Robots, Robots, And More The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG Robots

By Spencer . May 26, 2011 . 1:24pm


The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG introduces characters and mecha from Real Robot Regiment, the Lost Children manga, and Super Robot Taisen series MX, D, and the anime series Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: The Inspector.


009[3]All of these units clash on Aidoneus Island, which is where Meteor 3 landed many years ago. A special squad trained in ISA tactics (blitzing the enemy with battleships acting as aircraft carriers filled with human-like weapons aboard) acts under the commander of the Earth Federation President. This secret squad is codenamed "GS."


Independent from the Earth Federation Army, this unit is sent by the president when military problems arise. Under the command of the President’s two aides, Aidoneus Island has been refortified and the home of various projects and new weapons. "GS" is said to be a place for experimental weapons, but its true purpose has been kept a secret.


The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG begins with Ing (pictured right) from the Lost Children manga fleeing from Aidoneus Island…


031[1] 032[2] 033[3] 044[1] 045[1] 046[1] 047[1] 034[1] 035[1] 036[1] 037[1] 038[1] 039[1] 040[1] 041[2] 042[1] 043[2] 059[1] 060[1] 061[1] 062[1] 063[2] 048[1] 049[2] 050[1] 051[1] 052[1] 053[1] 054[1] 055[1] 056[1] 057[1] 058[1] 072[1] 073[1] 074[2] 075[1] 064[2] 077[2] 076[1] 065[1] 066[1] 067[1] 068[1] 069[1] 070[1] 071[1]




001[4] 008[2] 010[3] 011[2] 012[4] 014[5] 013[3] 022[3] 023[5] 025[2] 015[6] 016[4] 017[3] 018[3] 019[4] 020[2] 030[2] 026[3] 027[4] 028[3] 029[4]


Scenes from Super Robot OG: The Inspector anime. The 41,790 yen ($513) limited edition for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen includes the entire series on Blu-ray.


005[4] 006[2] 003[4] 004[5]

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  • solbalmung

    Where is Excellen D: !!!!

    • We’re not ready yet for the HD boobies of Exe-neechan, we have to work up from picture to picture, like an oldschool JRPG. :D

    • Exkaiser

      On the cover of the game?

  • c’mon Folka*crosses finger* 

  • I so hope we get Garmraid sometime into the game, as I really don’t like Cerberus~ the same goes for the Aile Chevalier, I want ForteGigas!

    Also Kusuha(<3) needs to get into her Alpha series behavior and has to wear more skimpy clothes with each installment~ :P

    Aaand Joshua's remade design looks slick! Very cool! :D

    • Fonic

      Gesundheit. ;)


    • Tom_Phoenix

      Considering that Supers were chosen as the primary mechs for Advance and Reversal protagonists, I am frankly relieved that B.B. Studio picked Reals for a change. But then again, I also happen to love the Cerberus.

      Anyway, most of those screenshots look FANTASTIC. However, I do have to say, the Ryujinki looks ugly as hell.

      • Hm, you have a point there, but Advance had all their mechs in the game, so I hope we get the other ones from D and MX too.

        Also I agree, but that’s because I never liked the Ryujinki…well have to endure until Shin RyuKouOh and Shin KouRyuOh~ :P

  • Code

    ROBOTS >O>~!

  • z_merquise

    Alteisen, Gespenst, Weissreitter, Aussenseitter, gesundheit. Man, do they really love to name their mechas in German.

    Oh and Siliconera, how about Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos? Namco-Bandai revealed lots of characters and new screenshots for the game. Lot’s of people (me especially) were anticipating the game too:

    • Gesundheit? You mean Persönlichkeit? And yeah I agree, but for some reason German sounds really cool in Japanese~ xD

    • Yes, we are aware of the Queen’s Gate news (thanks for reminding us!), but believe it or not Siliconera runs on an invisible schedule.

    • Guest

      I think it’s like the Japanese developers/Anime writes think ‘oh what if Germany won WWII with us and we united and assimilated together and became Germasians (hence multi colored eyes and hair) and made awesome robots with the combined funds and technology of New Germany-Japan’.

      or not

  • Advent_Andaryu

    The Inspector anime is possibility one of my favorite animes of all time.

