Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Coming To Consoles As Downloadable Content

By Ishaan . April 7, 2011 . 4:34pm

ConsoleTECH have managed to get their hands on a trailer, courtesy of an anonymous source, that confirms Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition as downloadable content for the console versions of Super Street Fighter IV.


If you haven’t been following the Arcade Edition, it adds four new characters to the playable roster: Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni (Akuma). The console release of Arcade Edition also brings balance changes over from the arcade.


Finally, the update will also enhance the Replay Channel feature by allowing you to send replay data to friends, and  follow other players and watch their replays. There’s now an Elite Channel option to view replays for players with a PP of 3,000 and above, too.


There are leaked trailers of the console Arcade Edition floating around on the Internet, but Capcom are taking them down as fast as they can. We’d expect to hear an official announcement of the Arcade Edition next week. So far, there’s been no word on a release date, price details, or a PC version of Super Street Fighter IV either.

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  • shion16

    2 things

    1 .-Blazblue…..learn from this!!
    2.- I love SSF4 :P (Ibuki and Dee Jay Player :P )

  • So glad they are going with DLC. I loved SFIV, but if they had gone with another retail release, I was done. This, I will definitely download.

    I’m thinking it’ll be $15-20. I can deal with that price.

    • I wish they’d release this as a disc with ALL the dang DLC costumes and such for $40. I won’t buy this as DLC unless it’s $5-10.

  • cmurph666


    Does this mean I don’t have to buy another copy of Street Fighter IV?!!

    • Only if you sold your copy of Super Street Fighter IV. It’s DLC. It’s an add-on. You download it from the PSN or XBL and save it to your hard drive, as long as you already own Super SFIV for either PS3 or 360.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        He think he was being sarcastic. Most people thought they would release another copy of the game instead of DLC because, well, that’s what capcom does

        • Oh, for some odd reason, I didn’t see the “don’t” before “have to buy.”

  • nyobzoo

    The balance of AE seems horrible, Especially the new characters. Not sure if I’ll get this DLC

    • Code

      A lot of my friends who play SSF4 seem to feel the same way — from the sounds of it, most of them feel Super has really good balance, and they really only needed to give some of the Super characters like Makoto some buffs.

      • On Eventhubs, they said that you can select which version of SSFIV to play, so you can choose to continue to play the vanilla version. Not sure how that’ll work, though. Whether it’ll be a new option or something or if it’ll be something you have to decide before fighting.

        • Code

          Yeah heard that, and they knew, but I guess the argument is; why buy it if you aren’t going to use it. Really surprised me though, figured there’s be more interest for it locally, since I know a good handful of players, but most were pretty impartial. I guess most of them aren’t wild about the balance in AE.

          • evilhero

            Some people prefer different versions of characters over others. For example, in Anniversary edition, people would pick old Saga (named O. Sagat) because his fireballs were much better back then.

            Also, I’d blame it on the Japanese Engrish for that misconception. It just looks like you’ll be able to play others who don’t download the DLC, not that you can switch between SSFIV and SSFIVAE versions of the characters (although that would have been a great option.)

    • mikanko

      Going by statements in the competitive community AE is the better game, and most people who’ve had a chance to play it prefer it over Super by a hefty margin, since the game has a faster pace. I think it’s best to try it out and see for yourself.

      As for the unbalance, I think it’s greatly exaggerated. The low tier characters all got better. Fei Long and Yun may be a bit above the rest compared to the top characters in Super, but there are fewer characters at the bottom and more in the middle. When people see nerfs received to their favorite characters it’s hard for them to look forward to it, but they don’t realize a lot of the characters who gave them a hard time in Super also got knocked down a peg.

      There’s also been quite a bit of speculation that the console release may receive some additional balance tweaking, which is still quite possible in my opinion since it’s still a few months away.

  • IceRomancer

    Yeeeeeesssssss! My wallet thanks you capcom :D

  • Code

    Oh snap! Evil Ryu’s gotta keep his pimp hand strong!!

    haha first thing I see in that screen, oh God Hand you’ve only made me into a better person >w<; Seriously though I wonder just how big the patch will be for people who don't plan on picking up the AE DLC since it seems like a lot of people might pass on it opo;

  • Look like capcop is starting to remove the trailer off youtube lol

    • fermented

      Capcops are coming!

      I really have to wonder how much of these “leaks” are actually deliberate to build hype among fans.

