The Forbidden Bonus In No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition Exposed For Leering Eyes

By Spencer . April 20, 2011 . 9:19pm

nmhrzebaMarvelous announced No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition for Japan. Yes, this is another version of Grasshopper Manufacture’s game but there are features that were not included in the Japanese version of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.


No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition has all the blood and gore from the North American release. Aside from the Xbox 360 version of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, previous versions of the game were censored so the game would be rated CERO D (think of this like a "M" rating). Notice No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition is CERO Z, which means it’s for adults only and must be sold behind store counters.


PlayStation Move support has been added to the game as well as five bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. You can fight Skelter Helter, Nathan Copeland, Kimi Howell, Matt Helms, and Alice Twilight are in HD. Boss rush mode also has online rankings, so you can see how your assassin score stacks up against other players. Ten extra missions that were cut from the Wii version are included in Red Zone Edition. One of the ideas Grasshopper Manufacturer came up with is human bowling, which you can play on PS3.


First run copies include an additional feature, Ms. Sylvia’s 18 and up only pack. You can redeem this product code to see all of the character models including Travis in forbidden viewer mode. Players can freely rotate the camera to size up Sylvia, as seen in this screenshot.




The product code also lets you view four kinds of beam katanas and Travis’ bike in four different colors. No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition comes out on July 21 in Japan. Konami will release No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise in North America, which has PlayStation Move support and bosses from No More Heroes 2. Online leaderboards, the extra missions, and forbidden viewer mode have not been announced so far.



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  • DanteJones

    Oh man, I looked at the pictures before reading the article and thought: “You get to freakin’ PLAY as ALICE?!”. And then I was a little sad.

    Everything looks awesome so far though. :)

  • Considering the rumored August release date for the North American version, I’m guessing/hoping these features are all in there too.

    • andref

      Yeah right as if forbidden viewer mode would ever be allowed in this country

      • If it was coming from a company besides Konami, I might agree with you, but you either forget or didn’t know that Konami kept the special pervy mode in MGS3: Subsistence and the injury fetish clothing in Silent Hill 4 when they were brought to North America. And you’re acting like there hasn’t ever been any sort of sexual content on the PS3. God of War 3 has topless lesbians fondling each other while you do the goddess of love, who is very close to being naked. All of those are higher profile games than No More Heroes. Or the stripping-at-gunpoint scene from Heavy Rain. Hell, it’s not even just limited to the PS3, L.A. Noire has full frontal female nudity, complete with pubic hair (and on a corpse, no less) and GTAIV has full frontal male nudity and both of those are for both PS3 and 360.

        • Arcm

          I remember a mode like that in Metal Gear VR missions on psx OH memories : )

  • Arcm

    WOOT!! Looks like I’ll be triple dipping on this game. : )

    • Aoshi00

      I told myself I wouldn’t but now I have the same urge :(…. the Sylvia cover looks too nice.. and finally a Cero Z game for the PS3 yay :)

      So this should have dual track just like Paradise right? Wonder if the US ver is the same… they had better fixed the load times..

      • The JPN Paradise had dual track?
        Oh man if this has dual track I’m gonna preorder that as soon as possible~ x3

        • Aoshi00

          I think this Red Zone edition should have dual track like Paradise, otherwise it would be pretty disappointing.. Not sure about the US version later though.. I just pre-ordered this, 40 bucks w/ all these extras ain’t bad :)

  • Guest

    Thankfully there is youtube and the internet so I don’t have to buy this to access the new content.

    • BooOO!

      • Guest

        There is NO reason to get this if you have both NMH and NMH:DS, which I do.

        • BOOOoo!

