Any Questions For NIS America’s Overlords?

By Spencer . June 6, 2011 . 10:43pm

makaiIf all goes according to plan, we’ll meet with key staff from NIS America for an interview. While I have questions prepared, I want to open to floor for reader questions.


As always, we’ll do our best to select reader questions, and these threads tend to be pretty long now so we hope everyone understands that it is impossible to ask every question. Lord Zetta is monitoring this thread so please, be courteous!

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  • Draparde


    ill put a better question here when i think of one xD

  • Wondering if they’re gonna try and speed up their localization process. Waiting  1year+ to play games like Rorona/Totori is a tad disappointing.

    • IceRomancer

      I agree. Especially when a beautiful sequel is already being released in japan already :(
      Better late then never I suppose tho!

    • Croix

      While I can perfectly understand your frustration, the problem is that it really just takes a long time. Series like Final Fantasy spoil the Western audience as they’re developed with localization in mind, but look at so many other titles from different companies. As an especially notable example, in the case of Level 5, we’re now two entries behind in the Layton series. Personally, I’m just glad that they tend to actually stick with localization, instead of making us guess, like with The Last Story and Xenoblade.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      That seems like a bad idea, though. The extra time allows them to get things relatively bug and freeze-free. Do we want to go back to the days of Ar Tonelico 2?

    • neo_firenze

      Do you understand how small NISA is?  It’s incredible that they can localize as many text heavy games per year as they already do. 

  • rrw

    will NIS make new IP and another sequel other than disgaea for ps3?  

    • They already did ZHP and criminal girls of lately (last year was it?) and prinny… They have been doing more new IP than other companies xD, atlus is starting to do some more this year (also, they released a long time ago a really interesting Visual Novel called Second novel, i wish we could had gotten it)

  • Disgaea Infinite is currently out of stock on your official store. How well did this title do? I would certainly like to see more games like this, do you have any plans for any more visual novel titles?

  • Gelsa

    Any chance for a Makai Kingdom port or sequel? It’s my favorite NIS game!

  • Allerina

    Well, what can I ask from those people?
    I would if they would sometimes translate(and I don’t mean localize, which implies big changes to the game’s text) games of visual novel genre(they did one, but that was Disgaea Infinity). Some of those are too hard for even me to read in japanese, but most of them are ok for me.

  • Somazu

    What are the chances of bringing meruru over, after totori is realeased?

    • DanteJones

      Ah dang, beat me to it.

    • Ravage27

      This! I’m dying to know 

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Do we even have to ask? I’d say 100%.

  • IceRomancer

    Speaking of Zetta, does NISA have any plans for any kind of HD remakes for classics like makai kingdom or la pucelle? Or maybe a digital download for ps3?

    • Thiiiis. I want this so much.

    • Barrit

      I’d like to add Ar Tonelico 1&2 to that list!

      • Only if @NamcoBandai approves, since they outright own #Artonelico.

    • Tatsuya1221

      Considering how well games like ar tonelico scale in hd, i somewhat doubt they will do it, not do i think they have the money to.

      Not saying i wouldn’t want it too, i just don’t see it happening.

    • Ladius

      NISA is an American publisher, this question should be answered by NIS the Japanese developer.

  • Localize Senran Kagura?

  • lucawesome

    Any plans for a Makai Kingdom port?  Phantom Brave got two, so where’s the respect for the most powerful freakin’ Overlord in the cosmos?

    • Locklear93

      Or a Makai Kingdom sequel.  Just enough with Phantom Brave already; it’s the one and only NIS-developed game I didn’t like the first time around. >_<

  • XypherCode

    localize as many games as possible! like atelier meruru or maybe senran kagura? :P

  • Yuan

    What plans do they have for Vita? D3P?

    • ifhd

      same here

  • nyoron

    Regarding Disgaea 3 DLC, in Japan there was bonus content available to people that had purchased all of the DLC individually (Baal fight, costume switch for Raspberyl/Saphire, maybe something else, I forget). In the US that content was only available to those that purchased the complete DLC bundle package.

