The Three Kingdoms In Vanillaware’s Grand Knights History

By Spencer . March 31, 2011 . 2:01pm

image Vanillaware and Marvelous are working on Grand Knights History where three kingdoms are locked in a battle to control Ristya. Famitsu has a look at the regions plus a few screenshots of the PSP game.


Logres – The Ancient Country

Logres is hidden deep within the mountains and was once ruled by a tyrant. Fausel (his full name is Fausel Wald Logres) led a rebellion and overthrew Aless to become the country’s king. He’s the character on top of the mountain.


Union – The Country of the Knights

In the northern region of Ristya, lies a country with faith in church and holy sword. Union’s residents take pride in becoming honorable knights. Leon (left) is the country’s young king. Known for his resolute appearance he received the nickname the Lion King. Princess Sefia (lady below Leon on the left) is actually from Logres. Leon rescued Sefia and protects the princess after her exodus from her home country.


Avalon – The Magical Country

In a remote region of Ristya, within the Forest of Bewilderment, is where you can find Avalon. Founded by the great witch Theresa, Avalon is a land where sorcery reigns. Residents of this nation feel as they are one with nature. Queen Muse (below Fausel on the right), their leader, is an expert on magic. She studied the Wisdom of the Ancients and gathered the Treasure of the Saints.


You get to create a warrior to play as in Grand Knights History, but your squire is pre-set. Liscia, supports the player character throughout the game.


Grand Knights History is slated for a summer release on PSP.

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  • Wow, those screenshots are gorgeous. I don’t think Vanillaware is capable of making a bad looking game so long as they stick to that art style. Here’s hoping the game makes its way West.

    It makes me feel guilty that I’ve yet to actually finish both Odin Sphere and Muramasa.

    • puchinri


      And I only just picked up Odin Sphere recently but still haven’t got Muramasa. I too feel guilty. x’D;

  • doubletaco

    Just keep them sprites coming, Vanillaware, and I’ll forget all about Kumatanchi.

  • Barrit

    This game looks so good. I need to get around to playing Yggdra Union. These games remind me so much of Warsong that I played on the Genesis years ago.

  • malek86

    Do we get to choose our alligiance? I would totally go for Shijima.

    … uh, sorry, wrong game. I meant I would go for Union. The guy with the scar looks sufficiently evil, and I’m not a fan of sorcery. So that leaves the bunch of knights with holy swords. Ok, that’s acceptable. As long as they don’t expect me to become honorable.

  • z_merquise

    Now those are real Viewtiful 2d art!!

    Also, the scarred dude was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna of Blablue) while the hot chick with glasses was voiced by Kikuko Inoue (I-no of Guilty Gear).

  • Wackoramaco87

    Wantwantwantwant! Can’t wait to see game play footage!

  • I can’t help but think Romance of the Three Kingdom for some reason. I’d be surprised if these kingdoms have matching colors. lol

  • The game looks gorgeous, as expected from Vanillaware. What I didn’t expect was the ‘arc’ that each play field lies on, as if the game takes place on a wheel. I look forward to the eventual US release!

  • The Music in the official website is sooo epic !!
    No wonder its composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto :3 .

    • puchinri

      I was really wanting to have more epic Sakimoto music since Opoona and haven’t gotten as much as I would have liked, but this makes up for that~.
      (I wonder if just Sakimoto or all of Basiscape will work on it? Because they are wonderful altogether.)

    • Aoshi00

      Great Sakimoto music indeed, but I feel like his medieval fantasy style being a bit too similar, like Sakuraba w/ his Tales games… that’s why I really loved the Muramasa soundtrack, it was Sakimoto + Jpn flavor, but that was composed by several composers including Sakimoto..


    AND! short skirt girl … Check! Never amiss on a jgame >8D

  • ElTopo

    Why the psp…why?

    • FireCouch

      Because the psp rocks, that’s why.