        • Code

          Sure there is; if you enjoyed those games and would like to pick up an additional refined version which has updated visuals, traditional control support, previously cut missions, 4 new beam katana, and a collection of 15 of NMH series’s bosses, along with leader boards for additional boss replay value >w<'

          If there was one thing I think that NMH/NMH2 (in particular NMH2) should have had, was leader boards for it’s boss vs. mode. Of course leader boards aren’t appealing to everyone; coming from shmup background I’ve always enjoyed the touch of being able to see if you can move up even a little it on the boards, and adds a little replay merit >w<'

          • Guest

            If you buy NMH for “HD” visuals I think you’re an idiot, NMH2 has traditional control support and I didn’t use them, the new katanas are probably from NMH2, the missions in the original weren’t special a few more won’t add much, I don’t need a collection of bosses If I got both games to play ALL of them, I’m not gonna bother to compete in leaderboards since there are some crazies out there that I’ll never beat. Leaderboards never even popped up in my head when I played NMH. I love S&P but I don’t care about leaderboards because I just can’t compete with the people that do. The games are just fine on their own.

            I get the points you’re making but personally they don’t do anything for me. If you haven’t played the game before this is awesome. I’m just saying, I have both. I don’t need this version of the game. I also think NMH is fun but very very flawed. NMH2 is the far superior game. I rarely ever double-dip (this is triple-dipping) unless it’s very different or a ton of new stuff. This is still just NMH with a few extras I don’t think are all that special. The fap material will be posted online so I’m good. ;P

            EDIT – I can’t reply to either of you. @Code I dont think you’re an idiot. I think if “HD” is what held you back from buying NMH you’re an idiot. Which you don’t. @Aoshi00 I won’t even bother.

          • Aoshi00

            But this is the definitive ver w/ dual track (at least for the Jpn ver). This is what the first HD port was supposed to be w/o the bugs.. I did get both Wii games but didn’t really play them.. I would’ve liked to sell the first Wii game, but it’s not like it’s worth anything now.. For me, the main thing is HD, regular control scheme (DS has that too), trophies, and the most important of all dual track.. I would’ve been satisfied w/ paradise if not for the bugs.. and I never youtubed anything unless I play the game myself.. more accurate Move than wii remote control is even better, but not that important for me.. at least this is only around ~4000 yen.. I still haven’t finished the first game to date because of the imperfection of the last two version, didn’t care for the Wii control (like I prefer PS2 Okami to Wii Okami) and hard to put up w/ the 360 long loading times/freezes (only got to where Henry blew that Mohawk away)..

          • Code

            See in NMH2 the Boss vs. mode it seemed like something leader boards would have went perfectly with, to match times compete with friends >wwwww<;

            lol, no worries! Absolutely adore the original and NMH2, nothing held me back from buying them. But love the games enough I’d be definitely AOK with picking this up.

          • Code

            Yeah I’m really hoping that this is the same one Konami’s been working on and cleaned up, so we’ll be getting all those extras here. If we didn’t get all these little perks I’d be a little bitter, and might at least pass till it drops to a reasonable price to snatch up owo’

            Also had no idea about dual language tracks, which is a nice touch too, although I figure I’d stick with english just because it was so well done and it was what I was use to >www<;

          • Aoshi00

            It’s pretty funny.. so if the first game’s motion control was perfect, why did they have the optional classic controller scheme for Desperate Struggle? I’ve alrdy bought the first game on Wii, tried the first stage, didn’t like it. So it’s wrong for wanting to play the game w/ a regular controller? It’s like what I said before, I’m sure many people prefer playing the original Okami w/ Dual Shock 2 instead of the Wii remote control.. same for Donkey Kong Country returns, given the option, people would use the classic controller instead of waggling the remote every time you need to stump on the ground. I alrdy made my point, I thought it was very inaccurate and annoying to have to do the swinging motion, and every time you charge the sword you need to shake the controller. I’ve tried the regular controller scheme w/ Paradise, loved it, it was only the unbearable loading times and freezing that prevented me from finishing the game.

            I would definitely try the Move control first, if it works better than the Wii remote control, I would use that, if not I would just use regular dual shock 3 (just like w/ RE5 Gold). And this time they have taken care of the bugs. Also dual audio track alone is a factor that would make double dipping worth while which was why I got Paradise. Don’t understand why you think people who have the Wii version rebuying this are idiots. That’s a pretty fanboyish and idiotic statement as well.