    Assuming Disgaea 4 DLC is planned to work the same way… will you be fixing that issue so that US customers that purchase all of the DLC individually will also get the bonus content?

    • Jrpgfanatic

      I remember reading that this was actually available for people who bought all the DLC individually as well, you just needed to contact their support team.

      • nyoron

        You’re right, I heard about that and contacted them. What they did was send me a voucher code for the complete bundle package. It worked out great for me but in general that solution is less than ideal. For one thing, if I hadn’t been reading the Gamefaqs board for Disgaea 3 at the time I would never have known about it. Secondly, it’s not like they have an unlimited number of those codes lying around. When I sent my request I gave them my PSN ID, but they replied with the code incredibly quickly – like within an hour or two. I doubt that within that time they were able to confirm with Sony that I was telling the truth about buying all of the content (I was, for the record). It’s way too open for abuse. There were also people claiming NISA never got back to them with a code after asking.

        Anyway, I just think it would be in everyone’s best interest if it was addressed up front this time.

  • Disgaea 2’s manga was being released before, but because the company it was being translated by went under, it’s been left unfinished. Has NISAmerica ever considered translating the remaining volumes themselves, or outsourcing to another company?

    Also I second the Atelier Meruru question. Is there intention on localizing the third game after Totori is released?

    Are there companies in Japan that have games that NISAmerica is interested in? How goes things about ImageePoch PSP games? What will come next in that area due to the ongoing deal with them?

    Disgaea 4 seems to be an awaited game. I noticed that in Japan for Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, they had some DLC that did not come over here in America, especially Disgaea 2– namely Gig, Miabel, and Princess Eclair. While it’s understood that apparently there were bugs in the English version of Disgaea 2 that hindered the DLC releases for it, are there going to be steps made to make sure that Disgaea 4 does not get left out in the cold when it comes to DLC characters? Also, on the note of DLC, will there be any free offerings, such as Fallen Angel Flonne?

    • Also a question: NISAmerica has obviously seen that packaging artbooks with games sells– it’s been a recent trend now for them to do that, and I for one am looking forward to getting the artbook that comes with Disgaea 4. I believe there’s even an Atelier series artbook coming out as well, stand-alone?

      However, there are artbooks that were never translated– namely one I’ve seen recently. The Phantom Brave one. I came across it, and it’s a beautiful, large hardcover book, filled with a ton of artwork and the general character statistics and information one comes to expect from the books. One I’d personally love to own.

      My question here though is, if NISAmerica had the chance, would they ever consider translating it and selling it as a stand-alone edition? Or even other artbooks that have been missed?

  • How ’bout a Disgaea 3 portable?

  • OverlordFuka

    Mainly, I just want to know if Nippon Ichi of America would be interested in translating any of the Disgaea Light Novels that have been out in Japan for some time. I for one would love to get my hands on a Disgaea book!

    • Seconded. I’ve heard about the light novels and they look very interesting– they manage to expand upon the mythos and lives of the characters of the first game, bring back a few that were gone (in shocking ways!) and even have novels where they’ll focus on Disgaea 2, 3, and even Makai Kingdom!

  • Is there any chance of NISA bringing over Solatorobo for Nintendo DS, or perhaps Super Robot Wars: Original Generations 2?

    • You… really want Solatorobo… keep your fingers and tails crossed or import it from Europe :P

  • Heard they were going to localize Imageepoch’s games like Last Promise Story and Black Rock Shooter.  Is this true and can we see it on PSN for both PSP and Vita compatibility?

    • BTA

       This. It was said they’d be doing it, but there’s been no news since then. I mean, the games aren’t even out yet, but it’d be nice to get some form of confirmation…

  • Zeonsilt

    About Super Robot Wars Original Generations 2[PS3] possibly localization(even if it for PSNDigital download only).
    And any info about Ar Tonelico 4.

    • blah blah

      I’m doubting AT4, I saw a few places that 3 “concluded” it.

  • Code

    rar, when is Makai Kingdom sequel happening owo~!?

