Chrono Trigger Touches Magic Bucket, Winds Up On PlayStation Network

By Spencer . April 22, 2011 . 1:54am

imageChrono Trigger is on its way to becoming a PsOne Classic in North America. While Square Enix have not announced the classic time traveling RPG for PlayStation Network, the ESRB beat them to the punch and rated the game for PlayStation 3 and PSP.


The PsOne version of Chrono Trigger added an animated opening movie, ending animation that ties into Chrono Cross, and… longer loading times between battles. Features like the Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum are only in the Nintendo DS version.


One interesting tidbit about the ESRB and Chrono Trigger is the Super Nintendo version is rated "E" for everyone. Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS is "E-10" and Chrono Trigger on PS3/PSP is "T" for teen. I wonder what pushed the PsOne version over the edge to be a "T" rated game. That translation, if I remember correctly, didn’t even mention the stuff Chrono drank with Ayla was alcohol…

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  • “The PsOne version of Chrono Trigger added an animated opening movie, ending animation that ties into Chrono Cross, and longer loading times between battles.”


    • Exkaiser

      Chronotrigger was originally a SNES game. The PSX version is a disc-based game. Naturally there are going to be some new loading times.

      • malek86

        Yeah, but this one was just awful. FF1 from Origins was a lot faster.

        • Exkaiser

          I wouldn’t know, having played neither.

          Though I was considering picking up a copy of Origins off Square’s site. Seems like it’s a decent version of the game, apart from the load times, that doesn’t make it piss-easy.

          • malek86

            It’s much better than Dawn of Souls or Anniversary, because at least you can choose to play in the original mode. Also load times are pretty ok. I say it’s the best available version of the game.

          • You mean, that PSOne version is better than DS version? Judging by reviews I thought that DS version was the best, though I haven’t played it.

          • Ereek


            I think you mean PSP and not DS? Because as far as I’m aware there’s been no release of FFI Anniversary Edition on DS.
            The GBA and Anniversary Editions of FFI are very different games from the original and PSX versions. They’ve more content, 20+ hours easily (and this isn’t the “developer” 20+ hours, this is 20+ hours from someone who has actually played them multiple times – You get 100+ floors of extra dungeons and some 20 extra bosses).

            The main sacrifice is in difficulty and overall style of play. It plays more like a traditional “modern” Final Fantasy and is much easier overall. The only challenge at all is from the new optional bosses.

            On the plus side, there’s actually a point to White Mage now, as you can’t really beat the end-game bosses without one.

          • @Ereek

            My bad, I thought they were talking ’bout Chrono Trigger…

            As for FFI I’ve played PSOne version, which I haven’t finished and I must admit back then it was pretty hard for me. I’ve beat Dawn of Souls for GBA and yeah, I liked it more, ’cause as you said it plays more like a traditional “modern” Final Fantasy.

            However, I thought that FFI Anni. Ed. for PSP is basically GBA port without additional dungeon/bosses, but with movies from PSOne version.

          • xxnike629xx

            Why would you pick up FF Origins (PS1)? Get FF1 & FF2 on the PSP. They’re the definitive versions.

          • Exkaiser

            Aren’t the PSP versions based on Dawn of Souls? I hated Dawn of Souls. Looked great, ran well, but it was just way too easy. Wasn’t fun at all.

        • Code

          So was Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy VI, you can chalk those load times in Chrono Trigger up to just a really bad job porting. I mean I can expect some load times between areas sure, but like 5-6 seconds for opening your menu? Plus totally ruined the illusion of suddenly being attacked with the sudden pause before fights omo;

          • xxnike629xx

            Yea. The load times were ridiculous in FF V, FF VI, FF IV, and Chrono Trigger on the PS1.

            FF Origins (FF 1 & FF 2) was much better.

    • xxnike629xx


  • PersonaSpace

    On the PSN… right. If it ever comes back up again. Good thing I managed to get Threads of Fate right away.

    • xxnike629xx

      Yea I know. Sony failed miserably with this one. The entire PSN has been down across the world for nearly a week.


      • Guest

        It’s the Ape Escape monkeys. They escaped and are reaking havoc on the PSN

  • malek86

    I’m pretty sure this game was never released as a standalone in the US (and not at all in Europe). And I thought PS1 Classics were just isos. How can they release it separately?

    • While technically not “standalone”, Chrono Trigger was released on a separate disc with Final Fantasy IV as Final Fantasy Chronicles in North America.

      • malek86

        Oh, that explains it.

        Now that I think about it, FF Origins was also on two discs in Japan and here in Europe, while it was on a single disc in the USA. Guess that would make it more difficult to release (and they have the Anniversary editions anyway).

        • xxnike629xx

          I just hope that we get a PSP UMD release (remastered graphics, etc) of Final Fantasy III (DS or iOS version remastered), Final Fantasy V (GBA version remastered), Final Fantasy VI (GBA version remastered), and Chrono Trigger (DS version remastered)…

    • Code

      Each game was on a separate disc, which is probably why.

