How Nora’s Mysterious Time Bending Powers Alchemize Objects

By Spencer . May 23, 2011 . 4:02pm

While the creator of the Atelier series is working on Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest with Atlus, Nora synthesizes objects in a different way than her Atelier cousins.


You start by harvesting materials…

nora13 nora14


… then you apply Chrono Solution (there are four types: red, blue, dark, and light) to the object you wish to change. Nora’s powers let her accelerate or reverse time on the particular object. In this case it’s a tanbere flower. Speed up time and it will wither. Reverse time and the flower will change back into seeds.


nora15 nora16 nora17 nora18


Nora’s ability has another time bending twist. You can accelerate time to create new items by speeding up time and adding in components. Nora can also do the opposite – that is break a manufactured item up into its parts by reversing time.


nora21 nora22 nora19 nora20


Atlus also introduced two new characters. Karuna Astarra is a mercenary who is rumored to be the most powerful swordswoman. While her skill in battle is unmatched, she’s a cheerful and sometimes clueless person after the monsters fall.


norac1 norac4 norac3 nora2 norac2


Elsie Quin is an ore loving girl who wants to help her father. She may be young, but Elsie is responsible and often runs her parent’s store when they aren’t in town. Apparently, she’s taking a break because Elsie is a playable character in Nora and the Time Studio.


norac5 norac8 norac7 norac6 nora27 nora7


Nora and the Time Studio will be released on July 21 for Nintendo DS.


nora11 nora10 nora9 nora8  nora6 nora5 nora4 nora3 nora30 nora29 nora28 nora26 nora25 nora24 nora23

  • This Atlus Atelier is turning out to be really creative~
    Its been a while since I bought a DS game, but I’ll be certain to add Nora and the Time Studio to my libary as soon it comes out!  

  • Always nice to see more games with item creation/simulation elements.

  • alundra311

    Looking pretty sweet.

    @spencer: Hate to be nitpicky but it’s Elsie not Elise. :)

  • This game looks awesome. But tell me, is it a strategy turn-based game? Like final fantasy tactics? love games of this genre *_*

  • Rarutos

    Do want! Really hoping for a localization.

  • puchinri

    That’s quite clever, I like the sound of the system and look forward to more.
    And I’m glad the swordsman has some form of armor on, lol.
    The character designs and art look more and more schway.

  • do want…
    sadly if it’s localized it will be at least 6-7 months after the original game release (unless they do something like with radiant historia.. how i loved rh Q_Q)

  • This is in my favorite. And yes, Atlus x Atelier style would probably be hawt! I’m in love with Nora and Elsie. xD I can’t wait to play it.

  • Yay, that’s a nice twist to the alchemy system – will definitely add this title to my library when it comes out. Hope it’ll be localized too. Does this mean that if you fail or something you can just reverse the time to undo the alchemy? I also wonder what the battle system would be like…

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