    Seriously though I’ve been curious, with the Prinny series we’ve seen Disgaea break into the action/platformer genre (very skillfully I might add). And we’ve also seen the the upcoming cross over with Disgaea/Bikkuriman. I’m interested if Nippon Ichi has any plans on potentially expand the Disgaea series into more genres outside of strategy/rpgs, or any other partnerships/crossovers? Also any chance of NIS getting in on the PSP remastered bandwagon. 

    If this is just for NIS America, and they aren’t covering Nippon Ichi specific questions; I’m curious if NIS has considered localizing any shmups? It seems like something that NIS would potentially be interested in, especially given G.Rev seems to be looking for a partner to localize projects owo; Senko no Ronde: DUO on 360, Mamoru-kun on PS3 seems like games that would be right up NIS’s alley!

    rar, I feel like Game Developer matchmaker today omo~!

  • cj_iwakura

    La Pucelle: keep trying!

    • puchinri


    • I thought we got to the bottom of La Pucelle before…

      • Apollonis
      • LastFootnote

        That doesn’t mean we don’t still want it.

        • And that doesn’t mean we’re going to nag any further. Readers on Siliconera have a rare chance to ask a president of a company questions. That’s mainly because I trust readers are going to ask intelligent questions and not beat a dead horse.

          If I judged wrong, and perhaps I have, reader Q&As are over.

      • Methylene

        Depends on what “the bottom” is. I know a lot of people, myself included, want to know why. Honestly, if I could ask them a question it’d be just that, why did they skip over LP:R, especially when it was one of their most asked for games for a while and it’s a main game from N1 and sequels were announced.?

        Though, even I am getting tired of beating that dead horse.

      • cj_iwakura

        No reason to give up. Hell, I’m still bugging Atlus USA for Growlanser, for all the good that’ll do.

        • Seriously … no. We’re going to keep beating a dead horse. We’ve pressed to get an answer for readers. If our reader Q&As become nag sessions we’re going to end reader Q&As because no one is going to take us seriously.

  • Just like I mentioned before in the Aksys interview we’re not going to ask questions about specific games. Otherwise the entire interview will be…

    Will you localize this?
    We have no plans.

    This game?
    No plans.

    How about this one?
    No plans.

    So if you’re asking those questions and later wondering why I didn’t ask them, here’s your pre-answer.

    • OneOkami

      I’m not sure if this quite falls into that category, but I’d like to know WHY they seem to have passed on a Criminal Girls localization, especially given they were original publisher.

      • Apollonis

        My guess would be it has to do with the current PSP market outside Japan, unfortunately. :/

        • OneOkami

          Which will only get worse with ever-increasing Vita hype, I guess.  Oh well, at this point I’ve imported the game but I certainly didn’t expect I would need to.  That reason does sound very plausible.

  • eliel

    will there be any new IP that cross platform between Ps3 and Ps Vita?(plz say yes)

  • Does @NISAmerica have long-term plans for #Android?  The latter is fertile ground for in-house franchises like Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Marl Kingdom, La Pucelle, to name a few.

    To elaborate: the way I see it, there is a drought of hardcore Japanese games in #Android.  This niche is wide open for the taking.

  • zhemos

    Would appreciate It If you could ask them if they’re giving us the JP audio for Atelier Totori and the new Bleach game. They wasn’t clear over at the playstation blog about the option. 

  • blah blah

    Why do so many people seem to think NISA actually makes or ports games instead of just localizing?
    Question: does NISA have something against Microsoft?
    I mean they have nothing on X360, but everything else this generation has something from NISA.

    • My guess is the NIS doesn’t want to make a game on a American System maybe? Doubt thats the reason.

      I just think the NIS is very loyal to Sony. Heck, they only have a few on Nintendo.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Maybe it’s because Sony and Nintendo fans have always been loyal to them? They were considering it, early this generation, but now, it isn’t going to happen. It makes people with the Japanese systems feel special and I don’t have a problem with that.

    • Ravage27

      It has nothing to do with hate, just business sense.

      There’s no point in porting over to the 360 because every NIS fan already own a PS3/PSP/Wii/DS by now. The niche nature of NIS means that their games will be largely ignored by the mainstream, therefore the potential sales from newcomers will be so insignificant that won’t even cover the porting cost, let alone the publishing fees. NIS is a small company with limited resources after all.

