So You Always Wanted To Ask Aksys… [Insert Question Here]

By Spencer . June 6, 2011 . 7:17am

image During E3 we’re going to meet up with some staff from Aksys for an interview. Is there anything you want to ask the company that localized Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and brought the BlazBlue games to North America?


No? OK, that’s cool. Yes? I have my notepad ready!


As always, we’ll try our best to accommodate reader questions, but please understand if we can’t cover everything.

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  • SupaPhly

    Are you ever going to open up a European branch?

    • Ladius

      Yeah, I would love to see all of their games in Europe. As of now their beat’em ups are always localized by PQube, but their jrpgs and adventure games are still USA-only :(

    • RagnaXBL


  • My body is ready for Senran Kagura, so could they attempt to localize it?

    • If it’s possible i would also like for this question to be made directly D:, at least to know if they are considering it, i dont really want to even think about importing the 3DS T-T

  • Ladius

    I would like to know if they are planning to bring us more visual novels since they can build up 999’s success. There are countless visual novels on PSP and X360 (Steins Gate would be awesome, for example), and even PS3 has some interesting titles like Umineko 1-4, 428’s port, upcoming Dunamis 15 and White Album.

    Visual novels aside, I am interested in their relationship with Cave: are there any more shmup in their future lineup?

    • neo_firenze

      What Ladius said. 

      For visual novels, I’d be particularly interested in the Ever 17 360 remake, which seems not too crazy of a possibility for Aksys thanks to the 999 connection.  Steins Gate would be a great one to note too.

      For shooters, I suspect I know the answer (we aren’t going to be seeing more Cave + Aksys localizations) but it would be interesting to see a response directly from Aksys.

      • I’d really love to see more Visual Novels. The Ever 17 remake would be great, but I’d also really really love to get more of the Infinity series localized as well. Can you ask if they have any plans to bring over more visual novels? How well did 999 do in the American market?

        • I, too am interested in knowing about future visual novels and their relationship with Cave.

          Personally, Akai Katana shin and Ever17 would make quite the combo.

    • BTA

      Seconding this. There’s a rather large thread about Umineko’s PS3 port in the Aksys forums, and I’m hoping someone higher up’s noticed it… Same applies for Steins;Gate’s PSP port, though I’m guessing that JAST’s relationship with Nitro+ might make that difficult to get.

  • SupaPhly

    oh yeah… and are you planning on localizing any VN games on the 360?

    • Apollonis

      Or on any system really, like in the coming year?

      • Yeah, better multiple consoles VN, it reaches more people, and it’s not like there can be that many difference between the consoles like most 3D gamez

  • Kacho_ON

    any plans for iOS platforms?

    • Double Dragon is out there and its from Aksys.

  • I want to know if they will ever going to localize Malicious on PSN, and Senran Kagura.

    • Guest

      That’s Marvelous Entertainment

      • blah blah

        Aksys could localize a Marvelous game.
        Why not?
        I’m pretty sure Marvelous is unconnected to Malicious, that’d be Alvion.

  • Almost similar to all the VN questions.. how was the general response to the otome survey and any thoughts of releasing any?

  • How is their relationship with IdeaFactory (and compile hearts too i imagine) going? Has it been good for both companies? Do you plan to continue supporting/working in more works with this company?.

    Also with Chunsoft, are they planning to get more works from them? Or spike too?, games like Dandanrompa could be a nice choice :D

    Are they planning to release a 3DS game?, or at least started to negotiations/considering to localize one? o.o If so, they think it would be localized by the end of this year or for next year (i know they couldnt say wich game is it, but at least telling us if they are planning to release it this year or next would be ok i think xD)

    Are they still planning to support the psp for at least 1 game before the PSvita?

    Uhhh… i imagine they will consider to localize agarest wars 2 depending on how Zero goes…

    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i can’t think of anything else……………., maybe if they can get some more agarest pillows on the web xD

    • blah blah

      Continuum Shift is a 3DS game now.

      • Well, since its not exclusively a 3DS game i didnt count it, that’s why i was wondering ifthey were planning to do a 3DS game….

