If You Could Ask Falcom A Question About The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky…

By Spencer . April 12, 2011 . 4:03pm

Dialogue - Joshua as a smooth talker

We’re planning to a Q&A with Falcom about the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky games. Since I’m sure some readers are playing through Trails in the Sky right now I want to open the floor for reader questions.


Do you want to ask about the life of a Bracer or Falcom’s game design philosophy? Whatever your question is post it in the comments! We’ll select a few questions and shoot them over to Falcom.


Please note it may take some time to get answers back, so I’d like to ask everyone to please be patient. I know there are a bunch of Falcom fans here and because this is a rare opportunity I wanted to include the Siliconera community in this even though there may be a wait for answers.

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  • I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive….

    I feel lonely… :( good thing i have Ar tonelico to feed my soul

    • Zero_Destiny

      Sorry to bring the conversation out of focus but Don’t Worry WildArms. It’s fun so the game is worth the wait. :)

      • Nothing like gintama to make me feel good

    • Ladius

      Endure the suffering with lots of reyvateil love then, Trails is well worth the wait :P

      • i WILL! the wait will just make it better, and im loving ar tonelico 3 haha xD, i will endure it T_T as i did with ar tonelico 1 and 2… it wasn’t easy back then, and is still hard

  • Zero_Destiny

    What did you like writing more: the main dialogue between the characters and the plot or all the additional text in the game like the books, and newspapers that defined the world the characters were in?

  • Draparde

    hmmm, a question….i know i had one when i was playing through the game…but i can’t think of it anymore lol….

  • Sal

    How are the sales so far?

  • Will we ever get the chance to see Estelle and Joshua get married? Also, will we see Joshua visit his birth place? And if given the chance, will the company prefer a full text base game or a full voice? Do the company think it will reduce gamers involvement and attachment towards the character? Thanks.

    • Thanks for the SPOILER, much appreciated.

    • Part of your question might be answered in SC, actually.

    • Manonam

      My schoolmate played SC and supposedly Joshua and Estelle visit Karin’s (Joshua’s sister’s) grave at the end of the second game and there’s some backstory about soldiers trying to rape her and stuff and the bad guy from FC was the one who who was like the lying serpent, Satan, and was responsible for everything that happened to Joshua. I can ask this guy at school again more about it if you want.

  • With such an amazing game world I’d like to know if they created the world to fit the characters or the characters to fit the world, or each seperately?

  • Will Falcom ever release their titles through digital distribution channels like Steam?

    Also, how important is the battle system to the game’s scenario? For example, would Trails in the Sky be as sprawling and in-depth as it was if it were an action RPG?

    • Seconding the Steam questions for reasons that *totally* aren’t self-serving. :3

  • Regarding European publishing…
    ask them if they’re going to find somebody to help them localize physical copies of their games over here in Europe. It’s tiresome to only get PSN releases of so many great RPGs from both xSeed and NIS.

    Ghostlight is bringing over Persona 3 Portable to the west. Ask xSeed to get in touch with those guys, they’re looking for games in the first place anyway.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, Ghostlight would be a great partner. I think it’s really absurd to see Adventures to Go! localized in Europe on UMD when games like Ys Seven, Ys OiF, Trails in the Sky or ZHP are available only on PSN :

  • MoriyaMug

    When will we see an official remake of Ys IV and V, along the same lines that we saw for Ys III becoming the Oath in Felghana? I assure you, the market is there and eager to buy.

    • Xien12

      Since when did Eiyuu Densetsu become Ys? :?

      • MoriyaMug

        You have your priorities; I have mine.

  • Ereek

    Some of you seem to be forgetting this is a QA with Falcom, not XSEED. You should be asking less questions about localization and more about development.

    • Yup! Questions about development are what we’re going to be choosing since this a Falcom interview. Distribution, sales, and localization Qs are for XSEED.

    • Ereek also evolved into the new siliconera 2.5, new avatar!! xD @Zero_Destiny… we are waiting for you

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’ve changed it and my entire name for that matter before. You do remember that right? lol

        • xD, DONT LIVE IN THE PAST, HAVENT YOU LEARNED ANYTHING FROM GINTAMA?! Evolutioooooon!~ is time for your third evolution, at least change the color of the Z so i can see it better haha

        • Ren

          Don’t you dare give in now.