      All JRPGs derive the bulk of their sales from Japan, and JRPGs sell the best on the PS3. Wii has a larger base, but suffer from poor 3rd party sales (Tales of Graces and Rune Factory Ocean both sold better on PS3). Then there is the 360 which sells like dogshit there and is hardly worth a mention.

      There’s a reason why Tales of Xillia is PS3-exclusive, and that’s the same reason why NIS will always develop for the PS family first. Go where your audience is, basic business principle.

  • Probally a stupid question, but I work at gamestop. What versions of Disgaea 4 are going to be pre ordered there? I am debating on either the premium or Super Premium ones. I would love it is the super was at Gamestop, since it really helps may money wise because I get a discount. I would like to know so I can decide if I am going to reserve it at Gamestop or the NIS website.

    Are were ever going to get the Fuuka Nendroid? Why didn;t we?

    Like others have said, Disgaea 2 and three manga translated please.

    I assume we are, but are we getting all, or almost all, of the D4 DLC, like HD Asagi(her moves look so badass). Any ideas on how much DLC there will be?

    Any word of Asagi’s own game Makai Wars(Huge Asagi fan, want to see her have her own game, but doesn’t realize till the end she had a game)

    Are Criminal Girls or Senren Kaguya coming here?

    Any Games coming for Vita?(will get a Vita if you guys have some)

    Can you guys make Disgaea/NISA Plushies? I know there is a prinny, but I so want an Etna, Flonne, Asagi, Laharl, Rozalin, Fuuka, Raspberyl, and Axel Plush. I collect those, and would love to see more.

    Any remakes of Soul Nomad or Makai Kingdom?

    Are we Getting Neptunia 2 in US(Still need to finish mine…)?

    Ever thought of doing a crossover with Darkstalkers? I know you did in Cross edge, but a game with Just Disgaea and Darkstalkers, wither a fighting game or RPG. Either would be awesome.

    • A Soul Nomad and the World Eaters remake would make me buy it /so fast/

    • I have the Ledgem plushie from Marl Kingdom/Rhapsody game when they were selling him a couple years back. In fact, since then he’s been sitting/napping on the shelf above my monitor!
      It seems most people forgot about the Puppet Princess games, though.. :(

      I can only hope NISA nabs that one PSP game that’s tied to the Marl Kingdom games if they want to fill up their catalog.

    • ifhd

      Need Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

    • Soul Nomad and Makai Kingdom remakes! and secuels too XD

  • Yukito

    – Could we expect any pre-ordeer/LE goodies for Atelier Totori and Bleach? Totori, I am sure it will happen, since NISA likes their Soundtrack/artbook things, but is that possible with Bleach too, or is there some sort of holdback on that?

  • I’d like to know if they have any plans to localize Malicious on PSN, and Senran Kagura.

    • Especially Senran Kagura. I’m already imagining the words “disturbingly sexualized young girls” from Gamespot again.

  • Felipe Navarro

    More Z.H.P. ? I liked that game, it was awesome, and hilarious, and awesome.

  • I don’t know if this a question they can answer, but can they please include better weapons/variety  like in Makai Kingdom in their next game? :P

  • Klaus00

    Ask NIS if Makai Wars still have any hope left

  • kroufonz

    1. ask them are they interested to bring 2nd SRW OG (since this game is right on the nisa sweet spot “japanese & anime & SRPG”)

    2.what can we get from Disgaea 3 save data imported to Disgaea 4? also ask about  HD collection

    3. ask them the possibility to bring some Big PS3 Visual Novel (especially aquaplus stuff like to heart 2 dx plus which will be released this summer, there is also TtT 2 and Utawarerumono 2 in the future)

    or maybe that nisa psp visual novel Second Novel: Kanojo no Natsu, 15-Bun no Kioku?

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Any possibility of a fighting game spinoff of Disgaea/jokequestion

    Actually, what are their thoughts and future plans for the Vita, now that it has been officially named and it’s price revealed?

  • ifhd

    When will Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (or Choujigen Game Neptune mk2 in Japan)  be released in NA?