        Actually, most of the PSP games are getting into psp…. Well, then will there be a new 3DS game for this year… Just want to know what theyare planning to do now

  • Ask them if they are going to localize Record of Agarest War 2.

    • Darkrise

      It’s probably dependant on whether or not Agarest Zero is successful.

  • Klaus00

    Ever thinking of giving Battle Fantasia a sequel or cross it over with another game despite the sales?

    • neo_firenze

      Not up to Aksys, since they didn’t develop the original.  Arc System Works would have to actually make a sequel or crossover first before Aksys could decide whether to localize it.

  • TheGoddamnedKamina

    why doesn’t PC get anything? I mean seriously. c’mon.

    Also, if 9 9 9 would be available in europe anytime soon.

    • Guest

      just import it

    • This wouldn’t be entirely Aksys’ decision, it’s up to another publisher like pQube, Zen United, or Rising Star to pick the game up for PAL territories.

  • How do they decide what games to localize?
    How much of an impact do fan requests for niche titles have on their decision to localize certain games?
    Have they ever censored anything?

  • j.

    Yes please ask them what became of their otome surveys. I’m dying to know. ; ;

    • Same here. Since I don’t really have the money to import any games, I’d love to see what they found out from the survey.

      • Apollonis

        Yeah, I don’t think we heard explicitly about that, but there was that story a while back about, I think, Idea Factory (who they’ve worked closely with) focusing on Otome games for Japan but their more “manly” stuff for the West, so in other words maybe not a good sign for the survey.

        I could be wrong about some details but think that’s how it goes.

        • That “manly stuff for the West” thing was only intended for the PS3 tho.. didn’t mention a thing about handhelds.

    • People filled them out, and we read them. :3

  • Darkrise

    Same as the people who mentioned the localization of VN’s, and are they ever planning on localizing Senran Kagura?

    • raikage

      It would be great if they’d localize Senran Kagura, but why would they? ^^

  • nyoron

    Why is the Agarest Zero collector’s edition so… not naughty?

    • lol xD Im actually ok with it, it wasn’t easy to put my ar tonelico 3 calendar on my room…

  • sdragon21

    Will the 360 version of Arcana Heart 3 ever come Stateside??

  • Code

    I’m curious if Aksys has any plans to bring over any more shmups; since Deathsmiles seemed fairly successful, at least enough for Cave to look into localizing of Deathsmilles IIX themselves. If Aksys has any other shmup developers in mind +o+? *Throws out G.Rev business cards* I know a lot of people would be interested in Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order localizationn~! Or perhaps maybe they are going to work with Cave again in the future for retail releases; like for Dodonpachi Dai-fukkatsu, or Akai Katana~?

    Also. Blazblue. Jubei. When is it going to happen? omo”

  • DemonicX

    Is there any information that they can share about the new BlazBlue game in development? =p

  • Aiddon

    why exactly did they decide to go Valley Girl Pirate with Nu in BB: CS? Even her voice actress did a double take at that.

  • Trotmeister

    Why do they bother releasing horrible, craptastic games like Hoshigami, Agarest War and Blazing Sould when there’s so many wonderful japanese SRPGs ripe for taking?

    • Because people dont think like you do

      • Trotmeister

        No, seriously, why? I mean, it IS crap. It can’t be selling all that well.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Well some companies may be forced to release a certain game if they want rights to another games and/or if they want to keep up their relationship with the game developer. Plus they could be contractually obligated into releasing something. There’s also the fact that some games cost less to get the rights to than others. Usually these games will come from smaller or less established developers. To say all smaller or new developers are all bad is a flat out lie (there are some amazing indie developers out there) but usually more experienced developers who have a greater amount of resources can develop better games. And those developers are the ones who have some the more expensive licenses.

          But my rambling aside and some minor points I pointed out, I think this is a totally different manner. It sounds more like you just don’t like those games. Your perfectly fine not to like them ether. But these games do have there fans. Please remember that. ^_^ Also Agarest Wars actually did pretty good. It was on the PSN store because Sony of America has a policy that their games needed to have an English dub if you want to include the Japanese dub. Some bigger companies can get around this and some other game series like Yakuza was able to eventually get around this policy because the sales where good enough to appease Sony.

