Ryu Learned Some New Moves For Ninja Gaiden 3

By Spencer . June 1, 2011 . 11:22am

Something isn’t right with Ryu Hayabusa. He’s back in bloodstained shrouds for Ninja Gaiden 3, but his right arm… glows red after corpses pile up. Famitsu asks is this some kind of curse?




Cursed arm or not, Ryu is ready to fight and has a few new ninja tricks. He can use his kunai to scale walls and has a speedy sliding move. Both of these actions can be used within the game’s stages.


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Ninja Gaiden 3 is slated for release next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Team Ninja will reveal the game at E3 next week.

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  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    This game is looking better and better. And Geoff Keighley said on Twitter that they’ll have the first gameplay trailer on Spike TV on Monday. So soon yet too far away

    • Spike TV? Ninja Gaiden?

      There’s a disturbance in the force.

  • Arcm

    E3 can’t come soon enough  (walks over to the ps3 to start playing Sigma 2 again) : )

  • lostinblue

    Heh, I’m betting they’ll announce a Nintendo Cafe version seeing how close to Nintendo they’ve been lately.

    • malek86

      I’ve yet to see any good result from the recent Tecmo-Nintendo collaborations (and I’m not talking about Itagaki here), but a Cafe version would be a pretty good idea, especially if they can have it ready at launch. I wonder if it would look better.

      Still, probably not something you would want to play with a weird controller, unless Team Ninja has gone and changed the gameplay to make it more like God of War or something (oh please no).

      • Guest

        I didn’t mind Fatal Frame IV (except for the glaring fact that it never made it to the U.S.). And now they’re working on Fatal Frame II remake which looks good too

        • malek86

          I thought Fatal Frame 4, even without considering the whole localization thing, was still the worst game in the series. No random battles, annoying detective dude sections with the flashlight, technically incostant. Also it was way too easy, even on higher difficulties.

          Not a terrible game, but not really a good sequel to the awesome FF3.

          • Guest


      • lostinblue

        I liked what they did with all the games so far. Sure, not game of the year material but… On Metroids account for better and worst they can’t really be blamed, it’s Sakamoto decisions that were criticized.

        I like them.

        Regarding the suggestion it was because when i read “Ninja Gaiden 3” on this console generation I thought about that cutscene that ran at like 5 frames per second on the X360:

        -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPY2mngQ_LU

        A more powerful console could come in handy considering their *ehem* habits, even if they just drop the game in there.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Onimusha? is that you?

    • Advent_Andaryu

      I immediately thought of Shinobi on PS2 where you have to keep killing in order to stay alive.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Ryu still own’s all I see

  • Man I feel bad for using the same joke over and over again but…

    Ryu Hayabusa:”This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!! Its burning Grip tells me to kill you!! Take this! Hayabusa FINGER!!!”

  • Aiddon

    no Itagaki on board, no sale, Tecmo.

    • OneOkami

      C,mon, Itagaki didn’t create all those games by himself.

      • malek86

        I’ll risk being obnoxious, but I’ll say again that, since Itagaki left, Team Ninja’s efforts haven’t exactly been great. He may have been just one man, but in the end he was still the producer. Imagine doing a MGS game without Kojima.

        If anything, it’s possible that Itagaki’s departure left the team momentarily lost while searching for a new direction. Still, Hayashi’s got skills, and I trust that he can learn fast… if so, NG3 might be the game that redeems them.

        • OneOkami

          On that note (the MGS one), one thing I often tell people is that I would’ve loved to see how Metal Gear Solid 4 turned out had people not gone so far as practically threaten Kojima into doing it.  I would’ve very much loved to see how the game would’ve turned out purely under the direction of Murata and not just partially.

          Personally, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner is a more memorable game than much of the MGS series.  Furthermore, I thought Portable Ops was a darn fine game and enjoyed it just as much as I did Peace Walker.

          While I can certainly understand the sentiment (I admit I probably wouldn’t like seeing a future Shenmue game not under the leadership of Yu Suzuki), I try not to let myself fall into the mentality of thinking any great game/series could ever only be done competently by the same people.

