Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove Interview Also Discusses Natsume’s Future Plans

By Spencer . May 9, 2011 . 3:11pm

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix is only a week away on WiiWare, but that’s not the only game Santa Entertainment developed with Natsume. This new developer formed with ex-Cave staff that helped create Princess Debut is also working on a Nintendo 3DS version of the cheerful rhythm game.


Originally announced as a Nintendo DS title, we spoke with Graham Markay, Vice President at Natsume, to find out more about the portable version of Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove and the company’s plans with the two new handhelds.


g3dsa Originally, Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove was announced for Nintendo DS. Since it is now a Nintendo 3DS game can you tell us about the conversion process?


Graham Markay, Vice President: The game was more or less rebuilt from the ground up for the 3DS. The graphics engine has been completely overhauled and really shines in 3D.


The control scheme was rethought so that players could keep their eye on the top screen while still using the touch screen. And a lot of new features have been added, including a mini-game that utilizes the accelerometer.


How does the game utilize 3D? What pops out of the screen?


The characters, the backgrounds, the special effects…just about everything is in 3D. The effect is just stunning. The 3DS is an amazing piece of hardware, and Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove really takes advantage of its capabilities.


Did Natsume add any other content or features for the 3DS version?


The move to the 3DS allowed the development team to put back in a fashion show feature that had been removed from the DS version. It’s a fun feature that gives you a chance to show off the items and outfits that you’ve collected. The fashion show has different themes like “Cute” and “Stylish,” so it’s up to the player to mix and match their outfits and accessories to win!


g3dsb2 g3dsb


It’s been almost a year since we last saw Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. Has the game changed at all from the original concept?


The concept hasn’t changed much for the 3DS. In fact, thanks to the improved capabilities of the 3DS, I’d say the game we have now is closer to the original vision for the game than the DS version could have been.


Natsume also announced Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: Spooktacular Edition for WiiWare. Can you give us an update on it?


Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix (new name) will be available for download on May 16th. It features the same great cast of characters, but offers a style of dancing all its own. You hold the Wii Remote in your hand and jump, shimmy, and shake along with the characters onscreen. It’s a ton of fun to play, especially when you can get some friends to join you in multiplayer.


rfp (3) And we’ll see plenty of 3D fish in your other game?


Plenty! Reel Fishing Paradise 3D has forty different fish and fifteen stunning, diverse locations to explore. With the 3D graphics, it’s like you’re right there underwater with the fish!


Our readers are quite excited for Rune Factory Oceans. Is Natsume looking at this title?


Unfortunately, nothing has been announced at this time.


Seeing Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals was one of last year’s surprises. Will we see any other RPGs from Natsume this year?


We are huge fans of RPGs, so we are always on the lookout for anything interesting out there.


Nintendo announced a 3D classics section for the 3DS eShop. Is Natsume updating any of their games for this section?


It is something we are very interested in. However, nothing has been announced at this time.


ngp It seems like Natsume is going to hit the ground running with the 3DS, but what about the NGP. Do you have plans for Sony’s next handheld?


Natsume plans to support the NGP, and hopefully you’ll see a title from us soon after the release of the console.


As a publisher, what are your thoughts on both upcoming handhelds?


We are excited about the possibilities of both handhelds and plan to support both. Of course, as a publisher, we always like to see robust antipiracy measures. It’s no secret that software piracy has taken a heavy toll on software sales for the current generation of handhelds. Both the 3DS and NGP look like they’ve made great strides in terms of security, so we’re hoping we won’t see the same kinds of piracy problems in the future.


HM TTOTT 3DS Logo What new features does The Tale of the Two Towns add to the Harvest Moon series?


You will have to wait a bit to find this out… we don’t want to let all the secrets out.


How did development of the 3DS version begin and which company is handling the port?


The same development team that made the DS version is handling the modifications and additions to the 3DS version.


This will be the first Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS. What makes the 3DS version different from the DS one?


Those details will be coming soon… and I will make sure Siliconera and your readers find out first.

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  • HarryHodd

    Was hoping for something on Rune Factory Oceans…..leaves disapointed.

    • Joanna

      If I’m not mistaken, XSEED did Frontier, so they may be handling Oceans. Of course with Trails, they probably have their hands tied, so ultimately it could go either way.

      • Oceans has already been confirmed to be coming over, Siliconera broke the news…

        • Joanna

          As you probably know Tsuna, I’m a little behind so I didn’t know. Thanks for telling me. I may get annoyed at you sometimes (and others too) but in general I do appreciate your commentary and enthusiasm. (If you are a troll or not, I leave that aside because it doesn’t matter any more. Tsuna is Tsuna.) =3

  • meat0bun

    Harvest Moon games got boring old ever since FoMT. Bring me some Rune Factory 3DS!

    • what?! A wonderful life was great, also, the wii ones weren’t too bad either, every harvest moon has been good in it’s own way.
      And they cant bring rune factory 3DS when it doesnt even exist in the first place

  • malek86

    I’m kinda wary of scratching games, especially after what happened with Ouendan, but this looks cute enough that I’d like to give it a chance.

  • “Unfortunately, nothing has been announced at this time.”


    “We are huge fans of RPGs, so we are always on the lookout for anything interesting out there.”

    So can we count on them to localize things Xseed, Atlus and NISA having hands tied to grab? Awesome. Though you can start with Rune Factory Oceans.

    • I dunno, that’s interesting wording. It’s not “there are no plans”, it’s “nothing has been announced”. Maybe I’m just being pointlessly hopeful, but.

      • Actually you aren’t pointlessly hopeful. I just remembered Xseed published Frontier not Natsume. =P

        There’s a good chance one of the two will localize.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I’ll get Tale of the Two Towns. I mean, Natsume’s bringing out the game to the DS and all and since I’m not planning on getting a 3DS for a while, I want to support these releases.

  • ((okay the read more tags thing is now just getting odd, and aesthetically unpleasing, there is a empty interdivider space between the products and the related articles, can something go there? I think the hashtag with read more things looks odd, can hashes go? nice, but odd…sorry))

    Anyway, nice to know a NGP title us in development. Cant wait to see,

  • Harvest Moon 3D and Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3DS are both definite must-buys for me. Especially since the DS prototype of GGG was SO cute.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Our readers are quite excited for Rune Factory Oceans. Is Natsume looking at this title?”
    “Unfortunately, nothing has been announced at this time.”

    What the hell Natsume? All right, XSeed Games, looks like you’ll have to be the hero here.

  • Hooo, well, certainly im looking forward to play harvest moon in 3D, even if i dont like the fact that i can only save when i go sleep xD (in the game). Ill be looking forward to that at least, and hoping for rune factory oceans news soon too :D

  • puchinri

    I’m still really hoping that Xseed localizes RF:O, but it’d be nice for it to get a release either way. And the next RF should be on Project Cafe and actually let you choose a female protag and have mostly the same amount of bachelors. Just sayin~.

    Can’t wait to get Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. Well, the Monster Mix ver. (sorry FAST). I’m excited to play Futago too, though now I really want a 3DS. I guess I’ll just preorder that ver. Or maybe stick with the DS ver. anyway if there’s not much difference.

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