Gaze Upward At The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s New Trailer

By Ishaan . June 7, 2011 . 11:23am

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword got a release window at Nintendo’s E3 media briefing earlier this morning. The game is due out sometime this holiday season on the Wii. Here’s a new trailer for the game. Is the blonde girl supposed to be Princess Zelda or another character?



As part of a special Zelda 25th anniversary celebration, Nintendo will also release a golden Wii controller alongside Skyward Sword.


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  • I hope the blonde girl is not Zelda; that girl looks so plain and isn’t really pretty. TP Zelda was the best because she was so gorgeous.

    • BUT! Remember, this is a prequel to ALL THE TIMELINE. She may not be part of Royalty YET, but say she marries into it or obtains it through her actions to help Hyrule (Or Sky-world). OR She is the precursor to Zelda, as it is said that all the princesses are named Zelda after the one who was doomed to sleep for eternity, and, other then the one in Zelda II, there hasn’t been one yet.
      Horray for confusing timelines!

      • ButterflyNebula

        She could be Aryll?

      • You hit the nail on the head; that’s probably what it is. That’s Zelda before her descendants’ days of royalty. Since this is the first in the timeline, it’s probably going to go into a lot of the series’ history that’s just been sort of “assumed” or put together using bits and pieces of information so far.

        I’m kind of excited for the story now after watching that trailer! Something that kind of struck me at one point is how Hyrule seems to lose its grandeur over the generations. Assuming Skyloft is Hyrule (sorry, not entirely up on my Zelda history), that means the kingdom in the sky was eventually forced down to the land over the years. Further down the line, it drowned, if you follow the Celda timeline. 

        Of course, all civilizations reach their peak and eventually deteriorate, but just looking at how grand this kingdom appears — I mean, you have people jumping off into the clouds without batting an eyelid! — kind of puts it in perspective.

    • Suicunesol

      I think she’s pretty… >_>

    • xflame10


    • Yeah, she looks too country girl -ish for her to be Zelda, oh well -.-

  • I really hope they have classic controller support. I played this last year and did not enjoy it at all. It’s fun the first time you use the bow but then it become a chore. Sword fighting feels like nothing more than a tech demo for the remote.

    A huge shame but it’s looking lovely.

  • you meanie whats wrong with plain girls? :P

  • Beautiful colour choices and atmosphere, really that’s how it should be! I also like the look of maybe Zelda, simple yet cute. I totally dig this flying on those birds~

  • That looks amazing in my humble opinion. Sort of how I imagine A Link to the Past would look in 3D, with a bit more color in certain areas.

    Hands down the nicest looking Zelda I’ve ever seen though, topping even The Wind Waker. I can’t wait!

  • Day2Day

    I’m really liking the pastel-like shading they added to this one…
    It’s kind of a happy medium between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker…

  • gatotsu911

    Not directly related, but if anyone from Siliconera is going to be at either of Nintendo’s roundtables, PLEASE ask about Xenoblade and The Last Story.

    • sdragon21

      Agreed. Xenoblade should be the game that’ll hold off my hunger until this hits stores.

  • meat0bun

    Any One Piece fans here get a really Strong World-like vibe from this trailer? I think its those birds and them floating islands; the style is looks fantastic.

  • If that is Zelda i would seriously laugh, … a lot

    Anyhow its looking really good, the only problem i have with this is (yes, im repeating once again! it really bothers me xD) the wii motion, if not, it would be aweeeeesome :D

  • IB2004

    Totally unrelated but which is better ign or siliconera

    • Siliconera, by far.

      • You are wright about that :3

        (again, love your last name >8D)

      • IB2004

        Ill take your word for cuz this site gets little recognition and get news much sooner

        • That’s sort of what I love about Siliconera, they get little recognition so there aren’t that many trolls on here. I mean I want them to get recognition for the service they provide to gamers like me but if it means keeping trolls at a minimum I’d much rather Siliconera be my secret mistress or something.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      IGN rocks, much better than Siliconera. You’re better off there, man.

    • I guess each site has it’s stronger points. So I recomend to watch IGN’s Youtube channel and read the news on Siliconera.
      Playtests are much better than reviews, the interactivity here is the
      best (sometimes they even let you to suggest questions for interviews)
      and the quick and “more to the point” format in Silliconera, with much
      less of the opinion of who wrote the news and greater focus on the fact
      than the average on press this days, is also better.

      Those “more traditional game sites” like IGN or Kotaku (I like Kotaku
      better because there is a BR version) usually have some “specially
      thematic” posts specific for each site that looks like a sort of
      “in-depth curious miscellaneous” like the “Did Sony, Microsoft and
      Nintendo kept their promises on the last E3” that I read last week on
      Kotaku BR. But this isn’t that much great since most of this info is
      really just curiosity and you can even find in here (in the way of the
      imports and sellings details). Also, siliconera seems better to find
      direct-from-japan news. Ok, I’ve let it out all I could think of by now.

  • hadjimurad

    love the art style. and the fighting gameplay looks good. i loved when he hit that thing and the bland dungeon lit up in color.

  • puchinri

    Guhhhhh! I am so excited for this. I want the game and that gold wiimote.
    Gosh, that was beautiful. And it’s going to be even lovelier once I’m actually playing.

    (Speaking of lovely… Any news on Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower or TLS~?)

  • Links movements look awkward. I know its motion controller but damn hes stiff

  • origami_samurai

    I really like this graphics for skyward sword, I just don’t get why people don’t like it. And please don’t tell me that girl is Zelda -_-


    From Kotaku. Seems there’s at least a 98% chance of the girl being Zelda.

  • Link was sexier in Twilight Princess, he looks rather…plain in this one. Nevertheless im still looking forward to the release of this game. 

    • Covnam

      The characters in general seem to look a bit plain or simple. I guess that’s the style they’re going for.

  • This looks amazing! I love the sky surroundings. Hopefully the blond girl is not Zelda, she doesn’t look that plain.

  • That girl is Sheik. Zelda probably has a different, more awesome form.

  • At the end, is that Vaati?

    • IB2004

      Not likely im thinkin this is one of those one game only villains like majora but then again vaati is wind and the game has alot to do with sky

  • Man, and I still have to wait until Christmas for this game!!!!

  • It is Zelda. I saw another video at zeldawiki where Link caught something and it stood something like: Wait until Zelda sees this! and it was when he flew one of those birds in Skyloft or whatever the town was named. It also looks like her. Well good that we finally seen her now :)

  • Joanna

    I really like the look of this game and I like this Zelda too. :P

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