Picking One Of The 75,000+ Character Combinations In Class Of Heroes 3D

By Spencer . May 6, 2011 . 10:32am

Acquire shared a video of the character making system in Class of Heroes 3D. The first decision you have to make is picking a tribe. Elf? Gnome? Half-cat felpiers? Each tribe has a different set of base stats in Class of Heroes 3D and humans are, of course, average.


Then it’s time to pick a look, which this trailer shows in detail.



Did you notice some of the jobs? Class of Heroes 3D includes nurse, maid, and "sister" or nun. After you make a group of six characters you’re ready to explore dungeons and find treasure… or giant pillars fire that damage your group. Yeah, watch out for those.



Class of Heroes 3D comes out on July 7. The game has not been announced for North America, but we may be doing something with the developers. No guarantees, but if you have questions for the staff feel free to post them in the comments.

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  • Thats interesting, for an RPG it seems to play uniquely.

    • JC

      Except for the fact that it is essentially a Wizardry spin-off.

  • tr1gun1212

    The motion is so jerky in first person, coupled with not moving diagonally, kind of makes me feel sick.

    • I’m not as prone to motion sickness as you are, but I agree—the framerate is really bad.

      Hopefully that’s just an unfortunate side effect of the YT conversion, and not how the game actually performs. :/

      • Apollonis

        It’s just the natural result of moving one “square” at a time I think, you get used to it if you like these sorts of games.

        • What I’m talking about doesn’t have anything to do with grid-based movement. The framerate is very choppy and poor compared to EO 1-3 or Wiz PS3 (though that probably shouldn’t count given how powerful the PS3 is in comparison lol) Even what I’ve played of CoH 1 is smoother.

          • Guest

            Wizardry DS moves smoother than Wizardry PS3

        • Guest

          Wizardry DS, Wizardry: Foresaken Land, EO 1-3 and SMT Strange Journey do not have choppy “one square” at a time movement animation

    • Code

      First thing I noticed about the game too opo; although the video didn’t make me motion sick, I think if I played an hour into it, I bet I probably feel semi-sick. Although I do like the character customization, I hope you actually get to see the characters/pictures in game at least a little bit, seems like a little pointless when stuff’s entirely in first person omo;

      • tr1gun1212

        Yeah, the character customization looks great, but between apparently never getting to actually see them, and that motion…

  • Arcm

    I really liked the first class of heroes so I hope this makes it over since my 3ds is starving for any kind of game…

    June can’t come soon enough when DOA, Zelda, Blazblue, and Resident Evil: Mercs comes out. Damn, that’s a lot of games in a 3 or 4 week span lol poor wallet. ;_;

    • Kibbitz

      I’ll trade your “not having enough money for all the games I want to play” for my “no games I want to play” any day =)

      • Arcm

        I got the money I just agree that the 3ds right now is nothing but a pricier ds with 3d functionality.

        Thankfully I had a backlog of games to play on ps3, xbox, and psp.

        • Kibbitz

          Sorry, was thinking literal poor when I saw that. Don’t really have a backlog myself and my next few items of interest won’t hit until mid-late June. I suppose this is a good time for me to start on Persona 4 for once.

          • epy

            Not having a backlog feels like such a privelege. I feel like I could drown in mine.

          • Kibbitz

            Hey, I don’t have a backlog largely because I’m a horribly picky person who
            is unable to appreciate as many games as most of you guys do =P And I’m only
            half-kidding, because it is true to some degree. For comparison, most people
            in Siliconera are always like =D when it comes to game news. Me, I’m always

  • Roanoke834

    Never much been into first person dungeon crawlers, but the lack of rpgs on the 3DS has me quite a bit interested in this. Is there any sort of storyline for this series?

  • LastFootnote

    Is there a trailer for this game that shows combat? I’d kind of like to see that.

    • Apollonis

      I imagine it’ll look a lot like the two previous ones..

  • xflame10


  • YsyDoesIt

    The original was a blast, and a US release would definitely add some much needed class to the 3DS line-up thus far!

  • ara ara….you had me at maid-san…<3<3<3

  • Pichi

    So many options just screams more playtime. Backlog will cry.

  • emperadorpenguino

    To please other people overseas, I wish Class of Heroes / Totomono is either a squad-based strategy game (ala-XCOM / Gunrox), or an online role-playing game (x6 better than RAN Online).

    If there’ll be an online game version, I’m gonna play for Particus Academy (of COH1), or for Brasken (the blue school uniform guys of COH3).

  • Joanna

    I’m liking the customization but those shaky movements in the second video…. Well I just hope it’s not like that in the actual game since I already felt my stomach churn a bit. :/

    I probably should stop buying first person dungeon crawlers since I still have a few of them that I actually need to finish and they are such time sinks. D:

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