See Mega Man Legends 3’s Barrett On The Move

By Ishaan . May 5, 2011 . 7:27am

Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 3 devroom has details on Barrett, who you’ll get to play as in the game’s Prototype Version later this month, when the Nintendo 3DS eShop launches. As you’ve probably guessed from watching game footage, Barrett’s a pretty mobile character. Here’s screenshots of what you can get up to:


Running around. You can also perform wall runs.


Kicking (the can seems to have made a return…?)


Biking. Barret’s hoverbike can fly, too, even when he’s got Aero riding with him.


Combat. Capcom say combat is faster-paced than the previous Legends games, and Barrett has been balanced for both ranged and close-quarters combat.


There are more screenshots and a couple of videos, too, in the actual devroom post.


Food for thought:

I found this quote in the devroom post amusing: “Barrett–Who is he? Where did he come from? Is this what’s become of Cyber Akuma? Did Data get taller and grow a ponytail?”

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  • Dear God…imagine the possibilities if Barret was actually Data…!

    • You…you are some kind of magical wizard aren’t you?

      Also I might get a 3DS and MML3 just for can kicking. Yes I am pathetic ;_;.

      • Exkaiser

        Put trash in its proper place!

      • It wouldn’t be Legends without Kicking ;)

  • Oh God, get that eShop up Nintendo. I must play this!

  • Well, the graphics looks great, it still looks as colorful as the older versions :D (and better)

  • Yui

    oh 3ds, why do you have to be so expensive just when i find a reason to buy you ;_;

  • papuruka

    I’m really liking how the ruins give off a larger-than-life feel in that last screenshot, instead of the usual cramped, narrow ones with the occasional big halls from the previous 2 games.

  • godmars

    Have to ask, even though I already know the answer, why didn’t Capcom release new versions of MML 1&2?

    Sure they have to put out something new to push the new system MML3 is on but at the same time they’re obviously very much on the fence about releasing because of fear of low sales.

    • Exkaiser

      They rereleased them for the PSP back in 2005.

      Never got released in the states.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yup only in Japan. They released both separately then decided to put both into one value package.
        Game Boxes:

  • Mmhhh….I kinda wanna see more Mega Man
    (Pokes head out of the window) *MEGA MAN!!! WHERE ARE YOU!*T.T

  • evilkaz

    looking good!

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