            And what’s wrong w/ wanting to play this game in HD, everyone knows the Wii looks awful on a HD TV. I have never finished the game the first time around, so I might as well finished it in HD anyway. Nobody ever said they didn’t want to play NMH on the Wii just because it was not HD. I think that’s the last thing people worry about.

          • PrinceHeir


            same2 :D

            dual audio, Gallery Mode. also how can anyone forget Very Sweet Mode? this is basically the cherry on the toppings :P

            hopefully No More Heroes 2 get’s a “Paradise” treatment :)

        • AQuatermain

          I agree: after having played to exhaustion NMH and NMH2: Desperate Struggle, I see no way to get this version.

          I do not think this game is the final version. If so, would have made ​​Goichi Suda, and according to earlier statements, it is not.

  • PrinceHeir

    oh my god!!!!!! sooo awesome. i will buy this Day 1!! the sylvia box art is gorgeous O_O

    woah Alice is now can be fought in the first game? Time Paradox!!!
    the Fobidden Mode is hot!!!

    i can’t control myself…

    please make No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 with all the features of the first paradise, Dual Audio w/subs, gallery mode, add the wrestling moves from the 1st, more clothes, very sweet mode(Alice and Margaret Bikini mode FTW) bring back dark sith mode, a more extensive Bizarre 5 Jelly mode(ex add leaderboards and more stages), include No More Heroes 1.5 in HD and Forbidden Mode too and i’ll buy 10 Limited Edition Copies :P

    i just noticed just now after calming down that the game features 5 bosses from the 2nd game. hope they still do a HD version of Desperate Struggle, add in Helter Skelter and Dark Star for double time paradox O_O

    i just can’t imagine myself having No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 on PS3 with all these features O_O

    • PrinceHeir

      this would definitely make up for the lack of shumps, visual novel games, dating sims, and doujin fighting games on PS3 ^^

      • Zero_Destiny

        Sadly the box art is different for the US release T_T It’s still nice but not gorgeous. ;__;
        I should prob get this too, never beat the first so at least I have an excuse to buy this game again.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, seems like the US version is getting the Jpn Paradise cover if that’s indeed final, which was good too of course compared both of the lame Wii covers w/ just Travis.. All of the NMH covers are better for the Jpn ver.. I would’ve gotten the Jpn ver of Desperate Struggle w/ nicer boxart if it had dual track.. wonder if they would still do a NMH2 HD port w/ dual track… but w/ the addtl bosses from the 2nd game it doesn’t seem likely.. the original Eng voices are quirky and funny, but I really prefer Nakai Kazuya’s Travis and Inoue Marina’s Sylvia..

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i like the JPN cover

            Marina Inoue FTW i lover her voice, soo demanding ^____^

            no no no no don’t jinx it, we will surely get No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise 2 with the same content as the first one. dual audio, gallery mode, forbidden mode etc..

            they could do another paradox by adding helter skelter and dark star as exclusive bosses. i would so buy it in a heart beat :P

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider


            What’s that? You like HD and think the graphics look better on this version? Pfffff, you’re not a TRUUUUUUUUUE gamer man. Let’s have that gamer card.

            I know, you hate the Wii. Everyone knows. You know what, I won’t even bother.

          • I agree, I love the Wii, I think sometimes gamers put to much emphasis on HD graphics, although nice to look at, the game’s style, aura, thematics, and gameplay should be take prioty.In NMH case on the Wii which is unqiue and the port will lose some things like the telephone conversation the wiimote which is so awesome! The game has a “Punk Theme” which I think is more “in line” with low-fidelity than hi-fidelity, just saying, me the silly billy.

          • malek86

            Tsk, tsk, poor Aoshi. He didn’t know that true gamers are not allowed to like graphics.

