Charisma, Strangely Enough, May Be The Most Important Stat In UnchainBlades Rexx

By Spencer . April 18, 2011 . 11:03am

charismaMost of the discussion about Furyu’s dungeon crawler UnchainBlades Rexx has been about the characters and their artists. Now, we have a little more information about the battle system and how the followers work.


Fang, the arrogant dragon king turned human, can form a party of four demi-humans who can carry up to four followers each for a total of 20 characters in battle (4 party members + 16 followers). While exploring the miasma filled dungeons, monsters attack the group. In battle, you can turn monsters into followers… if your charisma stat is high enough.


Charisma also determines how effective your followers are in battle. When a fight ends you can talk with your followers and try to increase their move. Players get a little blurb of text to respond to, which hints at the mood of their follower. If successful, the chance of landing a synchro attack, a move where your following monster automatically links with one of your attacks, goes up. Followers are also the key to unlocking powerful link skills and may absorb damage from your characters by acting as a shield.


UnchainBlades Rexx is slated for release on July 14 as a PSP and Nintendo 3DS game.

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  • Xien12

    How is charisma being the most important stat in a game strange? In Planescape, CHA along with WIS and INT could get you through the game without killing anything… other of the mandatory battles, of course.

    • Yeah, and with a roaster of (a) bishounen and bishoujo-tachi, they’re practically constantly fighting for my attention.

      • Xien12


        • You know, charisma. Get it? :/

    • I never played Planescape so it’s strange, that’s how charisma being the most important stat can be strange o.o

    • This isn’t referring to Planescape or all games in general, it’s specific to UnchainBlades Rexx, a first person dungeon crawler. You can’t avoid fights or talk your way out of a battle here. Combat is specifically about fighting.

  • omg i want to see moar about the gaame

  • raikage

    Come on Furyu/Nintendo, release it in Europe! >,<

  • This game is hilarious.

  • puchinri

    I want to try and insert a libido remark a la Star Driver, but I’ll probably just end up crying. On the otherhand, sounds interesting. Some of the character designs fell a little flat with me, but others are quite nice, and I did find myself enjoying the 1st person dungeon crawling in SMT, so it’d be nice to try this out when it’s released.

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