      • Ereek

        I actually changed it a few weeks ago, but yeah. I found a character I love more than Lujei.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Back when the Trails in the Sky trilogy released on PSP, did you guys actively try to get it released domestically overseas, or waited until a company approached you about it?

  • Ladius

    This game is so awesome, the hype was absolutely justified and I can’t wait to have Trails Second Chapter in my hands *__*

    That said, I would like to ask Falcom if they used some real historical references as inspiration when creating the massive Zemuria setting of the Trails series.

    • My question is on this vein, actually:

      The Septian Church obviously has a lot of design influence from the Catholic Church, but were there any other religions that were pulled from as inspiration for it? :D

      • Ladius

        That would be really interesting to know, too, even if there could be potential spoilers for those of us who have only played Trails 1… details on the Holy Nation of Alteria arent’ too much as of now, even if Ao no Kiseki could shed some light on that topic.

        • Yeah. Despite having a member of the church as a main character in 3rd, there’s still startlingly little known about the organization and religion as a whole. D:

  • HarryHodd

    Any chance to see some games from Falcom on home consoles?

  • WonderSteve

    Any chance they would consider going back to PC development in the future? If they would, would they consider licensing the PC versions for English localization?

  • Wackoramaco87

    I had a lot of questions, but I seem to have forgotten most of them! One thing I am curious about is whether or not we’ll see Estelle and Joshua as the main characters again? If I remember correctly, *POSSIBLESPOILER* they stop being so in the Third? *ENDPOSSIBLESPOILER* Or if future games will continue in the same world, just different characters with cameos from the previous installments?

  • neo_firenze

    1) Please let them know that there are many western fans who appreciate Falcom’s dedication to doing a great job at what they know instead of trying to appeal to the west as is often the trend with Japanese developers these days. A great game shines through any cultural differences. I just love Toshihiro Kondo’s response to the last question from Siliconera’s interview published last May: http://www.siliconera.com/2010/05/17/falcom-president-talks-legend-of-the-heroes-trails-in-the-sky-and-psp-remakes/

    2) What’s next for the Ys series? More specifically, what are the chances of an Ys Origin port or Ys IV remake? Both seem well suited to PSP or NGP, and IV in particular would be a great opportunity to make a definitive version of one of the more unusual games in the series. Or if not a port/remake, is a brand new Ys next?

    An aside for those who don’t know, there were two completely different Ys IV games by different dev teams – one on Super Famicom (Mask of the Sun) that Falcom recognizes as canon, and one on PCE CD (Dawn of Ys) which most people think of as the better game. There was also a really disappointing Ys IV PS2 remake from Taito. Really would be awesome to get the ultimate “official” Falcom Ys IV remake with quality as good as Oath in Felghana was as a reimagined Ys III.

    3) Since Kondo specifically mentioned that Falcom likes to actively pursue remakes for titles that are often requested (see the Siliconera interview linked above)… I’d like to throw my support behind his personal pick of Sorcerian. Could be really fun with online co-op play, something the NGP seems well suited for…

  • Xien12

    Where did the idea for Ys x Sora no Kiseki originate from?

  • Will we ever see games like Zero & Ao No kiseki out west? Better yet is there a chance of seeing a proper version of 1/2 or the Gharghav Saga (3/4/5)?

  • P.S. I realize there may be some spoiler-ish questions. We welcome those, actually! If you want to ask anything that you’re afraid may spoil the series for people who only played the first game e-mail me at [email protected].

  • For how long the Kiseki series going to continue?

    And out of topic, but please make Estelle the main character again

  • When you translated the game, did you ever come across words you didn’t know (and had to look up) and how frequent is this in translating?

  • skymap

    When translating, did you come across words you didn’t know (and had to look up) and how common was this occurrence?

    • As a note- Falcom themselves didn’t do the translation of Trails in the Sky. That’s a question you’d probably want to throw at one of XSEED’s translators.

      Falcom was only involved in the initial development. XSEED was responsible for the localization.

  • Icon

    Where’d the name Falcom come from?

  • Are you currently looking into developing with the PS3 or possibly Xbox 360 console, anytime soon?

  • hitosura22

    Will SC be on PSN or no because of the use of 2 disc?

  • bugmeknot

    How about, “are you hiring developers and would you accept someone that doesn’t know Japanese”?

  • Is there some sort of plot significance to Agate’s eyes? He’s the only character in the series with catlike irises.

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