NISA knows their fanbase well enough to know that they have a LOT of hardcore obsessive people who will gladly shell out for DLC for their premier franchise. Even the people who don’t buy stuff like the flood of minor Neptunia DLC are probably more likely to bite when it’s Disgaea. Especially if it’s good quality like much of the DLC for Disgaea 3, like the legitimately good Raspberyl side story (which cost $12), not to mention the tons of other paid DLC for that game like new characters and modes.

    At any rate, I’m expecting that I personally will pay MORE than $60 for my Disgaea 4 experience…

    • Ladius

      You are right of course, but it’s also true that Disgaea games are so packed with contents that you could easily ignore the dlcs and play for 100+ hours.

      • Thiefofhearts

        you can, if you buy the “play past 80 hours” DLC pack!

        • I don’t recall a DLC pack like that. In fact, I’ve put about 90 hours into Disgaea 3, and only about 5 or so of those were the Raspberyl Chapters. Maybe another hour in total for each of the DLC characters. Otherwise, it’s all been in-game content. I’m start to doubt you’ve even played it.

  • *Looks at 50 dollar price*
    *Looks at Disgaea 3’s dlc bundle price*

    Yeaaaaah… about that.

  • Yukito

    Hey, Qoga was worth it’s price to me. Disgaea…. it might have alot to it, but I like emotion over comedy in my story. Qoga seems to have evened it out enough to love.

  • Draparde

    Sounds awesome, i hope there ends up being a limited edition as well.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    I doubt we’ll get the Fuuka nendoroid :(

    • jello44

      Yeah, I doubt we’ll get it too; but if by some way NISA brings it over, I’d buy it and I normally do not buy CEs.

  • I wonder to what extent my wallet will be ravaged by DLC.

  • Code

    rar, this is a price I can sink my teeth into~!

  • KyoyaHibari

    Sweet, 4 looks awesome, still having trouble grinding in 3 >.>

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Well, that’s awesome. Nice to see NISA going the extra mile to make sure people get their flagship product.

  • HarryHodd

    Saves me $10. Cool. Hopefully that will bring more people into the fold.

  • Thiefofhearts

    That’s right kids! Just 50 dollars*! (*Not including the 5 dollar 140kb unlock keys for your main party members, the 2 dollar tutorial segment and the DLC costumes… oh there’s tons of those too. you might want to steal your parents credit card for this…)

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