Growlanser IV Overload Opens With This Movie

By Spencer . May 13, 2011 . 10:58am

Atlus added new scenarios, characters, and opening movie to create Growlanser IV: Overload for PSP. While you have to wait to see how the story branches, you can watch the new opening video now.



For comparison’s sake, here’s Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time, the PlayStation 2 version Atlus released back in 2003.



Growlanser IV: Overload is slated for a summer release in Japan.

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  • Hmhmhm, catgirl you shall be mine~!

  • I like the new intro better, but both intros are great. It must have been a pain to animated these highly detailed Urushihara characters.

  • raymk

     Damn I was hoping for silvernail to be playable this time around :(.  I still just want the game released though.

  • hitosura22

    im getting this day one…if it ever gets localized >.>

    • Apollonis

      Yes, it doesn’t seem likely though does it? I’m pretty sure Atlus has already passed on some number of Growlanser games, but I haven’t really followed the series history so I don’t know; if someone would care to enlighten me on the situation…

      • I will enlighten you!, you dont need to know wth happened in other games to understand this one, i think GWL4 is the only one that isnt partly connected to the other games (is not like you NEED the other ones to enjoy each other, is pretty much like most of the sequels, it has some stuff related that will make you enjoy the game more but is not necessary, is not a direct super direct sequel)

        I dont know about GW6 tho, but i played GW5 perfectly and happily, then got 2 and 3 (they are togethere anyways), and played them happily too :D

        And so far they have only passed GW1, 4 and 6, at least they have released half of the series…

        • Just as a reminder, or clarification for Apollonis, it was Working Designs who localized the GW2 & 3 pack. Not Atlus.

      • AFAIK, Atlus gave up on the series after Growlanser V sold around 5000 copies.

        • Ryos

           Basing sales decisions on the worst game in the series is nuts.

          • VGChartz is not a reliable source for sales figures. A lot of the numbers are just straight guesses. Those that aren’t are largely available elsewhere…M-Create/Famitsu/NPD.

            Maybe you don’t believe the numbers posted everywhere that isn’t VGChartz. That’s okay, I can understand being skeptical. But think of it this way: if GW5 HAD actually sold 50k, that would put it above games like Etrian Odyssey and Devil Survivor, and about on par with Nocturne. Strange Journey, EO II and EO III came to the US. DS Overclock is on its way. I don’t see why Atlus would ignore Growlanser if 5 had done that well.

          • I dont think 5k is something really reliable either, and if VGcharz is just straight guesses… from 5k to 50k, there is a lot of difference, so this makes me doubt even more ><.

            Also, i dont know why people are so clinged into saying it was because of GW5… I mean, is not like is the first game Atlus abandoned, for example Luminous arc games, as far as i know, sold decently, but they still decided not to release Luminous Arc 3.

            So yeah, i dont really think is because it sold badly, i think there is more than meets the eye… and now that we are into this… How do we know it sold badly? I think an Atlus employee said on Altus's forums that it wasnt as bad as we think it was… I feel the information around GW games are really vague

        • Oh well… Being any reason it could be, it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t looks like they will bring the game… I guess ill have to go with the japanese ver… *sigh*

  • katamari

    I always disliked Urushiharas designs. The song is good though.

  • I neeeeeeeeed this! XD *pokes ATLUS*

    • Use the special skill “Aksys’s poke!” It will take 90% of your Aksys’s HP and all your Aksys’s mp but it will be worthy

    • cj_iwakura

      They’re too busy localizing five star titles like The Cursed Crusade.


  • Syltique

    Yet another awesome PSP RPG. I would definitely pick this up.

  • kupomogli

    PSP this, PSP that.  And people wonder why it’s my favorite portable system. I really hope we get this, the Growlanser series are some pretty good RPGs.

    • Ryos

      It’s a shame we won’t be getting this because it’d probably be my favorite game in the awesomeness that is the PSP library. :(

    • thebanditking

       I completely agree. I never understood half the complaints that people have about the system, it has a huge library of great titles, some that are truly amazing and ports of some of the best games over the last two console generations.

  • RagnaXBL

    The main char looks extremely homosexual in the ps2 intro

    • That’s the thing about this artist. All of the male characters look flamboyant to the point of being confused as females. All of the females look like they’re 2 cent hookers.

      If only one of the characters were gay…it’s time the RPGs represented us! 

  • landlock

     Surely Growlanser IV would do better then say something like Agarest heck as much as I loved the voice-work in Growlanser on the PS2. I’d happily settle for a sub only release.

  • cj_iwakura

     Also, it’s Wayfarer of the Time. :P I’ve grown fond of the Engrish.

  • cj_iwakura


    There was an OVA based on Growlanser IV called return. Worth a look if you like Growlanser and/or Urushihara. 

  •  Damn Growlanser: Heritage of War. It ruined any chances of us seeing another Growlanser title. >_<

  • Croix

     I didn’t care for V, but the combo pack of II and III in Growlanser Generations was one of the best single purchases I ever made (partly because it contained two solid games with connections between them). If this is more like those and less like V, then I’m really hoping for a localization.

  • PrinceHeir

     always love the retro artsyle :D

  • Souji Tendou

    Any NA publisher, localize pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasee….?

    *Puppy dog eyes*

  • Hours

    I want this in English please.

  • thebanditking

    Out of all the titles that do get localized (some of them completely off the wall bizarre) I never understood why this series has had such a hard time getting picked up, hopefully someone does us a solid and brings this out in NA or EU (both would be nice)

  • Darkrise

     Cat Girl ^.^

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