      • Exactly

      • DanteJones


      • puchinri

        It truly does. But it would have been nice as a console title…

      • Aoshi00

        But playing Odin Sphere/Muramasa on the big TV was so awesome :(.. haven’t played the RTS Grim Grimoire yet… so pls make some console games to show off your cool 2D sprites too…

        I don’t mind this being a portable game, but I would’ve preferred some killer titles for the 3DS, this could’ve been one of them, and the different layers of animation would so fit the 3D…

        • I know what you mean, bro!

        • ElTopo

          I would have preferred this for the NGP (Are they seriously still calling it that…frakkin Sony). Or PS3. Or Wii. Or all current consoles. Any console would have been better then the PSP :/ … first Valkyria Chronicles, not this. Sad Panda.

        • ElTopo

          And seriously, theres rumors running around about a Odin Sphere/Muramasa HD re-release. If they’re willing to jump into the HD market with re-releases why aren’t we seeing this as a full retail HD game :/. Looks great though

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you.. that’s why I was expecting 3DS because I thought they were porting some games there, not that I would want to replay Muramasa on handheld (I’ve played it to death alrdy but still missing one ending). I just thought the 3D effect could be put into good use when you look at many many layers of 2D background and animation.. I don’t care about Muramasa PS3 either, HD is not enough for me to play it again, so a new game on either 3DS or PS3/360 would be great..NGP still has some ways to go and this is coming out this summer, and that thing might cost a fortune at first..I guess they’re still playing it safe for now.. but this is a turn based RPG right, so the PSP should be able to handle it unlike crazy action games.. but yea, I would prefer playing amazing looking 2D sprites on a big screen, I mean look at BlazBlue, Muramasa, Odin Sphere, the animation look so spell binding..I got nothing against handhelds, but I prefer playing more stationary games like Phoenix Wright or Layton since my eyes aren’t so good anymore…

          • thebanditking

            Sup Aoshi? I completely agree with you I am more for games like this being on a traditional console rather then a handheld. Though since they decided to go the portable route I am glad they picked PSP, if for nothing more then the larger screen size, as my vision is likely much like yours, lol…

      • ElTopo

        Should be on consoles, where I can appreciate dope 2D sprite work on a 40 inch+ screen.

    • IceRomancer

      Firecouch speaks truth

      • ElTopo

        Yeah if your into stealing games! (seriously I thought a lot of devs abandoned PSP game production because of the rampant piracy on the system, it has the highest percentage of pirated software this generation…) Nah I dig the PSP, never picked one up, but ill probably snag one at some point.

        I just love me some sharp Vanillaware 2D sprite work on my consoles.

  • puchinri

    It was Vanillaware that released that picture as ann. of sorts with the three women, right? I wonder if this is that game and each of them represented a country? (The medieval look/feel fits too.)

    It’s cool to see Vanillaware and MMV working on a game, so I’m happy~.

  • IceRomancer

    Wow so gorgeous! I’m so glad they decided to do a medieval/knight kinda game, I think that’s where their art really shines!

    • Definitely! Those character designs and settings are just so pretty.

  • PSP huh? Odin Sphere lagged my poor PS2 to hell and back (T_T) although it was a beautiful game. Here’s hoping they’ve managed to fix that for a handheld system

    • PersonaBull

      They apparently fixed it in the PAL version, actually. That slowdown was the only thing that bothered me about Odin Sphere. Otherwise, it’s absolutely my favorite game. I could play that game anytime <3. I would be overjoyed if they brought Odin Sphere itself to a handheld~

      I'm happy this is not Odin Sphere, though. As much as I liked Muramasa, Odin Sphere will always hold that special, untouchable space in my heart. I wouldn't want a sequel, honestly. They did it perfectly for me already. I'm excited to see what else they can do~ Can't wait for more info on the turn-based battle system.

  • Where’s the romance?

  • thebanditking

    As always their sprite work is gorgeous, this game will really look fantastic on the PSP. Still I thought their next title was for 3DS (or are they just working on one?) either way I wonder what the chances of this getting localized are…

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