    • this game with FFIV ps1 bundle witch was Final Fantasy chronicals. i still have all my classics!

  • Code

    rar, I wonder if the load times are going to still be there opo; Chrono Trigger to me grazes the face of perfection, and every battle/open menu’s load times was like nails on a chalkboard to me. I have a very vivid memory of beating Giga Gaia and then opening my menu only for another billion seconds long pause, I completely cracked, hit power, immediately went to my memory card and wiped the game xpx;

    rar, I eventually was able to get my very own mint SNES copy owo; And number of years later went back and 100%’d the PS1 version for all the extras, but maan still remember that flare up of rage, and still those load times make the PS1 port the worst opo; If this still has those load times, sounds like the Wii port will be better omo;; Although I suppose the DS version is the one to pick up, sadly I see it in bargain bins all the time; it literally makes me wanna cry TmT;;

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the PS1 port (FF4 Anthology) was the worst Chrono Trigger port too, the load times for anything and everything were just unbearable, I remember wanting to replay it to see the new anime cutscenes but had to give up, after playing for 4 hrs it felt like 8 hours.. game time probably doubled because of the loading.. wait, actually I did finish the PS1 port the first time and saw all the cutscenes, just couldn’t do it a 2nd time.. I guess it felt like No More Hero Paradise loadtimes..

      The SNES original is still the best (or Wii VC if it’s the same), if people want to see the anime cutscenes, guess DS ver is to go except you can’t play on a big TV..

      So if this loads like the old PS1 game, then will not get…

    • Testsubject909

      Well, on the loading time… It is off of PSN, thus the game’s directly in your HDD.

      So it doesn’t have any disc to read, so it should load much faster. Theoretically speaking.

      • malek86

        As a matter of fact, the PS3 emulator is so good, it even emulates the original loading times. Presumably this was done to keep games from crashing if loaded too fast. I don’t even think you can still use the equivalent of the PS2’s Fast Loading.

        Weirdly enough, the same doesn’t apply for the PSP: games seem to load faster on there, with the Fast option.

  • I think “fast” disc load speed should fix issue with long loading times. At least it works in Parasite Eve. After switching disc load speed to “fast” I don’t need to wait 2 minutes for the intro movie.
    Though, I think it wasn’t so hard for SE to reduce load times to minimum. Well, not like I complain.

  • cmurph666

    YESH~! YESH~!

  • theoriginaled

    Well most of the load times on the ps1 were because it was reading from the disc.. one would hope that since its a downloadable game reading from memory is quicker than reading from disc.

    • xxnike629xx

      I hope so~

      Because even if, “…most of the load times on the ps1 were because it was reading from the disc…” I don’t recall other PS1 games having that much loading and laggy playback of cut scenes.

      • theoriginaled

        did you ever play the ps1 version of ff6 that square released? it was even worse than CT. Square did a TERRIBLE job of porting those games to cd.

  • ..ending animation that ties into Chrono Cross.

    Never played the PSone version, anyone care to comment on this bit? Bridging the two games seems like a hefty task fit for a standalone game, rather than an added animation.

    • xxnike629xx

      That might have been a typo unless my memory is incorrect.

      On the DS version, they added a new boss called Dream Devourer. It was Schala on top of Lavos. The end boss of Chrono Cross was Time Devourer…again Schala. =) There were also some additional scenes and ending sequences that made connections between Trigger and Cross.

    • malek86


      There’s a small scene where Lucca finds a baby, who eventually turns out to be Kid from Chrono Cross.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’ll just take this news as a sign that we’re one step closer to getting Chrono Cross on NA PSN. ^_^

    • xxnike629xx

      They probably have it planned…like how they probably have Parasite Eve 2 planned for a PSone Classic release on PSN.

      • PrinceHeir

        yes where the hell is Parasite Eve II? Dino Crisis 2 is already coming, i need this for my RE like games :)

    • PrinceHeir

      yes do if the loading times are terrible, i would rather wait for the PSP version :)

  • xxnike629xx

    “longer loading times between battles.”… and laggy cut scene playback, long load times opening & closing the menu…

    Why don’t they just do a 2D remastered version of it to the PSP to have all the additions to the DS version, super fast loading (do Data Install if that helps), etc.

    • I never played the DS version of CT. Other than new endings I didnt know anything was improved.

    • Guest

      laziness I guess

    • doomspeller10

      There will still be desperate fanboys buying this obsolete version. That’s why.
      I’d rather play the snes version or the DS version.

  • hush404

    Holy tits! Hells yeahsss :D

  • Jaxel

    In case anyone cares… I have been playing Chrono Trigger on LIVE STREAM for the past week…

  • Happy Gamer

    If anything at all I am tired of seeing Chrono Trigger availability. But thats just a personal matter.

    I have a glimmer of hope that Square is trying to advertise the game to newer generations in hopes of seeing numbers feasibly enough to to spawn another sequel!

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