The First Screenshot Of MangaGamer’s Go! Go! Nippon

By Ishaan . June 5, 2011 . 1:28pm

News on MangaGamer and Overdrive’s upcoming Go! Go! Nippon has been scarce, but we now have a single screenshot of the game, courtesy of their Twitter feed. The game is now in the beta-testing stage, according to MangaGamer head translator, John Pickett.


Go! Go! Nippon! is designed as a visual novel targeted at an overseas audience. It’s an all-ages game that follows you – in the role of a university student from abroad – during a one week trip and home-stay in Tokyo with a pair of twin sisters, and serves as guide to Japan of sorts.


The two sisters are your guides to the sights and sounds around. You’ll get to see Tokyo’s Akihabara and Shinjuku districts, the Japanese railway network, the local food, and insight into the country’s culture.


While the game won’t include any voiceover work, MangaGamer say they plan to price it competitively with your average guidebook. Early tweets on the subject indicated that this could possibly be between the $10-15 range.

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  • I..I know it’s an all age game and innocent and useful and all, but I can’t help but feel funny inside when I see the girl with the pink sweater…~~~~

    Also, while I find it not that tragic, it’s kinda wasted to not have voice work here, I mean just because I know what the Japanese text says, doesn’t automatically mean I can spell it~

    • Zero_Destiny

      I think both girls look really cute. <3 I'm super interested myself. Must learn more random trivia!!! XD

  • That one girls rack is pretty big for an all ages game. That was the first “location” my eyes visited after viewing that guide.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Ah man, people please don’t chew me on this but I think MangaGamer’s choices of localizations could have been a lot better. Alright, lately their Koihime Musou was a good spot-on, but wouldn’t they earn more money if they tried to translate a RPG types of games, like Kamidori? 

    • Ladius

      I don’t think so, they’re practically the only visual novel publisher since Hirameki to try bringing us some high-quality vns instead of the usual nukige crap (not that they haven’t some nukiges in their lineup). Higurashi, Kara no Shoujo, Kira Kira, Suika etc are far better than what we were used to see in the previous years, and even JAST has felt the need to upgrade the quality of its localized products in order to counter Mangagamer’s quality, at least seeing the incredible difference between their announced titles and what they used to translate till some years ago.

      Sadly, people will always find a reason to bitch about localizations (and to pirate localized games) even when the people at Mangagamer are striving to stay in business while selling only some hundreds of copies per title.

      • Kirbysuperstar2

        Well, it wasn’t always quality with Mangagamer. Remember Edelweiss’s first translation? Musturvate or lilly?
        Thankfully those days are behind us now..

        • Ladius

          Yeah, at the beginning I really couldn’t bring myself to support their work: high prices, no dvd releases, so-so titles, mediocre localizations…

          Luckily they’ve really get their acts together by lowering their prices, improving the quality of their translations and of their localization picks (not all their titles are outstanding, of course, but at least they haven’t only nukiges) and starting to press dvd editions. Even Edelweiss is being re-translated, and I can’t wait to see what’s next :P

    • Bamboo had a brief Q&A with English-speaking fans. If I can find the link…

      Ah, here. A bit NSFW, but I’ll post the relevant paragraph:

      “Taking questions, bamboo first addressed the issue of getting titles
      with interactive gameplay, citing the difficulty in porting them over:
      “Games with gameplay are difficult to develop at this time.  We need a
      lot of cooperation with the game companies to make it a reality.””

      I think something like this is a good idea, too, especially when you consider games like Phoenix Wright and 999. Oh, and a point relevant quote to the article:

      “In terms of expanding the market, bamboo says it’s unlikely to make a
      sudden expansion, but he hopes that a low price all-ages title like
      GoGoJapan (OVERDRIVE’s Western exclusive) will be a good place to start.
      He also confirmed that GoGoJapan has been delayed, and while it will
      not be available in time for AX and the summer convention circuit, it
      should be ready in early fall. His recommendations for people looking to
      start playing eroge? OVERDRIVE games, of course!”

      He’ll be at AX this year again so hopefully he’ll have more to tell and listen to what fans are looking for!

    • Darkrise

      There’s also Valkyrie Complex and Shin Koihime Musou.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Those certainly are some Overdrive character designs.

    • It’s the ears, right? :P
      I wonder if it’s done by Shinji Katakura, one of my favorite illustrators right now. I still can’t believe I have an illustrated colored print he did from last year’s AX.

      • Kirbysuperstar2

        A little bit of the ears, yes, but generally the more rounded shapes (not like.. boobs, but.. you know) and the highlighting just screams “THIS IS AN OVERDRIVE GAME”.

      • Nah, the artist for Go Go Nippon is Fujimaru, the same artist who worked on Deardrops for OVERDRIVE.

        Shinji Katakura has been busy working on Dengeki Stryker =3

  • Covnam

    Clearly they are not identical twins…
    I wonder if they will leave the japanese text boxes in and give a little language training. They’d probably need to spell out that kanji though.

    • Ereek

      Identical twins aren’t always “identical” (I use this term lightly) in appearance.  They certainly look similar, but usually the media overemphasizes it.

      • Covnam

        I was actually lightly joking/referring to to fact that the girl in pink has certain “features” that her sister clearly doesn’t.

        However, if you want to look at this from a more realistic perspective, of course identical twins are not always a perfect match, but even with that, considering the characters have different heights, body types and eye colors, I would say that it is much more likely that they would be fraternal twins than identical.

  • Huh, so it’ll be more of a guide then, than an actual story
    Can’t tell if I’m excited for such an interactive guide, or disappointed :<

    • Re10

      Get excited. This is rather unique given the premise of the game. Better than just some other VN that everyone has heard of before that is finally getting a release. 

      I’m liking the Overdrive ears. Been a while since I’ve seen them.

      • Ladius

        Not to mention this is the first Japanese visual novel developed with the western audience in mind :)

        Of course it’s a small project, but that is a commendable attitude and I’m ready to support it (not because I want visual novel to westernize, but because I would like the Japanese vn developers to acknowledge their western fans as a part of their userbase and as a potential new market for their endeavors).

        •  When you put it that way, then I’m Excited.

        •  I think I might get it just to see how they view the Western audience. Like what kinds of things do they think we’re interested in? Will humour still translate, or will they try to emulate Western culture in any way? (Despite this being a game about Japanese culture.)

          Also, will there be any romance? :/ Not that I expect any, I’m just curious.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, I’m interested in the same things :) I don’t think there will be any romance though, but we will see :P

  • I’ll purchase this based on the idea of aiming VNs overseas. Voting with dollars is the name of the game!

  • PrinceHeir

    two sisters?

    hmm you know what to do :P

  • XypherCode

    ooooohh me like it :D

  • is this eroge?

    • Joanna

      It says all ages, so no it’s not. It’s suppose to be a guidebook to Japan in VN format.

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