          Agrest Wars doesn’t have an English dub ether. But Aksys was able to work around the policy and get it released digitally (which is easier to do for Japanese only track games). The sales of that game where actually good enough though to convince Sony to let Akysys release Agrest Wars Zero on a disc even though it only has a Japanese audio track. So that in itself is a pretty good sign that the game sold well. Maybe not record breaking well but to get a Japanese Audio only game released on a Sony (in America) console in physical form is a pretty good feat. :D

  • XypherCode

    First, the next BlazBlue game…
    Second, if they’re still thinking about the BlazBlue anime (please!) :D
    Third, a DLC for BBCS2 for the PSP/3DS for online play and not just local! :P

    well…these are likely demanding requests than questions lol but you get the picture xD

    • mikanko

      These are questions for Aksys and not Arc System Works.

      • XypherCode

        yeah i just realized that lol. but hey they always collaborate with Arc :P
        oh well…
        guyz can dream :D

  • So….How do guys take your coffee?
    Well all the good questions have already been asked >.>

    • Lots of sugar and lots of cream, because I am a little girl.

  • I admit I am among those who are interested in their relationship with Idea Factory. THIS TOTALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT I’M SPECTRAL FORCE LEGACY AND WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON.

    By which I mean it has everything to do with Spectral Force Legacy. How’s that relationship with Idea Factory again?

  • FStubbs

    Ask them about localizing Umineko for PS3

  • kylehyde

    Well the only question that I have is…if they can and/or want to localize Senran Kagura?

  • jedah66

    Is blazblue 3ds gonna get patched? The game has really bad frame rate issues even with 3d off. stuff i noticed is arakune when he lands a curse and all the bugs fly around and it starts looking really choppy and some of ragnas d attacks. I really like the game but the frame rate really kills it for me, that and no online.

    • mikanko

      I would imagine that’s more a question for Arc System Works rather than Aksys, unless those issues are specific for the US version of the game.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Ah I guess I’m just curious but how has all the fund raising for Japan been going? You guys put those games on sale and then auctioned off Bo’s toys. Just curious on how well it all paid off. On a side note Thanks for helping out Japan too.

  • Apollonis

    Also, a quick please and thank you to Spencer for doing this for us.

  • I remember reading an interview in an issue of Nintendo Power of (I believe) was the writer for 999 and people were asking for a sequel but he said only if it sold well in NA. Maybe you could ask them if a sequel to 999 is in production or something? Or if they’re going to bring more visual novels to NA? I love VN’s and would get them in a heart beat!

    I love Otome games too but I doubt they’ll ever come to America ;A; (the good ones anyway…*tokimeki memorial girls side*)

  • Just want to throw this out there – we’re going to take preference over broad questions rather than are you going to localize “X” game? Otherwise the whole interview will be like?

    Are you going to localize this?

    This game?


    • Especially since the response to those questions would be, universally, “We have no plans at this time.” :3

      • Kris

        Do you have any plans at this time?

        • I am not at liberty to divulge that information.

  • mikanko

    With Cave recently releasing Deathsmiles 2 as a game on demand without a physical release in the US, has Aksys looked into doing something similar with a localization of Arcana Heart 3 on the Xbox 360?  I’d be interested to know if Microsoft would let them do it with other games localizations as well?  It would let them get more Visual Novels in the US without the added cost needed for a physical copy for games they otherwise wouldn’t risk bringing over at all.

    How bad do they see AH3s sales being decimated by PSN being down?  At the moment it might be my GotY, and I’d hate to see the series abandoned stateside because of Sony’s PR nightmare. 

    Fighting games thrive the more people there are playing them, and AH3 has such a small scene in the US.  Stuff like their tutorial series put up on this site is much appreciated.  Also sponsoring a big tournament like Revelations for AH3 and BBCS2 is also pretty huge.  Do they plan to continue similar extra curricular activities to support their fighting game releases?

