Powerd Ciel And Archetype: Earth In Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code

By Ishaan . May 28, 2011 . 4:29pm

Doujin fighter Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code was recently updated to version 1.05 in Japanese arcades, with the most prominent additions to the game being a new character in the form of Powerd Ciel. The game’s website also mentions Archetype: Earth as another new character to the arcade roster, but I’m not entirely certain if she’s already in Current Code or will be added at a later date.


Here’s a look at them, straight from the game’s official site:


Powerd Ciel – Gameplay movie 1:


Powerd Ciel – Gameplay movie 2:


Powerd Ciel – Intro:


Archetype: Earth – Gameplay movie 1:


Archetype: Earth – Gameplay movie 2:


Archetype: Earth – Intro:


Neko & Mech – Gameplay movie:


Neko & Mech – Intro:

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  • Ahh melty blood miss the series for some odd reason lol

    • You mean the totally crazy reason of it being a good fighter with nice sprites and cool characters? Yeah, I miss it for that too~

  • I would love to play Current Code, are there plans for a console release?

    • FHOIW

      There has been talks about this “Melty Blood HD”. I would assume that’s going to be the console port. 


    I don’t think “High Tier” would bring Archetype: Earth justice… More like Super DUPER High Tier…
    Powerd Ciel as well, looks pretty high tiered… 

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, hey, Archetype:Earth has an actual sprite now.

    So, with an overpowered version of Arcueid and an overpowered version of Ciel… When do we get Satsujinki?

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?

    • Exkaiser

      Isn’t it sad, Tsukihime remake?

  • I think there should’ve been a Akiha+Mech combo. Why?

    Akiha: DINNER TIME!
    *100 Mechs*
    Shiki: Oh ****! O_O

  • Mannnnnn. Bring this to XBLA and PSN. :C I’ve been craving Melty Blood throwdowns ever since my poor modded PS2 finally bit the dust.

  • I wonder when we’ll finally see Altrouge…

  • AzureNova

    I have Melty Blood for my PS2, but i still wish it were localized too

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Come on Type-moon bring this to psn aleast

    • Only if @Playstation SCEA approves! >_<

    • PrinceHeir

      yes i want this Sony!!!!!

      Arcana Heart 3 made it so why not this also? :P

  • I can’t wait for a PC release for me to import.

  • z_merquise

    Speaking of pretty girl fighters, Spencer and Ishaan, where’s the Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos update that I sent to you guys? I was looking forward for it since it officially revealed Iroha (of Samurai Spirits / Shodown) and she’s my most favorite female game character. 

    Also, translating the Famitsu article from it using Google Chrome’s translator end up in a very messed up words and sentences that won’t make any sense which was why I really like to see a proper translation from it. I hope I’m not annoying you guys or anything. 

    • Ah, I think Spencer was going to handle that if I’m not mistaken. I remember he mentioned something about a Queen’s Gate post with Iroha, so he was probably referring to your mail! I’ll ask him about it. Thanks for sending it to us!

      • z_merquise

        Thanks for the reply too. Looking forward for it!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    This game needs to be on PSN and XBLA.

  • RagnaXBL

    Don’t care about this game, what happened to Undernight In-Birth

    • Still in development. Not even out of alpha yet. They just updated actress again because its their most current game.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        More like its their most popular game 

        • Well that to but I mean Under Night still is being worked on before more stuff will come out.

  • MB:AC on PSN/XBLA!!! :D

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