The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Has A New Boss Challenge Feature

By Ishaan . April 19, 2011 . 8:02am

The “Master Quest” version of the game isn’t the only extra being added to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Nintendo are also adding a Boss Challenge feature and a Super Guide-like feature to the game.


The Boss Challenge feature will be available to players who “reach a certain point in the game,” following which you’ll be able to face any of the previous bosses again, or even fight them one-by-one in a continuous battle.


Meanwhile, Nintendo are also implementing a Super Guide-like feature in the game. This feature takes the form of bite-sized in-game videos that offer hints on how to solve puzzles for players that aren’t familiar with the Zelda games.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will release on 19th in the U.S. Europe will get the game two days earlier on June 17th.


    And the guide thing is kind of boo, while cool, it will make people lazy to think D:

    • Arcm

      An epilogue would be cool especially if it leads into Majoras Mask.

      • You just elevated the “omfg so cool” gauge x10 times

    • The lack of a super guide would greatly slow down the gameflow for this 6-8hour story driven game. I dont want that to happen, so fortunately, I will benefit from the super guide. I hate being slowed down to molasses speed levels when confronted with a puzzle, so having a speedy method to a puzzle is welcome by me. Plus this is essentially my first Zelda game.

      • In conclusion, you hate to think. -_-‘ i knew you would like the guide so this doesn’t surprise me, but it makes people lazy, you dont know how great is to be thinking what to do on a puzzle for an hour or more, and finally realize what to do.


        6-8 hour story driven game… what? O-o A game like this shouldnt be beaten in 6-8 hours, of course, if you want to enjoy the game, and check everywhere and everything to enjou the game to the fullest that is.

        • Well… In defense of the Super-Guide, it’s not like it’ll solve everything for you. Just the beginning of the more complicated puzzles. Granted that’s usually enough for people solve the rest of a puzzle, but if they really can’t solve it after that then… I just shake my head with disappointment at the thought.

          • Let’s hope it just hints… but normally with these kind of stuff, after one hint, is pretty easy to figure the rest out :P.

        • From what I gathered earlier the story is on the order of an JRR Tolkien masterpiece but clocks in at only 5-8 hours for 100% completion, so how do you get more hours than that?

          Naruto did have a guide, he had Kakashi-sensei, copied a move from bushy brow (just like Sasuke), had Ebisu, Jiraiya for the Rasengan and Kuchiyose no Jutsu, and others.

          • Was it written he had to hear Kakashi sensei somewhere? or jiraiya NO! he had to choose and not only that, he had to make them accept him as a student! And he didnt went and used a guide to learn all his jutsu (well, only with kage no bunshin xD) but everything else had to be done with hard work and his own way of thinking

            I dont know how you can beat the game in such a short time while it being the first time you play the game, unless you know what to do at every moment, or just planning to rush through the game, i used to just run around hyrule goind around to see if i find something, get money, or go to long long ranch, and play minigame to get a heart (and repeat it a lot of times because it wasnt easy), and a lot of extra stuff you can do and explore…

            Is JRR tolkien a literature writer? Are you comparing Literature with a game? O-o, they might be close at some point, while being a media to express stories or whatnot, but it’s not the same comparing it when it comes to lenght.

          • Tolkien is the guy who created the books that take place in the world of Middle-Earth, such as Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

          • Ohh, i knew i knew that name from somwhere, sorry lol, i know it may sound ignorant, but im really bad at remembering names, the same with people that created games, i only know companies but never learn their names. I’ve read all Harry Potter books and i still get lost when people talk about the author…

            Anyhow, it was literature as i said :P, a game’s lengh shouldnt be compared with a book’s lengh

          • @WildArms Kakashi sensei had to teach him the basics, he didnt choose Kakashi, he was assigned to him; Jiraiya had to show him how to use Rasengan (super guide shows you how to get to solving the puzzle) so in this regard it is comparable.

            It was more of a comparison that the story from Ocarina of Time is comparable in quality to the masterpiece written by one of the most celebrated authors of all time and the father of modern fantasy (The Lord of the Rings series and the Hobbit are books that any and all people should read for definitive British Literature and mastery of storytelling, character development, and writing)

          • FireCouch

            Rofl. Comparing J.R.R. Tolkien to Zelda.

          • I was bored and was running down the reviews on metacritic, among the amazingly glowing reviews there was this one

            [Review Score = 110] What’s significant about this convergence of audio, graphics and gameplay is that you are COMPLETELY IMMERSED in Zelda’s world. Why? Because everything is meticulously thought out. Each character and event plays a role in a storyline that sprawls like a J.R. Tolkien masterpiece…It’s certainly the game of the decade.

          • I dont remember Kakashi just taking naruto, or when he was assigned, he saying “Ok!”, he (naruto) had to do the bells thing, also, to be trained is not the same as, reading something and knowing what to do, dont go to for the tangent -.-. The same with Jiraya, he also told naruto what he had to do when learning rasengan (same as games “you have to beat the dungeon”) but everything that had to be done inside the dungeon (or while training when it comes to naruto) had to come from himself.