  • Hmm, I wonder what I should have you ask them :D

    • Kris

      You should ask them how amazing hanging out with Kris at E3 is. :3

      •  Will you be there tonight? :o

        • Kris

          Unfortunately not until tomorrow ;_; 
          I thought Spencer was meeting you guys on Tuesday… Still, let’s hang out at some point!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Now that’s something I would like to know as well. ^_^

  • Any chance of them bringing Solatorobo to the States? ‘Cause Bamco’s not gonna do it, Nintendo’s not gonna do it…

    • Joanna

      Personally I would prefer an unlocalized game from Japan, like say Luminous Arc 3 or Metal Max, since I can always import Solatorobo. The release window for DS is slowly closing….and there are still quite a few good games left behind. :(

  • We would like to know whether or not Aksys plans on releasing a collection of staff-themed body pillows.

    •  Maybe we can do an Aksys/XSEED his and hers pillow set? Cross promotion! XD


    Will you be localising visual novels on platforms like PS3 and XBOX in the future?

    I second every comment related to visual novels.

  • Juuu

    I got two. I lied, 3.

    1. You guys seem really good for bringing over niche genres, namely shmups and visual novels. Are you considering bringing any more over, such as Red Katana, Ever17, or 428?

    2. Seconding the “How do you decide what games to localize, and how much impact do fan requests have?” from Chestnut Bowl.

    3. If Cave approached you to do a translation patch/update for the newly released for Games on Demand title, Deathsmiles IIX, would you do it? Your localization of the original was fantastic. 

  • is TWEWY 2 gonna b in the show?

  • How much work do you guys do in relation to your Japanese counterparts. Does Akysis USA just do text and voice localization, or is there more behind-the-scenes work going on that we don’t realize?

  • DarkShinigami34

    Ask them if they have any plans localizing Akai Katana, Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label, or any other shmups for Xbox 360.

  • pridesin

    Will there any related genre (Visual Novel + Puzzle) games releasing in future?
    If so, will they mainly release for handheld console or to PSN & Xbox live?

  • Zeonsilt

    About Record of Agarest War 2,ty.

  • CombatMeido

    “Guten Tag,
    why do you Dummköpfe release everything Regionlocked?
    – G. Schmidt”

  • What is the reason(s) for the ads in Arcana Heart 3 (McDonalds, Honda, etc.) and if they are temporary?

  • Thanks for taking our questions, Spencer.  I’m really curious about the future of visual novels and otome games in the US as well.  Also, make a choice, Aksys – Catherine or Katherine! 

  • z_merquise

    I hope the people in Aksys can answer this because I really wanted to confirm this for a long time (and I’m not aware if these were already answered before):

    – Does Arc Sys were really originally composed of ex-Capcom and SNK employees? 
    – Was Daisuke Ishiwatari an ex-SNK employee and did he really work in Last Blade?

    And like other readers here, I also wanted to know the process on how you localize games. Do developers approach you to translate it in English and release it outside Japan or was it the other way around?

    Oh and I hope you guys would give Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos a chance. It got Dizzy of Guilty Gear and Noel of Blazblue in it plus other awesome fighting game gals. It’s okay if they can’t localize it but I really do wish someone release this game outside of Japan too.

  • what are your plans for the psv(ngp,psp2)

  • by that i mean will they localize things for the console and such.

  • Souji Tendou

    I just wanna ask one thing concerning BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II US for PSP. WHY did you removed the Game Data Install feature? It was there in the Japanese version. I honestly don’t get your decision.

  • Yanchamaru

    Any future plans releasing more Virtual Console games? How about a Blazblue port on the Wii?

  • Yanchamaru

    Any future plans releasing more Virtual Console games? How about a Blazblue port on the Wii?

  • sig

    Just curious if they have any interest in possibly localizing Super Robot Wars OG 2nd for PS3. SRW OG has been an Atlus property but from what I have seen they have little or no interest in localizing any more OG games after bringing over Endless Frontier.

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