Now Let’s See A Point And Find Game From Japan

By Spencer . May 2, 2011 . 12:12am

D3Publisher has a pixel hunting game for PSP in Japan called Sacrifice of the Forbidden Room: Miki – High Tension Nite –. Miki, a young girl who excels in sports and has a good chance of being a high jump champion, is trapped in an underground facility. You play as an intelligent cleaning robot who helps Miki escape.


Sacrifice of the Forbidden Room: Miki – High Tension Nite – is played from a first person perspective. Using the PSP’s analog nub you scan the lab for items…


d34 d35  d15 d33 


… which you use to solve puzzles and…


d315 de14 d312 d311


… see event scenes.


d316 d317 d310 d39 d38 d37 d36 d318


Make that CERO C event scenes, so they’re all "T" rated in Japan. D3Publisher included a few costumes like Miki’s high jump uniform to the game. You can get Sacrifice of the Forbidden Room: Miki – High Tension Nite – when PlayStation Network powers up from Japan’s PlayStation Store for for 600 yen ($7.40).

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  • pedrron

    Stay classy Japan :)

    • puchinri

      Lol. Pretty much.

  • An intelligent cleaning robot indeed!

    • but can it see through clothes?

      [though it may be false assumptions that he’d get short-circuited in water, huh..]

  • PrinceHeir

    i want to see more of the event scenes :P

  • High tension nite? You bet.

  • Aoshi00

    I was interested in these expansion before.. but the game seems to be pretty hard.. I got stuck like 2-3 times even in the demo and had no choice but to look up a guide…

    • The game is indeed hard, I managed to clear ~60% of the game. Some key item are really tiny and sometime really hard to find. I remembered being stuck in a kitchen preparing a tea because I couldnt find a tea cosy (Yeah I know there’s a event where you have to prepare a tea)

      There’s some puzzle that you have to resolve this :
      with this as help :

      I never managed to understand this one @[email protected]

      • dusk

        The solution is rubbish, to me. I was over-thinking the problem. Here, let me help you see the answer. First look at the map with the letter-number combination overlaid. Look at the top right corner. You see it? The number 4, rotated anti-clockwise by 125 degrees (you might not see it in your picture because your cursor is blocking it). There’s your solution.

        Within the letter-numbers map, find the 2 letter-numbers which are also rotated 125 degrees anti-clockwise. One is on the left hand side of the map, one is on the right hand side of the map. Now go to the gears. Rotate the middle gear so that the 4 is in the same position as the 4 on the map (125 degrees to the left.) Input the letter and number on the left gear and right gear with the two letter-number combination you have found on the map. The letter-number you found on the left side of the map is for the left gear, and the same thing for the right gear. Just rotate it so that the arrow is pointing at the letter and number. After completing that, press X to go back and pull the lever to get your pendant.

        • Wow, I though the “cross” thing was something to indicate “north” or… something else. When you know that it’s a 4, the problem is actually really simple…

          Thanks for the solution I can now continue the game =3

      • Aoshi00

        I never played the full game, just tried the demo and was really discouraged, I knew I would keep getting stuck and need to refer to a guide constantly (which I don’t like to do).. some objects are really small and could be easily missed.. and I never know how to combine them lol.. some of the things just don’t seem very intuitive..

  • I’m quite tempted…~

  • dusk

    Miki! Why are you trapped again?? How many times do I have to rescue you?!
    (Screenshots taken from Misshitsu no Sacrifice released back on Feb 4, 2010.)

  • d19xx

    Kinda reminds me of Crimson Room.

  • z_merquise

    A cute girl should always have a maid costume ready when situation arises.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    PSP? Ummmmmm ahhhhhhhhh doesn’t not having a touch screen take away from the experience?

    • Aoshi00

      It depends.. for Ace Attorney Investigation games, I just use the d-pad and btns to point to things since you need to make chars run around.. the nook & cranny are pretty devious in the game though..

  • AzureNova

    And makes me want this game…….!

  • Darkrise

    At that price, I’m definately getting it.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Might be intere–

    (see the fanservicey CGs)

    Welp, there goes any chance of a localization.

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