Lara Escapes Her First Tomb And Defeats Wolf With QTEs In Tomb Raider

By Spencer . June 11, 2011 . 12:08am

Square Enix brought Tomb Raider to E3 and showed the title behind closed doors with a hands-off demo. The game’s opening began with Lara hanging upside down in a cavern. Fire from red candles sitting on an altar was the only source of light.




"I can’t die like this," Lara trembled after seeing a body plummet to the ground. Embers ignited her rope and Lara fell (in slow motion) and landed in a pit full of bones. One impaled her and the first player action was removing it by tapping X. A blue button over on a pool of cloudy blood popped up letting players know the proper command. The camera blurred as Lara winced in pain. She stumbled to the exit and was welcomed by a corpse strung up to the wall.


A number of torches were available, shown by a blue X button on top of them, and Lara grabbed one. The torch was more than a light source, Crystal Dynamics also designed it as a tool. Immediately a barrier built from boxes and wood blocked Lara from moving forward. Holding RT (right trigger) makes Lara ignite the dry wood to open a new path. Lara slipped through a crack in the rocks, but water dripped on her torch and extinguished it. An open flame nearby let her light it again by holding RT.


Panicked, Lara presses on with her head barely above water. Jumping through a waterfall, Lara loses her flame again. The critical path to move the story forward wasn’t direct. Players had to use Lara’s survival instinct, which made nearby barrels glow. Since staff from Crystal Dynamics were playing Tomb Raider they knew exactly what to do, but the solution wasn’t obvious from the get go. Lara had to rekindle her torch and light boxes within a cage and then ropes to lift the cage up. The cage lifted up, but didn’t move high enough until Lara used her weight by leaping into a tethered cage. Flaming boxes now in a platform above were ready to be pushed into what were likely exploding barrels. A leap and a shove later there was a big boom.


Lara dashed through the collapsing cave to a distant light. She had to literally crawl up and the player mashed LT and RT to make her climb. Boulders occasionally fell in bullet time to give players a chance to dodge by moving the analog stick. Lara continued to scale up the cave by pressing LT and RT until a native grabbed her feet. What’s Lara’s weapon? How about the left analog stick. Rocking it made Lara shake the native off and a QTE kick to the face finished him off. Well, technically a landslide did him in.


Later, Lara entered into another QTE fight in a wolf’s lair searching for a pack dropped by Conrad Roth. "I just want the pack, that’s all," Lara stuttered. She had no problem getting the pack, but on her way out a wolf tackled her. In this struggle, Lara kicked the wolf when a prompt to push X popped up. The wolf bit back. Through more QTEs, Lara dodged attacks before killing the wolf by repeatedly stabbing it with a knife. How did the player do this? By tapping RT.


Instead of saying a witty one-liner Lara apologized for taking the wolf’s life. "I’m sorry, it was either me or you," Lara bemoaned.


A cutscene followed with Lara and Roth. I’d write about it here, but we covered it before. Remember the leaked Tomb Raider script Siliconera posted? Bingo.

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  • Apache_Chief

    Press X to raid tomb. Good!

  • TenRX

    Back in the days, female main characters meant something.
    Also ‘Survival Instincts’ =/= QTEs and moans.
    I can’t wait to see mental breakdowns in here because “it’s so realistic”.

    Edit: I feel sorry for those who can’t understand sarcasm. v

    • PrinceHeir

      yeah the moans especially when she’s running from the cave is just wow O_O

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        All that’s missing is a shower scene! Get on it Square.

        • PrinceHeir

          yes yes yes!!!

  • glemtvapen

    Hmm. I feel this is more of a Heavy Rain-type of game than an actual Tomb Raider game.

    • badmoogle

      Well the developers said they are going for a cinematic and emotional experience and they also said we better forget the old games.
      As a fan of the old games i’m not interested at all in this interactive movie (God i hate QTEs) so i wish them good luck with this new game that is Tomb Raider only in name.

      • OneOkami

        As a fellow fan of the archaeological action/adventure Tomb Raider games the series is really all about, I wish they’d just taken this approach into a completely original manner to created a whole new universe with a whole new character.

        • Guest

          Maybe Lara’s daughter?

          Anyways I welcome change. Especially the new Ace Combat game

          Anyways, I don’t know why people hate QTE. It’s not like this game will ONLY be QTE. Thats just stupid to think that. It’ll still have the platforming and combat; it’s just now everything will be seamlessly integrated. Plus the game comes out for way over a year from now so too soon to pour the hatorade

          The reason why this game has QTE is the same reason Shenmue first had it and the same reason Asura’s Wrath has it; so you’re not just putting the controller down and watching a boring CG sequence go by; now you’re actually STILL PLAYING while ‘watching’ a CG scene at the same time. Thats how a game should be.

    • AnimusVox

      I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but the recent Tomb Raiders have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. So maybe this Heavy Rain-esque will bring the series back to life.
      I’m honestly excited for it.

  • malek86

    This sounds less survival and more Dragon’s Lair.

  • I haven’t played this, but I’ll just take the liberty to judge based on similar games and the above impressions:

    All the shaders and physics and stuff are uselss when we get to do everything with button presses or mashes. It’s not epic to do that while everything collapses and explodes, it’s boring. Basic platforming in old Castlevania games has more tension than QTEs.

  • Lara escapes her first tomb and defeats wolf with cooties in Tomb Raider.

    I’m in.

    It looks fine, but I just hope that the game still remains difficult. I’m not liking the ‘Survival Instincts’ thing either. Hopefully it’s optional.

  • Now this sounds like it, I love QTEs they make the experience so much more cinematic immersive and put me even more into the game.  Definitely shall remain on my preorder list! 

  • They’re still making Tomb Raider games, huh?

  • SerendipityX

    I want to like this but I’m just not feeling it. Why are they rebooting this again?

    • Zeik56

      Because most of the series has been terrible? Crystal Dynamics also said they wanted to have their own take on the franchise and not be forced to work around the established fiction set in place.

      Not like they’re losing anything important.

  • I really love QTE’s, they make me feel like i can acomplish something you cannot do as cinematic in other games, that’s why i love, Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, Heavenly Sword, so soon i’ll be able to say that’s why i love tomb raider!

  • Guest

    Where’s the video link? Closed doors? I saw it online days ago

  • QTEs….QTEs everywhere!

  • Learii

    its  look good so far i tho this game was ps3exculsved but i guess not anyway i hope its easy to play

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