Mega Man Legends 3’s Town Easter Egg Finalists

By Ishaan . April 15, 2011 . 3:34pm

From a pool of over a thousand fan-submitted ideas, Capcom have whittled the finalists for Mega Man Legends 3’s Town Easter Egg selections down to seven, plus a list of runner-up ideas.


Here’s one, along with comments from the game’s programming director, Fujikawa:


Kobun #137 Watanabe491-san

Car Trouble

Normally, getting hit by a car in town just results in you taking a little damage, but sometimes the car will stop and the driver will get out. Various dialogue will ensue: “Oh my, are you hurt?” or “You dented my car. What’re you gonna do about it?”


Depending on your response, you may receive a zenny settlement or health items, or conversely, you may be forced to pay a repair fee. Expensive-looking cars are more likely to give you items and zenny, while cars painted completely black are likely to take zenny from you.


Comments from Fujikawa-san:

I love this idea. An event begins without you even knowing it’s coming, and sometimes it even leads to gangsters taking your money?! It’s so hilariously unfair. I’ll be it’d make players take a lot more care when they’re crossing the road! Safety first, folks!


You can read the rest of the submissions that were selected at the Mega Man Legends 3 developer room blog.

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  • godmars

    So wait, you can be run over by what I’m guessing is a yakuza and they’ll take money from you?!

    • Yakuza Legends 3

      All we need now is a hostess bar in one of the towns. Oh, and karaoke. Lots of karaoke.

      • godmars

        That’s all well and good, but when are you suppose to find time to explore the killer robot infested corridors in the ruins of a ancient civilization which threatens to reawaken and destroy ours?

        Not to mention having to deal with some jailbait thief/pirate, her “uncle” and limitless army of minions.

    • the driver was proboly payed by Hiroshi Yamauchi

  • I would LOVE to go through that(in game)
    thhat wold be hilarious

  • Hmmm… *reading* You can attempt to kick Data who’ll dodge you when you do. If you somehow land a hit, all you get is slight(?) damage from an unavoidable(?) counter attack and a refusal to heal you for five minutes… Interesting…

  • so, is it even an easter egg anymore if WE’RE making it?

    • neocatzon

      one run over is enough to make us believe it’s an easter egg anymore.
      (yes, capcom are silly)

  • Xekyo

    isn’t the purpose of an easter egg is to go look for it? like a easter egg hunt? what’s the point of listing them all out from the start. that isn’t much fun or is it just me.

  • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if one of the drivers were Dudley?
    Or some guy from Final Fight that goes “Oh my car!”

  • Getting ran over was part of the magic in MML

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