          Lets just say I’m glad I gave Retro a chance with Metroid and Donkey Kong, Dead Space 2 a chance after Gen Schofield left, Sega a chance with F-Zero, Virtua Fighter 5 a chance without Yu Suzuki, etc.

          • malek86

            Ah, actually I wasn’t refering to a game in particular, but to Team Ninja themselves. Itagaki’s departure seems to have had an effect not on one series in particular, but on their general output.

            I would have little problem giving Ninja Gaiden to some different people and then seeing what they can do. For example, I don’t even mind having Ninja Theory deal with DMC, we’ll judge when the game is out.

            But, if you give a game to the original team, except half of the people left… it’s gonna be a problem: they are still gonna make it somewhat like before (due to what they learned from the previous director in the years) but at the same time, lacking the coordination and direction that they used to have. A disaster could be much more likely than if you actually gave the game to an entirely different team.

          • mikanko

            I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but it’s kinda hard to replace Team Ninja with an outside dev.  I think there are far more disappointments than successes when it comes to a series outsourcing sequels to new teams in recent years.

            RE5 is a bit disappointing without Mikami behind the helm, but it’s no Silent Hill Homecoming. <_<; 

            Hopefully with the 3 years between NG2 and 3 TN's remnants have had enough time to find their own identity. 

      • Aiddon

        perhaps, but also more than HALF of Team Ninja left with him. Most of them being the REALLY important people in that team

        • OneOkami

          For this very reason, I am very curious to see how Modern Warfare 3 fares critically, because I’ve heard a lot of people write it off for the same kind of reason. I know its just one particular case but I’d like to see if you can [i]always[/i] correlate series installment quality to the ratio of composition of original devs.

        • Don’t act like it’s entirely Tecmo’s fault for kicking Itagaki out.

          • Aiddon

            I’m fully aware that most of it was just their childish ex-president throwing a tantrum because he didn’t want to keep up the company’s end of the bargain of giving Itagaki the bonus he rightfully earned. However, the current Team Ninja is nothing more than a bunch of imitators who have yet to actually prove themselves on their own. Even with Other M they needed Sakamoto’s guidance to do a lot.

          • Other M was the only game TN made after NG:S2. A GOOD game, mind you.

            But whatever. yes, Team Ninja may be held back because their egos (Itagaki’s also), but I doubt it’ll stop them from developing what could possibly be good games. Capcom still holds out after Inafune left. We haven’t seen any gameplay of NG3 either.

          • lostinblue

            I recall DoA:Dimensions is being praised.

            Itagaki was good, but c’mon, let’s not focus everything on his persona, it’s obvious Team Ninja has lots of talented individuals still there.

  • malek86

    Sounds good for now. Just today I’ve started playing NG2 again, from where I left it at chapter 8. Unlike NGB, which got easier with time, it feels like it only gets more and more difficult later on. Awesome.

    Hayashi, got the hint?

  • Crimson_Cloud

    His right arm glows with an awesome power :3
    It would be good if there are some female characters playable as well.

  • mikanko

    While I’m a little cynical about a completely new game made without the people from Team Ninja who left, I do think the Sigma games were pretty great, so I’m cautiously hoping for the best.

    On the automatic plus side, Ryu doesn’t look like a cigarette smoking Twilight character who shops at Hot Topic.

    • PrinceHeir

      at least some of the team stayed and worked on this.

      unlike that cigarette smoking bastard.

      and yes Sigma is awesome, they just needed the blood and other weapons.

      cannot wait for this :P

  • I hope you can scale any building. I missed the adventure concept the first game had.

  • I am so excite I don’t even…

  • Guest

    Shinobi vs Ninja Gaiden

    they should make that

    • MGSBigBoss

      Hotsuma would slay Ryu though wouldn’t be much of a match.

      • Guest


  • z_merquise

    “Ryu learned some new moves for Ninja Gaiden 3”

    Ryu learned the art of Boost Sliding from Sam Gideon of Vanquish.

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m calling it, he’ll be able to transform into something that lets him “power up”.

  • Ryu has period problems :P

    sorry terrible joke…….

    Anyway i wonder if you can use the arm for a UT move that would be most awesome

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