Sorcerian, One Of Falcom’s Classics, Heading To Smartphones With Online Elements

By Spencer . April 5, 2011 . 2:18am

sorcFalcom and Shin Megami Tensei Online publisher Aeria Games are working on a version of Sorcerian for smartphones. The two companies have plans to update the twenty year old title. This version of Sorcerian is online enabled and has social features. Falcom hopes these features will attract new fans.


Don’t worry, the core of Sorcerian for PC and the smartphone version is still its side-scrolling gameplay.



A release date for Sorcerian was not announced, but whenever it comes out you’ll be able to get it overseas. Aeria Games and Falcom are preparing the smartphone version for the domestic Japanese market and English audience.

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  • Manonam

    Though I’m all for retro games most of the time, this one just looks terrible… It’s basically run, shoot, collect items, and go in a maze of doors… I can’t see much more than that in the movie. Definitely would have a hard time convincing myself to pay money for something with that limited of game play.

    • Oh, there’s a LOT more to Sorcerian than that. The real heart of the game lies in its character creation. Basically, your characters all start out as children, and as they learn skills, they age — learning to shoot fireballs, for example, may take 5 years, and learning to become a master lockpick may take 3. You get to choose what fields of study they’ll undergo, and how many years they’ll spend studying them… and as they age, both their appearances and their stats change. Stats get better at first, but once the character reaches middle age, they begin to falter… until, one day, during training, your character simply dies.

      BUT… when a character dies, a portion of his/her stats and abilities are inherited by his/her child, and the process continues.

      The individual stages in the game are all quests, with RPG-like story progression, and often contain puzzles that can only be solved by people with certain skill-sets — so if you encounter a locked door, you need someone with lockpicking skill along, or you’ll just be left wondering what might be lurking behind it.

      It’s an interesting mix of vaguely Metroidvania-esque platforming, RPG questing and D&D-style character tweaking, and it makes for a wholly addictive game.

  • not quite what I was expecting, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

    I’m glad Falcom still wants to make more Sorcerian games :D

  • But, I don’t have a smartphone. Hell, I don’t even have a phone!

    First Ys Nexus, now Sorcerian. I don’t mind Falcom making social games, but it would (will?) be a tragic day when they decide to focus on social and casual games instead of their RPGs.

  • Read about this a while back on Hardcore Gaming 101. Suppose to be pretty hardcore.

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