            Now he’ll have to repent by playing that Kenshin game for three consecutive hours.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Malek: I know, right? People these days…

            Strider Tom-Tom: Different people will enjoy things in different ways. I agree that the wiimote/telephone calls are a great detail, and NMH was made with the Wii in mind, there’s no denying it. But if Aoshi will be able to enjoy the game better playing it in HD, great news for him! And even though Suda’s “punk” style may be more in line with lo-tech, DAMNED tells us that it works in HD as well. Suda just has to be involved, I think.

            Mind you, this was not the issue at all. What if, after you taking the time to explain why you think the Wii has the better version, I would just tell you: “I won’t even bother.” What. Are you serious?

            … Forgive my moral ramblings. I will shut up now.

        • PrinceHeir

          well it is based on the JPN paradise cover, but yeah would have love sylvia on the cover :P

  • puchinri

    …You can see Travis too? …And that means Henry too, right?
    I’m trying not to explode with excitement.

  • Sylvia’ Sylvia’ Sylvia’ Sylvia’

    Thank god for the internet… I can just google the *Special Features*

  • Thanks for reminding me to check about No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. It’s coming this August @ thanks to amazon pre-order is set! PS3-Exclusive in North America…. there’s no… 360 version? Wow is the 360 dying or something…

  • MarkMario

    Travis in Forbidden Viewer Mode….

    • Kunio_kun

      Peek-a-pecker FTW???
      Somehow I think Travis is hung like a horsefly…

  • Zero_Destiny

    I don’t NEED The PS Move Right? I kinda can’t afford that luxury right now. It’s just added support right? Thanks in advance. :)

    • Aoshi00

      Yep, Move is optional.. just like Heavy Rain or RE5.. Move is not that expensive right :)

      • Zero_Destiny

        Phew that’s what I thought. Thanks. :) I would like to get a move but right now it’s not happening. The money I could use for that could get me a game instead of be used towards a 3DS. lol

  • z_merquise

    This may not be on topic but still related to No More Heroes. I bought the 1st No More Heroes for the Wii weeks ago and I really enjoy it. I’m thinking of getting the sequel, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle but I read mixed reception in some of the game forums.

    I saw some of the artworks from the bosses and they looked cool plus the 8-bit mini games looked fun but from what I read, lot’s of them were complaining that the game itself was not enjoyable as the first and felt rushed. Is it true? Do you guys and gals recommend the sequel?

    • Barrit

      I think the 2nd game was ok. I personally liked the first game a lot better. I guess it comes down to preference really.

      A lot of people complained about the motorcycle in the first one, but it really didn’t bother me at all.

      The retro mini-games in the 2nd.. eh, I liked the extra missions in the first one better. I have nothing against retro, I’ve been playing games since the atari. I guess I’m just the type of person who embraces the advances of technology. I personally don’t find appeal in playing games that look/play like games i played years and years ago. Not a big factor since it really is just a way to grind for money. Most of the retro-games were also not very rewarding (not very efficient to make money.. well for me at least). I actually only replayed the very first retro game, a bug killing one, and that was it. It was just the easiest and more efficient way to make money for myself.

      Also, the 2nd one just didn’t have the same.. charm? I guess. You can tell it still runs in the same line of game as the first, but at times it just came off as trying too hard to be over-the-top and funny. It’s hard to explain. I guess I would say the first one was just more witty in the execution of humor.

      I do like the combat better in the 2nd one though.

      I didn’t hate the 2nd one, I just enjoyed the first much more. If you enjoyed the first one then just go ahead and get it. It’s pretty cheap anyways. Plus you may have a whole different opinion than I do.

      • z_merquise

        Thanks for that. Well, looks like I’ll still going to get the 2nd because it’s still a good game though not as good as the 1st. Again, thanks for the details.

  • Oh god please let the forbidden mode be in the NA release too!!!!!!

  • Barrit

    God I love that cover so much! Like I’ve said before, I’d sure love a Travis Touchdown Move edition. This game will probably be the one to finally get me to buy the PS Move.

  • Henry in Forbidden Viewer, plz. Heheh.
    I can’t wait~

  • I’m jealous …

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