  • cmurph666

     Nope. No real questions. I pretty much know everything I need to know at this time.

    Just tell them I said, “Hey~!”.

  • SolidusSnake

    I don’t have any specific questions, but I’d be interested in getting a kind of “state of the union” report from NIS — what has been working for them in the Western market, what hasn’t worked so well, what consoles they plan to support (will they keep publishing PSP games? Any plans for the NGP? Will NIS ever publish games for the 360?), and what genres they plan to focus on (will they ever do another VN?). NIS has a good history with Gust and they are supposedly planning to work with Imageepoch in the future — are there any other companies that they have an eye on? Also, what kind of fruits can we expect to come out of the Imageepoch partnership?

  • One question, why does NISA continue making these rpgs? LOL

    • SolidusSnake

      Because Activision, EA, and Microsoft have the first person shooter market cornered.

      • Apollonis

        Correct answer would be “they don’t, NIS does.” :)

  • Jrpgfanatic

    With the localization of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, many of your die hard fans are concerned that you are moving, if only a little, away from the types of niche titles that they have all come to expect from NIS America.

    Can you comment on if this marks a turning point in your localization strategy, in that you will continue to incorporate additional mainsteam titles into your localization schedule, in addition to the titles fans have come to expect?

  • Would be great if the music CD’s or Ar Tonelico could be release in US/EU…the little soundtrack disc added to all the games does not contain many songs.

  • Apollonis

    People asking about Vita… I think it’s… rather inevitable… that we’ll see something from them on it within the next 5 years.

  • CleruTesh

    Just one question: Why are you SO awesome?!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    No real questions, except for particular titles I’m hoping are localized and are they ever going to do HD collections of their NIS titles (the first two Disgaea titles, for example).

    Other than that, I would just like to thank them for being probably the best company out there for people who love Japanese RPG’s.

  • I dunno if I am late to the questioning party

    Is there a company you want to work with for localizing? (ie picking up another company’s games)

  • Well, the best questions have already been asked, but thise is something I kind of wanted for a while:

    Can we have some more PSN avatars, specifically some Gust ones?

    • I have Adell on my psn >8D i feel so cool when i see it

    • DlanorKnox

      Yes please! I have both Flonne avatars and a Raspberyl one, and I’d love some more. Avs of Rorona or Totori characters would be terrific. I’d love more themes as well.

  • Are we going to get localizations of Imageepoch’s games (Final Promise Story, The Last Ranker, etc.) ???

  • LastFootnote

    Maybe NISA would know this: Is NIS planning on developing any more games anytime soon? Most of what NISA is publishing lately is 3rd party titles. The only upcoming game on Nippon Ichi’s website is that Sticker one for the 3DS. I know they cancelled development on a bunch of games back when they were having financial trouble, but I didn’t think that meant all of them!

  • Same with Aksys, how is you guys relationship with idea factory/compile hearts? Has it been good for both companies? Do you plan to keep on working with them even after “shaking some hands” with Imageepoch’s people?

    Uhhh, dont know what else, pretty much stuff like Aksys’s, do you guys plan to supporting the psp a bit more? Have some big surprise left for this year? …

  • Alexisonfire

    NISA and NIS in general had a lit bit of a…. financial scare in the recent past. Has the titles put out since then sold well enough for the shadow of that “scare” to be removed or at least mitigated?

    Also, related question, how well did Disgaea 4 sell in Japan? I know a lot was riding on the success of that title…

  • I’d like to see some HD remake or sequel, mainly of Makai Kingsom.Also, La Pucelle  and Maybe a HD remake of the first Disgaea with some more extended feautures, Like a King Krichevskoy and/or Seraph Lamington Story or something.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Prinny 2 gave Laharl and a few other characters new voice actors?

    Is that a permanent thing? Did you guys lose Babara GOODson? Will we never hear that amazing laugh again?

    Other than that, I’d like them to know that they are the best localization company and I send them millions of good vibes daily

  • Is there a series of customer-related statistics you use before choosing which title to localize, or rather, what is the exact things that you guys use to decide which games to localize and which to not localize?