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, here I had thought it was an announcement of more robots, not the ones that had already been in Famitsu… Ah well.

  • godmars

    Show the video trailer already. That seems to be the typical way Bandai does this: show stills from a video trailer for weeks if not months – then show finally show the trailer.

    Its damn annoying. Almost as much as waiting/hoping for announcement of a Western release.

    • Guest

      They’re preparing it. It’s usually PV and 8 to 10 minutes long and three different versions :P

    • Phlo

      They promised that we’d get the full version of the teaser shown in the last ep of the anime with the blu-ray, which I believe comes out in mid or late June. That sets a limit for how late PV1 can be, although there’s always the possibility that PV1 is just the CG opening.

      As for a western release, you should save yourself the trouble and stop waiting and stop hoping. Because it’s depressingly hopeless.

      • godmars

        But there are no anime licensed mechs, so there’s at least a fractionally higher chance it’ll be ported.

        • Phlo

          Atlus didn’t localize OGs, they didn’t localize OGG, they didn’t even localize Exceed. They’re done with the series, no doubt about it. And who would pick up localization for a PS3 game that would require an extensive amount of dubbing to get a US release, is a direct sequel to a Japan-only game, and has only a small NA fanbase that is extremely accustomed to either importing at the earliest opportunity or pirating the game?

          • Guest

            Thats not the reason. The reason is Bandai Namco took over Banpresto so they wont give publishing rights to anyone but themselves or maybe D3.
            Its kinda like how Atlus lost Dark Souls (Demon Souls sequel)


          • Phlo

            That’s a nice theory (for Atlus, at least), but Endless Frontier came out three years after Banpresto’s acquisition by Bamco. So there’s no way that’s true. Not to mention that Namco isn’t as stingy with publishing rights as you imply, Fragile (published by XSeed in the US) being a good counterexample.

            Atlus has been dropping plenty of series in the past few years, so why should SRW get special treatment?

  • Exand

    I hope this sells well so they make the non-OG SRW games on the PS3 too. I like OG but it would be fun to see the other “line” of SRW games on high def.

    Can’t wait!

    • Exactly what I was thinking. The new graphics are what the series needs for the “next-gen”-eration so now a non “OG” title could be HUGE, I could see the A.C.E fans really getting in to this. Well, the ones that aren’t already fans.

    • Guest

      What?? If anything the non-OG SRW games have a better chance at selling more than the OG series since its basically a fan service game of all popular super robot shows over the years.
      My guess as to why they picked an OG series game to be the first PS3 SRW game is because it’s cheaper to make and its easier to localize globally due to no licensing fees abroad and no original TV show music royalty fees either…

      • Exand

        I think you misread what I was saying in my post…

  • Kris

    I. Need. This. 
    Since it’s another OG title, maybe the kind souls at Atlus will bring it over?

    • Guest

      No because Banpresto was separate from Bandai Namco back then thats why Atlus was able to publish it and Draglade fighing game for NDS. Then later Banpresto got completely bought out by Bamco and well….Bamco takes over global publishing rights (unless they outsource it to D3 publishing for example).
      So thats probably why EXCEED and Draglade 2 did not make it over yet their first games did.

      • LynxAmali

        You do know that’s wrong, correct? Endless Frontier was published AFTER the Namco Bandai – Banpresto merger, heck it was made after the merger. Why do think they had access to Xenosaga and Namco x Capcom?

        The reason why is because they’re stubborn. They prefer to let the fanbase of SRT die and focus on crappy rehashes like P3P.

        With that being said, hopefully NISA or Aksys picks it up. I don’t trust BAMCO, not one bit.

        Allow me to borrow the green text system for a moment.
        >Glory Star

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Words can’t express how ready my body is for this!!  New Gespensts for Katina and Russel?!  Yes!  The return of the Wildraubtier?!  HELL Yes!  Upgraded Grungust?!  Nerdgasm!!

    Bring it on!

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Not a fan of the design of the half Alt half Weiss mech.

  • Kibbitz

    Hrm, no SRX on the splash?

  • Love it <3 Hopefully it will be released overseas. :]

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder if they’re gonna make another anime out of this?

    amazing screens though ^^

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