  • Called it on the day Arcade Edition was announced…

  • fermented

    I will be buying this because I like to stay competitive and up to date in fighting games.

    I could overlook the questionable balance changes that they made with many of the defensive and zoning characters if they improved the online netcode so I could play against people in my regional area with good internet connections without having noticeable input lag, but that probably won’t happen until SF5. =(

  • panbin

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  • RagnaXBL

    Where is Continuum Shift II!!

    • Wrong company to ask.

      • RagnaXBL

        Oh i didn’t know i was asking any company in particular >_>

    • mikanko

      I’ll actually be pretty surprised if AE makes it to consoles before CS2. Arc System works just doesn’t have big press events where people can get ahold of camera footage and leak it within minutes.

  • PrinceHeir

    please make an optional DLC and Disk based version. would love to have this all in 1 disk and make this a final update, or if you plan to update this again in the future, make sure the arcade and consoles both get it at the same time.

    • I’m not sure how much money they’ll make if they do another retail version, though, as it seemed most of the Street Fighter fans I know had the same opinion I did, and were refusing to buy another disc, after having already bought two.

      • PrinceHeir

        well they could make it like the RE5 Gold Edition with the slipcase and whatnot. and make it limited quantities.

        but yeah it’s good that it’s being available for DLC first.

        • Guest

          I love how RE5 Greatest Hits just happens to be it’s non Gold version thats not upgradable with Move. Completely useless

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah that kinda sucks :

            i wonder why would capcom not make the Gold Edition greatest hits?

            SSFIV is even cheaper than RE5 Gold Edition and it’s packed with content when compared to the original release.

  • imma def buy this!

  • mikanko

    For anyone surprised by this news, Ono gets points for trolling you when he said Capcom higher ups denied his request for AE dlc many months ago. He’s a goofy lovable guy for a game developer, but has continually proven himself to as someone whose word can’t be taken at face value.

    Arcade owners were pretty much whispered to that they’d have AE exclusively till June, it hitting as DLC seemed obvious next to the leaked images of XBL achievements being added on to the current ones for Super and not a whole new game.

    • Exkaiser

      Ono’s like Banpresto’s Terada.

      I just assume everything he says is a falsehood.

    • I wouldn’t say that’s fair. Ono says what he’s told to say in some cases, and despite these restrictions, he says a hell of a lot more than most other Japanese developers ever would. The alternative would be not saying anything at all, which is worse. :(

      • mikanko

        He knew SF4AE would have dlc in some form. Posting on his twitter about how he was campaigning for it from his higher ups, and “sorry guys, couldn’t get it this week!” was just a show built to garner interest. He’s entertaining, but not to be taken seriously when he spins things off as being more dramatic than they really are.

        He seems like a nice guy, and is largely doing his job by spinning his product so well to the masses via new forms of social media… just, he’s shown himself an unreliable source for concrete information, especially as his role as a PR guy seems to have been magnified so intently due to SF4’s success.

        This is especially more noticeable amongst the hard core fightgame crowd who follow every kernel of information popping up about new SF stuff, and have seen Ono contradict himself numerous times in the past couple years. Fewer people take much of what he says that seriously anymore.

        • Hmm…somehow I never got that impression about Ono. Maybe it’s because I tend to automatically “tune out” certain things just because I know he has the hard job of both developing a game as well as promoting it, so it just doesn’t occur to me that he’s contradicting himself.

          I dunno, I feel it couldn’t hurt for people to lighten up a little…for all of his “trolling,” Ono does give out informative tidbits pretty often. He’s open and honest in interviews, he doesn’t mind talking about things like balance changes, and he’s definitely got his finger on the pulse of what fans want in general.

          I guess I just see it as a little give and take, haha.

          • mikanko

            The thing is he’s not entirely on point when talks about things like balance changes in his games. He often exaggerates, or understates things which is where a lot of people have started seeing him in more a PR guy light, than someone totally forthwith. The pretending AE might not come to consoles when it was already decided months ago is only part of it.

            It’s more interesting than a lot of other game devs who remain hush. If anyone is seriously upset by his “trolling” I do agree they should lighten up, but at the same time just take a lot of what he says with a grain of salt.

  • Scallion

    …DLC that’s…actually…useful?

  • xxx128

    I so hope for a PC version. Thats more than overdue by now. I am so happy not to own a current gen home console, dlc just stinks imo. What the hell has happened to fan service? Oh yeah and, “leak” = marketing, lol.

  • Guest

    thank Oni

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