          • Suicunesol

            I feel an intense need to set you straight on something. :)

            5-8 hours? Where’d you hear that?? Ocarina of Time was a major console release–it’s much longer than that. Maybe if you knew every dungeon like the back of your hand, had extensive practice fighting the bosses, and ignored every heart piece and sidequest, then yes maybe you can reach the final boss in 5-8 hours.

            But for a first timer? You’re not going to finish within 8 hours, even with a strategy guide.

            Most Zelda games are not story-driven. Zelda games usually have a little bit of everything in them: a little action, a little story, a little adventure, lots of mystery and exploration, and even a little romance. It’s part of the series’s appeal that there is so much in the games.

            If you want to finish the game as fast as you can, I’m afraid I can’t stop you. Just know that before you finish you’re going to battle giant bugs, have your neck-gnawed by undead, marry a mermaid, save a princess, blow-up dragons, get captured by gypsy women, chase ghosts, fight phantoms, burn/freeze witches to death, get electrocuted by jellyfish, become a sworn brother, travel through time, and impale the king of evil through his cranium.

            There’s only one reason why you’d want to rush that, and that’s if you can’t put the game down.

      • Exkaiser

        Heh. “Story-driven” game.

        …Is Ocarina even eight hours long? For some reason I feel like that’s a really long time to spend on it.

        • It’s longer… Just look below and why he was saying it was that long… It would be a shame to beat that game that fast, unless you already beaten it and want to test yourself

  • Arcm

    This is one of the games I got a 3ds for so any new content just makes this even sweeter. : )

  • Well with the super guide, my purchasing of this game is probably all but assured. Now I wont even need to have to use a guide so I can try to get through the game unassisted.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’m glad. I think the guide was a good idea myself since it can help newer players get into the game. If you do get it I hope you’ll have fun. It should be a good game. I can’t wait to play it myself that is if I can afford a 3DS soon. :)

      • When Zelda was released even newer players than now were playing it (3D action/puzzle games was still kinda new),there were no guides, and nobody had any problems >_< I was… 1998… i think i got it at 1999? well, i was 8-9 years old, and i could do it and enjoy the game D: It even helped me to learn english a lot, i had to use the dictionary a bunch of times.

        You had to figure a lot of things by yourself or even researching… at least, you had to make some effort lol. Even if it's just a hint of what to do, i can't agree that much with that guide to be put that easily. But oh well, nothing i can do about it. Maybe it just explains the basic as a tutorial style? i hope it's like that….

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol WildArms you do remember that you’re only a couple months older than me right? I played the game at pretty much the same age and no prob ether. XD But we often take that for granted. Some people aren’t as good at games as us and others aren’t good at these kinds of games.

          I think it’s fine to help out those who aren’t as good. For people like us we don’t need the func and will never use it but for someone who is new at this maybe they will. No prob with that really. I get that it may defeat the challenge but I rather have as many people play the game as possible and have fun than have people tear their hair out or just not play it at all.

          • Yeah but, but! I didnt knew english at 9 years old! T_T well, i hope it’s only on this game, lately i havent seen any thinking in newer games’s dungeons, it’s pretty much simple stuff and just run around rooms, I feel they are making the newer gamers more dumb.

            I spent so much time with Zelda’s Final Fantasy’s (specially 10’s and 9’s, of course, this also stopped at FF10th) Golden Sun games had some great puzzles, the ones i love the most, wild arms, neither 1,2,3,4,5 didnt had a dungeon that didnt had some puzzle you had to think a bit and a lot more games (mostly, older gen consoles ones).
            But lately, all i do is advance and advance in games…

          • Zero_Destiny

            Don’t worry Wild Arms this is Zelda. The day Zelda stops having good puzzles is the day I give up gaming. ^_^ I’m sure the challenge will always be there. :)

          • At least i will get to play the masterquest edition i could never play!! omfg *hyped*

        • There were strategy guides for the Ocarina of Time back in 1998.

          • You had to look at the internet for it, if you wanted that is, you didnt had it in the game itself, even i would had been tempted to look at it when i was stuck on a dungeon.

            Also, in my case, remember i couldnt speak english, and there arent that many, even now, spanish walktrhough…

          • Feynman

            Or you could have purchased a strategy guide, in book format, from a store. I knew an awful lot of people who played through the original game with the help of a guide.

            Furthermore, the Super Guide thing is entirely optional, so it won’t impact anybody’s experience unless they want it to.

  • Suicunesol

    …I played Ocarina of Time when I was nine-years old. Maybe it was challenging at some points, but not enough to warrant tutorial guides. >_>

    Navi is more than enough to serve as a guide.

