Nora And The Carving Studio For Nintendo DS Unites Etrian Odyssey And Atelier Staff

By Spencer . April 27, 2011 . 12:52pm

nora2 Shigeo Komori is taking a break from directing the Etrian Odyssey games to create a brand new Nintendo DS RPG. Komori is the producer of Nora and the Carving Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest. Shinichi Yoshiike, best known for his work on Gust’s Atelier series, is the game’s planner and scenario writer. Yuji Himukai, character designer on the Etrain Odyssey series, is Nora’s character artist. Michiko Naruke composed the game’s soundtrack.


The Temperina legend passed down from the countryside says a witch named Vera lives within a foggy forest on an island next to a lake. Nora, the game’s protagonist, came to the foggy forest to learn the art of dokoku, an animated carving (I think this could be explained as a living statue). The villagers aren’t so sure and accuse Nora of being a witch. To prove her innocence, Nora sets off on quests to help the townsfolk.


Similar to the Atelier titles, players accept quests and gather materials in Nora and the Carving Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest. After procuring the necessary components, you can use your carving technique to create valuable items.


Nora Brandle is just 16 years old when the game starts. You’ll see her mature as a person and her abilities grow as a carver. Lutz Alenius, also 16, is a novice adventurer who dreams of making a fortune by defeating the witch. He’s a hot blooded and sometimes foolish character. Keke, a boy with beast-like features, traveled with Nora. Due to his appearance, Keke has had a hard time since childhood, but feels at home in the forest among the animals.


In an interview with Famitsu, Komori says Nora and the Carving Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest is designed as a simple life RPG. The difficulty, Komori reassures, will not be as hard as the Etrian Odyssey series. Atlus is developing this game to be a heartwarming RPG.


Famitsu shared a few screenshots of the game and a first look at the characters online. Nora and the Carving Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest is 85% complete according to the magazine and slated for release on July 21 in Japan.

  • Ren

    Basically, a Atlus Atelier game… I expected more demons. Oh well, as long as it’s Atelier-like it’s good.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Well who knows, maybe Atlus will sneak a Jack Frost or two in the game.

    • Is nice to have a little change of style, maybe it will be a new kind of atelier, im pretty curious about how it would be, Radiant historia was great, and i hope they can do new stuff for this one too.

  • Wow… This is great! One major factor where Gust games seems to fall short is a deep gameplay system, especially battles. I hope this collaboration can remedy the weakness; then the Atelier formula would be even more fun.

    I like Gust’s games, but they should update their gameplay concepts more often. Take a look at Neverland: Their Rune Factory series started as “Harvest Moon + Swords”, but they’ve updated so much within 3~4 games that it’s become even deeper than its source series. And Oceans is gonna be even better. ^_^

  • puchinri

    I kind of thought Napple Tale, but it’s best to let the similarities die now in my mind before I get excited over the wrong things. It does sound incredibly cute and fun though. And I like that devs are aiming to release games that are warm and bright in purpose and/or outlook. I look forward to this and Beyond the Labyrinth.

  • Rarutos

    Something that GUST is helping with that isn’t Atelier or Ar tonelico?! I’m surprised and quite pleased! <3 GUST


  • Atlus and Gust? A nice combination. And this changing kind of style is a nice thing. I looked forward for the ‘heartwarming’ RPG lol.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wanna see the artsyle of the game :D

  • I already like it from the sound of things. Do want.

  • Draparde

    I loove Etrain’s art style. (and the game itself) i also happen to loove Atlier games…… i will own this game if it makes it in english…

  • Atlus?Check
    Must buy?Check,check,check!

  • Would be a Day 1 buy for me, hands down. Soon as it would go into pre-order in my store I would most certainly do that to, to sho9w my support for the game and hopefully more like it.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    For the DS? I hope Atlus localizes this…

  • Joanna

     I love my DS, but it kills me when I hear new games being released for it in Japan because I know the chances of them coming here are so small. :(

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