  • shy_mel

    I’ve noticed recently that NISA hasn’t been restocking their games in their online store for awhile (Trinity Universe, Ar tonelico 3, and Neptunia aren’t available for purchase for example and they’re all on a current console).  Stores nearby don’t get second shipments either and on Amazon some of their games aren’t sold directly by Amazon and are being sold for more than the price NISA set for them.  Is there a particular reason for this because I and others can’t purchase every game from NISA we want the second we want. 
    So here’s my question:
    Would NISA ever think of having a print on demand type of service where people can select the games they would like to buy and how many copies and NISA will have those copies made?
    Another small question is would NISA ever sell pre-order bonuses separately if they have leftover of the bonuses?  Like the Trinity Universe art book?
    Sorry this is so long.

  • kidhyuga

    Since NIS America ported Bleach: Soul Ignition. Are they gonna port the Heat the soul series for psp ?

  • wfb1

    Are there any plans to reprint Hyperdimension Neptunia and Ar Tonelico Qoga?  It’s insane how quickly they sold out.  There’s clearly more demand than they had anticipated.

  • AzureNova

    NIS 4 the win!

  • FStubbs

    Now that Tim Langdell’s BS trademark has been defeated, can we get DLC for Cross Edge?

  • DarkWaterClone

     I want to know if NIS still has plans on bringing out the La Pucelle trilogy? If NIS does would NISA bring the games out or not. Because NISA passed on La Pucelle: Ragnarok.

    Does NISA think they might get into bringing out Visual Novels. 5PB which is now called Mages makes great VN & I would like to be able to play them.

    With the PSVita being just announced will NIS have a game for launch or close to launch. Also any chance of the game series Cooking Fighter Kao getting a revival.

    Is there any chance that NISA might put there PS1 games on PSN? If so would NISA ever bring out other PS1 games that never came out of Japan.

    How does NISA decide on which games to pick up. Like pick Bleach over something like Fate/Extra. Is there any team that NIS would like to work with if given the chance. Does NISA or NIS ever have plans on working with the 360?

    Any other genre NIS wants to work on just never did. I would like to see what they could do with a bullet hell shooter or a side scroller RPG.

    Also with the 3DS, PSVita & Cafe will NIS be favoring any of those systems more so then the other ones.

  • Alexander Melnyk

    Would a possible localization of Blue Roses be a possibilty? They could even just keep the japanese voice acting in there and not add any english VO- like in Atelier Annie! The Japanese VO I heard in a trailer for Blue Roses was goood…

  • TenRX

    Hope it’s not late to ask this:
    Most of the games you localize (from NIS) are RPG, and checking the japanese NIS site there’s some other games like Musou Tourou (夢想灯籠) and some Visual Novels for the PSP. Why don’t you try bring some of them to America? most of your consumers also play this kind of games, why don’t you try to give a chance for these titles?

  • Any plans on releasing the Makai Kingdom sequel? I’d love to see that one.

  • mario_0345

    Are you going to release a port of Makai Kingdom or Soul Nomad, I have really been wanting to play those games on the PSP.

  • mario_0345

    The only question that I have got is will we ever see a port of Makai Kingdom or Soul Nomad, seriously I like Phantom brave and all but those two deserve some love to.

  • skyblaze

    A lot of us Prinny 2 players noticed Laharl wasn’t voiced by series’ staple Barbara Goodson. Is this a permanent change or can we expect his original voice to return in Disgaea 4?

  • I know they’ve already said they won’t release it but… please bug them about LaPucelle Ragnarok. Or a portable Soul Nomad.

  • JustaGenericUser

    You’re not going to change the ages again in Totori, are you? You’ve done that with Ar Tonelico Qoga and Atelier Rorona and it doesn’t make sense for either, especially when it ruins continuity. (Cocona 11 in AT2 -> 2 years later in-world -> Cocona 16 in AT3, whaaaaaat?).

  • Juuu

    I know  some people were a little flustered by the Disgaea 4 Fuuka being of a different make than the Nendoroid Petit offered to Japan. Will you be offering the same figures as said region in future collector’s edition releases?

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