  • Now the n00bs don’t have any excuses for the Water Temple. lol

    The Boss Challenge is definitely worth seeing. :)

    • hahaha, this game really made, at least with me, look at all the water dungeons in all the games as the hardest and/or tedious ones, it was like “oh no, this game also has a water dungeon?!” Actually, i think the “water-phobia” in games started with sonic, the classic ones, i hated the parts that had water because i just didnt liked when sonic was running out of oxygen and i couldnt find an oxygen bubble, AND THE MUSIC, AND THE TIME, AND AHHH T_T hated it.

      • Exkaiser

        I don’t even know what everyone’s problem with the Water Temple was.

        I seriously didn’t see anything notable about it. Took me maybe half an hour.

        • I remember when i played it, there were 3 main problems

          1) what level to put the water on
          2) find the freaking places where the hookshot (not long ver.) could reach.
          3) If you needed to raise the level to go down with the blue suit/iron boots, where to put on the boots to reach exactly the place where you want to go? That is, if that place will help you beat the dungeon, or just waste more time -.-.

          I remember that at the end, my problem was that i never saw one of those squares where the hookshot could reach… they were hard to see >_<

          I spend a lot of time doing that…

      • In my opinion the water temple really wasn’t that hard, it was just pretty long. And that made it feel hard, even though in actuality it really wasn’t that bad.

        • Yep, the dungeon wasn’t hard, it just was like a laberynth making it hard or long or… as i said, tedious.

          But in other games the water themed place is freaking hard -_-, golden sun for example, when you had to freeze and move blocks, i could spend a lot of time with different combinations

          • Caligula

            Golden Sun and hard… didn’t know they could go together in the same sentence without a “not.”

          • Golden sun had some nice puzzles, specially golden sun 2, the battles werent hard though

      • Joanna

        Oh yes, the Sonic water levels. I hated them too, especially the really really tense music that would play when you’re about to run out of air. I swear, not good for my blood pressure! >___<

  • A super guide? Probably 10 more Navi’s screaming “Hey Listen!” every time you need a hint…. endlessly… and all at the same time XD

    • That sentence resonates in my memory like if i played the game yesterday, and no, it has been years since i last played the game T-T

    • doomspeller10

      And they’ll be all but useless in the final battle. Seriously, I personally don’t see the point of having a “super guide” or whatever you wanna call it. Figuring out how to solve puzzles (as well as other mechanics) is part of the magic of this game. I think the original had just enough help. It’s all because of that recent stupid idea of putting tutorials everywhere in video games. They really underestimate kids these days.

  • If Nintendo can Super Guide me through Gerudo’s Fortress, I will be pleased.

  • thebanditking

    OK well anything extra is icing on the cake really (since I was buying this any how) but I really would have preferred a completely remastered OST for this release, N64 tunes…….

    • It would have been cool if they let you choose like how YS games let you, if you want classic (pc ver) OST, or newer one

  • lol, “fun” boss challenges. Remember the YT guy who did all of TP’s bosses on one heart? I never cared for these challenges, they prove how well you can dodge stuff, and more often than not, have little incentive besides bragging rights… or maybe an even bigger quiver this time around. =P

    Hmm. Master quest and the Water Temple comment hit my interest — did they actually make that temple easier in the updated version? … thank Christ, heh, when it came out, I think I was in that *one* dungeon a couple of weeks.

  • ninjaonizuka

    Well i wont be using the super guide at all simply bcuz that takes alot of the fun out of solving a puzzle and being able to feel accomplished :P

  • Boss rush, eh? It’s about time we got one! It’s always fun to test yourself in a boss slaying spree~

  • The Super Guide is a nice feature for new Zelda players. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game which I needed a guide to get through the game because I wasn’t familiar with the dungeons and Zelda style puzzle solving. I was pretty much set for future Zelda games from there.

    I wish that the “Master Quest” version had the boss challenge. When I played the Master Quest version I didn’t like how the were made more challenging along with the dungeons.

  • puchinri

    When I get a job, my first paycheck is going to eating out to celebrate, and then getting a 3DS so I can play OoT when it comes out.
    (But er, I suppose I need to finish OoT on the GC/Wii first…Heh.)

  • AdamBoy64

    Hmm.. I don’t see any of this as new content.

    It’d be nice if this and future Zelda games, had a mode for ‘three-heart challenges’, where heart pieces werent’ available at all.

    It’s getting harder and harder in Zelda games to avoid all the heart pieces, especially in first playthroughs.

    • Exkaiser

      Why on earth would it need a specific mode where you are limited to 3 heart containers? You can seriously just avoid picking them up. It’s not that hard.

      • AdamBoy64

        Because these days they scatter container pieces through treasure chests in dungeons. After the first playthrough, it’s not as bad as you can kinda remember where they were.

        But yeah – I forget how many times I had to restart a level.

  • Atc

    Superguide? I beat this when I was 8-9 years old. Haha.

    Be nice though for those whom didn’t play then.

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