Flare Red Nintendo 3DS Flares Up In Japan This July

By Ishaan . June 8, 2011 . 11:03pm

Nintendo are releasing a new colour variant for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan: “Flare Red”.


The Flare Red model will be released on July 14th, alongside the release of Star Fox 64 3D.


Additionally, Nintendo are also introducing a new Wii package in Japan, consisting of two Wii Remote Plus controllers instead of one.


The price of the new Wii package will remain the same as the existing one, and Wii Sports Resort will continue to be included in it. Nintendo say that they hope to reinvigorate the 3DS and Wii markets with the introduction of these new packages.


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  • Zero_Destiny

    Glad I waited since Red is super sexy. lol Please come out in America and I’ll buy you right away. Flare Red is great name too. The burning passion the game makers put forth will be magnified by the burning hot Red 3DS (because it’s super sexy). lol But glad to see more colors. I love when game companies give us more color options for our consoles. <3

    • SerendipityX

      lol I’m sold on the Red 3DS too. *_* <3 <3

    • theworldofnoboundries

      Where the hell is the purple or the gold colour that they have during the promotion of the system??? or i get tricked once more by Nintendo?

      • thebanditking

        I agree I bought the blue one at launch but I would love to get that purple one as it reminds me of both my purple GBcolor aand GBA. I don’t know why they don’t just make the colors available everywhere at the same time. What Americans and all of Europe/UK don’t like the same colors are Japanese?

        • Joanna

          I read somewhere that it’s because Americans and Europeans don’t tend to buy the same system again for another colour. We probably will get another coloured 3DS (come on lilac!), but Japan will get the most colours in the end.

  • Kris

    That’s more like it! I can’t wait to see one in person.

  • Ladius

    A new color can help them for a week or two, but they need a constant stream of games to keep this platform afloat.

  • Damn Nintendo, first they make a fine system, and don’t release it in a DDAMN fine outfit, and now after I picked up the lesser one they are coming out with a new better one… I might just have two…. Oh well I’m okay with that :D

  • XypherCode

    that looks HOT! :P

  • Exkaiser

    The red’s nice, but I think I’ll stick with my black.

    Besides, it’d be poor taste to have my GB Micro, DS Lite, and 3DS all in the same color scheme. I’m no mysterious gourmet.

  • Sort of regretting I didn’t wait…every DS system I’ve ever owned has been red, with the exception of my black DSi and now my 3DS. ;A;

    Too bad you can’t transfer 3DS downloaded items to other 3DS’s otherwise I’d totally trade for a red one. Who knows — maybe when my blue one dies out I’ll get a red one.

    • While there’s no built in feature per se, I’d imagine you can call Nintendo’s customer support and see if they’d work something out for you. They’ve been pretty awesome about it the times I’ve seen friends send their Wii in for repairs / replacement. (I know, two different scenarios, but still.)

      • Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely do that if my 3DS decides to give out. That’d be so cool if they put all my storage information on a red 3DS and sent it to me. Nintendo was really cool about my Wii. My little brother was playing Smash Melee and hit the dresser my Wii sat on, knocked it off about a good 5 feet. My Wii didn’t break but the game was forever stuck in there, it wouldn’t come out for anything! If that wasn’t bad enough the timing was so horrid too, my warranty had literally been up for a day. I contacted Nintendo, they said don’t worry, send it in and we’ll extend it another 90 days. =) Maybe they would give me a red 3DS with all my info on it if I asked!!!

        • lag0morph

          Also, there is a built in feature in the system menu that says “System Transfer.” It allows you to transfer downloaded items between DSi and 3DS systems, and it shows an option for 3DS to 3DS. I’ve only tested out the DSi to 3DS transfer, but that works pretty well when there aren’t a million people logging into the e-shop to get Excite Bike.

          • That is totally awesome! I knew about the DSi to 3DS transfer but I wasn’t aware of the 3DS to 3DS transfer, thanks for that Bryan!

            Oh and a random question for anyone who can answer, I’d greatly appreciate it: Are DSi XL’s region-free for DS games? I’m importing Hotel Dusk 2 soon and want to know if I’d be able to play it on my American DSi XL or not. Don’t want to import for no reason >< The firmware is version 1.4.2U if that matters.

          • Joanna

            I don’t have a DSi but from what I’ve heard, it should work. Only DSi enhanced games like Solatorobo will not work on DSi models and only work on DS phat/lite. I’m also assuming this holds true for 3DS (it should be able to play any region DS games but is locked for DSi or DSi-enhanced games).

  • mirumu

    That addresses one of the two issues I have with the 3DS. Now they just need to get that battery life up.

    • Jacori Embrey

      Get the extended battery from nyko

  • Vino (Tim N)

    God dammit it looks go good. I’ve been waiting for new colors and I love red portables. But I always get the red ones stolen from me. I had a red GBA:SP and a Crimson Black DSlite and those were both stolen. I have the wine red/burgandy DSi right now, and I keep a close eye on it.

    All my other portables are various colors, and i still have them

  • I don’t see the point in releasing this now, they should of just had it available at launch… =(

  • I have this ugly feeling we might as well give up on the Red 3DS now. T_T;

    Announced for Japan, but not the U.S.? Baaaaad sign.

  • Aoshi00

    wow, flare red looks pretty hot.. I like XL’s red and black too.. now I kinda regret getting Aqua (should’ve gotten cosmo black before).  Sometimes I wish I haven’t bought a system so fast, like the 360 Slim, now they have a Gears 3 LE 320Gb red system which looks sick.  Well, I guess eventually they would have a LE for the 3DS..


  • That Flare Red looks smexy. MUST WANT. Hopefully It’s comes stateside.

  • 2 Controllers in a console? WHOA WHOA SLOW DOWN.

    In all seriousness though. I need me a Green 3DS then ill get one ;)

  • Red? Well screw that, now I feel so silly for buying on day 1. >.<

  • XypherCode

    So Mario-ish. Now we need a green one (or maybe yellow or purple one) :P

  • WANT


  • AnimeRemix

    Glad I waited a little bit on getting a 3DS… I really want the red one (Since red is a nice, fiery, flaming color!)

  • Now if only they had a good game for the system that wasn’t a port.

  • But what about the ORANGE ONE?

  • meat0bun

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I should’ve waited!!!
    *looks at blue 3DS* … ;________;

  • I’ll wait the orange one ….

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